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Each day we offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald:  “Gay Politics On Menu”

Main course or desert is the question?

Norway, Norway Post:  “How Many Must Die?”

In these days those who are innocent usually are the ones who die.

Sweden, Local:  “Parking Spots Cost More Than  Apartments”

Does that mean I can sleep in my car and park it in the apartment?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:  “Ally Came In From The Cold”

Just another ally who wants to borrow your money.

Turkey, Hurriyet:  “Army Tear Gases Army”

I guess they just want to blow away some errors.

Ireland, Independent:  “Is It OK To  Sell Joints”

Yes, but not joints of your body.

France, Connexion:  “Man Killed By Hospital Door”

I guess that is better than being killed by an operation.

Iranian Superstition Is Alive

Voices for war against Iran constantly assert attacking the current government of Iran would lead to a popular uprising against the government. Most Republican candidates, and  Senator John McCain, argue that President Obama should have openly supported student rioters a few years ago. Such beliefs fail to understand the nature of Iranian society. Any sign of interference or attack on their land by the United States would result in massive support for the Ahmadinejad government. Few Americans know the role played by the CIA in 1953 in overthrowing a democratic secular leader named Mossadegh and replacing him with a Shah who was hated.

In a new book, Ali Rahema argues that Shiites(Iran is a Shiite Muslim nation) believe in the return of the Mahdi and regard their Imams as sinless and prophets of the law. Rahema claims Imams have drawn upon superstition and respect for imams to create a popular belief the Mahdi will return due to the holiness of  their imams and the Iranian people. President Ahmadinejad has claimed to be the instrument of the Hidden Imam and carries out his will and only through supporting the current religious leadership in Iran will ancient prophecy came true.

Of course, these attitudes are similar to those of men like Rick Santorum who cast politics as a struggle between religious forces of good versus the evil forces  led by Barack Obama. Then again, how different are these ideas from those of Jewish religious leaders claiming God gave land for the Jewish people and if some Muslims are on the land, they must go.

Rick Stands For Ignorance-For You, Not Him!

One usually does not know how to interpret remarks from Rick Santorum. He denounced Obama goals of helping youth to secure a college education as symbolic of the manner in which a “snob” regards those without higher education. Rick’s mother has two college degrees, his father has a college degree, he has three college degrees and his wife has a BA along with a law degree. I assume he comes from a family of snobs.

Oh, I forgot that grandpa worked in the coal mines. I assume from Rick’s view is my grandfather worked with his hands and lacked college education that removes the snob characteristic of me going to college.

I suggest that Rick Santorum get a job picking strawberries and forget about running for president. In 2016 he can present himself as the only non-snob candidate and the only one who has hands that reflect hard work.

Strike First-Israel Choice

The government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is upset at the Obama administration for failing to support its efforts to create war and instability in the Middle East. Israel officials admit their government will NOT ask permission or even inform the US government if the decision is made to launch air attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities. Israel leaders either don’t want the US to be blamed for their folly or they do not wish to listen to further advice concerning Iran and nnuclear weapons. US military leaders oppose such attacks as does the entire Obama administration.

Bibi Netanyahu is frustrated.  There is no indication of support from the White House, US military leaders, or US security officials for attacks on Iranian facilities. Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama wish to continue economic sanctions. US Intelligence officials have not found any evidence that Iran will immediately develop nuclear weapons. But, Bibi  is adamant. After all, his policies transformed a close alliance with Turkey into an angry conflict and he  has antagonized the Palestinian Authority.

Well, when one like Bibi is being ordered by God to behave like a bull in a china shop, what can one expect??

Bashar–Head East!

The killings go on and on in Syria, each day a dozen or so human beings are killed because President Bashar al-Assad does not wish to relinquish any of his power. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton termed the slaughter of over 6,000 people in Syria a crime against humanity. But, tanks, artillery and soldiers equipped with automatic weapons enter homes,  kill people, and the main reaction is indifference or words from the Muslim world.

President Moncef Marzouki of Tunisia offered asylum to Assad and promised he could reside safely in his nation. Tunisians support efforts of Syrians to gain power and end the authoritarian regime of Assad. Oh well, over in Afghanistan they are angry about burning holy books. Unfortunately, destroying the lives of fellow Muslims does not rank as high in their view as burning a holy book.

Dictators Hand Out Awards

Guinea President Obian Nguema Mbasgo is among the longest lasting dictators on the continent of Africa. He lords over a nation in a manner that South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu describes as a “well documented record of human rights abuses.” Most people in his land lack access to electricity or clean water. So, what doe sour Beloved Leader offer: a $3 Million UNESCO prize for International Research in Life Sciences. I assume, given his record, he seeks those who know how to improve killing off people.

Of course, UNESCO could offer other international prizes:

The International Medal for eliminating the most opponents of the government of Vladimir Putin  without being caught.

The International Medal for Silencing Opponents by Placing them in jail which certainly would go to leaders of China.

The International Medal for making the Most Ignorant Statements concerning foreign affairs which will  be jointly held by Santorum, Romney, Gingrich, and Ron Paul who will be allowed to retain this medal in his home.

The International Medal for destroying private property of Muslims which goes to Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,

Don’t Take Your Gun To School!

I recognize the need for guns and am certain the latest episode of murder and wounding at a high school will renew demands by the National Rifle Association to arm all students in order to protect them from themselves. A young boy approached his fellow students around 8:00 a.m. at Chardon High School in Ohio, took out a gun and began firing. Nate Mueller, who was wounded, noted “my friends were crawling on the floor, and one of my friends was bent over the table, and he was shot.”

Students who knew the shooter described him as “quiet.” So, how does the NRA propose to end such shootings?

1. Army every child from birth to graduation with a gun so if someone shoots you, just blast away.

2. Arm every teacher, custodian, cook, and secretary with automatic weapons so if some kid fires away they can blast away.

If you disagree with the above, most probably you are one of those queer liberals who don’t like to defend yourself and want police to do the protecting!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


I feel a tinge of jealousy when they lay out goodies at the old folks table in the diner.

To bear a grudge is to become one.

Seek hate and you will become hateful.

Americans grow wider in body and shrink in minds.

Never respond to an unkind person by becoming unkind. If you do, then you have surrendered your mind to them.

I await Mitt Romney’s appearance as a singer on American Idol.

Whatever happened to Michele Bachmann?

Most Republicans have 19th century minds trapped in 21st century bodies.

I complain, but never whine.

Hurt feelings hurt the person with hurt feelings more than the person who caused the hurt feelings.

I prefer realm of reality to that of fantasy.

I order right away and never linger. It is not a task for Einstein.

I am always amazed at how few pregnant women I daily encounter.

Rick Santorum Is Stupid!

I rarely lose my temper but new remarks by Rick Santorumn reveal he is completely ignorant about American history and his knowledge of life in the 21st century suggests he would be better off in the 15th century with the Inquisition. Santorum blasted President John F. Kennedy for saying he believed in an “absolute separation” of  church and state. Rick says these words made him want to “throw up.” He went on to offer a description of the United States in 1789 which bears no resemblance to the US in 1789.

“The  idea that the church can have no influence or no involvement in the operation of the state is absolutely anithetical to the objectives and vision of  this country.” Huh? The USA was the first nation to ban religion from controlling the state. Of course, Mr. Santorum, which “church” do you believe should be involved in the operation of the state? I  guess he wants Sharia law.

US Neo-Conservative Blasts Israel!

There are many American Jews who believe any form  of  criticism of the Israel government is a sign of anti-Semitism. Leon Wieseltier, among the strongest supporters of Israel for over forty years finally acknowledged his disgust with the current group in charge of Israel. Wieseltier has defended Israel in the Gaza invasion, he has defended the Netanyahu government refusal to honestly negotiate with President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority, but even he can no longer accept theocrats running Israel. Among the sources of his anger are:

1. Ultra Orthodox men spit on an eight year old Jewish girl who is dressed immodestly.

2. The Chief  Rabbi of the Israel Air Force resigned because the armed forces refused to except Orthodox soldiers from events in which women sang.

3. Orthodox protesters depicted Jewish police as “Nazis.”

4. He admits that Jewish law discriminates against women. “There is no equality between men and women in traditional Judaism.”

5.  “Elsewhere in the vile orbit of radical Judaism certain rabbis have issued racist anti-Arab rulings and even speculated about the circumstances in which Jewish law would justify the preemptive murder of non-Jewish children”

6. In the Knesset bills are proposed bills that would outlaw foreign funding to, and oppressively tax, human rights NGOs, and would tighten libel laws so as to impede Israel’s deliciously free press.

When pro-Israel individuals like Mr. Wieseltier can no longer tolerate the drift toward theocracy and authoritarian attitudes in Israel, something is amiss in that land.