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Israel: Never Again Do Jews Apologize!

The Turkish government has indicated an interest in reconciliation with the state of Israel over the issue of having the flotilla of ships attacked by Israel’s armed forces. Prime Minister Recep Erdogan wants to end the impasse with Israel over Turkish demands for an apology from the Israel government over the deaths of Turkish citizens who were in the flotilla. If the Israel government continues to insist no apology will be forthcoming, Erdogan will reduce diplomatic relations with Israel and make his own trip to Gaza. It will be interesting if the prime minister of Turkey visits Gaza and is attacked by Israel troops. Let me get this clear, the Israel government is prepared to end diplomatic relations with Turkey–the only Muslim nation which for years worked with Israel– over an apology!

A year ago the Turkish ambassador to Israel was insulted by the deputy foreign minister of Israel, Daniel Ayalon, without any apology for this outrageous behavior on the part of the government of Israel. Turkish citizens died in the flotilla incident. But, NO APOLOGY because we are Israelis and we never apologize for any action on our part. We Israelis understand the world is against us and therefore any signs of human dignity will be interpreted as evidence of weakness.

Death Of A Child, So What?

it was a minor story buried in the middle of a newspaper, a story about an eight year old boy in Afghanistan who was kidnapped by the Taliban who wanted his father,a policeman, to hand over a police car. Father refused their request, so the Taliban hung the little boy.In the scheme of things, the death of an eight year old boy is hardly worth a line in any media source. Announcement of the boy’s death came just as the nut case in Norway was in the process of murdering 90 children in the name of whatever he advocates. Of course, it is doubtful if the Norwegian version of the Taliban even knew his actions were wrong. He believed in something, therefore someone must die. The Taliban believe in their cause, they simply wanted a police car to use in some criminal scheme and dad would not turn it over.

I was raised during the Holocaust and lost dozens of relatives in that German tragedy so I am well aware fanatics come in all sizes, all colors of skin and all religious affiliations. I am certain his killers ate their dinner and chatted about the day’s work. A boy is dead, big deal, we believe in the truth and so we must kill for the truth or how else will the world learn about the truth?


Open Letter to Republican Party Leaders!

Ladies and gentlemen, and all those who seek to keep America free from terrorism, it is time to act against the leading proponents of terrorism–WHITE CHRISTIAN MALES! From Columbine to shootings in Finland to shooting in Germany and to the horror in Norway, the culprits are always the same –WHITE CHRISTIAN MALES! For some reason, organizations like Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck have focused attention on the wrong males. It is not Muslim males that engage in mass murder of the innocent, but WHITE CHRISTIAN MALES who grab guns and spray bullets killing innocent children. We arrest thousands in America who are of the Muslim faith, but if you added up all the people killed by all the Muslims we have arrested, it would not be a tenth of innocent individuals killed by WHITE CHRISTIAN MALES!

I know that Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin, and Mitt Romney and some of the other guys whose names I can not spell, constantly warn of Muslim terrorists, but never of WHITE CHRISTIAN MALE terrorism. Examine the evidence. White Chrisitan males and females are candidates of the Republican party(Oh, there is that black dude, Cain, but he is certainly not very Abel as a candidate). What does this suggest? The entire coterie of Republican white male and white female candidates are simply potential terrorists. Keep America safe from terrorism, lock up all the WHITE CHRISTIAN MALES and send them to prison. At least, the rest of we Muslims and Jews can then live in peace. Put it this way, would you like some WHITE CHRISTIAN MALES living on your block and threatening the lives of your children??


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Romania, Nine O’Clock: 55 Teachers Expelled for Cheating”
How about making them stand in corner wearing dunce caps?

Kenya, Daily Nation: “I Am Not A Dictator”
I just give the orders, others have to carry them out.

Netherlands, Radio Netherlands: “Famine In Somalia”
Strange, no imams protesting Muslim famines?

Qatar, Gulf Times; “Workers Bored With Jobs”
In America, about 17 million would end their boredom if they could GET a job!

Bulgaria, Sofia Echo: “Politics Of Crime”
By any name it is still spelled: R E P U B L I C A N

Pakistan, Dawn: “A Bizarre Theory”
Fire government workers to reduce unemployment.

UK, Independent: “34,000 Police To Be Axed”
Now, that is good news for criminals.


The state of Israel was born in an era when Jewish leaders believed creation of a nation which would be home to Jews throughout the world finally would offer a center of liberalism and democracy. They regarded the state of Israel as a model of democracy that could be emulated by other new nations. During the decades following its creation, Israel was repulsed by Arab leaders who refused to negotiate, let alone recognize the new country. A lightening victory in 1967 failed to arouse in Arab leaders desire for peace or an end to violence against the new nation. Somewhere in the ensuing years, right wing fanatics gained control of Israel and used newly acquired areas in the West Bank as an opportunity to extend Jewish control of their desires land of Israel that extended from the Mediterranean to — wherever Israel could extend its power.

But, something more nefarious gained control of the Israel people. Religious fanatics used fear and hate to erode rights of Palestinians and refuse to negotiate with Palestinian leaders. Today, new legislation in Israel even denies freedom of speech to utter words in support of Palestinians. Naturally, this erosion of democracy is cited as necessary in order to protect democracy. Right wingers have triumphed in Israel and its people have become sheep like in accepting the end of their democracy.

We Americans also have l lived through a similar experience. The New Deal ushered in decades of social democracy in order to protect the rights of those who were poor and helpless. However, during the past decades our right wing fanatics used the media, fear, and hate in order to persuade Americans their freedom was the cause of losing their freedom. Vicious attacks on welfare, the lazy elderly and the criminal unions were justified as reasons to reduce taxes on the wealthy and cut social services. America, like Israel, is headed toward a destiny in which original values of social democracy must cease in order to protect the powerful or protect religious fanatics.

Gay Time For Gay Military

Sixty years ago as a private in the US Army stationed in Germany, I worked on the integration plan for the 7th Army which was part of the opening stages toward ending discrimination against Negroes in our armed forces. Today, I can celebrate with all Americans the beginning stage of ending discrimination against our gay and lesbian citizens who serve their country. President Obama and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta formally certified the end of an era which caused pain to so many brave young men and women whose only crime was love of nation and desire to serve in its defense. President Obama cited the end of discrimination which has undermined “our military readiness and violated American principles of fairness and equity.”

It is expected that by September 20 the last legal barriers will be destroyed and gay and lesbian members of the armed forces will not longer have to hide in closets.

Death, Death, 94 Deaths In Afternoon

Anders Begring Breivik is a nice looking fair haired young man who could readily be identified as the boy down the block on your street. He has a pleasant smile, he is a man with opinions, and will readily express them to one and all. By now, all are familiar with his murderous rampage in Oslo and an island filled with teenagers out for a pleasant summer day. At least 94 are dead, the highest ever recorded from a murder assault by a lone gunmen. Little is known about this individual other than his admiration fro the UK English Defense League(EDL) and his fervent support of Stop Islamification of Europe(SIOE). In America we have had a much lesser number killed in Arizona by a gunman who hated liberals and gays and foreigners in his land. We do not charge organizations such as Fox News or slander spreading political leaders like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann for urging others to kill those damn LIBERALS. However, there is a climate of hate which has spread throughout Europe and America, and Rupert Murdoch media in England, the USA, and Australia can be found among voices preaching hate and violence.

I was born in 1930 and spent my formative years in the era of Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin. Nazis marched in Manhattan with their flags and their voices preaching hate of Jews and foreigners. Frankly, there is not much difference between Limbaugh and Beck and the entire Fox News and those angry voices in the thirties. Mr. Breivik will have a day in court in which he can defend death of teenagers. Glenn Beck and Limbaugh defend spreading lies about the birth place of Barack Obama. No, they do not urge anyone to kill the president, but they do a good job of killing off rational discussion in politics by transforming the dialogue into “it is either our way or those evil people will destroy OUR nation!”

Somalia Famine And Muslim Silence

At least 2.2 million human beings are facing starvation in war torn Somalia, but the leading Muslim group, Al-Shahaab, refuses to allow any aid to enter areas under their control. They either claim there is no famine or insist no Western or “Christian” group will be allowed to enter and provide food for those who are starving. How any group of people can claim to believe in a “religion” and proceed to deny food to those who are starving is incomprehensible. I am certain members of Al-Shahaab have daily prayers in which they mumble words to their god and walk away satisfied they have fulfilled religious obligations. I never cease being amazed how a cartoon in a western newspaper will send thousands into the streets of Muslim cities throughout the Middle East, but refusal of Al-Shahaab and other such groups to allow food to those starving apparently does not register with those who insist they are Muslim!

I have not heard of any delegation of imams marching to Somalia in order to protect the hungry and sick. But, if there was a cartoon published in a Somalia newspaper they did not like, then, they would be heading to the region in order to denounce infidels. When will Muslim clergy begin acting to defend the rights of Muslims?

Inside GOP Minds On Default!

John Boehner JB
Eric Cantor EC
Michele Bachmann MB
Sarah Palin SP

JB Folks, that damn African in the White House is attempting to make us out as a bunch of defenders of wealthy people rather than as defenders of the American way of life.
MB Frankly, listening to that Obama gives me a splitting headache.
EC We have to stand firm. Frankly, I, along with most Tea Party folk in the House, are not going to be frightened by wild stories concerning not being able to pay debts. People in the world trust the USA, heck we saved them in two world wars, we saved the people of Iraq and the people of Afghanistan, let’s not get scared.
SP Well, I have some good news, another grandchild. Every time I hear that Obama fella speak, I want to reach for my rifle and have some target practice.
JB Sara, please don’t say that in public. Frankly, I think Obama is bluffing. He has always backed down and he will again. We have to stand firm and not allow him to get his way and get all the credit.
EC Right, the issue is not whether the US pays its debts, the issue is how does the Republican party come out ahead as the one who saved this country. We have to play hardball.SP
SP I was talking to my stockbroker and he urged that we not give in on higher taxes for the wealthy. After all, they are job creators and if they are forced to live on less than ten million a year, we can expect them to flee to some country like Germany or Australia.
MB I always get a bit confused, is Australia the country near Germany?
JB No, it’s the island country. But, we all have to stand firm for America. Now, if we do have to default, I have arranged with Fox News for a 24 hour a day report on “how Obama wrecked the American economy” series of programs.
EC Do you think we can get the Anthony Weiner story going again? It sure diverts attention from Default.
MB I talked with Glenn and Rush. Both said they will focus this week on the birther issue. Keep blasting away at Obama as a foreigner.
JB Well, there is one thing I will not do–answer that guy’s phone calls! Who the hell does he think he is, president of the USA?
MB Well, John, I have some good news. I spoke with God last night and he told me to tell you that we must stand firm against atheists from Africa.


We offer observations on the human condition from a twenty year old mind trapped in an 80 year old body.

All too many Americans twitter away their lives.

Newt Gingrich wants to bring people together. He already began by bringing together his three wives.

Republicans forget, “Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord.”

Discretion is not a prime virtue among politicians.

I suspect the only time humans had Family Values was back in days of cave people.

Made a train reservation that got me to Chicago in 8 hours, and they sent me home on a four hour bus trip. How considerate.

In life we have Big Dreams, but we also have Big Nightmares.

In trio of three elderly man having coffee, one talks, one listens, and one leans back with eyes shut.

Anthony Weiner slogan, talk loudly and carry a big penis.