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Iran Leads In Space Race!

The Republican party now has proof that President Barack Obama has failed to lead this nation at a time of crisis. Republicans have been warning for months about the need to halt the Iranian military plans to launch missiles and to create nuclear weapons, but the only Obama response is to delay, to wait. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a true blooded American if there ever was is ready to send bombers into the sky, but the black dude from Africa delays and delays.

Well, we now know how Obama failed. The Iranian government has sent a chimp into space and is now ahead of the United States in the chimp  race for space power. First the mullahs gained advantage in chimp strength, where next will they triumph??

Ground Zero?

Just about every member of the Republican party in the US Senate seeks to find one reason or another to oppose the nomination of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of State. He dared to employ the expression, “Jewish Lobby” instead of “Israel Lobby” although many in Congress fear the “Armenian Lobby” and for  years there was an “Irish Lobby. Well, Chuck again used the wrong words. He indicated his support for an international movement known as “Ground Zero” which seeks the end of atomic weapons on this planet. Hagel argues for the end of nuclear weapons, not entirely in the short run, but eventually. Wow, how can US forces in Afghanistan fight without their atomic bombs?

Many in the international defense community believe, whatever benefits of nuclear weapons during the Cold War, there is no longer need for them. My question: against whom would nuclear weapons be employed in 2013?

Sarah, We Knew Ye Well

There are unconfirmed reports of meetings in the forests of Alaska by varied animals such as bear and deers. Animals are concerne at the news that Sarah Palin is being fired by Fox News. Sarah insists that she seeks a wider audience, which we assume to mean there is a desire to more meaningfully engage with animals in the forest. As she put it: “we can’t just preach to the choir; the message must be understood bya larger audience.” I have a hunch Roger Ailes of Fox News has a different interpretation, he wants someone who can reach a wider audience of those who do not  ordinarily visit Fox News.

There is a major effort by some Republicans to make contact with this “wider audience” but one can assume this group is not in love with millionaires and right wing nuts.

The real bad news is for deer and bears, there is a nut case seeking you and she has a loaded rifle -as well as an assault weapon!

Books Burning Brightly

There are aspects of the religious right which are beyond my comprehension. Islamic radicals remain the great unknown for me. I assume that if one is a devout Muslim the past is important, if not holy to one’s  daily life. In the ancient city of Timbuktu which historically is considered a center of Islamic heritage, retreating Muslim insurgents burned a library which contained thousands of priceless ancient transcripts that date back over hundreds of years and contain a rich aspect of the history of their own religion.

The majority of these manuscripts were written in either African languages, Hebrew and included diverse topics ranging from astronomy, poetry, medicine and women issues.   How can one claim to worship Mohammed if one destroys manuscripts about his life and teachings??


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald:  “Fake Pet Shop Robbed”

By fake animals, I assume.

UK, Independent:  “Reinvent Toilet”

That would be a smelly job.

Norway, Norway Post:  “Push To Stay At Work”

I hope there is also a push to pay for work.

Sweden, Local: “Hunt Swedish Bear”

It should only be done by Swedish hunters.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:  “Send Criminals To School”

Where else can one learn to be a  criminal than in crime school?

Russia,  Moscow Times:  ‘Pussy Riot Supporter Detained”

Give this story three meows

USA, NY Post:  “Sex Twenty Times A Day”

Beats working at the office.

Scandals Rock America

If the American people continue electing  as their president a Communist Socialist atheist Muslim it is simply only a matter of time before this sickness permeates the entire population. Lance Armstrong is revealed to be a drug user and an athlete who refused to allow his natural talent to prove his worth. A Notre Dame linebacker somehow in some way conducted a love affair with a non-existent female and just about every newscaster wants him to tell his non-story to the public. And, to make matters worse, the singer who sang The Star Spangled Banner at the inauguration actually did not sing the song but recorded it and lip sang.

What is happening to our nation? The explanation is simple. Radical Americans seized control of our government, they allowed abortions, they allowed gays and lesbians to run wild, and they now want to legalize drugs. Big government runs this nation and now it is time for government to deny women the right to control their bodies. After all, those who believe in government not seizing our guns insist that government seize little bodies inside the tummies of women!

In fact, why isn’t  every new born given a gun to hold while in their crib?If mom or dad does not pick them up when the diaper is filthy, the only solution is bang!

Morsi Must Go!

President Mohamed Morsi must be removed from office in order to allow the people of Egypt to create a viable democratic society. Riots are raging in  major Egyptian cities as protesters make clear they do NOT wish to reside in an Islamist society in which the Muslim Brotherhood decides who attends school, how  women dress the right of men to abuse women and other such wonderful examples of life under Islamic society. At least 40 people are dead, hundreds wounded and at least two dozen women  sexually assaulted. Morsi’s response is to have another meeting to discuss why his policies must be followed.

It is time for the Egyptian military to end the violence by removing Morsi and having all parties work together for a coalition government –that does not include Mohamed Morsi. This man is an incompetent leader who only excels at angering those who oppose him.

Military Bases In Europe?

World War II ended in May, 1945 with the defeat of Nazi Germany.  Shortly after, the Cold War between the US/Western Europe began against the Soviet Union. By 1991,  twenty years ago, the Soviet Union collapsed and threat of war between the West and Russia ended. So, why does the United States of America maintain thousands of soldiers at bases in Europe? Pray tell, who are they prepared to fight? Billions of dollars are spent each year to maintain these troops who have no one to fight against. Why?

It is time to remove American forces from Western Europe and have them focus on areas of the world which require the presence of guns, planes and soldiers. The current situation simply wastes men, time and gobs of money. Bring Back The Troops!!

Lenin, My Lenin

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago there was something we used to call, the Soviet Union. It dominated the people of Mongolia and to show their bosses there was loyalty and gratitude for being oppresssed, people in the capital city of Ulan Bator built a large statue of the great Communist leader, Vladimir Lenin. They also named streets and buildings and cities after the founder of communism, but that was then and now is now. A museum once dedicated to the story of Lenin has now become a museum which displays ancient fossils like dinosaurs. Heck they replaced Vladimir with Tyrannosaurus bataar.

At least a fossil is silent and there is no noise concerning the beauty and glory of communism. Communism will now become an ancient relic to dwell in some  obscure museum.

I’m Winning!

Bashar al-Assad inhabits a world in which he is never wrong. He is surrounded by people who understand when talking with The Leader to present good news and make certain he goes to bed with a smile on his face. Oh, there is some turmoil and discord in Syria, but it is simply the voices -and guns- of a few mentally disturbed folk. The Leader announced to HIS people that the war was proceeding according to schedule and victory was in sight. Listen to the man:

“The army and navy has a large lead on the ground and has achieved significant gains.”

“The situation in the capital has improved and strategic areas, especially the airport road are secure.”

Now, if only “the Turkish border was closed” victory would be at hand.