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Meaning Of “Cut Government Budget”

Conservatives want to “cut government expenditures” in order to balance the budget. The words, “cut government expenditures” are in themselves not the cause of concern, but few conservatives actually examine the meaning of those words. In the United Kingdom, the Conservative government of David Cameron wants to create a new society in which government cuts its expenditures and local groups and charities step in to handle mundane things like people without health care or food to eat.  As of this point, his “cut government expenditures” has not resulted in any surge in economic activity except that poverty levels have risen.

New statistics from London reveal there has been a 4% rise in youth violence and a 9.6% rise in knife violence since the Cameron cuts were made. As Professor John Pitts notes: “If you cut summer activities for young people, as night follows day, you will see an increase in crime.” Gee, that doesn’t make sense. Conservatives know if government cuts expenditures, charities will rush to the scene with bags of money to help deal with violence among youth.

At no point does David Cameron or Tea Party members in America urge cut tax breaks for the wealthy. At no point do they urge end their corporate loopholes. And, certainly neither US or UK conservatives urge raising taxes on the wealthy. If that was done, there would be a surge in white collar crime and we all would suffer. Better a young boy with a knife in hand than a Wall Street banker with a piece of paper in hand.

Fanatics From Right And Left

A week ago, a young man filled with the spirit of righteous anger, turned his weapons against dozens of innocent young boys and girls. Anders Breivik is convinced his actions in killing a few dozen people will somehow result in the expulsion of Muslims from his native land of Norway. Anders regards himself as a hero from the past who is leading an army against the hordes of Muslims who have invaded his native land. Actually, less than five percent of Norwegians are those of the Muslim faith, but to his twisted mind, THEY are all around and gaining control of the economy, and soon the government.

Yesterday, a 21 year old Private in the US Army, Nasser Abdo, was caught before he could unleash his reign of terror against fellow soldiers. He left the court room where he was charged with attempted murder shouting to the world, “Nidal Hasan, Ft. Hood” in memory of the psychiatrist who went berserk on a killing rampage at Ft. Hood. Anders regards Muslims as the threat, Nasser regards Christians and Jews as the threat. Each inhabits a mental world in which hostile forces exist whose goals are to destroy the Christian or the Muslim world, or something.

The interesting facet of these young men is not merely their belief a “threat” exists, but their belief by killing innocent people, the threat will be halted. They apparently regard themselves as Superman or Batman or Captain America or Captain Mohammed, who has rushed to the scene and squashed the evil men who threaten their world. In a sense, both belong in a comic strip.

Where Have You Gone, George Bush?

I never thought my mind would seek a return of George Bush to a position of power, but after listening to the mad men and women who currently are in the House of Representatives, who else but our beloved George can we turn to in this hour of need? Senator John McCain refers to the loonies from the Tea Party as “hobbits” because their minds are trapped in a time warp in which the cavalry will ride to our rescue as we defeat the Injuns who are encircling the wagon train. At least, George regarded himself as a “compassionate conservative” even though his adventures in Afghanistan and Iraq were hardly compassionate to those who died or were wounded.

These nut cases only have compassion for the poor men and women who are forced to sleep in penthouses on Park Avenue. Their concept of “poverty” is the Wall Street banker who has been reduced by the burden of taxation to ONLY earn about $5 Billion a year instead of his normal $10 Billion. OK, so George, how about leaving the ranch in Texas and riding to the rescue of the Republican party. You could begin by apologizing for creating the financial disaster and placing blame on the heads of those in the Republican party.

George, the nation’s eyes turn towards you. We await your return to leading the party of the wealthy.


The mystery as to whatever happened to Neanderthals has been solved by this blog. The answer is simple, just visit the halls of Congress and listen to members of the Republican party rant and rave. It is now clear that a group of wise Neanderthals became frightened at the prospect of all these Cro-magnons taking over their world, so they began to fool around with Cro-magnon females and produce hybrid kids. We have been threatened by a leader of the Neanderthals whose name rhymes with bloch that to reveal this secret will lead to my death.

But, let me proceed, Neanderthals have been secretly meeting in dark caves at midnight in order to plot the overthrow of Cro-Magnons. Do you doubt what I just wrote? Then, explain why the Neanderthal coalition in Congress is determined to wreck the American economy and cause its downfall as an important nation? The answer is obvious, Rupert and John and Rush and Glenn are determined to end once and for all the power of Cro-Magnons and this time they WIIL succeed.

Final proof. The name of the world leader of Neanderthals is: Aet Ytrap. Give three grunts when meeting members of the Tea Party and they will ascertain you are one of them.


Each day we offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Ireland, Independent: “Man Built Electric Chair For Wife”
Shocking news!

Sweden, The Local: “Fire Station Sued Over Affirmative Action”
Yes, arsonists also have rights!

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Government Officials Hold Discussions”
And, more discussions, and more discussions, and more discussions.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Free Land Not Cheap”
Just free.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Mission Improbable”
Any Republican effort to solve our economic problems.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “To Air Is Human”
But, to err is Republican.

France, Connexion: “Mosquito Alert”
Buzz, buzz.

Barack, The Independent President

Since assuming the office of president of the USA, Barack Obama has displayed an independent attitude which almost ignores the views of those termed, “liberals.” In many respects, the president has made harsher comments concerning liberals than he has about right wing fundamentalists. His assumption is liberals are trapped and must go along with his ideas, regardless of their conservative nature because the alternative is the Tea Party. Obama took office with a 10% unemployment rate and people upset at the government. Franklin D.Roosevelt assumed the presidency with an unemployment rate of 24%, but in the next mid-term elections his party won an overwhelming majority in Congress. Barack Obama ignored the Democratic party in 2010 and the result were massive gains for Republicans.

It is one thing for a president to be independent, but it is another when no program emanates from his office. A cynic might be led to believe that Barack Obama would sacrifice the Democratic party in order to get re-elected. He continues failed education policies of former president Bush, he continues failed programs that deny civil rights to people, and he continues to pursue the green dollars of Wall Street folk.

So, who is this mystery man? Beats me. He comes across as the Independent party of Barack Obama whose platform is getting re-elected, getting re-elected, and fuck the Democratic party and liberal principles!

John McCain Now Enemy Of Republicans!

Senator John McCain during his career in the US Senate has worked with members of the Democratic Party even though in disagreement with their ideas. McCain is a graduate of Annapolis who was educated to believe in “duty, honor and country.” He finally lost his temper with members of the Tea Party who are proposing weird ideas like a Constitutional Amendment to balance the budget at a time when the nation only has a few days to avoid default on our debts. He termed Tea Party members as “hobbits” and noted they supported crazy candidates like Shirley Angle in Nevada and Christine O’Donnell, the former believer in witches, as serious candidates for public office. His comments infuriated Tea Party members of Congress. Congressman Joe Walsh responded in anger; “It’s bizarre and insulting for a guy like John McCain who’s been here for so long. “It’s politicians like him that have gotten us to this point where we have a government we can’t afford.”

Of course, it is politicians like Joe Walsh who voted or supported wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, who voted tax cuts without accompanying reduction in government expenditures who got “us to this point where we have a government we can’t afford.”

Cut, But Not Too Much!

The media is filled with stories about cutting government in order to save money. Democrats and Republicans currently offer competing plans related to cutting. But, off in San Francisco a more important issue related to cutting is emerging. A law was introduced in San Francisco which would make it a crime to circumcise a child. A California judge struck down the proposed legislation on grounds only the state can regulate medical procedures. According to Judge Loretta Giorgi, “It serves no legitimate purpose to allow a measure whose invalidity can be determined as a matter of law to remain on the ballot.”

Well, asa male who was circumcised according to religious law, I feel like standing up tall for the right to have a sort of penis. We, who are circumcised to not believe the procedure has robbed us of the right to be upright at all times, to put forward our physical being and find no evidence the procedure delimits our sexual abilities. Just check out any Orthodox Jewish family as far as children go!

Head’s Away In Afghanistan

On one hand, US military leaders insist the situation in Afghanistan is getting better. The Taliban are on the run and al-Qaeda is close to collapse so things are looking up. Generals insist we have a head start on the road to peace and security in this land so far away, but so close to our hearts when it comes to peace. Last week, a security guard working for the President’s brother took out a gun and blasted him to heaven–or wherever was his final destination. Poof went the gun and poof went the president’s brother. Yesterday, there was another poof. A suicide bomber hid his bomb under a turban, and walked up to the mayor of Kandahar City, and poof went the man along with the mayor. The mayor had been involved in a conflict over where houses could be built so it is entirely possible the bomber was connected to housing issues instead of connected to the Taliban.

in other words, within a week, two powerful men were sent to heaven –or wherever they go– due to the Taliban. The President of the US assures the nation we are withdrawing troops. So, what happens if US troops depart and the Taliban arrives to conduct suicide bombings? Do we return?

Language Of Hate Sparks Hatred

Many European nations are struggling in the aftermath of Anders Breivik’s mad slaughter of the innocent to make sense of how one deals with issues of multiculturalism. On one hand there is no doubt a large right wing Christian fundamentalist group wants the expulsion of all Muslims while a large group of those adhering to ideals of multiculturalism seek to create a modern state in which people of all backgrounds live in peace. Ironically, Norway has a relatively small Muslim population in comparison with nations like France which are home to over 5,000.000. Nations like Denmark which have witnessed the influx of Muslim immigrants are shocked by events in Norway and wonder if there should be crackdowns on right wing extremists or should there be crackdowns on Muslim immigrants?

Reality is during the past half century a world wide migration has left millions of immigrants in nations far from their native lands. If one gazes back and then gazes forward, it is apparent the world is witnessing historic shifts in population and they will not halt regardless of laws and restrictions. I was born in 1930 at a time when Catholics were a persecuted minority in America, today they are now part of the “majority.” We have to allow time to flow because eventually we will all be mixed up.