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We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

France, Connexion:  “Teachers On Strike Today”

No sweat, most student minds are on strike at least 150 days a year.

Norway, Norway Post: “Horsemeat Probe”

This is one story I would gallop a mile to read.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:  “Grows Pot In Apartment”

But, what is grown in the pot?

Indonesia, Jakarta Post:  “Publish Bush Obituary”

Not a minute too soon.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald:  “Smog Crisis”

A bit too foggy to see.

Australia, Sydney MorniLoung Herald:  “I Wish I Was Dead”

Instead, I am dead in St. Louis with people worried about which high school someone attended.

Sweden, Local:  “Suicide Bomber Got Student ID”

So, who is dead, the student with real ID or suicide bomber student?

Life And Death In Saudi Arabia

Let me get this straight, Saudi Arabia is one of the “good Muslim nations” since it does not support “terrorism.” Of course, when the word, “terrorism” is employed it means someone who does not like Americans. Fayan al-Ghamdi would not be classified as a “terrorist.” He is a self styles cleric who preaches on TV the gospel of being a moral person and avoiding engaging in behavior that is not in accord with the Muslim religion. The cleric was divorced by his Egyptian born wife, Sayeda, who gained custody of their children. She allowed her five year old daughter, Lama to visit dad. A few days later Lama was taken to the hospital with a broken back, crushed skull and had been raped.

Oh, they did arrest Fayan al-Ghamdi and he will appear in court next month. If the trial goes as expected, dad will receive a short jail sentence, he will pay mom, “blood money” of about $40,000 and he will head back home. After all, he is a MAN, he is a FATHER, and according to democratic Saudi Arabian law, he really is not a “terrorist” but a dad who sort of went a bit too far. There is no law in Saudi Arabia against domestic violence of child abuse.

Saudi Arabia is one of the “good” Muslim nations. Of course, terrorism is legal in Saudi Arabia provided it is against children.

Jaw Jaw With Iran?

Negotiators representing major powers and the government of Iran have finally reached AN agreement on something. World powers offered a series of concessions, including relief from sanctions in return forf acceptance of minimum limits on uranium enrichment. The world powers agreed to end its demands that all of Iran’sstockpile of about 170kg of 20% enrichment uranium be shipped out of the country, allowing Iran enough to fuel a resaearch reactor. The ability to ship petrovchemical products would ease burdens on the Iranian government. A western diplomat said: “I think we now have traction to get into proper  detailed negotiations.”

As I recall, the main objection by Republicans of Chuck Hagel was his emphasis on negotations with Iran. Gee, it turns out that Hagel was right and the great Lindsay Graham and John McCain were  wrong!!

We Love Drug Lords!

Senior former prosecutors and assistant US attorneys who worked for the Drug Eforcement Administration have jumped sides in the war against drugs accepting the reality that the United States for nearly a hundred years has been fighting the wrong war. Robert Feitel, a Washingont based attorney admitted: “I’m not embarrassed about the fact that I changed sides.” Feitel and DEA officials like Bonnie Klapper now agree it is time to legalise drugs and accept the reality that current policies have not worked nor will ever work to end drugs in our society. As Feitel admitted, “I no longer wanted to be part of this process.”

What now?

1. Legalise drugs.

2. Have the federal government license stores to sell drugs.

3. Utilize profits from these sales to fund rehabilitation programs for those on drugs.

4. Release from jail those who are in for drug offenses.

Use common sense

Major “Terrorist” Told Trial On

He is regarded by the American government as among the major terrorists on this planet. He is of slight built, weapons of war frighten him, but this man is viewed by the US military as one to be feared due to his uncanny ability to use a computer and  secure secret documents. Bradly Manning is responsible for the infamous Wikileaks which revealed to the world conversations, recommendations and thinking of American diplomats throughout the world. He has been in jail for two years,  and now is on trial for the equivalent of treason. His lawyers asked the military judge to dismiss charges, but the ruling  revealed the trial of the century must go on-and on.

Some might regard Manning as a hero who enabled the American people to learn what was going on in their government. I assume  those whose sons and daughters died or were wounded in the Iraq or Afghanistan wars might like to know why or who was responsible for their deaths.

Some blow up buildings and kill thousands, some blow up the secrets of our diplomats and do not kill anyone.

Aid Syria-Yes Or NO?

Secretary of State  John Kerry is in Syria. He is proposing further assistance to rebels fighting against the government of  President Bashar al-Assad. “We are examining and developing ways to accelerate the political transition that the Syrian people want and deserve.” In other words, that means, we want to send aid, but we don’t want to send aid to potential terrorist anti-Assad groups. Everyone agrees that President Assad must go. But, everyone does not agree on who  will replace the man who has created chaos in his own nation.

Libya taught the American government that getting rid of a dictator like Gaddafi only brought in his wake new terrorist groups. It led to the madness in Mali and it has left Libya uncertain as to who eventually will run the nation. Hopefully, Syria, not redeux.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


Dad is one who usually cleans table in diner.

She sits, arm on table, arm on chair, waiting.

Some win lottery, I win free bagel, it evens out in end.

Boy Scouts indicate want to become gay  lovers.

A gun lover was shot on his own shooting range. Something about justifiable  homicide?

One should read the Bible after Death, not before.

We usually say, “love and hate,” not “hate and love.” I wonder why.

Some worry about size of diamond, some of size of heart.

I assume once in Heaven, one achieves peace of mind.

Most make chin firm when making firm point.

In the end, we do not believe, we finally know.

Most throw away newspapers should be.

My fondest wish is to continue having a final wish.

I alternate between fear and curiosity about Death.

Send In The Clowns To Italy!

Elections have been held in Italy, the results are in, and once again the peopleof Italy have opted to elect a clown instead of a leader. For a decade Italians elected Silvio Berlusconi as their leader, a man more comfortable with being able to  get a woman into a bed than to get an Italian into a job. All expected that after Silvio was charged with numerous crimes that his career would end. Not in Italy. His center-right bloc received 117 in the Italian Senate while the center-left bloc receivced 119. Guess who received 54 seats? Beppe Grillo, the one time comedian turned political leader!

Of course, in the United States of America we have the Republican party, a group of disgruntled comedians who believe having less money in the economy leads to more jobs. Their Tea Party compadres believe reducing taxes on the wealthy results in more jobs for those seeking work.

Beppe has createda crisis for Europe, the Republican party has created an economic crisis for America. Come to think about it, how about Beppe for president in the USA?

Cyber War By Good Guys

Among the ongoing complaints from Americans and Israelis is resort by Iran or China to the crime of cyberwar. The United States assumes it has been the victim of Chinese cyber attacks which threaten the security  of our nation. It now turns out that  American and Israeli computer experts engaged in cyber war against Iran. Researchers at the security company, Symantec have   discovered evidence that an early version of the “Stuxnet” computer virus was used to attack reprocessing plants in Iran. The US and Israel jointly developed the software in order to carry out an almost undetectable attack on Iran’s nuclear bomb making ambitiions.

The only good news is use of this virus persuaded Israel in 2011 not to immediately attack Iran in an effort to hinder their nuclear plans. OH well, it is terrible that China and Iran utilize cyber war against we innocent Americans!

Republicans For America-Sometimes

The United States of America is poised this Friday to experience dramatic cutbacks in expenditure in virtually all aspects of our government. James Koutz, head of the American Legion, issued a plea for both parties to avoid impacting the lives of Americans who serve in our armed forces. He urged contacting members of Congress in an effort to avoid cutting veteran funding for medical care or impacting their families in order to save money. “Let your elected officials know you expect them to work this out. It is unacceptable.”

Little does Mr. Koutz understand what is at stake. Does he grasp the impact on lives of millionaires if they have to pay another 3% of their income in taxes? How will this impact their nannies and maintenance of their yachts? Does Mr. Koutz realize the impact in purchase of furs and other luxuries which provide jobs to Americans??