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We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


One can package blandness, but can one sell it?

Few middle class Americans encounter hard physical labor.

Some scratch neck, I do not.

Death is the ultimate unwelcome guest in our house.

Some stand in line with arms folded on breast.

Question: death in hospital or at home?

One can never be surprised at ignorance of a Republican.

As I grow older, young people  grow taller.

Small town waitress can chat with customers, not in fast food place.

Slimness and height make any  woman more attractive.

I have never gotten over rarely being served any place in my childhood except for mom.

Some enter a  coffee shop with cup in hand

Slim mom struggles to get around hefty female body.

Some are dainty eaters, I am not.


A fundamental belief of conservatives is the presence of poor people and the presence of hard working decent people who have enough money. The association with laziness and poverty runs through conservative  thinking in the United States of America. Poverty comes in various shapes and forms. There is poverty arising when one loses a job, poverty stemming from having gone into debt, poverty arising from poor health, poverty because one is paid a low wage and the ever  present poverty associated with being a single parent.

Most discussions about poverty assume it is “something” rather than a multitude of “things.” A low cost health system will prevent X number of people from slipping into poverty. Raising wages will enable many to escape poverty. Providing job opportunities for those lacking a job will dramatically reduce poverty, and recognizing that single parents need free day care, and additional support for food, clothing will help reduce poverty.

We have to cease thinking of “poverty” as requiring one thing. One can never end the  concept of poverty, but one can ensure it impacts fewer people.

Grinch Steals Xmas!

Those who oppose Santa Claus and Xmas trees are at it again in Denmark. The nation’s culture minister supported a decision by people belonging to residential complex who decided not to fund an annual Xmas tree. Minister Elbank agreed Xmas trees were a wonderful “tradition” but it was not the role of government to interfere with local decisions of people as to whether or not they wanted an Xmas tree.

Mr. Elbaek has received death threats– I think they came from a group of reindeer– because he will not provide financial support for the tree. A newspaper  revealed that a Salvation Army group in that residential area noted most people did not have “Danish names.” You can bet who those people are. Muslims!! Don’t Muslims know that when Christ was born in Palestine Jewish people celebrated important events with an Xmas tree? Don’t those damn Muslims know that Santa Claus is a well known Jewish person?

Why don’t they go back to where they came from??


Go To Hell, Democrat!!

The Republican party of the United States of America is committed to restoring family values. Of course, for many Republicans that means only those who have committed to Jesus Christ, the Republican version, will one day  wind up in Heaven. A Kentucky teacher ridiculed the stupid kids in her class by informing them “you can’t be a  democrat and go to heaven.”

Of course, unofficial sources in Heaven assure me the teacher is slightly off base, there is a special section of Heaven reserved for those who spent their time on Earth voting for Democrats. Ms. Kendra Baker believes getting cured of illness under the infamous Obamacare is simply a slight detour on your final destination in Hell.

Being this occurred in Kentucky, the teacher was not fired, but urged not to be so specific when attacking students.

You Are Kidding, Aren’t You?

A new report reveals that American military leaders were planning to show the Soviet Union they were competing with a bunch of mad men and you certainly do not wish to risk the fate of your nation to a bunch of loonies in the US. Project A119,  A Study of Lunar Research Flight Project was designed to hurl an atomic bomb 238,000 miles into space so it could hit the moon and then deliver a boom that might even destroy the moon!! They hoped the flash of a moon  being destroyed would scare the hell out of Russians and make them think twice about messing with the Americans.

This nutty idea arose shortly after the first Russian  space  ship, Sputnik went into the sky. According to physicist Leonard Reiffei, American military leaders were serious. As of now, we do not know what President Eisenhower thought about this wild idea that made no sense.

Imagine if Mitt had become president! Wow, end all taxes for those who have millions??

No Females Need Apply

The Republican party once again demonstrated to the people of the United States of America their desire to ensure rule of white males for this society. Not a female made the list of those appointed to head a committee in the House of Representatives! Actually, only white males were appointed to these positions of power. I guess when your constituency is composed of white males,  why not appoint them to lead your party into combat?

I am distressed at failure to select Michele Bachman to head the House Intelligence Committee. Are Republicans actually  telling me there is someone more intelligent in their party than the female from Minnesota?? Oh well, once again the American people receive a lesson in Republican versions of “Inclusion.”

Muslim Brotherhood, Democratic?

Arab League General Secretary Amir Moussa told the Spiegel newspaper that recent acts of President Morsi threaten democracy in Egypt. He argued that his country was experiencing a defining moment in time, “What currently is taking place in Egypt represents a grave danger to the process of democratization in our country. Public opinion has never been as polarized as it is today.” He referred to the Morsi decree which ended an independent judiciary and gave all power to the president.

Moussa is surprised at Morsi actions since in  recent discussions with the president no such idea of ending democracy was present in their interactions. He feared Egypt was in early stages of a revolution what could tear apart the nation. Even key advisers of Morsi have resigned in protest at the power grab. Moussa warned the West to “stay in the background.” As he wisely noted, “this is purely an Egyptian crisis.”


Each day we offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald:  “Father, Son, Daughter Arrested In Robbery”

A family that robs together stays together–in jail!

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:  “Hope Springs Eternal”

Hope yes, money, no.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald:  “Best Of Grand Design:

For Republicans, it is “worse of grand design.”

France, Connexion:  “Psychiatrist Accused Of Death”

I guess he probed too far.

China, China Post:  “Battle Over Natural Disaster”

In China, it is always “them,” not “us.”

Sweden, Local:  “Twinkies To Survive”

So will obesity.

USA, aol:  “Murdoch’s Jewish Problem”

He isn’t!

Grouch Is Now Grouchy

Mitt Romney was criticized for expressing a desire to close down Sesame Street and the damned Liberals decried his remarks as insensitive to needs of children. Well, once again, Mitt is proving that his ideas to save America were the correct ones. After all, billions could have been saved if, instead of health insurance, we simply let those folks die. Anyway, it now appears that Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash has been fooling around with kids. He resigned his gig as Elmo because Cecil Singleton, age 15, claims she was persuaded by Elmo to have sexual  encounters. Of course, it is still unclear to me if it was Elmo doing the sex or was it Kevin?

To make matters worse, a man charges that Clash had a relationship with him when he was only 16. After 28 years of the high pitched voice of Elmo, we are left with the sounds of silence.

Anyway, President Obama should apologize to Mitt Romney.

It’s Them Jews!

During World War II, a large segment(not all) of the people of Hungary either stood by and ignored or participated with Germans in the murder of Jews. Since the end of communism, Hungarian Jews have been active in the economic, cultural and political life of the country along with other groups. But, to Jobbik, a far right group of native born Nazis, the Jews are the source of any economic problems in the country.

Marton Yongyosi rose in Parliament to warn his fellow countrymen that Jews are the source of all evil in their fair land. He urged the government to “tally up  people of Jewish ancestry who live here, especially in the Hungarian government, who indeed pose a national security risk to Hungary.” Later, he claimed the list was to be those who  were Israeli Jews. I am confused if an Israel Jew is living in Hungary they are not a citizen and can’t vote.

Oh well, Hitler is alive and well in Hungary!