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Each day we offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Russia, Moscow Times:  “Asking For Trouble”

Obama seeking wealthy to pay fair share of taxes.

Norway, Norway Post:  “Ban Smoking In Cars”

Gee, we can hire a few million cops to check on this one.

Italy, AGI:  “Vatican Confidential Papers Stolen By Butler”

I told you the butler did it!

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald:  “Teen Booze Crackdown”


USA, NY Post:  Steroid Vacation”

NFL training time.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald:  “Virginity’s Casualty”

And, look who it produced–Donald Trump!

South Africa, Argus:  “Extremists Marching”

Any march in Russia which  is not sanctioned by Putin.

Sweden, Local:  “”I Am Not Into Eating People”

I just want their money.


Once upon a time, well, not so long ago, the people of Egypt took to the streets in order to get rid of Hosni Mubarak and create the basis of a democratic government. The Muslim Brotherhood linked arms with secular people, and even Christians, in order to end the old regime and usher in a new democratic one. Alas, once the Muslim Brotherhood captured 60% of  Parliament seats they decided to forget promises not to control the presidency by running their own candidates for that position.

An election was held. Mohammed Morsi, a last minute MB  candidate who is known as “the Islamist spare tire” became a candidate who challenged the more liberal MB candidate. Into the fray came Ahmed Shafiq, former buddy of Mubarak and he wound up coming in second to Morsi. Those who fought for freedom are now confronted with the scenario of “vote for the lesser evil.” One Egyptian simply noted he would initiate a “vote for Satan campaign.”

Of course, we in America just witnessed the stooges and idiots of our Republican party seek the nomination for president. Talk about Satan! Hell, he would be a much better candidate than Mitt or Newt or Herman or the Rick boys.

Judge Moriarity New Texas Idiot!

The state of Texas is not only a physical place, it is also a state of  mind. During the past several months the world has come to know Rick Perry, Ron Paul and assorted other idiots who have succeeded in proving that Texans love God, but when it comes to behaving like normal, decent humans, they more likely love the Devil. Diane Tran, 17, takes advanced placement classes in high school, works at two jobs in order to support her siblings, and for some strange reason has missed classes at Willis High School in the town of Willis, Texas.

Judge Larry Moriarity sentenced Diane to 24 hours in jail for skipping classes. “If you let one run loose, what are you going to do with the rest of em?” Diane is an outstanding young woman, Diane uses her time to study, do her homework and be a successful student. Larry is the latest shining example of what happens to minds of normal people when they spend too much time in the state of Texas.

How about sending Moriarity to jail? There must be a law about using common sense and he breaks it daily!

Afghanistan-We Knew You!

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta let loose with some honest comments over the weekend regarding American relations in that far off land known by the name of -Afghanistan. He defended  the policy  of departing in 2014 on ground that at some point Afghans had to assume responsibility for saving their own land. “We’re on the right track” to get the hell out of that land was his refrain. Panetta also expressed dismay at arrest in Pakistan of Dr. Shakil Afridi who made the mistake of aiding US efforts to capture Osama bin Laden.

Even as Panetta expressed reality, Mitt Romney expressed the opposite. He is opposed to identifying a date on which to leave. Mitt is one tough dude when the issue is fighting. During the Vietnam, while thousands of Americans died, he spent the time on his Mormon mission to France. If one wants to remain alive, what better place than France instead of Vietnam??

Blitzer Terms Trump Ridiculous!

Donal Trump is upset at CNN reporter Wolf Blitzer who noted that Donald’s Birther campaign had transformed the billionaire into a figure of ridicule. “Donald, you’re beginning to sound a little ridiculous. I have to tell you.” This infuriated the Great Man whose subordinates accept his ridiculous comments as words of wisdom. His response was awesome. “You are Wolf. Le me tell you something, I think you sound ridiculous.”

In fairness to the Great Man, let us offer his explanation. Hawaii newspapers in 1961 reported the birth of one, Barack Obama, as part of a plan to get this child who was born in Kenya American citizenship. “Many people put those announcements in because they wanted the benefit” of being an American.

I have it on good authority that Mitt Romney was born in Mexico where grandpa had a polygamy colony. The announcement of his birth in America was part of a Mormon conspiracy to get a Mormon elected president!

And, I am not being ridiculous.

Cut US Military? Disaster!

The current United States of American military budget equals that spent by all other nations of the world, but suggesting any sort of reduction in that sum leads some to proclaim disaster. Undersecretary of Army Joseph Westphal insists that cuts suggested by some in Congress would decimate the armed forces and leave this nation open to armed attacks. If all the air forces in the world got together, the American air force would wipe them from the sky.

The US has the greatest navy, the best air force, and the best army but reducing those forces would somehow result in opening our nation to ——??? Westphal is  worried about cuts in the National Guard. “The role of our Guard in our communities, for instance, incredible force to help our country’s economic development.” Huh?

During the 1950s we had a much smaller National Guard and our economy boomed. We really don’t need hundreds of expensive jet planes since they have no planes to fight against. Reasonable reductions in military expenditures will not hurt this nation. It might free up money for economic expansion.

Just Say ‘NO’ Says Russia!

Death has  not taken any holidays in Syria where bodies are continually discovered who were killed by the armed forces. Thirteen new bodies of men with hands bound and shot in the head were uncovered near the city of Deir al-Zor. But, to the Russian government the main problem is presence of hostile opponents of President Bashar al-Assad who seek to destabilize the country.

Russian deputy Foreign Minister, Gennady Gatlov warned the world that his government did not want UN action. “We are categorically against any armed intervention in the Syrian conflict from the outside as this would only worsen the situation.” After all, if outside groups get in the way of Syrian massacre of its own people this would prevent them for murdering those who oppose the regime.

My question remains: Where are the imams who rush to form crowds when someone burns a Koran or publishes a cartoon? How about a march of imams to save the lives of innocent Muslims??


We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


He swaggers into coffee shop with attractive woman on arm. Stranger,  she does not swagger.

In my youth, we gazed at breasts, today men gaze at butts.

Man on cell phone informs other person  of his ideas via hand signals.

Some talk to God, I talk to my heart.

Republicans denounce European “socialism” while copying European “austerity!”

Children love pointing at anything and anyone.

The longest journey we can take is the one on the road to our heart.

To dwell on and on about past injuries is never to leave the hospital.

I alone decide what hurts me, you can not.

Some have obesity of mind as well as of body.

One can lie to others, but never to self.

March only to the drummer in your heart.

Cheer leader of yesterday is chubby leader of today.

Haunting poem from elementary school. “I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree.” Joyce Kilmer

Romney would  shake hands with the Devil if it got him a vote.

On Memorial Day

It arrives once a year, a day on which, supposedly, Americans pay homage to those who fought for the nation in a war. President Obama decried that many “denigrate” the bravery of those who fought in Vietnam. It always fascinates me how those in the Republican party who make the loudest protestations of respect for the military are the ones who made certain when war came to the country, they were elsewhere. Dick Cheney got 7 deferments because as he so aptly put it, “I had more important things to do.” His buddy George Bush had a dad who made certain war never was an experience in his life.

Mitt Romney, who speaks bravely of staying the course in Afghanistan, had an opportunity during the Vietnam War to prove how brave he really was, alas, he had more important things to do–spreading the word of God in France. In other words, those whose words demand action, are the last ones to actually be involved in an action that did not result in more money.

I suspect that twenty years from now an American president will decry how veterans of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are “denigrated.” Frankly, few Americans give a damn, few even know the geographical location of Iraq or Afghanistan, and few know anyone who actually has been in battle. The forgotten wars of Iraq and Afghanistan are most unusual in they were forgotten even before they concluded.

Until all serve, then all will forget.

Kill Babies Save Country!

The Republican Party finally has been offered an excellent approach to dealing with poverty in America–kill children of poor people right after they are born! Mustafa Aydin, a principal of an elementary school in Turkey has a solution to end crime and poverty in his nation, one that can be adopted here in America. “Children should be analyzed immediately after birth. If they are to become harmful to the country, to the nation they should be eliminated immediately. Just take blood samples of criminals, if a child has a similar blood sample, say goodbye to that kid.

Here is the perfect Republican platform to end deficits in this country.

1.  Any child born to a family that is on food stamps, is eliminated before this kid joins the line.

2. Any child born to a family that earns under $10,000 a year, should be eliminated. Notice this is NO’T abortion. Let them get  born and THEN kill the little poor bastards.

3.  Any child who does not attain at least an 80 score on IQ test can be taken to an Exit Facility and given a good meal before being sent off to another place.

These simple steps will allow reduction in billions of dollars and thus avoid making Job Creators pay additional taxes. Of course, we will create an entire group of new Jobs for those who are part of the corps that ends the lives of poor children.