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To Talk In Syria Or Not

The Syrian government has approved allowing a group of those opposing President Assad to have a meeting in Damascus. Many dissident leaders will be present although there will not be any representatives from the government. Walid al-Bunni, who is in the opposition, is concerned that “the meeting will be exploited as a cover up for arrests, brutal killings, and torture.” Unfortunately, organizers of the meeting were not provided full freedom to invite who they desired. Syrian officials were informed about the meeting, but decided not to attend. For over forty years there has not been any “opposition” to the government so now that dozens of such groups are emerging, it is difficult determining which are reputable and which genuinely seek a democratic society. At least 1,400 Syrians have been murdered by the government and this raises issues as to what is the process of ending the Assad regime and instituting a democratic based government.

We believe even a meeting which does not include all opposition is at least an initial step. If this meeting can produce a document calling for elections, it is better than not having such a session and outcome.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanhayu has formed a government in which right wing fundamentalist Jewish leaders call the shots and decide what is allowed. Ironically, these rigid Rabbis are about the same in thinking as rigid Muslim clerics. They are always right and the other side is always wrong, so never, ever apologize for anyting. Netanyahu held secret negotiations with Turkish officials concerning the May, 2010 “Flotilla” from Turkey which was halted by Israeli armed forces when ships tried landing in Gaza. During the action, about nine people from Turkey were killed, actually “murdered” but in the interests of fairness we will use the word, “killed.” The Israeli leader held several meeting with Turkish officials and agreed to apologize for the deaths and pay compensation. However, after realizing an apology would not sit well with Jewish religious fanatics, he rescinded the apology, although agreeing to ‘express his sorrow.”

Ah, the children at play in Israel. Ah, the children of narrowness and hatred are in charge in Israel. And, so, there is no peace and no reconciliation between Israel and Turkey. As always under the Netanyhu government, bigotry and hatred triumph over reason and compassion.


Each day we offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Bomber Hates Flying”
So would you if the plane blew up.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Most Belgians Beg For Waffle”
Me, I prefer pancakes.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Front Lawn Disappears”
See what happens when you hire illegal immigrants?

USA, New York Post: “Ban Foreigners In Tango Contest”
In Republican America, we Americans are Number One at everything.

Egypt, Al-Ahram: “Constitution First, Democracy Later”
How about a constitutional democracy?

Sweden, The Local: “Swedish Youth Invited To Nazi Summer Camp”
One heck of a heil.

France, Connextion: “3000 More Jobs For Disabled”
So, does this mean I should get disabled if I want a job?

UK, Independent: “Won’t Cut Taxes Or Welfare”
Of course not they work on Wall Street.

Barack Obama Punches Out Praise

Following are comments made by President Obama to foreign leaders:

Denmark Prime Minister Llars Lekke Rasmussen: “Denmark is a country that–using an American phrase–punches above its weight.”

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenbnerg: “Norway has always stood shoulder to shoulder with the USA, and like I told the prime minister, there is a phrase we use in the US–a boring phrase–Norway is punching above its weight.”

Philippine President Macapagal-Arroyo: “Although the Philippines aren’t among the world’s biggest nations, the country punches above its weighty on the international scene.”

I attended City College of New York and never had the opportunity, as did Barack Obama, to attend the ivy halls of Harvard, but at CNY we DID learn that a cliche by any other name is still a cliche.

Barack, do you think it possible to actually read a book or check a dictionary so you can punch out some comments without referring to punching out?


Things some people wish they had said:

1. Barack Obama: “Let’s focus on job creation, later we can deal with health care.”

2. Sarah Palin: “Use your bow and arrow instead of getting anyone in your rifle sights.”

3. John McCain; ‘I do not choose to run.”

4. John Kerry: ” I was for it, and I continue being for it.”

5. Mitt Romney: “I believe in government organized health care, it works in Massachusetts.”

6. Glen Beck: “I guess a straight line often leads nowhere.”

7. Anthony Weiner: “Honestly, I only have a tiny weinie.”

8. Eliot Spitzer; “Sorry Madam, I have a Mrs. back home.”

9. George Bush: “Dick, there are no WMD in Iraq. Knock it off.”

10. LeBron James: “We three are not really the greatest.”

11. Adolf Hitler: ‘You know, those Jews are really OK people.”

Master Chef Waits On Future

Although, I have never watched MasterChef USA, I am familiar with what transpires on the show since it is shown on Fox News. By definition, any production on Fox News is a production in falsehood. The Fox Network show presented a scene in which head Chef, Gordon Ramsey is yelling out a large crowd. Unfortunately, only a few people showed up for the scene so people were digitally added. Look, this is a Fox News show, what else do you expect. A spokesperson for Reveille Productions, admitted after reviewing the scene, “it is clear that the scene has been faked.” So, what exactly is the uproar? When has Fox Network ever shown the reality of life? Of course, I await statements from Fox that:

1. There is no such person as Sarah Palin. She is a housewife in Anchorage who was caught shop lifting ideas and picked up by Fox as a great candidate for president.

2. Michelle Bachmann is a cleaning woman who was caught taping pornographic movies and then became a pornographic political leader.

3. Glenn Beck used to be the guy who drew white lines on lanes and was picked up by Fox to draw crooked lines leading nowhere.


The Palestinian village of Bilin has been at the center of international concern for years because Jewish settlers came into their area and had barriers erected which prevented Palestinian farmers access to their land. In 2007. the Supreme Court of Israel ruled the barriers were illegal and ordered they be demolished. Years passed, European political leaders cited Bilin as an example of how Israel tramples on the rights of Palestinians, Israel human rights activists joined with Palestinian protesters to demand an end to walls. Finally, finally, after FOUR YEARS a decision of the Supreme Court was implemented by the Israel government. I am certain Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will once again blame Palestinians for his refusal to act in a legal manner. He defied his own Supreme Court!

Peace between Israelis and Palestinians requires that Jews accept responsibility for their actions which violate law and cease the defensive attitude that Palestinians are always in the wrong. Palestinians have used non-violent demonstrations in this case. ISRAEL NEEDS A MARTIN LUTHER KING TO EMERGE WHO CAN LEAD THE NATION INTO A PEACEFUL ERA.

Gun Fight At Khasrawi Compund

American forces conducted a raid on the Khasrawi compound in Afghanistan. They received a top from village elders that insurgents were in that compound. The only aspect of this raid that all agree occurred was that troops entered the compound which contained four families of the Khosrawi clan. According to a cousin, “even, if it is a criminal, is it really necessary to charge into a man’s house in the middle of the night when he is there with his children?” He claims US troops kicked open doors, rounded up children and detained three family members. President Karzai is furious at these continued night attacks which all too often make mistakes and create anger among civilians. American military officials claim it was a normal raid based on information supplied by local village elders. They admit within three days, two of the three were released and the remaining “insurgent” is a thirteen year old boy.

We can expect as more and more US soldiers depart Afghanistan, there will be more and more such raids and more and more Afghans will become upset. Night raids are more likely to result in mistakes, but night raids entail fewer casualties. So, what to do?


Geert Wilders is a Dutch politician who plays the hate game in order to gain power. He argues that the Muslim religion is one that fosters violence and discriminates against women. He wants to forbid migration of Muslims into his land. A Dutch court ruled that Geert has the right to hate since the essence of a democratic society is that everyone has the right to be a damned fool. It is interesting that Wilders argues to be a member of the Muslim religion is to be part of a violent organization. Hmm. As I recall, the Christian nation of Nazi Germany was responsible for the murder of over thirty million people in World War II. As I recall, in World War I, Christian nations of Europe engaged in a war that resulted in death for over twenty million. I will not go into other wars in colonial areas where innocent people were murdered. Heck in the Congo, over 4,000,000 have died over the past decade and they were not killed by Muslims.

Let’s face it, every religion in the world has its own history of hate, violence and death. The important aspect of this decision is the right of people to express hate, love, misinformation. If spreading lies was a crime, we would have to place in prison every person now seeking the nomination for president of the US as a member of the Republican party.


The United States needs a new health policy for its politicians.

1. Majority rules in Congress

2. Require compulsory courses in economics for all members of Congress.

3. Social security tax is placed on ALL income.

4. The Attorney General must be a member of the party not in power.

5. All conversations between members of Congress and lobbyists are taped.

6. All political parties have TV time based on percent of vote obtained in last presidential election.

7. Congressmen must submit proof each week that at least ten meals were eaten at home.

8. Each week at least one lunch time meal must be eaten together by members of the Republican and Democratic party.

9. A nomination submitted by the president must be acted upon within ninety days, yes or no.

10. In each state a non-partisan group decides congressional district boundaries.

11. “Rule of Ten” means no member can delay a vote on a bill for more than ten days.

12. Wives of members of Congress have a weekly luncheon with discussion about politics off limit.

13. The president of the US must have a private meeting with each member of Congress during the year.

14. At least ten percent of the Cabinet must be under the age of 30.

15. The president server one term of five years and no more.