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Transforming Israel Into A Jewish State Of Mind

For those whose ancestors migrated to America from eastern Europe, it is difficult to grasp how Jews in Israel consider themselves to be Jews. It might help to improve a Jewish attitude if the following happened in Israel:

1. Jewish students learn about hatred and discrimination against Jews in Europe and the US. Kids, we faced restrictions on where we could live, just like the ones you folks impose on Palestinians!

2. Create a Virtual Reality program that places students in Nazi Germany where they can learn about the fruits of hatred.

3. Send Avigdor Lieberman back to Russia, he fits in with Putin’s ideas on government.

4. Place Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a room where he spends fifteen hours a day listening to his racist hating statements against Palestinians.

5. At least 10% of tech jobs in Israel reserved for Palestinians.

6. A compulsory course on Muslim cultures and Arab history.

7. At least two Arab Israelis in the Cabinet.

8. Israel should take lead in creation of a Middle Eastern Economic Union.

9. End control of Orthodox Rabbis over marriage and who is a Jew.

10. Prior to displaying hatred toward Palestinians ask self: Is what I am doing what was done to Jews in Europe and America?

Glenn Beck Verbally Assaulted!

Glenn Beck took his family to Bryant Park in order to watch a film. It was a peaceful pleasant evening, but this man, whose task in life is presenting the truth and displaying compassion for the persecuted wealthy of this nation, was verbally assaulted by crude and vulgar denizens of New York. One shouted: “we hate Conservatives here.” Another said in a loud voice: “We’re in New York, and we hate Republicans.” Someone even spilled a cup of soda near his wife. Beck was frightened. He feared that if someone had a rope and since he was in a park with many trees, they might “just lynch me.” He termed those in the crowd, “some of the most hateful people he had ever seen” and they even applauded as he existed with his family. Lindsay Piascitell, who was sitting near Beck said it was her friend who spilled the soda cup, “by accident.”

Let me get this straight. Glenn Beck is upset because people yell at him.

1. Glenn Beck on TV has continually told the false story about President Obama being born in Africa. It is a lie and he has repeated the lie over and over.

2. Glen Beck called George Soros a “Nazi” and accused this victim of the Holocaust of helping Nazis round up Jews for execution. Soros was a 14 year old boy in Hungary trying to escape death.

3. Glenn Beck has insulted Muslims over and over again without a single time identifying any Muslim who actually broke the law.

4. Glen Beck has uttered vicious statements concerning Hispanic immigrants.

In other words, this piece of s–t can insult, defame innocent people on TV and is upset when someone says they hate Republicans!!

Palin Feels Persecuted!

Sarah Palin’s film, “The Undefeated,” was released in Iowa to hundreds–hell thousands –hell -millions– of devoted fans who want their heroine to run for president. In the film, Sarah lets the world know that she is being persecuted by “Hollywood Liberals” who for some reason do not like her. As she notes about liberals, ‘what would make someone so full of hate and I guess of being threatened that they would want to see that person destroyed?” What’s their problem is her question? Peter Singleton, a lawyer tho is working for her in Iowa insists she will run for the presidency. “I can’t see her sitting this one out. Can you see Churchill(1940 British prime minister) sitting it out? It’s unthinkable. Can you see George Washington in 1776 sitting it out? He does have a point. However, I do find it upsetting that he thinks George Washington or Winston Churchill can be compared to Sarah Palin. Has this man no shame? Who were these men compared to a woman who can shoot a bear and skin a deer!!

Yes, you liberals, what’s your problem? How can you say nasty things about this woman? OK, she did go around saying the president was not born in America. OK, so she has absolutely no compassion for those poor or without health insurance. OK, so she thinks people should be able to bring guns to school. What exactly is your problem, you damn LIBERALS!!

Saudi Arabia Detains Freedom Fighters

The US Senate just passed a resolution which denies the Palestinian Authority of the right to use the United Nations in order to achieve their independence. The US Senate is concerned that governments in the world enter into direct negotiations and do not attempt to circumvent such discussions. In 2007, a group of Saudi Arabian lawyers, educators, and political activists met in order to discuss how they might work with their government to institute any aspect of democracy. They were arrested and since that date have been held in “detention.” Their lawyer is not allowed to visit or speak with them, he is not allowed to present to the court any documents which might support their right to freedom. Finally, they will go to trial. The result might be more jail time, or some form of release. Of course, the government of Saudi Arabia is NOT being warned by the US Senate to negotiate with those who want peaceful transition to a democracy.

Gee, I am confused. I thought our brave US Senators wanted direct negotiation. I forgot since those in jail lack money to help American politicians get elected, these noble warriors of freedom don’t give a damn. AIPAC, interested in helping those who really want freedom??


Ah, politics are in the air. Yes, there will be an election next November and Republicans are making certain they come across as the friend of Israel. When Under the administration of George Bush there were no resolutions from the Senate concerning what Palestinian leaders could or should do, but now that a Democrat is in the Oval Office, it is time for the children in the Senate to play a nice game of politics. The Senate passed a resolution warning the Palestinian Authority that if it persists “in efforts to circumvent direct negotiations by turning to the United Nations or other international bodies,” the US Congress will cut off financial aid to Palestinians. It warned the Palestinian Authority it could not go to the United Nations and seek recognition as an independent state. Huh! How dare American senators tell a nation it can not go to the UNITED NATIONS!! That is a perfectly legal and recognized manner of conducting international business.

Let’s look at the record:

1. The Arab League has agreed to recognize the existence of the state of Israel.

2. The Palestinian Authority has agreed to recognize the existence of the state of Israel.


4. Do our supposedly intelligent US Senators understand that building settlements on the West Bank VIOLATES INTERNATIONAL LAW?

The bottom line behind this vote is MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.

Kabul Night Of Horror

Last night Kabul experienced a scene out of a bad movie dealing with terrorists only this time the terrorists were real and the dead were actually real people dying. Heavily armed Taliban insurgents stormed the Intercontinental Hotel in a carefully planned attack which resulted in the death of suicide bombers and the death of at least eleven civilians. The assault began with a suicide bomber blowing himself up at the entrance and then his companions dashed into the hotel. This resulted in shooting, explosions, more suicide bombs detonating, and general chaos. The scene of devastation merely showed once again, the Taliban can launch attacks, the security system can not prevent attacks, and Afghanistan for the forseeable future must endure these constant scenes of death and destruction. It is simplistic to assume Kabul nights will turn to calm and peace.

The central question remains– what is the role of US or NATO forces in dealing with the Taliban? Afghan security has improved, but it remains far from secure for the people of the country. Frankly, Kabul nights of destruction may last for the indefinite future.

Spring Winds Turn Into Summer Calm

The furious winds of change that swept through Egypt earlier this year and resulted in toppling Hosni Mubarak from power have become transformed into summer calm in which those who controlled Egypt continue to control Egypt and those who killed and brutalized protesters remain in their positions of authority. Yesterday, repressed anger burst out and thousands poured into Tahrir Square to vent frustrations at inaction that allows military leaders to rule the land while the process of democracy is stalled. A media reporter described the scene as a ‘street war between riot police and protesters.” Police were seen beating rioters and many were hauled off to jail–just as what happened when there was a President Mubarak.

Fear in Egypt is continuance of military control or a new alliance between the military and the Muslim Brotherhood which would stifle a democratic and secular society that is demanded by so many of the protesters.

Dutch Law Not Kosher

The far right wing in the Netherlands hates Muslims and is determined to do anything within their power to make that clear in order to encourage these non-Christians to get the hell out of THEIR country. At a time of economic crisis, high unemployment, they pushed through a new law which makes illegal the ritual sacrificing of animals. Of course, both Jews and Muslims require an animal to go through a sacrificial ceremony prior to their death. The law was originally aimed at the 1.2 million Muslims in the Netherlands, but it also applies to the 50,000 Jews in the country. Jews and Muslims have dietary religious practices requiring such procedures in preparation of meat. An Orthodox Jew or Muslim will not be prevented from eating meat that comes from Holland and will have to import their meat.

I am glad there are people who want to protect the death procedures of animals. I wish they devoted as much time to protect the right to food, shelter and medical care for poor people. Sorry, little animals, this is not the highest priority in our lives.


Each day we offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Tragedy At Queen’s Salute”
They didn’t?

Egypt, Al-Ahram: “Most Welcome Decision”
Someone in the American government comes up with idea about jobs.

UK,The Independent: “California Bans Gold Prospecting”
How about hedge fund prospecting?

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: ‘Purgatory And Back”
From Bush wars to Obama wars.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Train Operator Takes Blame For Broken Arms”
I guess that means ride the skies.

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “800 Students Sign Petition”
To get good teachers?

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Penguins Prove Safety In Numbers”
At least they dress formally for the occasion.

A Tale Of Hate And Violence

Simchon Schwartz is a Jewish man living in a Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn whose inhabitants identify with Israel and the hate emanating from that region of the world. A new family moved into the neighborhood last month whose name is Turan. They came from Turkey and got a house where they hoped to live in peace and friendship with Jewish people. However, Simchon was an angry man. He did not like Arabs and assumed if one was an Arab then it follows the person was a terrorist. He got into an argument with Mustafa Turan which escalated as he turned on Mrs. Selda Turan. He began shouting, “Fucking Arabs, Fucking terrorists” and then poured beer over her head. The police were summoned and Simchon assaulted them, even kicking out a window in the police car. His wife, Esther, told the media, “this is a majority Jewish neighborhood” which to her meant no Muslims allowed. She even shouted at the Turan family, “we are going to get you back.” Simchon claims Mr. Turan assaulted him, but the only evidence police could find were three stitches on the nose of Mr. Turan.

The Schwartz family is a bit confused. People from Turkey are NOT Arabs. In fact, there are people of all religions living in Turkey, including Christians–and, even Jews. This is simply another tale of Jews not acting like Jews. I was raised in a Jewish neighborhood in which we had some Christians. In our neighborhood, the goal was friendship, not hate.