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Can One Burn Koran?

A French court confirmed the aquittal of a Frenchman who had been accused of burning a copy of the Koran. He displayed this action on the Internet and was then charged with inciting racial hatred. Prosecutors wanted to send him to jail for three months and fine the action to the tune of $1,400. In the Internet footage, Rojas Abbate, makes paper planes from a copy of the Koran and pretends to send them against the  World Trade Center.

The Appeals court ruled his display of ignorance was “willfully outrageous and deliberately provocative” but this was not sufficient to result in anyone attacking Muslims. His defense lawyer noted, “blasphemy does not exist in France.” Absolutely correct. Freedom of speech means one has the right to display not only ignorance but also stupidity. If we used the criteria of “inciting hatred,” where would they leave Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann?


Each  day we offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Turkey, Hurriyet:  “Does God Punish With Earthquakes”

No, if He really wants to punish us, it is with Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann.

UK, Guardian:  “Warn Of Lost Generation”

Have you checked the local mall?

South Africa, Argus:  “Vote For Our Mountain”

Sorry, I am more of a valley person.

Sweden, Local:  “Ban Mum’s Boobs”

One man’s mum boobs is another man’s neat boobs to gaze on.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:  “One Fourth College Programs Get D grade”

Another example of grade  inflation.

Norway, Norway Post:  “Obama Courts Hispanic Vote”

Taco, anyone?

UK, Guardian:  “Donald Haters”

So, what do you have against Trump’s hair?

Koran And Economic Prosperity!

The Republican party can now welcome a new candidate for its nomination to run for president. At this point, the field contains among the great minds of the 21st century–Cain, Bachmann, Gingrich, Romney, Perry and whoever. However, the good news is  arrival into the  fray of Rev. Terry Jones who gained fame by promising to burn a Koran and when he did  about 30 UN  workers were murdered in Afghanistan by an angry mob. Terry is as consumed by burning Korans as Rick and Herman and Mitt are consumed by flat taxes. However, all do agree jobs are created by burning Korans and reducing taxes on the wealthy.

We suggest it is time to combine these ideas into a powerful approach to restoring America’s  economic and social health. We propose a program in which a new president will publicly burn, not only the Koran, but the tax code book. He or she will announce that henceforth America will not allow any Korans to be used and it will also not allow  tax code books to be used. We will rid the nation of Korans and taxes!

However, for those of the Muslim faith in America, the Koran can be used provided you pay a 60% rate of taxes on all income. Why not restore economic health on the back of Muslims?

American Ingenuity Then, Not Now!

Once upon a time in the United States of America we entrusted  workers with opportunities to build great dams and highways. During World War II there was need for a new highway to Alaska and this task was carried out by Negro troops who operated in segregated units. They build the Alcan Highway within a year  because of determination and creative thinking. At one point, their equipment had been sent to white units and the task was building a bridge over a  river that was 300  feet wide. They told superiors it would be built in three days. It was.

These soldiers cut down trees, used the lumber for the bridge, plunged into waist high raging waters and the Sikanni Chief Bridge was built. Today, when a new tunnel was proposed under the Hudson River, Republican Governor Christie said there was not enough money for the task.

Once upon a time in America we entrusted our workers to do great things. Tody, Republicans only believe wealthy folk can do great things. Of course, they mean by “great things” obtaining more money for themselves!

Drones And Death

President Obama has embraced the concept of using drones to gain victory in Afghanistan, or at least, to lower casualty rates for our soldiers. The steady campaign to kill Taliban and Haqqani leaders by sending missiles from drones continues and it has produced results. Senior militant leader Khan Mohammed was driving in a car in Pakistan in the province of South Wazirstan when six missiles hit his caravan of cars. Alas, poor Mohammed not longer is  with us.

The attack took place in Pakistan, and it is unclear if this attack was known by Pakistan officials. A broader issue is whether the drone campaign of  killing leaders will result in an end to fighting in Afghanistan. An assumption of  this military strategy is by killing leaders of militants they will cease being militants. Of course, this is an assumption.

Question: Do we have examples in the history of fighting insurgents that  death of leaders resulted in an end to the insurgency?  I’m just asking.

Student Loan Repayment Reduced

President Obama finally took action to assist the lives of young Americans by announcing their payment schedule for outstanding loans would witness lower payments. If a student has $60,000 in  outstanding debt, their payment would drop from $358 a  month to $239. Naturally, Republicans are up in arms at pandering to students. After all, they believe America can only restore prosperity if the wealthy pay lower taxes. Of course, allowing deadbeat students to get away with lower payments is undoubtedly the first step on the road to communism!

I assume if a student now has an additional $200 a month in income, that money will immediately be spent on goods and services. In other words, as billions of additional spending enters the economy new jobs are created. I guess students are the job creators. Perhaps, the next step is to bail out all student loans and pay for this by raising taxes on wealthy folk.

Fire Next Time In Libya

People in Libya are besides themselves with happiness at the death of Muammar Gaddafi, their  long time local dictator and boss. The world outside is pleased with its work in helping to end the tyrannical rule of the Libyan two bit dictator. But, that was then, now is now. International inspectors are worried about the       hundreds of sites in Libya which are the scene of  stockpiled weapons. Come in and grab your  machine gun.

Ian Martin of the UN mission in Libya is particularly concerned about chemical weapons which could fall into the wrong hands. There is also fear that dozens of missiles could wind up in the possession of terrorist groups. Surface to air missiles could be used against civilian airllines.  Today, we rejoice, tomorrow, will we decide  a mistake was made in terms of how Gaddafi was taken out of power?

Great Operation In Afghanistan

A huge force of 25,000 Afghan soldiers along with 11,000 from NATO forces attacked militant positions in eastern Afghanistan. When the battle was over about 200 insurgents were captured including at least 20 Haqqani operatives. The entire  operation was hailed as a great victory. There are times when Coalition forces in Afghanistan confuse issues by claiming capturing 200 men is some sort of “great victory.” What exactly is a “minor operation?”

Some of the 20  Haqqani captured are allegedly bomb makers and some are midlevel leaders. It is time for those in charge of  the war in Afghanistan to cease exaggerating success  and focus on reality. Getting rid of twenty or thirty insurgents is just that-getting rid of twenty or thirty insurgents. It is not the end of the war nor is it a step in ending the war.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an eighty year old body.


Some fear death, more fear life.

I await one of those famous “ticking bombs” to explode.

Atop the Rocky Mountains at dawn is peace of mind.

If there is a “God” He or She or It has long since departed to find intelligent life forms on some distant planet.

For a child to clutch mom’s hand is to clutch God.

If Christ returned He would be halted at the border and deported as an illegal immigrant.

From Lincoln to Teddy Roosevelt to Dwight Eisenhower to Herman Cain is proof that evolution is not the story of human development.

I am establishing a fund to purchase turkeys for Wall Street bankers in order to ensure they have a good Christmas dinner.

In St. Louis, Fall appears one day and winter the next.

Gingham Restaurant in St. Louis only allows those over age of 60 to be present after 4:00 p.m.

The Republican Party believes the 10th Commandment allows the rich to shit on the poor in the name of capitalism.

Cain Surges, Obama Wins!

Barack Obama continues to receive good news from the Republican party. Laest polls taken from those who are committed members of the party reveal more desire Herman Cain as their candidate for  president than  Mitt Romney. Cain is ahead of Romney in one poll by 24% to 21%  and in another by 30%to 23%. Apparently a high percent of Republicans want an uneducated ignorant man who lacks any knowledge about the world or economics to lead the most important  nation in the world.

Barack Obama must be delerious with happiness for these results. Imagine a debate in which Cain actually has to defend his  nutty economic ideas before the entire nation and his inability to discuss any issue of foreign affairs. Republicans prefer their crazy ideology over gaining the presidency.

God bless Republicans for being  fools!