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Let’s Not Be Gay In Russia

Russia not only has morality police it has guardians of who we can be or not be.  Fortunately, police have some aid in the form of the People’s Council. It turns out that Pepsi Cola sells  dairy products in Russia which have the label, “Vesyoly Molochnik” or in English, “happy milkman.” Are you upset? Well, Anatoly Artyuch is very upset. Behind the man selling these products is a rainbow. I assume you lack awareness as to the meaning of a rainbow. But, Anatoly wants the world to know this rainbow is “the global symbol of the sodomite movement!”

The People’s Council wants to help morality police by ending the menace posed by gays and lesbians and milkmen. In St. Petersburg a new law makes criminal anything that promotes sodomy, lesbianism,  bisexuality and whatever.

I am running home to drink a glass of milk and become a gay person!

“Lesser Of Evils

There are occasions in American history when the people must think carefully regarding their choices for president. Liberals are more prone to evaluate a presidential candidate against a set of criteria that neither Lincoln or FDR or John Kennedy or Christ himself would have obtained a passing grade. Today, many use the expression, “lesser of two evils” is discussing the choice between Obama and Romney. Hmmn

Barack Obama displayed inept political leadership, he displayed inept ability to explain his programs in a manner that would be understood by most people. Despite these flaws he: pushed through a health care plan for all Americans(over the coming decades it will be improved as was the first Social Security law), lowered student loan rates, ended the war in Iraq, pushed through the Dodd-Frank law to regulate banking, AVOIDED A DEPRESSION, saved millions of jobs due to the Stimulus, pushed for green energy business, secured gay rights in the military and backed gay marriage. OK,  so he was not perfect.

Are we to assume that if Mitt Romney is elected he would have done the prior plus many more things for the middle class and poor people?

P.S. Romney means two more Supreme Court Justices to end women rights.


Each day we offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

UK, Independent:  “Shark Falls From Sky”

I trust it did not bite anyone.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald:  “Big Brother Is Watching You”

But, who watches Big Brother?

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald:  “Jilted Lover Jailed For Arson”

I guess he got hot under  the collar.

Turkey, Hurriyet:  “Hamas Blames Israel For Sudan Blast”

Is there anything that Hamas would not blame Israel for?

China, China Daily:  “Obama Votes Early In Chicago”

If it is Chicago then he also voted often.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post:  “Police Named In Bomb Plot”

That is one way to be quickly at scene of crime.

Norway,Norway Post: “Have You No Shame”

Of course not, my name is Donald Trump!

Hezbollah To The Attack!

Hezbollah has sent its forces into Syria in order to assist President Bashar al-Assad in his struggle with rebels demanding an end to the dictatorship which has ruled the nation for fifty years. Rebels reported that rockets were fired by Hezbollah units on their positions and that members of that organization are now fighting alongside Assad forces. Hezbollah has long been an ally of Iran and the Syrian regime.

As rebel troops in Syria fight to gain control of border villages they come in contact with Hezbollah forces which are strong in those areas. Some reports indicate that thousands of Hez bollah militants are now in Syria. The presence of Hezbollah simply adds another twist to the confused world of the Middle East.

Hezbollah is mainly Shiite. Most Palestinians are mainly Sunni. Most Palestinains support  rebels in Syria. So, we now have a group claiming to be on the side of Palestinians attacking people that are supported by Palestinians. Perhaps, the world now understands why Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can do what he desires since his opponents are hopelessly divided.

Silvio, Perhaps No Women For A While?

Silvio Berlusconi, champion of female rights to earn money may no longer be among us. An Italian court sentenced the billionaire to four years in jail for tax fraud. The case revolved around his attempt to purchase rights to US movies for his television network by manipulating various offshore companies in order to avoid paying taxes. Silvio denounced the sentence as simply another example of envy because he can bed any woman he desires and prosecutors are angry because they have been left out of his parties.

I suspect Mitt Romney is upset because a job creator has once again been halted by the “government.” Silvio created jobs for dozens of women, jobs  that led to high salaries and joyous romps at parties. Evil government will not recognize the entrepreneurs like Silvio are responsbile for the growth in jobs. How about placing in jail prosecutors who seek to weaken the Italian nation by throwing out of work hard working women? At least that would create jobs in the security sector of the economy.

Putin Acts Pussy

Vladimir Putin pretends that he is a he-man who is unafraid of any person  or danger, but when it comes to the issue of three young woman, the man  of power is simply pussy. In a recent interview tough man Putin was asked about the prison sentence imposed on members of the Pussy Riot band who were sent to Siberia for kidding round in a  church. “If they had not broken the law, they would now be home doing the housework, or back at their jobs.”

Funny, I have a hunch if they had entered a church and held aloft signs proclaiming the glory of the Supreme Leader three women would have been portrayed as Russian heroes. Putin is a defender of priests who were killed during the reign of communism. Comrade Putin, you were in the KGB which did the SHOOTING OF PRIESTS! If you were a MAN, then you would have the courage to stand up for your real ideals–power to me, not to the church!

Catching The Yankee Bug!

During the recent American League playoffs New York Yankee bats went silent as the silence that now pervades American forests which are witnessing growing devastation of our timber lands. Based on a secret report it is now possible to reveal the reason why men who make millions decided to swing in futility at little baseballs. The New York Yankees were infected by a secret group of Mitt Romney agents in order to prove that due to Barack Obama even our baseball players were going down the drain.

It is not surprising the Detroit Tigers also caught the Yankee bug. We await a Mitt Romney speech in which the Democratic party will be charged with destroying the Detroit Tiger baseball team with the aid of foreign born New York Yankee athletes. Mitt knows the Obama/Yankee coalition destroyed the  Detroit auto industry and if not for the forceful actions by Mitt himself, there would not be any auto industry remaining in America.

Vote for Mitt, vote against the New York Yankees, vote against foreign born Obama who wants to destroy every aspect of Detroit from autos to baseball!

Mali Ain’t Mellow For Europeans

The nut cases have taken control of Mali and their madness has created chaos and anger in the region. Muslim fanatics who once worked for Muammar Gaddafi in  Libya left that nation–along with weapons– once the strong man was gone and they headed for the nearest country-Mali which they proceeded to take over and impose a version of the Muslim religion not since  the days when Taliban nut cases took over Afghanistan. They have chopped off hands, feet, lashed women and destroyed mosques in order to return to the good old days of the tenth century–or at least their version of the 10th century.

Germany and other European nations are considering the possibility of arming Mali troops or encouraging African Union forces to enter the country and restore civilization. France is worried that fanatic Muslim ideas can penetrate former French colony nations which are not that stable. Thousands of Mali Muslims have fled these nut cases and their ideas about the Muslim religion.

Gee, if only George Bush was around we could shout that Mali Muslims had weapons of mass destruction and in would go the US Army!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


I feel guilty if not writing two days in a  row.

People peer with intensity at machines.

Thin tall girl with long hair is, by definition, interesting.

A man carrying a bag into a shop must be toting a computer.

A physical ailment changes our life view.

Being a gifted athlete alters my life view.

I am a child of the street, born to run wild.

My pop was a man of God. Unlike Republicans, it was a quiet intimate relationship.

A good older brother is worth a fortune.

To waste talent is to waste life.

Barack Obama dwells too long within his mind.

When I write, I need a table.

Summer shifts to fall and so do our clothes.

The last college professor before Obama was  Wilson and he loused up the League of Nations.

Is The United States Guilty Of Violating Laws?

The United Nations has decided to initiate investigations into whether or not use of drone planes violates international law. There is no question that drone attacks have not only led to the death of militants, they have caused the death of hundreds of innocent civilians. Earlier this year, Ben Emmerson, a UN special  rappoteur, in a speech at the Harvard Law School said killing of civilians who were attending funerals could be construed as an example of a war crime. “together with my  colleague Christof Heyns(Un special rappoteur on extra-judician killlings), I will be launching an investigation unit withint he special  procedures of the Un Human Rights Council to inquire into drone attacks.”

Mr. Emmerson also noted;

Secret detention is unlawful as a matter of international law.

Waterboarding is always  torture. Torture is an international crime.

When  will the United States accept the concept of international law?