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Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald:  “Palestinian Spring”

And, Israel winter.

Sweden, Local:  “Penis Enlargement OK”

I think I will piss on this story.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:  “Selected Shopping”

Is that “shopping” or is it, “shoplifting?”

Turkey, Hurriyet:  “War At Home, War In World”

When will we get around to a war on Mars?

Russia, Moscow Times:  “Moscow Official Shot Dead”

I guess he said “no” to Putin!

Germany, Der Spiegel:  “Doctors Go On Strike”

Can patients go on strike?

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald:  “Cop Texting”

To the criminals?


Americans should be grateful that we have the NRA to protect us against  Muslim Barack Obama and his conspiracy to end our  2nd Amendment rights. After all, Jesus Christ in the Sermon on the Mount made clear that if you want to be a good Christian it was necessary to bring your gun to church in order to wipe out any homo minister before he brainwashed our  children. Wayne LaPierre, head of the NRA exposed a plot by Barack Obama to end our gun rights.

According to LaPierre, President Obama has supported every single NRA piece of legislation in order to fool Americans. His plan is to support the NRA, gain victory in 2012 and then end all gun rights for those who seek to protect themselves against the Muslim government of Obama. So, whenever Obama says he supports something, please understand he means the exact opposite. That is the Obama plan to become dictator of America.

Protect the right of kindergarten kids to bring a gun to school. Protect the right of women giving birth to have a sidearm in case the doctor makes a mistake. Stand up for America.

Black Ain’t Beautiful In Libya

The inhabitants of the Libyan town of Tawarga are mainly black skinned people and most were loyal supporters of dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Rebel forces are closing in on the town from which most non-black inhabitants have fled. They assume when rebels seize the town there will be retaliation againg black skinned people from the town. Rebels insist these dark men were loyal supporters of Gaddafi and they took pleasure in torturing  and raping prisoners.

A typical comment from forces of the National Transition Council government is, “they raped our women, killed our children, they cut their throats. They’re not normal human beings.” We can expect there will be dead black skinned men when the rebels find those Gaddafi supporters.

I guess if one has a black skin in the new Libya, it is best to paint it white.

Pakistan Prepares For War-Against Itself?

Pakistan is a nation led by those who refuse to face reality and prefer living in the past. The Pakistan army is convinced there enemy continues to be India and all energy must be focused on dealing with an army with which they have fought wars. While India is experiencing a huge economic expansion and war is the last thing on the mind of its leaders, the Pakistan army plots, prepares for a war that will never occur. This  behavior has led to supporting guerrilla groups  which battle American forces in Aghanistan. Support the Taliban today and  use its forces for the war tomorrow against India is prevailing wisdom.

Pakistan’s generals increasingly are convinced that the United States is their enemy and is working with Indian leaders to crush Pakistan. Many believe the US wants to destroy Pakistan, seize its nuclear weapons and….  This  growing anger  stems from statements from American military leaders that recent attacks on US installations in Afghanistan were planned by the infamous Pakistan secret service, the ISI, in order to support the Haqqani tribal chieftains and make them allies.

Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani is bringing together Pakistan leaders to discuss “the security situation in the wake of threats emanating from outside the country.” In other words,  they are furious at Americans for identifying terrorists who work for the Pakistan government.  There is an underlying assumption that China will replace the US as a source of financial support.

In the end, if Pakistan continues preparing for a war that will never happen, it simply prevents the nation to become an economic power.

Wither Syria?

Days  go by, weeks  go by, months go  by, but the Syrian government refuses to engage in discussions with its own people concerning ways to end violence. Over two thousand Syrian people have been murdered by fellow Syrians who are carrying out orders of President Bashar al-Assad. The UN issues statements about ending violence, the Syrian response is to attack another town and kill people. The drumbeat of killing continues.

However, there are new signs emerging of an armed response by Syrian rebels. New reports indicate that hundreds of Syrian soldiers have deserted and are resorting to armed attacks against their former army. In the city of Al-Rastan a reported 1,000  former soldiers were engaged in battle with the Syrian army. There is the possibility the Syrian government would bomb the town.

If these soldiers decide to engage in guerrilla warfare it would add a new dimension to the struggle. In the meantime the UN is unable to take decisive action due to refusal on the part of Russia and China to support sanctions. Will we witness the war next time?

Biased Blair Again

Former UK prime minister Tony Blair sold out his nation due to desire to be the best friend George Bush ever had in life. He lied to the British people about WMD and he once again is displaying bias in dealing with foreign policy issues. Palestinian leaders are furious with the supposed “mediator” and insist they “cannot trust anything” he states. One expressed the view of Palestinians that Blair has turned ouot  to be “more of an Israeli diplomat than a neurtral mediator.”

At a time when conciliation and concern for the vviews of opponents should be a paramount issue, the Israel government announced new housing construction in the Jerusalem area. It was a deliberate provocative act but Blair did not blast the Israelis. If Palestinians behaved in that manner he would be demanding a halt to the actions. Who is Tony Blair and why is he a “mediator” are questions of concern?

People Say Tax Wealthy Say Polls!

Every poll reveals that an overwhelming majority of Americans support the ideas of President Obama to raise taxes on the wealthy. The “Buffet Plan”derives from the billionaires comment that few businessmen pay at a high tax rate than their secretaries. About 75% of Americans backed the tax plan and that includes 66% of Republicans who support the idea of having wealthy people pay a few more pennies from their pocket. It also is in line with a Gallup Poll which claims two thirds of Americans want this tax.

However, the issue is not just taxing the wealthy, it is also addressing possession of wealth. We need an inheritance tax that reduces the amount of money wealthy folk can give heirs. We need to introduce large increases in taxes in order to reduce the amount wealthy folk possess.

How about extending the Social Security tax to ALL INCOME!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


To  live is to die–eventually.

There is a difference between teasing and mocking.

An elderly lady in tennis shorts impresses me.

Dawn breaks but the sun always sets.

If Republicans were in charge of Heaven there would be a gated community for the wealthy.

I must have my space in the morning when having coffee and a bagel.

Death is an equal opportunity employer. All welcomed.

I would never place my wallet in a back pocket, I am New York  City born.

If three women are talking around a table, one is the odd woman out.

People  regard me as an old man, I regard myself as possessing a young mind.

Sarah Palin Dislikes Telling Lies!

Sarah Palin has high standards when it comes to expressing political views in public. She becomes very upset if anyone makes statements that do not derive from factual data. She is now very angry at author Joe McGinnis who wrote some very nasty things concerning her private life in a book that purports to report on the life of Sarah Palin. She is suing this man because his work makes false statements about her. “This book contains a series of lies and rumors presented as facts.”

As I recall, Sarah Palin has charged the president of the United States with:

Being a Muslim.

Being born in Kenya

Not being a loyal American.

On numerous occasions Sarah Palin has claimed there are “reports” about Obama being born in Africa and that he is a Muslim. Gee, I wonder if Obama could sue her for “a series of lies and rumors presented as facts.”

Al-Qaeda Upset At Iran

Al Qaeda is upset at the president of Iran. They are angry because President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad goes around claiming the Israel Mossad secret agency is the one responsible for 9/11. As far as al-Qaeda is concerned, Ahmadinejad is one “jealous dude.” They make clear in a new magazine article, “al-Qaeda succeeded in what Iran could not. Therefore it was necessary for the Iranians to discredit 9/11 and what better way to do so? Conspiracy theories.”

I guess there are a lot of people in America and the world who will not accept this claim of al-Qaeda. They know for certain it was Mossad or the CIA or some other secret group that wanted to blame Muslims. How about the KKK?