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Democrats Cut Rather Than Spend

Senator John Kerry revealed a plan by members of the Democratic party which would result in spending cuts of over $2.5 Trillion. Most cuts would come from Medicare and other social programs. In theory, the plan seeks about $200 billion in job creation. Yes, America has a large national debt. Yes, America in the past had a large national debt. Yes, in the past the Democratic party focused on jobs and rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure.

Reducing government expenditures and firing government workers INCREASES unemployment, it does not generate more money flowing into the economy. We need more people working. We need more people purchasing goods. We need to rebuild our infrastructure and this task would create millions of jobs.

Let’s return to the Democratic party which represents interests of the middle class and poor people and cease this over concern for the wealthy. And, by the way, the wealthy will NOT vote for a Democratic candidate for president.

Belated Refusal For Belarus

President Alexander Lukashenko runs a tight ship in Belarus. If you oppose his regime,  a nice jail cell awaits your presence. Last year during a disputed election, the  thug leader of Belarus ordered  mass arrests of opponents and  hundreds were  beaten or tortured in order to make certain they got the point-Lukashenko is always right.  Given this track record one would assume European nations would avoid this  thug, but such is not the case.

A group of banks in England, Russia, France, and Germany made a deal with the beast of Belarus which would send over a billion dollars headed his way. French and German banks have now backed out and Lukashenko is in trouble. Reports indicate the government and local  banks are even selling their computers to raise money.

As of this point, only the Russian bank, Sberbank has agreed to continue doing business with Belarus. After all, this is Putin country so is it any surprise a dictator is the good guy?


Putin Upset At Dead Body

Prime Minister Vladmir Putin is upset. He is upset that Muammar Gaddafi was killed by a mob. He is upset the  body of this former head of state was “shown on all global television channels.” And, furthermore, “it was impossible to watch without disgust.”  Putin claims “all of Gaddafi’s family has been killed” and he  most probably was still alive and covered in blood before being executed.

Vladmir Putin is a Russian leader who never did anything to denounce the deaths of human rights acivists in his own country. He has refused to halt the beating of those who work for democracy in his own country. It is nice of him to be concerned with one death, but for some strange reason he never said a word when hundreds were killed by Gaddafi.

I assure Mr. Putin the bodies of  many human rights activists were covered in blood before the goons who think you are God finished them off with another shot to the head.

For the record, the entire Gaddafi family is safe in Algeria. That is, except for his sons who led armed men to kill innocent people.

Lieberman Belongs In Asylum With Lunatics

Each passing day reveals more information about the plan of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to create chaos in the Middle East in order to justify oppressing Palestinians. After blasting Palestinian Authority President Abbas for working with Hamas, the Israel leader worked out a deal with Hamas. The plan is obvious, build up the power of Hamas, allow it to defeat Abbas and Fatah and then plead to the world that how can Israel negotiate with terrorists?

Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman even went further in the plan to destroy Abbas. “If there is one obstacle that should be removed immediately it is (Abbas).” An invitation for some nut to kill Abbas. Netanyahu and his thug Foreign Minister only desire to create chaos and violence in the Middle East in order to justify refusing to negotiate with Palestinians.

Unfortunately, in America we have people like Senator Joe Lieberman, a blood brother of Avigdor, who moans and groans about how brave Israel is being oppressed by Palestinians. Peace is threatened by a two nation Lieberman connection!


Each day we offer a sample of headlines from the world press along with our comments.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald:  “I’m  All Alone In The World”

The musings of President Assad in Syria.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:  “No Justice”

Last words of Gaddafi?

China, China Daily:  “Sanctions On Chicken Legal”

Chalk up two clucks for this decision.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post:   “Corruption Convention”

It meets daily in the US House of Representatives.

Netherlands, Dutch News:  “Send Tax Officials To Greece”

To learn how not to pay taxes?

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald:  “Warriors Fall Short”

A warrior is supposed to win, not lose!


Governor Rick Perry joined the Republican crowd which is urging adoption of some form of flat tax. Of course, it was a great Republican President, Theodore Roosevelt who fought for the graduated income tax, an idea first proposed by American farmers who had formed the Populist Party. Alas, today, Republicans vie to prove who is more pro-business. Rick informed the world of his support of a 20% flat tax for those with millions as well as those with thousands. So, what does the flat tax look like?

I make a million dollars this year. In theory I pay 36% for income tax–$360,000. Under the Perry flat 20% tax, my tax levy is now $200,000.  A neat reduction of $160,000.

I make thirty thousand. Under present rules I might pay about $2,000 in federal taxes. Under the Perry plan I now pay $6,000.

Isn’t it wonderful to be a millionaire in America, circa, 2011. Republicans want to make certain I pay less taxes and the middle and poor classes pay more.

Murdoch Muddies Water

James Murdoch is being asked by British lawmakers to appear one more time in order to clarify statements made to a parliamentary committee that apparently do not jibe with the truth. He told them both his father and he lacked any knowledge of phone hacking at the News Of  The World. He insisted an email that supposedly informed him of this operation had never been seen. Naturally, James and Rupert did not know anything that was going on within their newspapers.

Of course, the history of Rupert Murdoch is that of a hands on ruthless dictator who knows everything. The tabloids former editor, Coliln Meyer and  a colleague, Tom Crone, told the Parliament committe the email HAD been seen by Jimmy, the ignorant one.

The Murdoch empire now argues their assurances that phone hacking was the work of a “rogue reporter” was “not accurate,” but that does not mean it was “untruthful.” Such is the reasoning of those with money and power.

Islamist Victory In Tunisia

The prevailing reality in the Middle East is that dictators tend to be more secular since they do not trust clerics to gain power and impose their ideas on the nation. Tunisia got rid of its secular dictator and just held an election. The results are what was expected- a victory for th Ennahda party led by Rachid Gahnouchi. This victory sent a shock of fear through secular women and men who now confront the reality of clerics seeking to impose their views of morality upon the entire population.

Ghannouchi  insists his party will  not impose Sharia law. Imagine being a Tunisian Jew who has lived for centuries in this land, but now is under the rule of clerics. Imagine being a woman who dresses like any woman in Paris and works in a corporation. Will they continue enjoying freedom to be who they are and  live and dress as they desire?

That is the question.

Russian Government Pleads For Law!

The Russian government of Prime Minister Putin is upset. Russia refused to back use of military action against the Gaddafi regime and now is concerned that international law was not followed in the dictator’s death. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov emphasized the Geneva Convention did not allow those captured to be killed and “in any case a prisoner of war should not be killed.” For some strange reason this concern about prisoners apparently does not pertain to prisoners in jails run by Gaddafi. I assume the Russian perspective is Gaddafi has every right to kill whom he pleases, but under no condition is anyone allowed to kill the dictator.

The Putin government apparently is not interested in law within Russia since dozens of human rights activists have been murdered. If hypocrisy was a virtue, Vladmir Putin would be a saint in heaven!

Oh, a nutty Russian politician, Kirson Ilyuonzhirov visited Gaddafi and played chess with him. He says Gaddafi did not fear death because “he believes in reincarnation.”

Latest reports is that Gaddafi will return as a rabbi living in Jerusalem.

Dominique Dominoes Continue Falling

This has not been the best year in the life of French economic and political leader, Dominique Strauss-Kahn. He was charged with attempting to rape a woman in a New York hotel, he was charged by a French woman of trying to rape her a few years ago, and now-more sex news in his life! French Police Commissioner Jean Christophe Lagarde has been arrested and charged with being involved in a prostitution case. So, what does this have to do with Strauss-Kahn?

It now appears that Lagarde twice visited Dominique Strauss Kahn in America and accompanying him on these visits were some women. For some reason, Lagarde brought along a group of massage parlor women from Belgium, and apparently a few were teen agers. No one has any evidence of illegal behavior on the part of Strauss-Kahn. Of course, he normally has visits from women who work in massage parlors because he wants to solicit their ideas on how to deal with important economic issues in Europe. He needs a Belgian perspective on economics.

God bless you Dominique, what next about women in your life!