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We offer examples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Canada, Toronto Star:  “Irish County Legalizes Drunk Driving”

The luck of the Irish.

USA, NY Post:  “Voice of Charlie Brown Arrested”

I assume the body follows.

Germany, Der Spiegel:  Magazine Publishes Bush Obituary”

A bit too late if you ask me.

Netherlands, Dutch News:  “Education Ministry Has Bullying Protocol”

Every member of  Education Ministry WILL bully!

UK,Guardian:  “Request Delay Of Austerity”

In meantime let them eat cake.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald:  “Police Tasser 84 Year Old”

Police do not wish to be overcome by the elderly.

Turkey, Hurriyet:  “Reduce Cosmetic Industry”

Many sad women.

Morsi Meets Merkel

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi is visiting Germany in search of money, and the prospect of securing what he desires depends on how well the man who spouts hate can tone down the rhetoric and spout common sense. Riots rack Egyptian cities, the army is upset, large sections of the nation are furious at Morsi’s imposition of Muslim belief and the economy, sort of has collapsed. Egypt needs money, gobs of it. Merkel was prepared to provide considerable marks to Morsi,  but recent events have cooled German interest. Merkel wants changes and they had better begin yesterday. What does she want:

1. A coalition government that includes secular leaders.

2. An end to empowering Muslims and allowing them to even consider sharia law.

3. An apology to Israel for his vicious anti-semitic comments.

4.  Election observers at the  next election.

She intends NOT to forgive debts until he begins to behave as president of All Egyptians.

Democracy Arrives In Mali

The forces of democracy have pushed Islamic militants from their positions in southern Mali and saved  the population from life under bearded men who insist men wear beards and women know their place in life. However, the arrival of the Mali army, among the most inept, violent and cruel national armed forces, has made some people wonder whether life under the bearded nuts was any worse. Reporters witnessed an elderly man, Aldjourmati Traore, beaten by members of the Mali army because he was wearing a beard and since everyone knows, those who wear beards are members of Islamic groups.

Mali soldiers warned the media not to take pictures of them beating the hell out of an old man who wears a beard. Unless Mali soldiers, quickly cease their bullying tactics, Islamic forces will gain a foothold in these villages. Democracy means all  can or cannot decide to shave!

Danish Education Experiment

The most conservative aspect of 21st century life is what occurs in schools. If someone who had  died in  1813 awoke, the only familiar sight would be a classroom-adult in front of room, talking, writing on blackboard while students copy. A Danish educational experiment, “Gymnasiettaenki taenki forfa”-Rethinking school from scratch”will be introduced into several schools. The goal is to radically rethink the organization and purpose of secondary education. For example, teachers are only allowed to speak for several minutes at a time and there is no homework. This, hopefully, will result in  more time for students to be doing rather than be copying what teachers say.

Each student will be assigned a teacher mentor who can become a support when the student encounters problems. Education will be more interdisciplinary. Conservative Danish politicians already term such common sense ideas as, “hippie.” Man, let’s get cool!

Tit For Tat

Far, far from the United States of America is a land in which people are happy, joy reigns and children head the nation. In Putin Land, it is expected that a member of the government provide evidence that he/she has the mental ability of a five year old child. The Russian government has canceled an agreement with the US government to cooperate in law enforcement dealing with drug crimes. The US government provided financial assistance to Russian law enforcement agencies for crime-fighting projects. Russian agencies lacked sufficient funds for these activities.

Well, the Americans became upset at lack of civil rights in Russia so they canceled cooperation when Russian officials failed to support  civil right efforts in their land. Thank God Russian officials refused to take money to  aid their own efforts at crime prevention. Boy, did they show those Americans who was boss!

Get The Wetbacks!

The Republican party is very worried about hordes of illegal immigrants from Mexico flooding across our borders and taking good jobs away from God  fearing red blooded Americans. Heck, think of how many millions of America who want to pick peaches, pull down apples, dig roads and enjoy the benefit of a nice smelling job in a meat packing establishment! Republicans insist that prior to establishing a process for the 12 million illegal immigrants presently in this country, our borders must be “secure.”

During the past four years President Obama has doubled expenditures on the border patrol, it has resulted in twice as many immigrants be captured and returned to Mexico, but to Tea Party stalwarts, President Obama is soft on immigrants. We must return to  President Bush when half as many illegal immigrants were prevented from entering America. Illegal crossings are down 80%  from 2000.

Oh, for the days of George Bush!

African Drone Time

During the past several years American military leaders have become infatuated with the dream of no soldiers dying in war but allowing robots who we call, Drones, to die in their stead. As Islamist terrorists seek to take over Mali, the US military is establishing a new drone base in West Africa. It most probably will be in Niger, close to Mali and shortly little drone soldiers will be flying through the air in search of Islamic militants. The Pentagon insists that initially only unarmed drones will fly, frankly, that comment does not fly right with me.

Armed drones will fly. Armed drones will take out “bad people.” French forces will be happy, the drones will be happy and Islamic militants will not be happy.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


I rarely hitch up pants.

There are those seeking material riches and those seeking emotional riches.

Some fear darkness, some fear light.

To gaze in wonder is to gaze at God.

An elbow that hurts simply proves God is not a good body designer.

I have never doubted the essential goodness of my soul.

I have never seen a fly which remains still for a minute.

Some ask if I am my brother’s keeper, the answer is–yes.

Absence of rapid transit makes life difficult for elderly.

At a Republican rally, they clamor as to who throws out first stone.

Why do thin people thrust out body?

I wonder about the evolution of dinosaurs if they had not been killed off.

We can lose possessions but we can not lose minds.

I enjoy the solitude of a train.

I confuse inhabitants of St. Louis with my humor.

Laugh at major events in life, become serious about minor ones.


President Mohamed Morsi entered leadership of Egypt with an excellent opportunity to  move his nation forward by revamping its economy, fosteringt a democratic political system that allowed those of diverse  ideas to come together, instead, he pushed the Muslim Brotherhood agenda which opposed those with secular views and ensured that clerics would  run society, not technocrats with economic and political knowledge. The result is massive riots in major cities, over 50 dead people and at least a thousand wounded. General
Abdel Fattah al-Sisi warned that continued  violence threatened the very existendce of the Egyptian nation. In theory the Morsi Constitution lessens
Army control and, in so doing, provides the armed force an opportunity to allow civilians to fail and then ride to the rescue.

The army is passing the buck, but there will come a moment when chaos reigns and the Army is needed to restore law and order. Many in the streets warn if the
Army arrives to crush their protest it would only spark greater protests. A new group has emerged-the Black Bloc– which is anti Muslim Brotherhood and ready for violence. Such is the legacy of Mohamed Morsi!!











Send Them To Prison

Lawyers for inmates in the Guantanamo prison in Cuba have made an unsual request of the American government. They have asked to be placed in the same cells as their defendants in order to experience the meaning of being a prison run by the US military. None of the lawyers has ever been in a prison as an inmate and certainly none has been an imate subject to torture by the CIA. David Nevin, lawyer for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, wants to visit the prison in order to more effectively understand his client’s “behavior and actions in open court.”

Military Judge Colonel James Pohl sarcastically inquired if the lawyers wanted to sleep in the same cell as their clients and were told they wanted to sleep in a cell, not with their client.

Lawyers also wanted to know if the military was eavesdropping on their conversations with clients and objected to a summary of what their client would say on the witness stand.  Gee, I thought this was an American court of law!