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We offer observations on the human condition by a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


When children explain to mom, they use hands.

People with large tummy lean over when walking.

In all human societies there are people who hate–we are of the human race.

I wonder as to the number of napkins I am allowed to take home.

Arm around her shoulder, the other arm holds the cell phone. Love in bloom.

I observe humans, such is my fate in life.

I was born in another time, another place, with other people. Such is my fate.

There will come a moment when I regard myself as a senior citizen. Not yet.

I am a patient man, that is why I rarely use cell phone. I will tell you when I get home.

Old expression, “death be not proud,”echoes in my mind.

We need a new book on the etiquette of which facial expressions are polite when on cell phone.

Human and monkey moms clutch baby to body.

Some hold newspaper in left hand  while drinking coffee, other hold with right. I either drink coffee or read a newspaper.

I so miss Sunday morning stickball games.

Sign of the times: Post Office ran out of change of address forms!

She gazes down, he talks on cell phone, meeting of the minds.


Oiy Vey Mitt!

Mitt Romney is on a voyage to the world in order to display his talents as a foreign policy expert. This guy Obama has been pretending to know something about world affairs, but he never led a business, he never outsourced jobs to  countries of the world like the head honcho, Mitt. So, Mitt dropped off in London, insulted the British government and departed  with words of scorn sounding from the prime minister and other government officials.

Mitt landed in Israel and proceeded to tell Palestinians that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel and the reason that Palestinians lacked behind Israel was due to their lack of possessing a Jewish culture. The man who claims to know all about numbers and economics stated that Palestinians averaged $10,000 a year vs $21,000 for Jews. The actual figure is: Israel -$31,000 and Palestinians, $1.500.

Of course, Israel controls Palestinian areas and imposes restrictions. Once again Mitt has displayed the ignorance so common among Republicans when it comes to economic issues.

Downfall Of Tyrants-Inevitable

The history of tyrants during the past century always follows the same pattern. They enjoy mass adulation, they enjoy victorious parades, they enjoy being a model for youth, and, inevitably, they become the  most hated person in society. It took Hitler’s army twelve years before they attempted to kill him. Mussolini was finally captured by Italians and strung up. Gaddafi was a frightened man in his final moments of life.

Today, each day witnesses further evidence that Syrians who once loyally served the Assad family have second thoughts about their former boss. Khaled al-Ayoub, senior Syrian official in London, quit saying he no longer was willing to represent a regime which commits such oppressive acts and violence against its own people.

For Bashar al-Assad and his gorgeous wife, it is simply a matter of time before they face the consequences of murdering the innocent.

Senate Committee Blasts For Profit Colleges!

Last year, I  wandered into a For Profit college which had facilities in St. Louis. I was interested in doing adjunct teaching. They soon informed me that their college provided all assignments, tests, and even volunteered to help me pose questions to students. After 55 years in teaching, the prospect of being led by bureaucrats through the process of teaching students did not appear worth the money. A college in the St. Louis area offers 12 credits for nine weeks of work and they pay adjunct faculty for teaching a three credit course! Such is the state of For Profit “colleges” in America.

Senator Tom Harkin and his Education Committee just released a 5,194 page report on how For Profit Colleges utilize unethical recruitment methods, have high student default rates and charge high tuition for students. They want students in and don’t give a damn how many complete their college career. The almighty buck is number one in their academic goals.

We need to regulate For Profit  colleges.

Girl Fined For Not Cheering Rapist!!

Once again, the United States Supreme Court failed acting like a court committed to human rights. A sixteen year old girl known as, HS, was raped by a classmate in her high school. The boy charged with the crime, Rakheem Bolton, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor, and was sentenced to  two years probation, community service and had to take anger management classes. Rather strong  punishment, if you ask me. A few weeks later the girl who was in the cheer squad stood with folded arms and refused to cheer the guy who assaulted her. The school punished her behavior.

Her parents made the mistake of going to court because their daughter was punished because, “I didn’t want to have to say his name, I didn’t want to cheer him.” For some reason, school officials did not have  common sense and allow the girl to remain silent. They claimed when she cheered she cheered for the school.

The US Supreme Court refused to review lower court decisions which insist if you are on a school team, cheering must ensue. This is a ridiculous case and a violation of human rights.

Blacks Banned From Marriage In Church!

Charles and Te’Andrea Wilson attended a church in Crystal Springs, Mississippi even though they lived in Jackson. The congregation was mainly white, but they did not have any trouble. The two decided to get married at the Baptist Church of Crystal Springs. They  sent out invitations and made arrangements. The day before the wedding Pastor Stan Weatherford informed the couple some members of the congregation did not like the idea of black bodies getting married in a white church.

Pastor Weatherford married them at a neighboring church. He admits only a few people objected but felt he did not want to create problems. Given the state if Mississippi and the number of guns in possession of its people, that might have been a wise decision. However, numerous members of the church are upset.

I sort of wonder how those who protested a black couple marrying would have felt about a dark skinned couple from the Middle East getting married in their church. You know, the place where Jesus was born!

Bare Breasts, Go To Jail!

I confess to being the Earth representative for the planet of Xul. I have been working for many years assisting life forms from this far away planet to understand the minds and ways of life for those who call themselves, Earthians. Ambassador ZX recently asked me to explain human ideas pertaining to the presence of breasts on the upper parts of their bodies. Following is my interaction with ZX.

ZX:  I do not understand why humans cover the top portion of their bodies

M:  Actually, only women are required to cover the top portion, it is OK for males to reveal it.

ZX:  Why?

M:  Women have big breasts.

ZX:  But, so do males have breasts.

M:  But, women use their breasts to feed babies.

ZX:  But, not all women have babies.

M:  True, but we don’t want women to show their breasts.

ZX: But, why do you allow males to show their breasts?

M:  You know something, ZX, I really don’t have the faintest idea how this custom arose.

ZX:  Now, you know why we Xulians fear landing on this planet.

M:  What do you mean?

ZX:  We might get infected with crazy ideas of humans!!


Each day we offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald:  “Her Majesty’s Secret Mission”

To persuade her children to  behave like royalty?

Norway, Norway Post:  “Ministers Pay Own Way”

That is way out of reality!

New Zealand Herald:   “Bigoted Fried Chicken Chain”

Give it four clucks for hatred.

Sweden, Local:   “You’re A Clown”

Just about fits the entire US Congress.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:  “Bring Home The Bacon”

Not to Jewish or Muslim families!

Russia, Moscow Times:  “Spies Wanted Kids To Spy”

Not one them, I hope.

Canada, Toronto Star:  “White Congregation Bans Black Marriage”

In the state of Mississippi, if you’re white it’s alright.


Liberals are once again attempting to smear the name of Mitt Romney by claiming this well traveled man does not have a foreign policy. He was in London to collect money from English foreigners and then headed off to Israel to pick up bucks from those Jewish foreigners. Mitt understands that if one has a foreign policy it should at least lead to money–for himself, that is.

Mitt also made clear his Afghanistan policy which is dramatically different from that of President Barack Obama. He wants to withdraw American soldiers by 2014. However, he differs from Obama by not wanting 23,000 troops to leave in September. I trust this once and for all makes clear the vast difference in foreign policy in Afghanistan between Barack Obama and Mitt Ronney!

No More Drones Urges Pakistan

The history of America has witnessed many unusual alliances in the quest to win wars, but none compares with seeking any form of cooperation from Pakistan. The Pakistan Intelligence created the Taliban, it has supported the Taliban and it offers security and comfort to Taliban militants  fleeing from Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden lived  in an important city, but nothing was done to arrest this enemy of humanity. Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US, Sherry Rahman, made clear her government’s disgust with use of drones.”I am not saying drones have not assisted in the war against terror, but they have diminishing rate of return. We will seek and end to drone strikes, and there will be no compromise on that.”

Certainly, there are many questions, not only about the effectiveness of drones, but ethical and moral issues. However, as long as Pakistan assists the Taliban, there is need for drone attacks. American forces confront a rather difficult situation when their “ally” aids the enemy. A cooperative alliance between the US and Pakistan can end the need for drone attacks.