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Donniel Hartman, writing in the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, points out the historic Jewish tendency to gaze inward to the group enabled Jewish people to survive centuries of terror, persecution and death, but today what enabled survival has now become a policy leading to rejection by the world. Of course, for many Israel citizens if their nation is opposed it is simply proof the world “hates Jews” and seeks the “destruction of the Jewish state.” Of course, when everybody is regarded as “the enemy,” and when criticism of government policies is interpreted as an act of violence, the end result will be loss of friends. In a sense, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pursues policies which are opposed by most EU leaders and by President Obama. Thus, he concludes, since Israelis are always right, if someone disagrees it simply means they hate Jews and want an end to the Jewish state.

Ironically, over the past few months, actions by governments in Greece, Turkey and France have helped to avoid another flotilla, but to Israeli leaders when the outside world assists Israel, there must be a trick since the world hates Jews. The Founding fathers and mothers of Israel dreamed their new nation would be a bridge to Arab societies over which ideas about democracy arrive. Unfortunately, today, Israel pursues policies which violate human rights and threaten the democratic basis of the nation.

Restoring Sanity To Republicans

I recently read a story about a woman in China who was mentally ill and fell from a fifth story window and survived. The story made me realize how sanity could be restored to Republicans.

1. Michele Bachmann should be compelled to go around for one month in a black skin and wander the streets of Harlem seeking work.

2. Sarah Palin should be locked in a room for one week listening to her cute speeches.

3. Glenn Beck should be sent to work for a year on highways where he draws straight white lines that actually lead somewhere.

4. John Boehner should become an elevator operator for a year who takes wealthy men up to their offices and listens to their stories of how the government was fucked.

5. Mitt Romney should be ill for a year and forced to get by on the Massachusetts health plan he designed.

6. Rush Limbaugh should be given a job shoveling shit fifteen hours a day so he can smell what he shovels to the American people.

7. Newt Gingrich and wife should become members of a swinger group of sadists and masochists.

8. Members of the Tea Party should be compelled to take a course in American history and actually learn about the Tea Party.

Is Anders Behring Breivik Insane?

A great debate has begun as to whether Norwegian mass murderer, Ander Breivik is insane. His lawyer, Geir Lippestrad insist the young man is insane and has no idea as to the reaction of the world to his actions. He termed his client to be a “cold person” who used drugs in order to be strong, efficient and awake for the tasks at hand. Anders wants to save Europe from a growing fear that one day Islam will take over the European Union and force all people to become Muslims. In one respect, he regards himself as “savior” whose destiny is to save the world from the perils of Islam.

If Anders is insane, then what about:

1. Republican congressmen who insist by firing people the end result is more people have jobs?

2. Michele Bachmann who talks to God in between bouts of migraine headaches.

3. Anders killed about 70 humans, how many thousand will die in the coming months in Somalia? Are those who refuse to take action, insane?

4. Sarah Palin who believes the entire debt issue is simply liberals trying to frighten Americans, is she insane?

5. Four million have been killed in the Congo and thousands of women raped, but no one claims these assaults are the result of insane people.

6. The US furnishes Pakistan with weapons of war which the Pakistan ISI gives to the Taliban so they can use them against US troops in Afghanistan. Who in this scenario is insane?

7. Millions of nut cases in America insist President Obama was born in Africa. Is this an example of mass insanity?



Dog is man’s best friend.

Republicans are best friends of the wealthy.

Michele Bachmann’s best friend is ignorance.

Sarah Palin’s best friend is a dollar bill.

Barack Obama’s best friend is any wealthy donor.

Man is dog’s best friend.

Newt Gingrich’s best friend is the latest lie in his mind.

Mitt Romney’s best friend is inertia.

Drug lord’s best friend is any American who buys drugs.

Rupert Murdoch’s best friend is the latest smear job from Fox News.

Best friend of American youth is political apathy.

Afghanistan, Xmas 2020?

We shortly will be entering the tenth year of fighting in Afghanistan. For those who forgot fall of 2001, President Bush assured the nation fighting was over, the Taliban had been routed and the Afghan people would shortly be living in a democratic nation. Ah, dreams of yore, the enemy was defeated and our troops would shortly be home. Ryan Crocker, new US Ambassador to Afghanistan assured its president that America would not cut and run, but its troops would still be around in the coming years. On one hand, President Obama assures the American people that our troops will shortly be home, but our ambassador assures the president of Afghanistan that our troops will not be coming home. As he noted, “we must proceed carefully. There will be no rush for the exists.” After ten years, it is not exactly rushing for the exists to leave.

Crocker made several interesting points. “Beyond 2014–even when Afghans have transitioned to a full security lead–I’m confident that we and the international community will be in a position to work with Afghanistan to prevent any forcible return of the Taliban to power.” Well stated. BUT, the only way to prevent the Taliban from regaining power is the presence of an honest, efficient, and democratic government in power. Alas, there is no sign of that possibility.


We offer observations on the human condition from a twenty year old mind trapped in an 80 year old body.


America is headed for a Rendevous with Disaster

Poor people only feel entitled to a piece of bread, for Wall Street folk, it is a minimum $1,000,000.

A wise man seeks advice, a fool rejects it.

All too many young people tweet which leads to twittering away their lives.

To achieve peace with parents is to achieve peace with self.

Barack Obama has gone from the eloquence of a speech on race to urging people to eat their peas.

God will never win the Universal Body design prize. Hell, we our bodies wind up Dead!

I do not wave, “hi,” just nod the head.

How Schools Fail Children

The one constancy in the history of modern education is failure on the part of any society to create meaningful education for those students who are not initially in life interested in what passes for an “academic” program. In all too many cases, students who do well in academic courses learn to regurgitate to teachers what they want to hear while those who find teachers boring receive poor grades. Most young people who succeed in the K-12 education system are excellent at putting up with boring teachers and pretending they are learning.

Professor Alison Wolf of King’s College in London issued a report which claims a high percent of students are being placed in a vocational education program in order to allow schools to have higher scores on mandated tests. Fifteen years ago, then Governor George Bush of Texas boasted of high test scores in his state. It was later proved that schools encouraged students who would do poorly on tests to remain home the day of testing. Wolf points out that over half students in vocational programs do not even receive a C passing grade in Math and English.

The issue is how do we create educational programs that are meaningful to 21st century young people? Memorizing dates in social studies requires the ability to handle boredom more than display the ability to think.


Excuse me, I don’t want to bother you, but is this the place in the sky and are you the headman, God, that is?

And, you are?

Fred Stopsky, from planet Earth.

Which planet Earth? I have to supervise so many, it gets confusing.

The one that is third planet from the sun.

Oh, that Earth.

I was wondering what Michele Bachmann calls you when she has her conversations with you?

Michele who?

Bachmann, Bachmann, she says the two of you guys have weekly conversations.

Oh, you mean, HER! The Angels and I often talk about her. Tell me, is she as annoying to Earth creatures as she is to us?

But, she claims to constantly talk to you and you tell her things like when it is the end of planet Earth.

Fred, getting a word in when she talks requires Godly powers. My problem is I am lost when she talks. Tell me, do Earth people really believe if you fire people from jobs it leads to more jobs?

She claims wealthy people are “job creators” and if they have more money, they will create more jobs.

Wealthy people, who are they?

You know, people with lots of money and lots of power.

Oh them, well, they don’t have contact with me, but you can check downstairs. They are fully and gainfully employed shoveling either coal or shit down there.

But, Michele and Sarah Palin, they…

Hold on a second. Do you know that Sarah person?

Yes, she wants to be president of my country.

Son, you look like a fairly sensible person. If you jokers elect her president, I am sure we Gods will have to expel the human race from the universe race of thinking people.

So, there are many Gods?

For God’s sake, do you think one God can wander the infinite space. Particularly when each week I have an email from your idiot woman down there.

So, are you saying Michele lies?

This woman wouldn’t know the difference between a lie or the truth. Why don’t you pay to send her to the planet of Xul, they know how to handle nut cases.

Thanks, Big Guy. Now, the problem is getting her to this Xul.

Muslims On Alert In UK

Muslim residents of the United Kingdom are on alert these days, given recent events in Norway and the growing strength of neo-Fascist groups in Europe which blame economic problems on “those Muslims.” Extra police have been placed at mosques throughout the country and Muslim leaders report a growing fear that England will be the next place to witness attacks on defenseless people. The presence of the English Defense League, which inspired Mr. Breivik to launch his murder of the innocent indicates there are plenty of nut cases inhabiting the British isles. There is a growing sense in the United States and Europe that economic and social problems are caused by the presence of Muslims. Of course, this is perfect hogwash for Fox News which seeks to divert attention from Republican economic and military mistakes by shifting blame to Muslim immigrants.

After all, nearly 30% of Republicans still believe their president was a Muslim who was born in Africa so it should not be too difficult convincing these masses of ignorant sheep that Wall Street is controlled by Muslim billionaires who take government money and bankrupt the average citizen.

Breivik, Beck, Bachmann, Palin, Republicans

Anders Breivik is angry. He is angry because the beautiful Christian civilization of Europe is being over run by hordes of Muslims and dark skinned immigrants. He longs for the time when Europe was composed of Christian folk–except for a few of those Jews– and life was beautiful. Listen to his words:

1. Europe is being over run by Muslims.

2. Immigrants are destroying “our civilization.”

3. “We must take action to halt the spread of Islam” or — the conclusion is somewhat confusing.

4. God is angry and judgment day is approaching.

Listen to Republicans:

1. America is being over run by illegal immigrants.

2. We have a foreign born president who wants to spread the Muslim religion.

3. A straight line exists from Obama to terrorist bombers, just follow the yellow brick line.

4. Judgment Day is upon us and Christ will only take true believers on the trip to Heaven.

Anders Behring Breivik is fortunate to live in Norway which does not have a death penalty. The longest sentence possible for murder is 21 years. He will be 53 when the sentence is over.

America has crazy people on the loose posing as political leaders. I have a hunch they would love having lunch with Anders.