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Assad Warns Of Earthquake

Bashar al-Assad is the son of a man who killed twenty thousand of his own people in order to make clear to Syrians that when an Assad makes a demand, obey or die. During the past 48 hours at least 50 civilians were killed by Syrian forces and dozens were wounded. Assad remains defiant to the world and his neighbors who seek peace in his land “Any problem in Syria will burn the entire region. Do you want to see another Afghanistan? Syria is the hub in this region.” And he warned if you play with his nation the world will cause “an earthquake.”

Sounds very threatening, but can he go beyond words in order to carry out threats? The Turkish government is furious, and it has established camps for deserting Syrian soldiers. Sanctions are in place and there is not a single Arab nation which will come to the assistance of this two bit tyrant. He can shout defiance, but he simply can not carry out his threat to “see another Afghanistan.”

In Syria, the vast majority oppose Assad. His end will resemble that of Gaddafi.

OWS For Real!

Occupy Wall Street demonstrators were back in the streets demanding explanations for why Scott Olsen, a former soldier in Iraq was injured by Oakland police because he expressed an opinion about Wall Street. Mr. Olsen had spent months standing up for the American people only to return home and get wounded by the American police. Snow will shortly arrive in eastern, midwestern and far west areas so it remains unclear whether these people can continue with their protest movement.

Recent protest groups such as OWS or the Tea Party have been loud in demanding change, but aside from shouts of anger it remains unclear as to exactly what is being urged. For the benefit of OWS we list some demands that would satisfy these wonderful people:

1. Extend the Social Security tax to cover ALL income.

2. Pass a bill that offers those at 18 the option of two years engaged in Public Service in exchange for free college education.

3. Raise top levels of the tax code to 50% of all income above one million.

4. Enact a one trillion dollar rebuilding our infrastructure bill.

5. End “No Child Left Behind” and create a new national curriculum which deals with education for the 21st century.


Don’t Flirt With Certain Girls

I was raised on the streets of New York City in a neighborhood which was located in the slums. The number one lesson of life I learned was never, never, to wise off or flirt with a girl whose boy friend could beat the hell out of me. Ivan Agatanov, a nineteen year old idiot, flirted with a girl, and when she spurned his advances, Ivan the big mouth, insulted her. Alas for Ivan, her boy friend, Rasual Mirzayev, was a champion in four martial arts, and he proceeded to give the not-too-bright Ivan a blow to the head that sent him off to sleep forever in the hereafter.

The death of a football fan at the hands of a Muslim martial arts champion was too much for Russian ultra-nationalists. They are uniting to fight the new enemy-Muslims who defend their girl friends against unwarranted approaches. Police fear new outbreaks of violence in which many will be injured.

Please, learn the lessons we were taught many years ago. Keep your mouth shut when interacting with a girl whose boy friend is a gangster or who can beat the hell out of you.

West Papuans Murdered By Indonesians

West Papua is a place far away inhabited by people of whom we know little. Unfortunately, these people lack oil in their country so why would anyone in the western world give a damn what happens to them. They are ruled by Indonesia and several thousand inhabitants rallied to express their displeasure with being ruled by a colonial power which denied them basic rights. Security personnel(it is amusing how today we term thugs, “security personnel,” fired into the crowd killing several people and then arrested dozens.

The Indonesian Minister of Security, Djoko Suyanto, justified these murders on grounds his nation faced violence. “The police raided the rally because it was already considered a coup d’etat” and West Papuans refused to recognize the president of Indonesia as their president.

There are no reports of any West Papuans possessing weapons. A rather interesting coup d’etat without weapons.


We offer observations on the human condition from an 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


Barack Obama’s major mistake was not listening to his heart in January, 2009.

It is a pleasant sight seeing mom with daughter and boyfriend.

In the modern world, loss of keys is a major catastrophe.

Little children feel free gazing at the face of an adult.

I walked by a rabbit, but it did not hop away. It must be raising money for some rabbit charity.

I advise McDonald’s to have special coffee mugs for seniors.

I have never understood why football referees do not wear helmets. They get hit.

All too often, too fast is too slow to solve problem.

As a child I always carried books in hands, not on back.

Two girls wearing khaki skirts ensures they go to a private school.

I wonder if there is an acceptable length for a woman’s skirt.

Board Directors Get Wealthy!

Prime Minister David Cameron issued some statements which raise serious questions about his “conservative” orientation. For some strange reason, the prime minister of  England blasted those working as members of a Board of Directors because they happened to find some spare change to pay their wages. Directors of large firms witnessed a 49% increase in pay for their work as overseers of companies. Many of these directors now get paid anywhere from $1,000,000 to $4,000,000 a year for their supervision of companies which are selling less. OK, so they handed themselves a bonus payment of about $1,000,00 but is that cause to get upset.

A member of a Board of Director also has to eat. A member of a Board of Directors also has to purchase Xmas toys and presents for members of his/her family. I realize some “liberals” believe one can make it through the year on less than a million dollars! These directors devote hours of their time attempting to figure out ways in which they can be paid for thinking of ways to get higher salaries. This is not a simple task. After all, if your company is losing money, it sure takes a lot of thinking into how you present reasons for bonus payments and higher pay.

I believe no one who works on a board of directors should have pay reduced because the company is losing money. If we lose people who do a terrific job making certain the company loses money, what will happen to the company? After all, the worse nightmare scenario is a company making profit and raising wages of workers.

Pose this question: if directors don’t make millions, who will purchase yachts??

Face Of Hate

Judge Stefan Wikmark is concerned about people in his courtroom since he is afraid there might be  terrorists lurking behind the faces of those present. “I feel responsible for order in this court room and I feel I can’t achieve that if I am unable to see the faces of those present.” He therefore ordered the removal of three Muslim women who he claimed were wearing niqabs to disguise their faces. The women were attempting to attend the trial of Abi Aziz Mahamud, charged with planing an attack or a murder of Roda Sten, an artist.

Actually, the women were wearing burqas, not niqabs, but what the heck, it is a face covering.  The women were not on trial, they were not witnesses, they simply were spectators to the trial. The Swedish secret service, Sapo(talk about an appropriate name for a secret service) originally claimed four Muslim men were going to murder someone and after releasing one, downgraded charges to “planning” to kill someone.

I am confused. Am I to assume judges survey the faces of all spectators in order to ascertain –what? Why are judges worried about faces? I would assume they would be more concerned about what is in the minds of people, not their faces.

Michele Tea Bagged

Ned Ryun, a key Tea Party leader, is calling on Michele Bachmann to end her presidential quest and go directly to the nearest coffee shop. “It’s time for Michele to go” is his plea and, like many who admire Michele, I am shocked. Why would the Tea Party ask a woman who has a direct line to God to cease running for the presidency? OK, so she is only attracting 6% in Iowa and 4% in South Carolina and about 2% in New Hampshire, but are those numbers reason for the individual who possesses the greatest intellectual grasp of America’s economic crisis to cease running for the office of president?

The United States of America needs Michele in order to ensure the Big Guy up in the sky does not get angry with us. The Democratic party needs Michele Bachmann because without her inept, ignorant remarks, Obama would lose the number one idiot in America. On the other hand, the good news is we still have Herman Cain to raise cain about.

There are nights when I wake up in a sweat because my nightmare is the disappearance of Herman, Newt, Mitt, Rick, Rick and Michele from the scene of action. If one took this collection of comics, one could have the basis for a circus.

Pakistan Fires Missile For Show?

Pakistan, having nothing better to do, fired a missile which has the capability of carrying a nuclear device and its range is at least 440 miles. Hopefully, since George Bush is no longer president, Fox News will not be reporting Weapons of Mass Destruction by Pakistan which can destroy the United States, and therefore we have to invade Pakistan. The missile is obviously designed to show India, “we also can blow a nation to hell.”

The missile has a more significant problem because it  clearly demonstrates if clerical forces gain control of Pakistan they can initiate nuclear war–in the name of Allah or whoever. Whether the US likes it or not Pakistan has the capability to create chaos and plunge the world into a nuclear disaster.

Wall Street Protesters Can Help Job Issues

Protesters have been occupying areas around Wall Street for over a month and similar groups are camping out throughout America in order to express disgust at the disgusting behavior of greedy Wall Street financiers. Conservatives are shocked that people will dance and sing and shout anger toward those who are ‘job creators.” After all, Wall Street did create jobs for Americans like occupying Wall Street. OK, so these jobs do not  pay money, but they do keep people occupied  during the day.

It is time for those opposing Wall Street to recognize each and every American has a responsibility to ensure the financial leaders of our society continue to  enrich themselves in order to stimulate sales of yachts and large homes. In becoming wealthy they create jobs for those seeking employment as a nanny or taking care of lawns.

We suggest that wealthy Wall Street folk offer jobs to those camping out. For example, they could be paid to clean up the trash, fix broken toilet seats in nearby restaurants, and replant flowers. Or, if these creatures of anger want to really help our economy, they could seek employment by getting busy Wall Street managers their sandwiches and drinks.