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A Tale Of Two Men

Andrew Cuomo is the son of a great New York governor, Mario Cuomo, and he is now the governor of that state. He entered office facing a budget deficit of $10 billion, which had to be addressed. He also confronted the vexing issue of gay marriage which had constantly failed to pass in the New York legislature. Cuomo did the impossible. He cut spending and he raised taxes in order to handle the deficit. He confronted his allies in unions and got them to grasp they now lived in an era in which some of the former goodies of politics would not be available. He went through the state talking up the issue of gay marriage. Cuomo approached those who gave money to Republican legislators and persuaded them to hold off on donations until State Senators finally agreed to pass a gay marriage bill. It passed by a vote of 33-29 and New York became the largest state in the nation which allows gay marriage.

Barack Obama was the first black skinned person to become president of the United States. In the 1990s he supported gay marriage, but once he began running for the presidency, he affirmed his belief that marriage was between a man and a woman. He insists his ideas on gay marriage are “evolving,” whatever that means. A man who comes from those persecuted and denied civil rights refuses to support those today who are persecuted and denied civil rights. Barack Obama never met an issue that might cost votes from which he would not run away. Of course, Obama never met an issue on which he would take a stand.

This is a tale of two men. One fights for the rights of the oppressed, the other whose family was oppressed, fights for the easy way out in a problem.

Box Score On Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan is now in the ninth year and within a few months it will be ten years since American troops entered the country in search of Osama bin Laden. So, what is the result of this war? Did anything get accomplished? Was it a waste of time? About 2,700 American and NATO soldiers have died in this war and thousands of others were wounded. Somewhere between 15,000–34,000 Afghans have died, most at the hands of insurgent. There is no question lives of women have improved as a result of foreign intervention. About 28% of legislators in Parliament are female, there are hundreds of women judges, and most girls are in schools. Under Taliban rule only about 8% had access to health care, but today over 60% are part of some health system.

So, is the box score worth the death of thousands? At which point, do Americans feel a sense of pride in their war effort? The major problem is abandoning Afghans to Taliban rule means misery and death to thousands.

Michelle Bachmann Drinks From Cup Of Arrogance

Michelle Bachmann is confident that she possesses the qualities required in a presidential candidate. She believes anyone who is a mother and has over 20 foster children has the training to handle 300,000,000 people. She is not afraid. She is confident that America wants and needs someone in the presidency who does have a single idea on how to address the issues of the day. She believes President Obama goes to bed each night and gives a prayer(Muslim one, that is) that Michelle will never gain the Republican nomination. “The president of the United States is threatened by my candidacy He sees me as a serious, substantive competitor. And, I think he will do whatever he can to diminish me because he thinks he will have to face me in the debates.”

I can just hear Michelle confront Obama in a debate.

Question: “Ms.Bachmann, how will we create jobs in America?”

Response: “We must cut taxes on the wealthy. We must fire people from government jobs. These actions will result in more jobs for Americans. Anyone who believes in American values wants to fire people in order to increase the number of jobs.”

Ms. Bachmann created a stir the other day by comparing herself to John Wayne when noting they both came from Waterloo, Iowa. Actually, he came from Winterset, Iowa. However, serial killer John Gacy came from Waterloo.

Oh, Michelle, few people under the age of 30 know who the hell John Wayne was.

Let Them Watch, Says Court

The US Supreme Court in a 7-2 decision struck down a California law which prevented children from purchasing violent video games without permission of their parents. Justice Anthony Scalia noted that government has never assumed the right to regulate for children ‘access to any form of control except on grounds of obscenity” and went on to emphasize a government does not have the right to use ‘free floating power to restrict the ideas to which children can be exposed.” In a minority comment, Justice Breyer argued if there were laws denying children access to pictures of nude women, how could a law which denied access to games in which women are beaten be OK.

The eternal American struggle to define what is freedom of speech and what is regulation of freedom of speech continues to divide the nation. In a sense, Breyer raises an important issue, if youth cannot see pictures of nude women, how can they be allowed to play violent games in which women are subject to brutality? It is either freedom of speech or it is not. Make up your mind.

Greece Burns With Fear

The streets of Athens and many cities in Greece are filled with angry people, setting fires, ripping up pavements in order to hurl stones and thousands marching in sorrowful protest. The European Union and the International Monetary Fund are imposing austerity conditions on the Greek government if they wish to obtain a $165 Billion loan in order to deal with a financial crisis. A general strike has broken out, including anyone from pilots to transportation workers to doctors and ambulance workers. Heck, even actors are on strike. The unemployment rate has hit 16% and thousands have entered ranks of those in poverty. A Greek worker names Spyros told a reporter, “the government has declared war on us and we will answer back with war.”

Unfortunately, for the people of Greece most Europeans have heard stories about Greek workers retiring at age 55 with high retirement pay. We do not know if this is correct, but this is a common belief in the western world. No one feels sorrow for the Greek people. The government will not receive a loan without sharp cut backs in spending and retirement pay.

Perhaps, it is time to install the Rule of 10. This means no one can obtain more money as pay that exceeds 10 times the average salary. If these are times of austerity, lets make all suffer.


we offer observations on the human condition from a twenty year old mind trapped in an 80 year old body.


Death is our last date of life.

God all too often does not act too God like.

Israel is clueless in Palestine.

I so miss the analytical minds of George Orwell and Albert Camus

Ah, to be young again and run around without financial cares.

I can never tell the difference among the blond haired females who say something on Fox News that makes no sense.

Baseball hitters who hit 150 complain when asked to bat ninth. So, what do they want, clean up position?

If Glenn Beck is beckoning does that mean Rush is boring?

Do not fear fate, is is always fateful.

No greater joy than squeal of children listening to a story.

Ten Things To Make Washington D.C. Effective

Following are ten things that would improve the climate of Washington D.C.

1. Each member of Congress must weekly submit their meal costs and how they were paid.

2. A lie detector test taken after each vote in Congress. The question is: “Was your vote influenced by a lobbyist?”

3. All members of Congress tith 10% of salaries to pay the National Debt.

4. One cliche to a speech.

5. Only one reference to God during the week in a speech.

6. One mistress per member of Congress every two years.

7. A nightly walk through a poverty area by anyone who opposes gun control.

8. No member of Congress can use the government health care program.

9. Each Congressman must inform constituents of how a bill voted on creates jobs.

10. Prior to running for Congress, the candidate must have been engaged in two years of public service to the country.


There are those who scoff at the ideas of human evolution. This group now has proof of the absence of evolution in our human lives–announcement by Michele Bachmann that she seeks the nomination of the Republican party for president of the United States. A political party which gave America, Abraham Lincoln, now is prepared to offer up to society Michelle Bachmann. Of course, her defenders argue:

1. Lincoln was a lawyer, she is a lawyer.

2. Lincoln had children, she has a hell of a lot more.

3. Lincoln was married, she is married.

4. Lincoln was sort of a Christian, she is one devout worshipper of Jesus.

5. The nation in 1861 had a crisis, the nation today has a crisis.

Of course, there are a few slight differences:

1. Lincoln was a man of compassion who worried about the poor. Michele only has compassion for the rich.

2. Lincoln pushed through the first income tax, Michelle regards Lincoln as a SOCIALIST!

3. Lincoln used the federal government to help finance the intercontinental railroad. Michelle is against government action unless it reduces taxes on the wealthy.

4. Lincoln always spoke with compassion for his enemies(read Gettysburg Address), Michele spews hate.

5. Lincoln wanted to bring Americans together, Michelle only wants the wealthy to be together robbing the nation.


Republicans enjoy postulating spy stories in which a terrorist knows where the atomic bomb is that will blow up New York City. We postulate the following story: A decision must be made by the president of the USA regarding a possible atomic war which, if begun, could result in destruction of the human race. Which of the following would you prefer being the president who makes that decision?

1. Michelle Bachmann

2. Sarah Palin

3. Hillary Clinton

4. Nancy Pelosi

5. Barack Obama

6. Joe Biden

7. Al Gore

8. John Kerry

9. John McCain

10. Ron Paul

11. Mitt Romney

12. Mike Huckabee

13. Rudy Giuliani

14. George Bush

15. Rick Perry

If you prefer, rank order choices

Never Ending Story Of Afghanistan

Outgoing Secretary of Defense Robert Gates believes there must be changes in what happens in Afghanistan as US and NATO troops depart–that is, we hope they will depart. “When you get into late 2012, 2013, it’s clear that the balance, as we turn more and more responsibility over to the Afghans–that our role will increasingly be kind of an overwatch role and a higher weighting on the counterterrorism.” Of course, some like Joe Biden do not want America to bide its time but get the heck out as soon as possible. Admiral Mike Mullen, chair of the Joint Chiefs, insists things are getting better. “Al-Qaeda is on their heels, and the Taliban momentum in the south as been checked.”

OK, everyone agrees there have been changes. But, there is no unanimity as to whether these are temporary, long term or whatever changes. There is always the possibility that in 2030, our troops will be fighting in the hills of Afghanistan as the tide changes to our favor.