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Each day we offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:  “Ally Came In From Cold”

These days it usually is preferable if they come in from the desert.

Norway, Norway Post:  “Greater Control Over  Spy Agency”

I guess that means, “quit spying on us!”

Netherlands, Dutch News:  “Mouse Preserved For Posterity”

In my Bronx rat ridden apartment, kill them now and throw them away!

Russia, Moscow Times: “Putin Pens Platform”

Vote for me, vote for me, vote for me. What else?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Cut Child Allowances For Wealthy”

So, who will pay for the butler? Me?

Sweden, Local:  “Consult Psychic For 81 Year Old”

I’m here, come and get me, please!

South Africa, Mail $ Guardian:  “”What A Beauty”

The New York Giants winning the Super Bowl!

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald:  “Man Shoots Self In Leg”

Big deal, Mitt Romney each night shoots himself in the mouth.

It’s Over In Syria

Reality is becoming ever clear in Syria as forces of President Bashar al-Assad drive insurgents from their positions in a relentless war which has proved the failure of attempts to overthrow a tyrant. A year ago, many in the Middle East hailed the heroism of Syrians who went into the streets shouting cries of freedom. Turkey and most Arab nations backed these demands. Europeans were thrilled at the triumph in Libya and expected the same tactics would produce the same results in Syria. Alas, that has not  happened nor will it –in the immediate future.

Syrian insurgents have been driven from their strongholds and are fleeing across there border. Syria possessed a  much more powerful army than one led by Muammar Gaddafi. NATO lacked the means to impose an air control or to destroy Syrian air defenses. China and Russia blocked attempts to impose sanctions and Iran was ever ready to help Assad.

The success of groups like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and fundamentalists in Tunisia sent a message to Christians in Syria that if rebels won, their lives were endangered. The Arab Spring has  shown the world that democracy in too many Muslim nations translates into trampling the rights of minorities. Check the outflow of Christians from Iraq.

Assad has won and democracy has lost.

Do Deployments Impact Soldiers?

Recent events in Afghanistan which resulted in Sgt.Robert Bales murdering sixteen women and children has raised issues regarding whether sending men and women repeatedly back into combat will lead to abnormal behaviors. General John Allen, who commands US forces in Afghanistan disagrees with those who claim PTSD is the inevitable outcome of constant stress of combat. He does not believe repeated deployments “inherently educes the effectiveness of the force.”

General Allen forgets that during wars in Korea and Vietnam, those in combat were able to attain enough “points” to be sent home and never again return to combat. A war without an end is bound to emotionally impact any normal human being. A war in which the enemy does not engage in open combat is bound to result in tension. One wishes General Allen was making a comment that was supported by evidence. Alas, the evidence simply does not support his belief.

Scars Of No Fight

Conservatives will go to their graves convinced that George Zimmerman was brutally assaulted by a teen age boy who weighed a hundred pounds less than the man with a gun. The Zimmerman agenda is composed of stories regarding his heroism defending  self against a hooded hoodlum who was out to kill him while carrying his kittles in hand as a weapon of war.

Funeral Director Richard Kurtz, received the dead boy of Trayvon Martin and for some strange reason there were no signs the boy had been engaged in a  fight prior to death. According to Kurtz, it “just does not make any sense that he was in this type of scuffle or fight” as far as he could determine. Of course, Mr. Kurtz is black and we all know how blacks stick together in order to persecute white folk.

Don’t Cut Defense Spending!

Republican Senator John McCain is angry because current plans call for reducing military expenditures not just for the coming year, but for the decade. He is worried that if defense spending is reduced  terrorists will gain control of the world. “Please, can we sit down with the president, ” asked McCain, “for the sake of the nation’s defense.” Current plans would witness a military budget of $525 billion which is more than military budgets of all nations in the world combined. Oh, and there is also the $88 billion for the war in Afghanistan.

President Obama asked Republicans to sit down and discuss how to avoid cutting students loans, food stamps, unemployment benefits which all impact the nation’s health and welfare, but their  response was “no, no.” Republicans are ready to spend money to kill, but not to help people live.

Stop And Frisk Wastes Money

The American people constitute about 5% of humans on this planet. However, we  have 25% of those in prison throughout the world. Our insane and wasteful laws and procedures to handle drugs are the greatest threat to developing a safe and healthy society. A few months ago, New York City police Chief, Ray Kelly, told police to cease stopping people and frisking them for drugs.  Since he issued that directive the number of people halted and searched increased from 31% to 44%.

It is clear that New York City  police continue believing the unproved theory that halting people who has a minor amount of drugs will prevent future serious crimes. No evidence, no study supports that thesis but police continue arresting people, continue harassing those from ethnic groups and continue wasting money in this society. Most arrested are NOT displaying the drug, so why arrest them?

Scott Walker Does’t Get Off Scott Free

During the past 125 years the state of Wisconsin was noted for being a center of progressive action. Great Republican Progressives like Robbert LaFollette fought for human rights and political freedom such as the referendum. Wisconsin was among the first states to allow non-Federal employees to have the right to organize. Unfortunately, the Recession led many people in Wisconsin to forget their  progressive heritage. They elected Scott Walker who made item number one on his agenda smashing of government employee unions.

The state of Wisconsin requires 525,000 signatures to get a recall election, over 900,000 people signed petitions for a recall of Scott Walker. The recall vote will be held in May. restore Wisconsin democracy, get rid of this anti union stooge of businessmen!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


I miss picking up newspapers on subways. It is an art.

In the modern Republican party there is always a fourth act.

Some believe their pain surpasses your pain. Pain is pain.

Some dwell in the house of childhood, that was then, now is now.

I am a stranger sitting among strangers.

As women grow older their ring remains long after he is dead.

Rich get capital gains, I get their bill.

Some walk through the Valley of Death, some walk through the Valley of Life.

Some shuffle eggs to side of plate, others just mix things up.

I wonder how alien life forms interpret our TV signals.

An elderly woman at a table with elderly men makes certain the table is clean when they leave.


If you want to embarrass Rick Santorum, quote him.

Mitt Meets Newt

There are reports that Newt Gingrich met with Mitt Romey in a secret location in Louisiana in order to discuss something. Newt insists that while there might have been a meeting he is certain there was no meeting. He made clear that rumors of Mitt paying off his political debts are not exactly accurate and that he intends to pursue his quest for the presidential nomination. Well, he is not going to say for certain that he will not drop out, but he certainly believes in the old adage to “follow the money.”

I am almost positive there was a meeting. I expect during the following days to hear Newt make the following statements:

When I refer to Mitt Romney as “being incapable” I simply meant that he was incapable of telling lies.

When I referred to Mitt Romney as a man who fired people while heading Bain company I simply was attempting to prove he was  a brilliant executive who fired incompetent people.

When I referred to Mitt Romney as attempting to use money to win the nomination I was simply attempting to point out that it was my incompetence that resulted in not having enough money. Thank God that Mitt had it.

Did I negotiate to become the Secretary of State, I can only state that God in His infinite wisdom would welcome me to have that post. After all, I am the leading historian in America and know more about foreign policy than any living man–or women!

Keep Back Against Wall!

Just about each day contains reports of American or NATO soldiers being killed–Not By The Enemy–but by OUR ALLIES! The American military has issued a directive to all forces in Afghanistan concerning this issue. Henceforth all Americans members of the military working in Afghan headquarters will carry side arms. In their office, desks will face the door in order to make certain an American sees who enters his office.

The time has come to end this fiasco of Afghanistan. The time has come to come home. We regret that in doing so, thousands of Afghan women will become brutalized by their male controlled society. Unfortunately, even if Americans remained, they could not help these women.