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Beware Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

Former President Mubarak awaits trial along with his sons for involvement in the deaths of those who protested against his rule. New demonstrations broke out led by youths who thought the revolution of March would result in a new Constitution and a new people in power. The military which once supported Mubarak saw handwriting on the wall and joined the revolution in order to squash the revolution. Where once the military shared Mubarak’s dislike of religious groups like the Muslim Brotherhood they now work closely with clerics who want to gain power and impose some form of religious law upon secular Egyptians. The Muslim Brotherhood which has been squashed for decades joined the revolution, but now is linking to the military against the very same people with whom they protested.

Secular Egyptians fear a quick election would benefit the Muslim Brotherhood which has an existing organization. Secular groups were denied the right to have free elections and thus are not prepared to engage openly in a political campaign until they have developed a political infrastructure. Their fear is installation of the Muslim Brotherhood, which would form an alliance with the military, and end freedom for those refusing to go along with religious fanaticism.

Protest Arrest Of Serbian “Hero” Ratko Mladic

Thousands of Serbian gathered to protest the arrest of Ratko Mladic who was responsible for the death of a few Bosnians during wars in the 1990s. Most protesters regarded Mladic as a Serbian version of Martin Luther King since he assume the task of freeing his people from the possible rule by Muslims by killing the Muslims. OK, so a few thousand Muslim women were raped and brutalized, but, they were ibkt Bosnians, not really humans. Serbians who love Nazis type folk like Mladic believe there are good Serbians and there are bad Bosnians. They are simply White Citizen Council type folk like we had –still have- who believe there are the right people and the wrong people. Serbian protesters tore up the city, shot arms in the air in Nazi salutes and proved to the world that haters of humans reside in the nation of Serbia.

Only a sick and dehumanized individual would shoot arm in the air and give a Nazi salute. Ironically, the Nazis tortured, brutalized and killed Serbians during World War II so what better way to show respect for ancestors than to hail those who killed them?


Each day we offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Police Interrupt Cannibal’s Dinner”
I hope they at least gave him a chance to burp.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Contract Out Garbage Pick Up”
I wonder if I could get the contract for Fox News.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Trouble For KFC Staff”
What’s wrong, not enough clucks?

Denmark,Copenhagen Post: “Denmark To Grab North Pole”
I assume they checked with Santa Claus!

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Assad Needs More Time For Reform”
He certainly needs a few more weeks to kill off the opposition.

Singapore, Straits Times: “US Sues Starbucks For Firing Dwarf”
I guess they short-changed him.

USA, Army Times: “Birth Rates Rise As Soldiers Return”
I believe this is termed, Sex 101.

Give Credit For Recession To Creators!

I was really made aware while watching Fox News last night how my liberal Democrat attitude has resulted in ignoring the work of the Republican party in this nation’s history. As Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann have made clear to me, the death of Osama bin Laden was the result of past actions on the part of Republican presidents. I had never realized their contribution to the present. I assume this means past Republican presidents also shaped the current economic situation? For example:

1. George Bush tax cuts in 2001 resulted in a loss of revenue of about $2 Trillion.

2. George Bush wars in Afghanistan and Iraq surely resulted in a loss of $1 Trillion.

3. George Bush inherited from Bill Clinton a budget which had a $300 Billion surplus and subsequently ran deficits of about $300 billion a year.

4. George Bush did not hand over to his successor a budget in surplus, but handed over a budget that had a $1 Trillion deficit.

So credit is due to those who gave us the current recession. Frankly, I am tired of this whimp Barack Obama trying to take credit for a recession that was created by the Republican party!

How To End Drug Wars

I do not agree with many of Ron Paul’s views on politics or social policy, but one must admit he is the only American political leader who is willing to speak the unmentionable–it is time to legalize drugs and end the madness which envelops so many parts of the Western Hemisphere. Yesterday in Mexico they found 38 bodies strewn along a major highway, people who, either were in a gang shoot-out or happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. During the past four years over 38,000 innocent people have died due to drug lords and drug wars. And, the American people sleep peacefully, unaware their desire for drugs has devastated large areas of Latin America and created two bit thugs who parade around with hundreds of millions which can be used to pay off politicians and police.

The United States lost the drug war during Prohibition and finally admitted the episode was a mistake. It is time to admit another mistake and legalize drugs by placing sales in the hands of the government. Low cost drugs would be available to anyone who enters a drug program or we could simply offer free drugs to heavy users in exchange for rehabilitation programs. The flip side is saving billions in criminal costs, prison construction, and revenue by the sale of drugs.


Republicans Sort Of Support Our Troops

Members of the Republican Party are among the most vocal supporters of “our troops,” bit apparently this does not include females in the armed forces. During the administration of Ronald Reagan in 1981, Congress made certain that any American female soldier who was raped while on duty for their country would not be allowed to seek an abortion under provisions of military health plans. This policy continues and women who are in combat zones, and are assaulted by male soldiers leading to pregnancy must carry the baby to birth. There have been numerous studies which reveal that rape IS an issue in the armed forces. Even female soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan have been assaulted by their male comrades. Jessica Kenyon was serving in Korea when she was raped by a fellow soldier and became pregnant. She noted that “military health insurance doesn’t allow abortion coverage in cases of rape, and I was unable to have a safe abortion off-base, so I was stuck.” She secured a discharge from the military and went home with a child she did not wish.

There is rampant hypocrisy when it comes to any discussion of rape in the military. Everyone knows it occurs, but no one will allow victims of rape the right to decide if they wish an abortion. Oh, in Federal prisons a woman inmate who is raped has the right to an abortion. How about Republicans backing up their non-stop voices of patriotism by displaying concern for those who risk their lives serving this nation?

Bradley Manning, Victim Of Army Incompetence?

Bradley Manning has been identified as the source of Wikileaks and now sits in a cell in solitary confinement. He is stripped of clothes at night, lacks access to contact with other humans, and is treated as a menace to American society. An officer who witnessed the condition of Bradley Manning when he was in America, offers a different perspective on this young man. “He was harassed sos much that he once pissed in his sweat pants.. They never should have trapped him in and recycled him to Iraq. Never. Not that mess of a child I saw with my own two eyes. No one has mentioned the army’s failure, and the discharge unit who agreed to send him out there. I live in an area where I would be persecuted if I raised anything against the army or helped Manning.”

Jacob Sullivan, who served in Iraq in the same unit as Manning, notes laxity in security at the base. “I would be there and the laptops would be sitting there with passwords.” These comments reveal how the United States Army failed to evaluate the mental condition of a soldier, it failed to have proper security at a military base, and now is furious that someone revealed confidential sources. It is clear Manning did not belong in Iraq, and it is not surprising that young man who was emotionally unstable revealed secret sources.

Amnesty International Denounces Russia!

Putin Russia is a land which claims to be a democracy just as China insists it offers freedom of speech to all who agree with the government. Several years ago, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, former head of Yukos, supported opponents of the Putin regime and was punished by a sham trial which sent him to Siberia and sent Yukos into the hands of the Putin crowd, After serving his sentence, Khodorkovsky and his partner, Platon Lebedev was once again placed on trial charged with stealing oil from their own company, and naturally they were convicted, and jailed until 2016. Amnesty International denounced the trial as a violation of human rights and identified the two men as prisoners of conscience. This upset the Russian Foreign Ministry which does not enjoy foreigners interfering in the internal affairs of their nation.

Nikola Duckworth, Amnesty International director in Europe, termed the trial a sham, and termed what has happened to these innocent men, “there can no longer be any doubt that their second trial was deeply flawed and politically motivated.” We beg to disagree, in Putin Russia there is freedom to support the programs of the Leader.

Prison Party, Anyone?

A German hotel is offering a unique opportunity for its guests to spend a few hours being a prisoner in an old Nazi jail. The four-star Hotel Stadt Hamein provides its guests with a four hour party($62) which enables them to wear prison tee-shirts, be supervised by guards and pretend they are being subjected to brutal treatment. The hotel management is simply catering to tastes of its guests. We thought this idea might also spread to other areas of the world:

1. How about pretending to be a protester in Yemen. The hotel will fire blanks at you while a member of the hotel staff beats the shit out of you for daring to trespass where you shouldn’t be. In the background will be authentic speeches by President Saleh.

2. Or, you could spend an hour in a three ft cell, Myanmar style while rats run over your body.

3. For those who view themselves as liberals, we offer an opportunity for any Jewish Israeli to become a Palestinian for one day. They will be halted, stripped searched as they attempt to make a one hour trip within the five hour limit. Losers will be forced to listen to speeches by Benjamin Netanyahu for five hour.

4. If you do not believe there are climate changes taking place, we offer a weekend in Joplin, Missouri for those who would like to enjoy being in a tornado for an hour. Sorry, if your clothes get blown off.

5. We offer a special. One week in a California prison where you will be in a large room with a hundred fellow prisoners and fight for toilet rights.

The hotel is not responsible for any acts of insanity that occur after our parties.

Hitler Had Right Idea, I Really Like Jews!

Lars von Trier is a Danish filmmaker who believes in blunt honesty. He has presented his films for years at the Cannes Festival, but alas, no more will they be shown to the world’s celebrities. At a press conference following world premiere of his film, Melancholia, Mr. von Trier went off on how his beloved German roots had turned him into a supporter of Nazis. “I really wanted to be a Jew, and then found out I was really a Nazi…. I understand Hitler…. I sympathize with him a little bit. … I am very much for Jews, though not too much because the Israelis are a pain in the ass.” An honest statement. A bit confusing, but then again, those Danes whose families were killed by the sympathetic Adolf Hitler might not completely agree with the von Trier take on a mass murder.

Oh, the good news. After being banned from Cannes, von Trier issued an apology or something like one. “I am not anti-Semitic or racially prejudiced in any way, nor am I a Nazi.” He is not a Nazi, just sort of sympathetic to them.