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We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


Heavy set people walking convey a heavy image.

People hold potato chip bag by end.

I am baffled when intelligent people act dumb.

Republicans borrow money and blame others for not repaying it.

Every so often a technology breakdown leads to my mental breakdown.

I work hard to avoid using any mechanical device in my life.

Lack of trust results in one being untrustworthy

It always fascinates me which of the couple gaze at the other.

Some play with hands while talking.

Who am I is the ultimate question of life?

Does a woman first place the purse on seat and then sit down or the reverse?

Iraq Fruits Of Victory

During initial stages of the invasion of Iraq, Bush officials emphasized the cost of the war would come from sale of Iraq oil. The assumption was that Iraq would never become an economic drain on the United States. Iraqi auditors now claim nearly a billion dollars each week leaves their nation and no one knows how these funds were laundred in order to hide the truth from the government. The United States imposed a government on the people of Iraq which now is known as the Kleptocracy in action.

The AmericanSpecial Investigator forI Iraq Reconstruction recently noted that at least 80% of an estimated $1 billion which leaves the country each week lacks proper documentation. The current mess arose from lack of any sensible American economic plan for the reconstruction of Iraq. We simply turned over to Kleptocrats keys to the bank.

We might have been better off simply asking criminals to take over.

Pooh Pooh Putin!

It is increasingly clear that President Putin is trapped in a time warp and can not shake off his KGB training or philosophy. Critics of his regime are beaten, arrested and tortured like in the good old days of Lubyanka prison. Russian TV reporter Vldadimir Pozner who works at a station which is a firm supporter of the president finally reached the point in his life of shouting anger at the growing authoritarianism in his nation.

Pozner was furious at reports that an anti-Kremlin critic, Leonid Razovzzhayev was arrested for protesting and then  forced to sign a confession that he organized anti-Putin rallies. The new version of the KGB threatened a man who was in chains that if he did not sign the statement that would harm his family. As Pozner commented there are thousands of such “confessions”if not millions in the archives of our beloved KGB. “And, it is well known how these confessions were obtained.”

Abortion, The Dividing Issue

During the first half of the nineteenth century, the United States of America was divided over the question of slavery. Men argued for  and against. Although less than ten percent of Southerners owned slaves, most males were united in their support for a system that protected wealthy Southern men. A high percent of northern and western people opposed slavery although not that interested in the plight of slaves. Prejudice was rampant throughout the nation against black skinned people. The end result of not being able to resolve the conflict was war and death to over 500,000 men.

Today, abortion is the slave issue for this society. It divides people, each side takes a stand and refuses to even consider opposing views. For some reason, Republicans running for Congress are so intent on this issue they wind up expressing outrageous views concerning rape and abortion. These views merely reflect minds unable to examine issues from another lens.

I assume that future generations will wonder at our inability to develop a compromise about abortion. In the meantime, it is open season on stupidity about rape.

Alas, No Welcome Wagon!

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago there was present in American cities and neighborhoods an institution  known as the Welcome Wagon. If one moved into a house, within a few days a nice lady would appear with a few goodies and lots of coupons that could be used in local merchant stores. It was a welcome to the new neighborhood by your new neighbors. Alas, that was then, and today, the only welcome once receives is a series of TV ads informing the new resident that a local politician was born in Afghanistan and is a secret terrorist.

We Americans, due to institutions such as Fox News or the Tea Party have discovered that our new neighbors are probably terrorists themselves and if they have a  problem, it is THEIR PROBLEM, not that of the community. Fox News and the Tea Party have taught America to fear the stranger, to hate the stranger and it is every man and woman for themselves. Such is life in Mitt’s America.

And, by the way, if your home catches on fire, do NOT summon the local fire department, it is your fire, put it out by yourself!

Love Should Not Bloom

It is fall, gentle winds caress the faces of young boys and girls who wander through the campus of a new university which has been built in southeastern Turkey.  However, something terrible is now happening to our wonderful young college students. Oh my God! They now are holding hands, oh my God, did you see that boy and girl actually kiss one another and –in public! The Turkish Green Crescent’s city chief Lutfu Guniuoglu said, “girls and boys began to hang around hand in hand, arm in arm, and in close embrace and make love immodestly in front of people in terms of freedom and civilization.”

Well, that stuff has to end and Turkey must return to the good old days of modesty and staying at arms length. First, a touch, then an embrace, and you can readily know what the end result is! A baby!

American Democratic Allies

During the past decade American presidents have portrayed the struggle against “terrorism” or rogue nations as one in which the forces of democracy struggle against evil enemies. Bahrain is frequently described as among our “allies” in the struggle to spread democracy in the Arab world.  The government of Bahrain has announced a ban on all protests against its government. As the Interior Ministry put it, any “illegal rally or gathering would be tackled through legal actions against those calling for or participating in it.”

In plain English this means if those in the Shiite majority seek to protest against the Sunni minority which rules with an iron fist they will be sent to spend some time reflecting on their unruly ideas in the peaceful confines of a jail cell. This action if what we term in the USA an act to curb terrorism. Something like arresting Hispanics or those who support ideas like evolution and have made the mistake of living in Texas.


Each day we offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Church Under Attack”

Is that good or bad news?

Norway, Norway Post:  “Brain Drain”

Story of Republican party.

UK, Independent:  “Don’t Act Gay If Want To Be Doctor”

A solemn visage reassures folks they will die.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald:  “One Legged Rapist Jailed”

Actually, all one needs is one penis to perform one  rape.

Turkey, Hurriyet:  Decades Old Project Gets New Deadline”

Just get it done before New Year’s Eve, 2099.

Iran, Tehran Times:  “Iranian Gets Beat Up”

By his government, I assume.

Egypt, al-Ahram:  “Cover Up Says Cleric”

In some Muslim countries that can mean two different things.


Let Free Enterprise Handle Storms

Mitt Romney has a new twist on handling hurricanes, floods and storms, just turn things over to free enterprise, and above all, do not allow the Federal government to  become involved. He argued that in case of a NATIONAL DISASTER, responsibility should be turned over to state governments,and, even better, to the corporate world. Every so often one can only wonder if this man is connected to life in the 21st century. Mitt, a storm cuts ACROSS STATE LINES, honest Mitt, it does not halt at the state line. How could fifty governors  coordinate in case of a national emergency?

Mitt, do you really believe any state has the personnel, the skills, the money to handle a disaster like Sandy? This man is trapped in ideology and simply lacks a grasp with reality. Of course, private enterprise insists on a PROFIT for its work. Vote for Mitt Romney and pray for relief during a disaster. Of course, you can always head to the nearest Emergency Room!

Clinton Rides To Rescue

There is no question that President Barack Obama has a first class mind, nor is there any question he has a second class sense of political reality. His performance as president has revealed a man who has excellent ideas but is completely unable to convey them to the American public so that anyone acutally understands what he did or seeks to do. Fortunately, Obama knows a man named Bill Clinton who knows something about politics and  connecting to the American people.

Clinton was campaigning in Florida where he once again demonstrated a knowledge of how to speak with Americans. As Bill noted, Republicans believe the individual mandate is a disaster,  “you should have the right to have an accident and get sick so everyone else pay for it.” Then again, we Americans can always elect those who cut taxes, increase military costs and allow the Tooth Fairy to foot the bill!