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Each day we offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

UK,Guardian:  “Bog Emissions Rise Again”

I guess people are eating those baked beans again.

France, Connexion:  “Slump Is Normal”

Not for those on Wall Street.

USA, NY Post:   “Hair Attacks”

Sounds like a scary story to me.

Finland, Sanomat:  “Strikes Lead To Job Losses”

No strikes also leads to job losses.

UK, Independent:  “Can’t Keep  A Good Man Down”

Nor can Cain keep his big mouth shut.

Netherlands, Dutch News:   Dutch Getting Fatter”

It’s all that good cheese.

USA, NY Daily News:   “Satellite Searches Marijuana Plants”

I guess you have to be high to find marijuana.

New Republican Candidate: Mewtmansanpaerry

We are proud to be the first media outlet which has an opportunity to present ideas  of the latest candidate for the  Republican nomination for the  presidency of this great land. Mewtmansanpaerry is a transgender person who has strong views regarding what America needs in order to restore peace, prosperity and the Christian way of life. She/he is not afraid to take stands as long as it is clear taking a stand on Monday does not mean the stand remains on Friday. He/she wants the American people to understand this country needs a leader whose favorite animal is a chamelon. This country needs a she/he who will say anything in order to get elected. We offer the Mewtmansanpaerry program:

1. We need to end the disparity of wealth in this land by moving toward one in which the top 1% possess 95% of our wealth.

2. We need job creators. We need corporate executives who will offer millions of new jobs paying $4 an hour in order to get this country moving ahead.

3. Americans have to cease whining and complaining because they lack health insurance. Run a mile each day, cut back on bad foods, take an aspirin daily and there  is no need to see doctors and waste money on hospitals.

4. Take a page from good old Adolf Hitler who was told soldiers were wasting bullets killing Jews. Why not just establish gas chambers for those illegal immigrants coming across the border and just gas the whole lot of them? Actually, their bodies could be used as fertilizer and help American farmers.

5. Restore God to the classroom. A Cross in each room, getting on one’s knees each morning to pray to our Lord, Jesus Christ will not only make knees of children stronger, but it will  make clear we are a Christian people–and that includes Mormons.

6. End all this talk about Iran. We have hundreds of atomic bombs. Blast away and wipe out the entire population of Iran. Heck, they aren’t even Christians!

7. Each major city will have one of its sport teams allowed to win a championship.

8. No person who officially states he/she is gay will be allowed to publicly smile or laugh.

9. We promise to return to the good old days when there were maids, butlers and darkies working in the fields.

10. Eating Chinese food will not be allowed until China cancels our debts.

POW Or Human Being?

The Geneva Conventions makes clear that prisoners of war are to be treated with respect and they have basic rights to be given humane respect for their dignity. Alas, the Bush administration and Congressmen see the world as either good or bad. New legislation would require militarty custody for  captured suspects who allegedly are terrorists. Senator Mark Udall who opposes the bill noted that it would in effect make the military “police, judge and jailer.”

The central issue is the word, “suspect.” Until  someone has been tried and found guilty the person is a “suspect,” not a “terrorist.” To obrtain a  waiver from this requirement of military custody the defense secretary, the secretary of state and the Director of National Intelligence would have to negotiate with Congress. How about recent attempts to get 12 congressmen to agree on anything?

We signed the Geneva Conventions, so let’s abide by them.

Middle Eastern Shuffle

These days it is difficult identifying what exactly is occurring in Middle Eastern nations. Turkey is warning its former buddy, Syria, to behave and cease violating human rights while inside Turkey, anyone who dissents from the official line about Kurdish rights may well find themselves in jail. President Bashar al-Assad murders his countrymen only to discover that old fashioned sheiks and petty dictators in Gulf States warn him about respecting the right of dissent! Egyptian military leaders who fear Muslim extremists do  their best to empower Muslim extremists.

Meanwhile, back in Jerusalem, Benjamin Netanyahu refuses to discuss peace with President Abbas who wants peace and hanging around on the outside is Hamas, the supposed center of  terrorism which announced it would not use violence, would accept the 1967 boundary with Israel and work with the Palestinian Authority. Naturally, such words of peace met with violent reactions from Israel leaders.

Who knows what tomorrow brings to the Middle East. Perhaps, we will awake to discover that Iraq is going to war against Saudi Arabia or Yemen wants to invade Jordan. Anything is possible in the Middle East. Just hang around for the next furor.

Jewish Liberals-Enemies Of Israel?

The state of Israel was founded by men and women who adhered to Socialist ideals of human rights and respect for each individual to enjoy free speech and freedom of religion. They understood the history of anti-semitism cast Jews as foreigners residing in Christian nations where they could never be accepted on  equal terms with  Christians. Yaakov Katz of the Nation Union party in Israel denounced fellow Jews in terms that well could have been expressed by any anti-semitic nut case. “This Law returns to the people and wrests it away from a small pathetic group, a bunch of Tel Avivian, secular Nerturei Karta that emanates a lack of love for  the people of Israel, and adheres to laws of the  gentiles.”

I assume Tom Jefferson or Abraham Lincoln realize to nationalist religious fanatics in Israel, they represent the evil of gentiles. An Israeli Jew who expresses concern for the rights of Muslims or Christians is now regarded as an”enemy of Israel.” Read Nazi comments about Jews. According to Nazi theory, Jews represent people with cosmopolitan ideas, people who regard intellectual ideas as more important than those of the state, they are aliens residing in the purse land of Nazi Germany. This is exactly what is being expressed by right wing religious conservatives in Israel who demonize those defending human rights. In their minds, modern ideas of human rights are contrary to ancient ideas  of the Torah.

Israel has come a long way from the ideas of Ben-Gurion and fellow Socialist founders of their nation.

Colonial Heritage–Hate Gays!

There are many legacies from Europeans who colonized the continent of Africa and among the most horrid is educating people to hate gays and lesbians. Missionaries who came to Africa hated any aspect of homosexual behavior and made certain to teach people to hate–all in the name of love for Christ. Nigeria just passed an ant-gay bill which bans same sex marriage and makes a crime out of any gay or lesbian relationship. However, the law also makes it a crime to assist those who are into gay relationships.

According to Amnesty International, “it would place a wide range of people at risk of criminal sanctions,” including human rights activists. It would also criminalize family members who assisted an individual who was involved in a gay relationship. Of course, Nigeria is only one of several African nations which make it a crime to be a homosexual. President Robert Mugabe terms  such behavior, “satanic.”

It is ironic that people such as Mugabe term behavior of gays to be “satanic” when his behavior of torture, beatings and murder surely fit into the definition of “satanic.”

“The People Of Turkey” Or “The Turkish People?”

Perhaps, on other planets in this universe, there are life forms who spend their days in discussing interesting issues, but a trip to planet Earth most probably would be an eye opener to any alien. Turkish Chief of General Staff Gen. Liker Basbug, made a speech in which he said Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey preferred to “the people of Turkey” which immediately in order to emphasize the country was founded by diverse peoples rather than “the Turks.” His comments unleashed a thunderous fury of anger from some who insist the correct expression is “the Turkish people.” They argue the nation was not created by “the people of Turkey” but by Turks.

General Basbug emphasized that Ataturk wanted to make clear that many people were influential in creating the nation that bears the name of Turkey. I trust this clears up the issue and allows aliens to depart — most probably shaking their heads over what humans argue about — and often kill one another about!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


Ron Paul plays the role of “grandpa” in Republican debates.

When in a diner without my umbrella and it begins to rain I often want to dash out and get it from the car.

A man became frustrated waiting in line and left the bagel shop. It is clear the man never was in the armed forces.

All too often in modern America the one shouting about love of God hates poor people.

Newt Gingrich wants to end restrictive child labor laws. I guess next on his list is speeding laws, safety regulation laws and that one about compulsory schooling.

Mitt Romney confessed to the two high crimes of smoking a cigarette and taking a sip of beer. This confession definitely ends his chance to become president. He simply scores low on the sin scale.

Americans believe the entire world revolves around them.

Sign: ‘Lost Dog.”Do you really want a dog who can’t find its way home?

Christian nations have killed over 50 million people in the 20th century but Christians insist Muslims are violent.

Humans have the capacity to do evil but are surprised when others do it to them.

Flash! Republicans Misquote-Again!

The American people were lied to by the dynamic trio of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld about the need to invade Iraq in 2003. Therefore it is not surprising to learn Rick Perry and Mitt Romney are now lying about exactly what was said by President Obama. Romney is running an ad which has Obama saying: “if we keep talking about the economy,we’re going to lose.” Actually, he was QUOTING JOHN MCCAIN, but, what the heck, he used those words so they are his words. Rich Perry has an ad which has Obama saying, “we’ve been a little bit lazy over the past couple of decades” when he actually was being critical of American business for failing to get larger foreign investments. Darrel West of the nonpartisan Brookings Institute, claims, “these ads are blatant misrepresentations.”

I really don’t understand why Mr. West is upset. Barack Obama has been charged with being born in Kenya, he has been charged with being a Muslim, and I await charges that he was never born. I do not put it past Mitt Romney to declare he is now a born again Christian if that will result in becoming president. Truth has never been one who knocked on the door of Republicans.

Get Scorecard, Figure GOP Nominee!

These days if you fell asleep and awoke a day later it would be virtually impossible to determine the current leader of the pack seeking the Republican nomination for president. Newt is now leading in the great conservative state of South Carolina where he promises one and all if you nominate me, I WILL be a conservative. “There needs to be a solid conservative alternative to Mitt Romney and I’m the one that can bring together a national security conservative, and economic conservative and social conservative to make sure  we have a conservative nominee.” He charges that Mitt is a flip flopper who is pro oneday and anti the next.

Meanwhile on the sex front, poor Herman is confronting charges by Ginger White about a 13 year old affair both conducted. Herman’s lawyer, Lin Wood, was adamant if there was an affair it was a “private alleged consensual conduct between adults– a subject matter which is not a subject of inquiry for the media or public.”

Gee, I guess the attempt by the Republican party to impeach President Clinton for conducting a private consensual relation between two adults really should not have taken place.

The only hope for Mitt these days is to have a private consensual sex affair with both a man and a woman. Let them try accusing him of being Mitt the proper man!