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We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


Americans are frightened, as whom or what is the confusion.

A young woman enters with  laptop in hand. Up and coming executive.

Once America send men to the moon.  Today, it can not build a tunnel under the Hudson  River.

Elderly folk enjoy studying the check. It might be off by two cents.

He cleans window, she  glances out window. Sorry, not an American love story.

Nice people gave me a coupon for free coffee at McDonald’s. Now, I can really invest my money this month.

Most on the Internet are worried about identify theft. I doubt if identity theft folk are.

I am convinced God does NOT allow McDonald’s pancakes to be served in Heaven.

On rainy days I wonder if the drops are from tears of former US presidents who witness the group currently seeking the Republican presidential nomination.

If one does not love self, one cannot love another.

Has America Become An Oligarchy?

Just about everyday there is another report proving that America either is or shortly will become an oligarchy in which rich folk control all aspects of life. It is now clear the upper 1% of Americans control at least 22% of all wealth and that 400 families  make more money than 140,000,000 people. Of course, Republicans see nothing evil in such a maldistribution of wealth since God ordained the rich shall lead the poor and the rich shall enable middle class folk to find his Kingdom up in the sky. Republicans insist if you want to become a millionaire why don’t you get born to someone who has a million dollars?

After all, is it the fault of those born into money who attend Ivy League colleges so they can be hired by Ivy League graduates that the end result is they wind up with more wealth? No one stops anyone from going to Harvard? No one stops anyone from getting a job in a hedge fund and manipulating figures so they can earn a million of day! Stop complaining and work hard.

It is now clear those who fought the Revolution and our wars were fighting for the right of wealthy people to run this country! Look at the bright side:

Poor children will learn to have good manners and say, “yes sir,” and “yes mam.”

There will be plenty of jobs available to poor people to become nannies and maids and build yachts.

We can kill off a lot of babies from poor families and thus reduce welfare rolls.

Poor children will be saved from the boredom of sitting in college classes listening to some professor lecture.

Just remember the St. Louis Cardinals won the world series when all said they never could. I wish poor folk would adopt that attitude and learn if they suffer from malnutrition now they can always afford a Big Mac tomorrow.

Libya Number One Issue–POLYGAMY!

The women of Libya stood together with men in fighting against the regime of Mummar Gaddafi. Many were killed or wounded, and some faced the brutality of being raped because they stood up freedom. So, how are they being rewarded for being fighters for freedom? Mustafa Abdel Jialil, head of the interim government, announced that Shaira law would replace the more secular laws that currently are in effect. He also made clear the existing law which required a woman to grant permission to her husband to take another wife was null and void. “This law is  contrary to Shariah and must be stopped.”

According to the hero of the revolution, it is time to put into effect a good old fashioned Muslim world in which men rule and woman obey, including become wife number 2, 3 or 4. Reporters found most  female college students were furious at this decision and they also realize revolutionary rhetoric about human rights means those rights only apply to men.

So, we backed a revolution to oust another secular brutal thug and the end result is that Muslim thugs gain power and women lose their rights. Isn’t it wonderful to get rid of Saddam and Gaddafi?

I have a hunch some women in Syria now have second thoughts about ridding their nation of President Assad. He is one thug who does not allow Muslim clerics the right to impose their outdated laws!

High Tech Low Balls Cain

Ann Coulter is upset at them liberals who are trying to deny the American people an opportunity to vote for a black man. Oh, that guy, Barack, whatever, he is not a real black guy, sort of one of them dark on outside white on inside fellows.  Herman Cain has been charged by two women with sexual harassment while he headed the National Restaurant Association. They claim to have been given a pay out in order to end their law suit. According to Ann, it is simply another liberal high tech lynch job.

Herman denies any involvement in sexual escapades. “The bullseye on my back has gotten bigger” says the man who loves to joke around. The women claim he did things that made them “angry” and “uncomfortable.” Gee, if it is sexual harassment to become angry and uncomfortable, then Herman has made the entire American nation ready for a law suit against him.

Frankly, for most Americans we prefer sexual harassment charges than his economic charges. Actually, the man is not running so much for president as he is for money, –gobs of it.

OH, Rush is also upset because liberals are just plain terrified of this man who is conservative, big, and black. Then again, Rush is short, fat, and sort of white.

Tune in tomorrow for the latest story involving the big, black, conservative man who sure is not conservative about opening his mouth and getting in trouble!

UNESCO Accepts Palestine

The United States Department of State and the Israel government are furious at the decision by UNESCO to accept Palestine as a member. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton denounced the decision as “counterproductive” to achieving peace and she announced the US would cease funding UNESCO. Israel’s foreign ministry yelled that the decision “further removes possibility for a peace agreement. The vote was 107-4 with 52 abstaining.

I am confused. Two weeks ago the Israel government announced it was proceeding with building houses in Arab areas of Jerusalem, an action they knew made it impossible for any Arab government to negotiate for peace. I assume the Israel foreign ministry operates on the assumption that Israel can flout international law, ignore the rights of Palestinians without impeding “possibilities for a peace agreement.”

Let’s face reality. No American president will stand up to ignorant forces in Israel who behave in a manner that contradicts Jewish history. The real problem hindering peace is lack of political and economic clout by Palestinians in the USA!

Haka Dance, Not War Threat!

The American people are a nation of immigrants, but as the breadth and width of immigration continually expands, the end result is confusion. For some reason, a number of Polynesian men and women have migrated to the Mormon state of Utah. Some boys were playing on the local football team and they  lost a game. Being Polynesian, the end of any sporting activity is for the men to perform a Haka, a dance. So, Polynesian men went into the Haka, the police freaked out thinking some form of Muslim terrorism was being enacted. They pepper sprayed the men and created havoc.

Police admitted they were surprised by the dance. In truth, they did not have a clue as to the Haka or the Baka or whatever. As far as their knowledge of Polynesians is concerned, let us politely say police know as much about the Polynesian culture as Herman Cain knows about the US Constitution

Assad Goes On Being Assad!

There is one thing certain about conditions in Syria–President Bashar Assad will continue being an Assad as was his father. Latest reports are that 35 Syrians were murdered by forces of the government. They made the mistake of going to Friday prayers at their local mosque in Hama and Homs. They realized security forces had surrounded all buildings in which people engaged in prayer because public prayer is against the law in modern Syria. Assad only fears the power of prayer because it is conducted in a group setting.

Turkey is furious at Assad. Nabil Al Arabi, head of the Arab League is angry at Assad, most Syrians are mad at Assad, but he just can’t shake off his legacy of death and destruction to opponents. In the end, Bashar will meet the same result as did Saddam and Gaddafi–someone will shove something up his ass.


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald:  “Son Gets 20 Years For Killing Dad On Birthday”

Some fathers simply do not appreciate their son’s birthday present.

China, China Daily:  “Global Warming A US Conspiracy”
We are very clever, we even have tornadoes sweeping across America!

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald:  “Worshippers Sue Bishop”

God damn it, when I pray for something, I expect to get it!

France, Local:  “French Press Soda Talks”

And, they were drinking wine at the discussions.

Russia, Moscow Times:  “King Of The Castle”

His name is Prime Minister Putin.

Kuwait, Kuwait Times:  “Saudis Behead 8 Bangladeshis”

Next time, no Bangladeshi women better be driving cars!

Reflections Of Michele Bachmann

Due to our determined desire to find out the truth about Michele Bachmann, we are able to offer an inside presentation as to how her mind functions. This secret tape was made by sending a fly which got inside her mind.

“I just don’t understand things these days. A few months ago, everything looked so wonderful for me. I spoke with God just about every day and He said the nomination for president was a sure thing that He would bet on without a second thought. And, then that colored man began to say weird things and crack jokes and people thought he had a thought that made sense. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against colored people, I even had dinner the other night with a group and one of them was colored. They have such wonderful white teeth and they smile so much.

Sometimes I want to say that I’m more Able than Cain, but I am afraid no one would think I could tell a joke. I am so serious that people take what I say as meaning what I am trying to say. I mean that stuff about Paul Revere, I knew he was for the colonists and not the British. Sometimes I think that Sarah is doing the right thing by going around in a bus and making oodles of money. Gee, if one is going to be famous, shouldn’t one also make some money?

I wish my hubby was as smart about economics as the people around Herman Cain. All this stuff about a flat tax or a tall tax just gets me confused. I was taught something about “progressive taxes” but I know that isn’t right because the word, Progressive means liberal. So, how could anyone be for a liberal tax? My hubby he other day said I should propose an 8-8-8 plan. But, I am confused. I know that 8 plus 8 plus 8 equals 24. But, I don’t know why we should have a 24% tax.

Sometimes I get real scared because some smart aleck reporter might start asking questions about all those weird places in the world. I just got around to finding out where Israel is, do I also have to know where this Tunisia is? I thought Tunisia was where they caught tuna fish.

Oh well, I guess it is time to buy a bus and hit the road. At least I will be in America.”

Death Is Unkind In Afghanistan

Abdul Raman was driving his  Toyota Land Cruiser SUV as he watched a convoy of American troops drive along the highway. They were passing a college campus when Abdul noticed a space had opened in the convoy which contained an armored Rino bus and accompanying vehicles whose task was to prevent any bomber from getting to the bus. Abdul carefully sent his car into the open space, and for some reason he was not halted by the guarding vehicles. Abdul saw the bus,  he could see faces peering out windows. Abdul sighed. He thought about his parents and younger brothers and sisters who would be proud of what he accomplished today.

The story ends with Abdul ramming the SUV into the side of the armored bus, his 1500 pounds of explosives created a huge roar of hate as the bus was blown to pieces. Bodies flew through the air, shouts of pain could be heard, and when the smoke cleared there were 13 dead American soldiers.

Thirteen Americans are dead in Afghanistan. They are dead in a country whose president says if the US and Pakistan get into a conflict, his nation will side with Pakistan. Thirteen Americans died yesterday defending a government that would abandon them very quickly.

Is there something wrong with this story?