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In 1968, President Lyndon Johnson was set to run for re-election but Senator Eugene McCarthy launched a challenge in the primaries and forced Johnson to end his hope for re-election. We need someone to enter Democratic primaries this coming spring and send Barack Obama back to Harvard where he can teach students about the constitutional law he long since abandoned. We need a candidate who:

1.   Will demand higher income taxes on those earning above $750,000.

2.  We need a candidate who will create a new Business Entrepreneur Center to grant loans to those with ideas for new jobs.

3.  We need a candidate who will fight to place ALL AMERICANS under Medicare.

4. We need a candidate who will lower taxes on businesses which generate jobs in America. We need a candidate who will increase taxes on businesses which fail to generate jobs in America.

5. We need a candidate who is willing to spend $3 Trillion in rebuilding our infrastructure as well as lowering educational costs.

6. Our Defense Budget is about $700 Billion which equals the sum total of all military budgets in the world. We must completely reorganize our military and do it with a budget of $450 Billion.

7. We need a candidate whose main goal is JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, JOBS.

8.  We need a candidate whose main goal is: REDUCE COLLEGE COSTS IN EXCHANGE FOR NATIONAL SERVICE.


I cried when Barack Obama was elected because I thought it was birth of a new era in our history. Little did I realize this man is George Bush light–and I am not referring to skin color. Obama can not communicate, he can not excite people, he surrounds himself with Wall Street types and has lost the American people.





Each day we offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

South Africa, Argus:  “Two More Baboons In

Gee, I thought there were over 240 in the House of Representatives.

Ireland, Independent:  “Miss Piggy Comments Hurt”

Frankly, I prefer her comments to those of John Boehner.

Turkey, Hurriyet:  Mother Kills Him For Marrying Girl”

Sounds, like a nice Jewish mother to me.

UK, Guardian:  “BAA Must Sell Airports”

I guess the planes can land on highways.

USA, Army Times:  “Would You Vote For Toxic Leader?”

We did, the Tea Party folk!

Norway, Norway Post:  “Here Comes The Tequila Part”

After Republicans mess up our economy, being drunk won’t look so bad.

Russia, Moscow Times:  “Cop Fired For Urinating On Door”

At least, he didn’t urinate on prisoners.

Sweden, Local:  “Recycle Cremation Waste”

I’m certain press agents can come up with a new campaign for a political leader.

The Fire Next Time Will Be Explosive!

Political leaders continue employing the language of hate and violence in order to secure votes. Today, it might result in more people supporting one’s ideas, tomorrow, it might lead to some nut case being inspired to kill in the name of preserving society against–THEM! Former Norwegian Prime Minister Thorbjon Jagland, warned those in charge of governments to reconsider their language in order to prevent other murderers such as Anders Breivik from arising. “Political leaders have got to defned the fact that society has become more diverse. We have to defend the reality, otherwise, we are going to get into a mess. We should be very cautious now, we should not play with fire.”

Each night and day on Fox News, a coterie of hate mongers such as Beck or O’Reilly or Palin shout fear against Muslims or Liberals or whomever is on their list of “un-Americans.” So easy to use these words, so difficult to avoid people from being inspired to act on words rather than act on reason. The fire next time from a weapon will not result in 70 deaths, but possibly 700!

We Kill You To Save You From Taliban Death!

During the war in Vietnam an American officer insisted the village had to be destroyed in order to save the people from communism. Fast forward to the war in Afghanistan which shortly will reach its tenth year of fighting, bombing, death and destruction. Between January to June of this year, 1,462 Afghan civilians were killed by air strikes conducted under the auspices of the International Security Assistance Force(ISAF) in their campaign to destroy the  Taliban.

Sahr Muhammedally, of the Afghanistan Human Rights Watch recently noted: “In the past two years ISAF has issued tactical directives to restrict practices that cause civilian casualties. But, air strikes were the leading cause for civilian casualties by ISAF.” He also claims avoiding civilian casualties is now number two on the list of concerns, the leading issue is reducing deaths from “friendly fire.”

The war goes on. Deaths go on. Corruption goes on. Selling opium goes on. “Concern” for deaths of civilians goes on. And, fairly soon, US troops will be going on their way home. But, civilians remain, and they will go on being killed.


Racist Teaches In Catholic School

Frank Borzellieri is principal of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School in the Bronx, New York which is includes a high percent of students from Hispanic or African  American backgrounds. Mr. Borzellieri previously taught in public schools which led to disputes with fellow teachers and school administrators over his rather interesting ideas about education. He does not believe African American students–or white — should read books about people like Martin Luther King, nor does he want the word, gay, mentioned in the classroom. He does believe in affirmative action, equal opportunity for bigots and hate mongers to be teaching children in schools.

Mr. Borzellieri is an author of a book. The name of the book is: “Don’t Take It Personally: Race, Immigration, Crime and Other Heresies” in which he rants about evil immigrants and gays and other such “heresies” in America. He has also written for the white supremacist “American Renaissance” and is a fervent supporter of white supremacy. The pastor who hired him, Rev. Eric Rapagla, was asked why this man was  made principal of a Catholic school. His response is one for the ages: “Do I agree with all of it? No. But, I think much of it is valuable and logical and reasonable. A lot of his ideas would actually benefit minorities.”

We assume someone in charge of Catholic education in the city of New York might reconsider either hiring the principal or the pastor.

Israel-Apologizing Is Anti-Semitism!

It is difficult identifying whether it is the United States or Israel which is the most prone to ignoring reality. Turkey for nearly four decades has been the only Arab nation which had friendly relations with Israel and one would assume maintaining this relationship was a high priority for the government of Israel. Alas, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is simply the Israeli version of Tea Party ignorance of history. He consistently has refused any semblance of “I am sorry” to the Turkish government due to deaths of Turkish citizens who were on the flotilla that was headed for Gaza.

The stubborn attitude of Israel to say, “I’m sorry Turkish citizens died, ” has led to a virtual rupture of relations between the nations. One would assume at a time of dramatic changes in the Middle East, the government of Israel might work to keep the few friends it has in the region. Ah, but to Israel Tea Party morons, never saying you are wrong exemplifies the meaning of being Jewish.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak spent a few hours with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who urged him to just say, “we are sorry” and move on. Barak told her, “we are willing to consider an apology over problems that arose during the operation on the Mavi Marmara. I don’t like it, but it’s the choice that needs to be.”

Wow! Israel might apologize. Now, could Israel Tea Party idiots convey a message to their American counter parts and ask them to COMPROMISE!

Murdoch Family Muddles Water Of Emails

Rupert Murdoch has spent his life behaving in the manner of a King whose word is the truth and for anyone who dares to oppose him, beheading would be a pleasant end. His beloved son, James, in an appearance before a committee of Parliament insisted he had absolutely no knowledge of any hacking of emails. Within twenty four hours, Colin Myler, former editor of News International and Tom Crone from its legal department, told Parliament their former boss had been “mistaken” about lacking knowledge of illegal activity.

Meanwhile, back in America, Attorney General Eric Holder wants to examine the books of the New York Post in order to determine if that Murdoch newspaper engaged in hacking emails of people. Knowing Rupert, would anyone be surprised if he dumped his son to save his own butt?


We offer observations on the human condition from a twenty year old mind trapped in an 80 year old body.


These days, walking up stairs in a college I look down to avoid being charged with looking up a short skirt.

Today was once yesterday. Too bad I didn’t know yesterday, yesterday.

I have never understood why I must wear something on my head to show respect for God. If God wanted us to wear something on our head, why didn’t he have us born with something?

I assume Tea Party parents read stories at night to their children about liberal beasts who lurk on street corners waiting to lure away little children.

Little girls love giving instructions to grand pa.

It is one thing for a nation to lose its innocence, it is another to lose your common sense.

A family chomping french fries together is a family chomping to become obese.

Among elderly folk, I am tall. Among young people, I am short. A tale of two generations.

A Peace Proposal For Israel-Palestine?

Former Israel foreign minister, Tzipi Livni, blasted the latest effort by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for peace with Palestinians. Netanyahu offered a plan which gave Palestinians a temporary border until the final one could be determined. It is clear the prime minister is concerned about recent events in the Middle East which resulted in ouster of Arab leaders such as former President Mubarak since the Egyptian leader worked closely with Israel officials. Netanyahu has finally recognized the world is AGAINST current Israel policy toward Palestinians. On his right are the settlers who believe God gave them everything in the Middle East, on his left is the European Union and the US which wants concessions that have meaning. So, what could Netanyahu propose?

1. An immediate end to further construction of settlements in Jerusalem or on the West Bank.

2. Agree that East Jerusalem will be the capital of a new Palestinian state.

3. Establish a joint Israel, Palestinian and EU commission which would supervise all important religious sites.

4. Turn over to the Palestinian Authority supervision of Gaza entrance points along with UN forces in order to ensure there is no transfer of military equipment, either in or out of Gaza.

5. Establish a Mediterranean Economic Union which would begin creating the basis of an EU in the region.

6. Establish joint Palestinian-Israel economic ventures to stimulate technology development in Arab nations.

7. Establish a joint Israel and Palestinian Authority to develop water use policy.

8. Establish a joint Palestinian-Israel Education Commission to work toward removing bias and hate from school curriculums.


Dear Dr. Fred:

A few years back I was in a flop house and this guy named Charlie Sheen slept next to me. He seemed like a nice decent family man, but the Jewish media and TV producers are really out to get him. How can Americans who like Charlie show support for a guy who is being persecuted? After all, what’s so bad about howling anger?
Pete the Persecuted

Dear Pete:

Charlie’s main problem is that he understands women only all too well. He also understands that our media is controlled by Jewish people who want to squash anyone who speaks the truth from speaking, First of all, Charlie is an equal opportunity screw artist who will make out with any woman regardless of her ethnic, racial or sex gender background. He knows when a slut is a slut and that honesty gets him in trouble. From what my research reveals, Jews are angry because Charlie knows how to make out with women and they don’t!

Just remember, Pete, that Dr. Fred knows all about conspiracies.