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Each day we offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Russia, Moscow Times:  “Anti-Corruption Gains Support But Not Popular”

What else do you expect in Putin Land?

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald:  “Forest Boy A Hoax”

He was really a she and she preferred the mountains.

Sweden, Local:  “Getaway Car Too Small For Heist”

Norway, Norway Post:  “Surgeon Removes Hip By Mistake”

Hip, hip, hooray!

USA, NY Post:  “You May Now Kiss The Groom”

Or the gal taking place of the groom.

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette:  “Why Women Find Hard To Keep Fit”

Have you ever worn a burqa?

Picky, picky picky, so we made a small mistake.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:  “Luck Runs Out”

For America?


Jimmy Carter, The Last Decent US President

Former President Jimmy Carter frequently is cited as a failed leader of this nation. He is the subject of jokes and disparagement. Carter attempted to alert the nation about issues of global warming, he fought for human rights,  he was not interested in military confrontations. For some, “tough guys,” he was a wimp unlike bellicose Ronald Reagan. Carter is the only  president who left the Oval Office and went on to make gobs of money.

Carter is shocked by actions of George Bush and Barack Obama who have consistently engaged in violation of human rights in the name of -fighting terrorism.” Of course, “terrorism” is a tactic, not an enemy. It is a tactic utilized by opponents of American foreign policy. Carter rightfully notes that attacks on human rights after 9/11 have been “sanctioned and escalated by bipartisan executive and legislative actions without dissent from the general public.”

Sorry, but Carter is  correct. The American public allowed hysteria about a “war on terrorism” to take over common sense. The UN Declaration of Human Rights outlines what civilized societies should pursue. As Carter notes,”it is disturbing that instead of strengthening these principles, our government’s counter-terrorism policiers now clearly violate at least 10 of the Declarations 30     articles.”

The election of Mitt Romney will only make the situation worse. Barack Obama has failed to lead this nation along the path of morality. He might argue there was need to use drone attacks, there was need to torture prisoners, there was need to bomb and bomb–always justified by fear of terrorism. If I become as my enemy is, then what am I? We Americans met terrorists and became them.

No, No For Nikki’s Hubby!

Republican members of the South Carolina state legislature are furious at the husband of Governor Nikki Haley. While on duty with the National Guard, Major Halley posted on Facebook comments which termed any member of the state legislature who voted against a bill  proposed by his wife to be a coward. State Senators were further infuriated at her husband for inferring that those who died fighting for their country would have backed his wife’s ideas.

Military regulations forbid anyone in uniform to become engaged in political activities. Haley published those comments while on a National Guard military exercise. At least this is one example in which Barack Obama will not be blamed for Republican anger toward one another. The major should be dismissed from the National Guard so he can return home to guard his wife.

Health Care Obama Care Or Whatever!

The Affordable Care Act which Republicans term, Obamacare, was declared constitutional  due to a vote by Chief Justice Roberts who held requiring participation in health insurance was in accord with the right of Congress to legislate on interstate commerce. Finally, the United States of America will join the rest of civilized societies and offer health insurance to one and all. It took the United States until 1935, about fifty years after Germany had social security, it took the United States years after most European societies had unemployment insurance, but, by golly, we finally joined the rest of “those Europeans!”

Republicans are furious at the Affordable Care Act which is based on ideas from Republican leaders over the past forty years. The bottom line is if Obama had NOT proposed this law, Republicans would have proposed a similar law and gotten credit. The storm in a teacup revolving about this law is much ado about nothing. Every modern society requires some form of  health insurance for its citizens.

There are unconfirmed reports Mitt Romney is happy that America finally got around to making legal his health care program. But, he is a modest man and we doubt he will take credit for this law.

Terror In Tahrir Square

Every so often stories appear concerning some of the men who are protesting against  Egyptian military power and claiming to  want a democratic nation that make one wonder who are the bad and who are the good guys. There have been stories from Egypt in which Coptic Christians are beaten and their churches defaced by men who want “democracy.” Natasha Smith, a correspondent has published her account of being in Tahrir Square during a demonstration against Mubarak.

She was walking with two friends when men suddenly attacked her. They “began to rip off  my clothes. I was stripped naked. Hundreds of men pulled my limbs apart. and threw me around.” Fortunately, some women came to her rescue and gave her a burqa and a kind man helped her get through the crowd. Other female correspondents have also been assaulted.

There are men and women in Egypt seeking a democratic nation that allows freedom of religion. There are men and women in Egypt seeking to impose their religious ideas on all who reside in Egypt. The issue is which will prevail. Who knows? Does God know?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


Self respect is the only respect with meaning.

One must never forget there is an end to life so –ENJOY TODAY!

Dentists will always be with us–unless??

I am shocked these days seeing mom with two thin children.

I have never feared the unknown, it is the destiny for all.

Ultimate sense of power, teen girl holds open door for dad and mom.

Being powerless fosters creative thinking.

I have never sought favors from God, I got the only one that counts–Life.

The only mystery in life is Death.

I have lost connection with those under 35. They inhabit a fantasy land.

Blond haired mom, blond haired children. I am not in the Bronx.

I feel alone in America. Did America change or did I?

I am fearless in my refusal to fear fear.

I am impressed by a dad who explains economics to son.

Some are lost for words. Not,I.

There is something about a black shirt which conveys power.

Some believe the critical issue of today  is slavery in America.

To dwell in anger at past evil is to allow past evil a new life.

Children  love playing hand games with parents.

The only important membership in life is being a member of the human race.

I am responsible for what I do, not what my ancestors did.

Roberts Rules The Nation

The  one certainty for members of the Republican party is they believe in the concept of ending rule by “activist judges” and want all judges to adhere to the intent of our Founding Fathers. As we all know, Madison and Hamilton fervently believed that corporations were like people endowed with the right of freedom of speech. Supreme Court Justice Roberts decided the commerce clause of the US Constitution allowed requiring payment for medical insurance.

In other words, Roberts believed the Original Intent of our Founding Fathers was that  Congress had the right to regulate interstate commerce. We already require Americans to pay the tax for medical insurance, most states FORCE people to purchase automobile insurance, there are laws requiring wearing of seat belts, so what exactly is the issue for payment of health insurance?

The greatest shock is that a conservative judge actually behaved in a conservative manner.

Bye Bye Barack, Hello Victory

Senator Claire McCaskill has informed the Democratic party that she will not be attending their convention this year. Senator McCaskill seeks to be returned as senator from the state of Missouri, which used to be a Democratic stronghold, but recently has sunk into the quack mire of doubt and ignorance. Frankly, the name of Barack Obama is not well loved in our state of stupidity. Why>|?

Barack Obama failed to explain the Affordable Care Act and thus allowed Republicans to convince millions this law hurt their interests. However, polls reveal when voters are asked about specific aspects of the law, they respond favorably.

Barack Obama has failed to explain his policies dealing with illegal immigrants. Under his administration more illegal immigrants were sent back to Mexico than during the EIGHT years of the Bush administration. How many Americans know this fact?

McCaskill has the burden of running for office and confronting ignorance  within the voting public due to the arrogance of Obama who refuses to explain what he has done.

Claire, I will vote for you, just don’t go near this man of arrogance who refuses to speak WITH the American people, preferring to speak TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Gay Boy Scout Plot Revealed!!

I simply do not  know how Chuck Norris discovered the secret plot  of President Barack Obama to transform the Boy Scouts of America into the Gay Boy Scouts of America, but since he has blown the president’s cover, we are now free to reveal the entire story. Here is an excerpt from the secret document we discovered that details a conversation between Obama and James Turley, a Board member of the Boy Scouts of America.

Obama:  James, so happy to see you today. I trust this meeting will conclude with gay news for all.

Turley:  Thank you, Mr. President. I am here to service all of your gay needs.

Obama:  Jim, we will come to the gay needs later on, right now, the question is -how do we get all Boy Scouts to become gay and happy?

Turley: We have to blow this one off by making certain leaders of boy scout troops give each boy a taste of being gay.

Obama:  Go to it, give the boys a gay old time.

Now,Chuck, how did you discover: “but is Turleyj working on his own initiative or has the White House prodded him with perks and favors?”

Chuck, would you like to get a gay moment with the president? I can arrange one.

Blair Blares His Ideas

Once upon a time Tony Blair was an important man. He was prime minister of England and a close pal of the president of the United States, one  George Bush. Tony confessed that he would love to be prime minister of his country, but doubted if anyone had the intelligence to give him power one more time. He apparently hungers to have the reign of power in his hands. Ah Tony, there are a few hundred dead British men who might have a different interpretation of you and your quest  for power.

Blair was provided evidence -Prior to the Invasion of Iraq– that NO Weapons of Mass Destruction– existed. He ignored what he was told, and went along with the   man from Texas and  sent British soldiers to their death. Tony Blair did not tell the truth. Why would the people of England once again offer him an opportunity to fabricate stories of WMD?