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Drones Make Mistake!

President Obama and the US military insist that drones never make a mistake. When a drone spots a house in which there is a man who the drone knows is a militant, then the missile kills the right person. Turkish planes were alerted by a drone that Kurdish rebels were moving toward their border, so planes blasted away at the enemy. It turns out the “militants” were simply a group of smugglers who had loaded up goods on their donkeys and horses in order to do some honest smuggling. At least 35 are now dead and others are wounded.

The tragedy if that American officials and military “experts” insist that planes thousands of feet in the air are always right when blasting “militants” on the ground. America played this game during the Vietnam war when thousands of innocent Vietnamese were killed by plane attacks as part of the “body count” game that enabled the US military to proclaim it was winning the body war against the Viet Cong. The game goes on only today the body count is a Taliban or a member of al-Qaeda. Don’t you believe a drone knows what goes on in the mind of someone it is killing?


Rick Santorum is this week’s chosen one by God, or at least, that is what Rick S. says and we want to make certain no one is confused and thinks it is Rick P. Of course, God shook his head at Newt who became neutered and instead of being at the head  of the pack, he is now third in the running. Of course, Mitt actually is number one in Iowa, but Rick S. is bearing down on him as he proclaims to the people of Iowa that he loves God, he loves Jesus Christ, he loves his wife and he loves his children so much they are being home-schooled in order to avoid being contaminated by secular children.

I am a bit confused. If Rick S. is the hero of this week, and Michele and Herman and Rick P have previously been heroes of the week, who is left for next week? Oh, I know, Rudy Giuliani is ready to offer a ticket with himself to head it and Donald of the hair as his VP!

Words Of Wisdom From Comrade Putin

We offer the words of Russian Prime Minister Vladmir Putin for those seeking wisdom from the mouth of a very wise man. In referring to opposition parties he said:

“Is there a common platform there?No, there isn’t. We need to talk to everybody about their claims, about their problems, but it will require some thinking.”

“The dialogue should take place with opposition leaders. In what form, I will think about it… Who do we talk with?”

Let me get this straight. Prime Minister Putin wants to talk to someone about something, but is not clear what the other people want or what they should talk about, but he is ready to talk with them after he thinks about it some more. The problem from his perspective is the opposition leaders do not agree with his ideas about what should go on in Russia so he will talk to them, that is, if he decides to talk with them, about something.

It is very clear, Comrade Putin. Stalin could not have made it any clearer.



We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


Given Republicans inability to find a competent presidential candidate, never ask for their advice to find a competent plumber.

Fox News issued a correction. They presented an accurate story.

Newt Gingrich called for arresting “activist judges.” You know, just what the Founding Fathers wanted.

I always check to see if the child’s nose matches either parent’s nose.

If mom lowers head to talk to child, the kid had better beware.

The coffee shop was out of its Winter Blend. How can a coffee shop  be out of coffee?

Muslims are charged with seeking to overthrow US government, but no one charges Republican candidates with seeking to overthrow the US Constitution!

Big butts do not necessarily translate into big minds.

Some speak with a gaze of awe.

When mom and dad and kids are in booth, the issue is which one first rises to leave?

In my childhood, we brought pennies for starving children in China, I guess these days we should bring dollars to school for starving American children.


Ladies and gentlemen, and, fellow Christians if I may without having agents of the Federal government arrest me for publicly praising the words and deeds of our Savior, Jesus Christ, today we face a struggle between the forces of the Devil and the forces of Christianity. I want everyone to know that not only was I baptized as a Catholic, but I also was baptized as a Baptist and a Lutheran and a born again Christian. Unlike our Muslim president, I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe that life begins from  the moment a male injects a female with his fluid, even if it is in the condom. In fact, we need a Constitutional amendment that declares anything in a condom is life itself.

I oppose abortion even if my wife, my sister, my daughter was raped by one of those evil Muslims. I believe we must fire a few million government workers in order to take the first step in creating jobs. We must end all taxes on those who earn over a million dollars a year in order to assist job creators to create more jobs. I believe we must end taxes on those who work and allow those who work to keep all they earn from the work they do. Ending taxation is the first step on the road to prosperity and jobs.

Oh, I know some will wonder how we can pay for police or firemen. Simple, if you use their services then you pay for their services. If you want your child educated, don’t pay school taxes, educate the child and end secular tyranny from preventing our children to learn about Jesus Christ. Once job creators are creating new jobs in oil then we can simply charge a slight fee for extracting oil from federal lands and that will take care of funding the federal government.

Before I conclude, let me assure my Jewish friends, that while we are a Christian nation, we will protect Israel. You should have the right to educate Jewish children in Jewish schools. And, as for those who are Mormon, my question is: why are you?

So, give a prayer for Jesus, give a prayer urging our armed forces to kill a Muslim for Christ and let’s get America great again!


I was born into an Orthodox Jewish family, have worked for decades in Holocaust education, cried at the birth of Israel, was proud of the Israeli armed forces in the 1967 war, and always considered myself a person who had pride in his Jewish heritage. Those who founded Israel in 1948 created a new nation dedicated to the proposition that all people were equal and that Muslims and Christians should enjoy equal rights in the new nation. They accepted the idea of a Palestinian state if that was the desire of Muslims. In other words, Israel for decades prided itself as being a beacon of democracy in the Middle East.

Alas, religious bigots have gained control of Israel. They impose their fanatic ideas on fellow Jews including “laws” that segregate sexes on transportation or even walking the streets of a town. They have seized land from Muslims, they evict Muslims  from their homes and even desecrate mosques. New Israel laws pushed by the government of Benjamin Netanyahu seek to prevent Israeli groups  which oppose the growing power of religious bigots to express their ideas or obtain financial support from outside the country.

In simple language, Israel is becoming a theocracy in which freedom is dying. It has denied rights to Palestinians, it refuses to engage in honest compromise discussions with Palestinian leaders. Israel has transformed itself into a pariah state and is bewildered why the rest of the world does not understand it has the right to impose a form of totalitarianism on its own people as well as upon Palestinians.

Historically, Jews were second class citizens in nations of Europe and the Muslim world. One would assume a people which experienced such hatred would NOT employ the same second class approach to minorities in its nation. There is but one course of action for those who believe in the founding principles of Israel–BOYCOTT ISRAEL GOODS UNTIL COMMON SENSE RETURNS TO THE JEWISH PEOPLE OF ISRAEl. Do not purchase any goods made in Israel, do not engage in trade with Israel.

It is also important to protect those Israelis who fight for equal rights. Do not punish educators or civil rights activists for the actions of Israel’s thug government which denies  equal rights to all people.!

A Kim Is Gone, A Kim Remains

I realize most people on this planet have never heard of Kim Jong-il nor his son, another Kim, but to the people of North Korea, life without a Kim is a life unlived. For some strange reason, God or whoever is in charge of the universe, decided to have Kim Jong-il take a trip on high in order to teach inhabitants of this universe how to achieve ever lasting hunger and disease. He died. Or, at least that is what official sources in North Korea claimed occurred several days ago.

But, we can all remain in peace and tranquility because Kim Jong-un, number one son of Kim Jong il, is still alive and wearing a uniform with lots and lots of medals and awards for his bravery. He was able to endure remaining alive and not getting dad angry at him which certainly entitled the pudgy little boy with a medal of honor. Tens of thousands of soldiers lined up, wept, some shouting to  the heaven above, “how can the sky not cry?”

I checked with God. Frankly, he never heard of any Kim. I guess a Kim is not a Kim unless he is related to the head Kim.

Where Are Arab Protesters?

A Danish cartoonist prints a cartoon which has Muhammad in it, and throughout the world thousands of Muslims rush into the streets in order to protest this violation of their religion. Someone writes a book which clerics consider to be blasphemy and thousands demand retribution by killing the author. Someone cracks a joke which contains the name of Muhammad and thousands seek to kill the comedian. If you employ words or pictures which Muslims deem offensive the penalty is death.

In Syria, over five thousand Muslims have died at the hands of their fellow Muslim President  Bashar al-Assad and there is no evidence of Muslims throughout the world demanding action to prevent the death of those who adhre to their religion. In other words, crack a joke and you die. Kill thousands and silence reigns in the Arab world. Oh, the Arab League has protested, but where are the imams leading mobs demanding death of Assad?

I care about the people of Syria just as I care about the innocent people of Israel who oppose their authoritarian leaders. Those who care about Syrians dying demand that hundreds of imams should march into Syria and place their bodies on the line to protect fellow Muslims. Challenge Assad to kill Muslim clerics. It makes more sense than leading mobs to kill cartoonists who never killed a Muslim!

Kill A Christian For Christmas

Boko Haram is a Muslim group which is centered in the northern part of Nigeria which contains about 80 million Muslims. The group initially became active in fighting to impose Sharia law among Muslims in the north, but increasingly they have branched out to kill Christians in the north, south, east or west of Nigeria. A few days ago they bombed the Catholic St. Theresa church which led to the death of dozens of people. It is clear Boko Haram wants everyone to obey Sharia law, Muslim, Christian and whoever.

There is increasing evidence that Boko Haram is connected to al-Qaeda in the Maghreb region. The Islamic Maghreb(AQIM) has not accepted  praise for these murders, but it has issued statements approving work of Boko Haram. It is difficult dealing with militants in the vast Sahara. If one steps back for a moment to reflect on another unintended outcome of the Bush invasion of Iraq which dramatically increased the power of al-Qaeda, simply look to the northwestern part of Africa for evidence of violence and militants.

Oh well, George is chopping wood in Texas where any nut case can get a weapon and kill someone. At least you can’t blame those murders on al-Qaeda.


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Sweden, Local:  “Tree Snatcher”

Now, this is one guy I would like to hire for a few jobs around the house.

Netherlands, Dutch News:   “Italian Rubbish Sent To Netherlands”

How about sending the rubbish in US Congress to Italy?

France, Connexion:  “Faulty Breast Implants Should Be  Removed”

This sounds like  a downer to me.

Norway, Norway Post:  “Queen Under Fire For Giving Kids Wine”

Money yes, liquor, no.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald:  “Weapon Of Mass Seduction”

Blather from Republican presidential candidates.

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette:  “Workers Near Holy Sites Need Permits”

No Jews allowed.

Bulgaria, Sofia Echo:  “Slimmer Xmas Stockings”

Of course, that requires slimmer bodies.