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Anyone Want A President??

The American people are currently enjoying a slug fest that goes by the name of an “election.” Countless hours of TV are spent on presenting ads that make certain one and all know that I am the right person for the job and my opponent somehow escaped from the local asylum. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, you know, the guy who helped give us the war in Iraq, called upon the European Union to consider the concept of a President for the continent of Europe. I guess he is upset that Europeans miss out on the madness that is an American every four year exercise in smearing another person.

Tony believes the current economic crisis proves the European Union needs someone who can help  to untangle the economic disaster that has hit several nations like Greece or Spain. Tony believes a presidential election will “involve the public” and from that involvement will arise political solutions- just like those  soon to appear in America.

Now, we offer one guess as to who would be the perfect candidate for this new job? Who knows how to create a disaster by invading other nations? Who knows how to wreck the economy of England?

There is only one person and his initials are: TB!(we do not refer to the disease– or do we?)

Sig Heil For Freedom!

Joseph Hall is age ten, and was raised by a father who adored Adolf Hitler and Nazi ideas. Jeff was taken along on night-time patrols along the Mexican border and urged to use weapons against any enemy of American society who crossed the border in search of work. He lived in a house which had swastikas on the wall and pictures of Adolf Hitler with his arm raised to adoring masses. This is a boy who was taught to hate, to be angry at those who differed with his views on life.

However, Joseph also was conditioned by his father to the cult of violence. He was repeatedly beaten and insulted throughout his life. To be a Nazi meant to be accustomed to physical and mental pain. One night, the boy had enough and  obtained a gun his dad had given him, walked over to his father asleep on a couch, pulled the trigger and sent bullets into the body.

Now, Joseph stands accused of murder. The question is whether Joseph is really a Nazi or an ordinary human whose life and mind were twisted by his father so that he became other than who he really was?

Get Raped To Please God?

The president of the United States is one important cog in the government of our nation, but there is also Congresss and the Supreme Court. Mitt Romney, if elected, would work in close support with the US Senate. Indiana Senate candidate Richard Murdock represents the large contingent of nutty people who would dominate Republicans in the Senate. Yesterday, while campaigning for the seat he told an audiendce when asked about his views on rape:  “the only exception I have to have an abortion is in the case of the life of the mother. I have struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize that life is a gift from God and I think even when life   begins in that horrible situation of rape that it is something God intended to happen.”

Oh well, Mitt has endorsed this man. The Republican party has endorsed this man. Oh, Murdoch issues a clarification in which he comes out against rape and decries Democrats who “twist my words.” I assume there is no doubt that Murdoch is the candidate of rapists. Little did they know they did God’s work!

Religion, Bane of Loving Neighbors

I recall during the 1960s how many Americans with high ideals traveled to Asia in search of wisdom from Buddhists wise men sitting cross legged and offering sage words of peace. Most people in Burma are practicing Buddhists, but there are also sections of the country where Muslims and people of other faiths reside. In the latest outbreak of anti-Muslim feeling, thousands of Muslims have been forced to flee from as ethnic Arakan Buddhists went on a rampage against Rohingya Muslims. A fisherman told reporters, “my house was burned to ashes and I have no money.”

Reports indicate that Buddhists burned more than 800 homes and barges. The death total is at least 67 in one week. Human Rights believes that is a low figure as the rampage against these impoverished Muslims continues. The origin of this dispute is uncertain. Although Rohingya Muslims have lived in Myamar for decades they are charged with  being foreigners who came to take away the scarce land of Buddhists.

Nothing new under the sun, just people who follow some God seeking to prove to their God that bigotry and hatred still are number one on planet Earth.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


Some gaze and write, me, I just write.

Long time since I heard, “machiah”– pleasure in Yiddish.

To write about the human condition is to write about pain.

I assume more enlightened life forms have an embargo on humans entering other areas of the galaxy.

I so often feel trapped by technology.

Arrogance may lead to Obama defeat.

Mitt wants to end Sesame Street but help Wall

Some walk fast, some think fast.

Some need hand on check to ponder.

It is impossible for youth to depart from any place without first checking with a machine.

I am a man of loyalty to anyone who gives me kindness.

Idiot’s Delight–being human for a day.

Bibi’s Kosher Dilemma

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is a man who knows what God desires for the Jewish people and he is willing to gather together any group of Israelis in order to carry out that which is desired by the bearded man up in the sky. Bibi  and his henchman, Avigdor Lieberman, the poor man’s version of a Foreign Minister, decided to form a new coalition which unites far right religious fanatics with far right Russian speaking, thinking fanatics. Unfortunately, the Russian crowd is not that religious minded and thus Bibi may wind up with those who believe Kosher and those who prefer pork.

Bibi’s conservative Likud and Avigdor’s right wing party may only wind up with about 35 seats in the Knesset, less than the 42 once held. This means adding on small religious parties whose leaders dislike Avigdor. Then again, who doesn’t dislike this ignorant man? Welcome to the madness that constitutes an Israel attempt at forming a government.

Death Redeux

There is one comfort in reading about events in Syria, there are no surprises. President Bashar al-Assad will order new bombings, hundreds more will die in air raids or from artillery shells or from sniper fire. As UN and Arab League representatives were discussing a possible cease fire to honor a Muslim holiday, fighter planes were blasting away at Aleppo. The city is now no longer a city but a graveyard for those who can not get away from death.

The Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha began on Friday and by Monday over 400 were dead. Over 100  died on Sunday. Reality is the rebellion has lasted too long for those currently fighting to reach a peaceful solution. Death is no longer a stranger but a welcome guest in the homes of opposing forces. As far as Assad is concerned, “after me comes the deluge.”

The real question is: will there be a viable Syria comes next year?

I Come Expensive

Catalina Migliorini is a twenty year old very attractive young woman who has been paying close attention to the words of Mitt Romney and other Republican leaders. They urge business minded folk to create jobs and do it without any help from others, just the way Mitt worked himself up from a few million to gobs of millions. Catalina has lower expectations than the Mitt man, but she wants money and lots of it. She has offered to sell her virginity for the nice round sum of $780,000.

A nice Japanese man named Natsu took up her offer, delivered the money and she delivered the goods–untouched by any prior man. I guess Catalina believes that if Republicans can give blow jobs to lobbyists for money what is different about giving it to a man for money?

Obama Finally Tells Truth!!

President Barack Obama finally agreed to tell the truth about his origin. He told Jay Leno that he WAS born in Africa, and recalled the days when he played  soccer with his best friend, a boy named Donald Trump. Donald was of English origin but so enjoyed playing with his black friend. Over the years, his buddy, Donald sort of drifted away and became rather wealthy. Of course, Barack always envied his red haired friend with the wonderful hair that   was combed constantly.

Barack also confessed to being a born again Muslim who spent a few years with a boy named Osama bin Laden. He told Jay the mystery of his life is what  ever happened to this boyhood chum. It is rather tragic that we Americans have been deceived by this  Muslim who most probably was with the original group that flew planes in 2001. For some reason, Barack was called away at the last minute by his buddy, Osama and told to become president of the United States.

At least he has finally told the truth so Sarah Palin can now sleep in peace knowing she helped to save America from the black dude!

Rare Human Sighted!

There are unconfirmed reports that scientists have seen evidence of the existence of a human life form which was thought to be extinct. The creature is rather dark skinned, over six feet tall, and believe it or not, it speaks the English language. Colin Powell, who served in the administrations of both George Bush I and George Bush II came out yesterday to announce to the world that he will vote for one Barack Obama. Powell described himself as a “Republican moderate” and acknowledged his brand of humanity was rapidly on the road to becoming completely extinct.

We tend to forget that once Republicans had “Socialists” like Theodore Roosevelt who blasted the wealthy, Abraham Lincoln who pushed for the idea of free state colleges and an income tax and even George Bush I who raised income taxes on the wealthy. I do hope this Colin Powell will be displayed in a zoo.