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We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


We urge people to reach for the stars, on Wall Street they urge reach for your pockets.

There is never a single path in life.

I must surpass who I am to be human.

We inhabit an America devoid of any ideology except for “I.”

Some adjust  sunglasses on entering a shop.

Joyous sight, child reading a book.

Our tummy is an inefficient part of our body.

One can not teach the “hard work”ethic.

Some think of others, some of self.

Some fear life, some fear fear and some are  fearless.

Some wipe face as they eat, others wait until finished.

At which age does the child know not to pick nose in public?

Some hold coffee cup high while walking, others low.

Mitt Loves America!

Mitt Romney loves America.

Mitt Romney loves his wife.

Senator Rubio comes from immigrant parents.

Chris Christie loves food.

Paul Ryan loves those with wealth.

Ann Romney loves Mitt.

Now, will you vote for Mitt?

Condi Rice Blasts Obama!

Condi Rice, the former foreign policy adviser for former President  George Bush blasted the foreign policy of President Obama. She is black, she is a woman, and she believes that America has been going downward in the world ever since this black guy became president. As I recall, when she was in charge of foreign policy, we were fighting in Iraq in order to end the fear of weapons of mass destruction that never existed. We were fighting in Afghanistan without actually fighting in Afghanistan because she and her buddies did not believe in creating a viable Afghan army or stimulating economic development.

Condi, it was under YOUR watch the Taliban were allowed to rearm. It was under YOUR watch that not enough US troops entered Iraq and thus weapons were allowed to fall into the hands of al-Qaeda. It was under YOUR watch that chaos was allowed to consume Iraq.

By the way, Condi, when Turkish people were polled as to how they viewed America, over 80% said -favorably. After you took over the percent dropped to 7%. Yes, Condi, we need a president who will restore America as a nation to be emulated!!

Police Murder, Charge Victims!

Miners in South Africa went on strike. As in any strike, there is anger, shouts of violence and, most probably, a few men who arm themselves. The strike at Marikana platinum mine ended in disaster. Police charged the strikers and the ensuing battle killed about 34 men. So, who does the State Prosecutor charge with causing the death of the miners– the miners!! He has charged 270 strikers–those still alive, witht murder of their colleagues.

Lawyers for miners were schocked when the  State Prosecutor increased the charge from attempted murder to murder. This is certainly a novel way to handle police brutalilty. There is no question the situation was tense, there is no question that miners were ready for violence, but it is exactly at that moment clear headed police hold back and proceed with some form of negotiations.


Veterans Without Support

During the past few months a few dozen American soldiers were killed by their Afghan allies. Anyone who has spent time studying the horror of ware in Afghanistan understand that men and women who return from that conflict have been physically and emotionally damaged. Current estimates is that about 500,000 who served in Iraq or Afghanistan have PTSD.  They arrive home to  complete indifference, few even know where they fought or the nature of the war.     Few even care what happened to them, they are busy exchanging trivia on Facebook. The Afghan-Iraq war veterans can now join those who fought in Korea, Vietnam, and subsequent Middle Eastern wars. They can now become part of those who are ignored and discriminated against in jobs and medical service.

300,000,000 in this land have never served in the military, but elect political leaders who send 2 million into harm’s way. We send them off to die, get excited for a moment, then return to our normal lives and what happens to those in the Middle East is of no concern. They are forgotten, ignored and never honored for what they have done. I am certain Mitt, who made certain that he would not serve  in the war in Vietnam, is ready to send troops into battle.

Cowards sending heroes to their deaths!

Bashar Assad Takes High Road

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad wants the world to know that he is defending Muslims and people of the Middle East against outside foreign mercenaries who seek to bring war to the peaceful world of Syria. “We are fighting a regional and global war, so time is needed to win it…We are moving forward. The situation is practically better, but it has not been decided yet.”

Assad is the true believer. He is convinced that his fight to retain power is really a fight to protect his people against “foreigners” who would murder and destroy. Bashar is simply killing and destroying in order to prevent others from killing and destroying. In other words, one must destroy Syria in order to save Syria. is that clear to all??

Morsi Impolite Guest

Mohamd Morsi, the first Egyptian leader to set foot in Iran in over decades, made several comments at the Non-Aligned Movement summit which were not particularly enjoyed by the host nation, Iran. He told the audience, “our solidarity with the struggle of Syrians against an oppressive regime that has lost its legitimacy is an ethical duty.”  Horrors, a Muslim leader actually stating at this summit the truth concerning the murder of innocent people in Syria! Gee, what next, a comment supporting the right of Israel to exist!

Naturally, Syrians stormed out of the room while Morsi spoke. Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem, denounceed this agent of Israel for attempting to interferee “in Syria’s internal affairs.” Muslims die in Syria and Muslim leaders in other nations remain silent. Now, if some guy printed a few cartoons….

Hip Hip Hooray Paul!!

Paul Ryan is a nice young man in his forties who has proceeded along the path to fame and fortune by supporting the ideas of those who have fame and fortune. In his speech to the Republican convention, Paul blasted President Obama for closing a GM plant in his state even though it was closed in 2008 when a certain Republican was president of the USA. Oh, his name was George Bush. But, what the heck, Bush increased the National Debt from $5 Trillion to $11 Trillion which means that if the National Debt is now $16 Trillion it is the fault of Obama for not wiping out the Bush debt. Is that clear to all?

In his speech, Paul Ryan said: “our rights come from nature and God, not  from government.” Huh? The Founding Fathers, who he constantly cite, never used the word, God, in our Constitution. They were establishing a GOVERNMENT.

Paul promised to provide jobs to all. Easy. Reduce taxes on the wealthy and they will hire nannies, maids, and built yachts which provide jobs for those building them. Is that clear to all?

Elderly Man Hits Pedestrians

Mr. Preston Carter is 100 years old. He still drives a car, he still desires the power to run his life, although in running his car there is danger to innocent people. Mr. Carter was driving by an elementary school and children were walking with the normal excitement and energy displayed by those who are young. Mr. Carter somehow lost control and his car went straight toward the children.  He never gained control of the car and the result was 11 children lying on the ground.

I am 82 and have vowed to end driving a car.  This is one reason for having mass transit. It is either developing self driving cars or waiting for further such incidents.


Each day we offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald:  “Woman Killed For Drinking Partner’s Wine”

Sip, I said, sip, I said, NOT drink!

New Zealand,New Zealand Herald:  “One Good Meal A Day”

If you are poor in America, at least one meal a day. I think what is considered to be ‘good” depends on how hungry you are.

Turkey, Hurriyet:  “Salute Nude Prince Harry”

The face, not the lower upright extremity!

Sweden, Local:   “False Work Permits”

This means you can have a false job.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:  “Police Halt Horses”

Quit horsing a round!

UK, New Statesman:  “Did He Think Ed Ball Expendable?

I’d say he had balls.

Norway, Norway Post:  “Can Men Be Feminists?”

I think the question is -can men be men?