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We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


My body reveals evidence of age, not my mind.

Choice, a decaying body or decaying mind?

I feel cheated if someone in coffee shop is sitting in MY seat.

I wonder what is the most difficult decision for God.

We say, “thank God”for good things but not bad ones.

I do not wish evil to others, leave that to the Devil.

For many, working in a caring  occupation leads to not caring.

Teenage boy dream-buying lunch for gorgeous girl.

A bewildering sight for one born in Depression is girl buying boy lunch.

Some fear Death, some fear life.

All too often I am among people, not with them.

I am Jewish by birth but inwardly possess the Irish melancholy.

I rarely stand with hands in jacket pockets.

I was born old.

Say, “Im Sorry,” And Sky Does Not Fall

The government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presents an image of toughness. It wants to make certain that Adolf Hitler gets its message that “never again” is still on top of the agenda. OK, so Hitler is dead, OK, so there is no German threat, but what about them damn Arabs?? Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu revealed there had been quiet diplomacy between his nation and Israel over the demand for an apology that arose when Israel soldiers killed Turkish citizens who were engaged in criminal activities to provide goods to those in Gaza. Instead of allowing these goods to enter Gaza, Bibi wanted to show the world he is one tough guy and has Israel troops assault civilians.

According to Davutoglu there was intense diplomatic pressure on Israel to apologize. John Kerry on a recent visit to Turkey discussed the issue and when President Obama came to Israel he persuaded Bibi that saying “I’m Sorry” does not lead to the sky falling. I understand that John McCain lacks any respect for  Obama’s diplomatic skills, but this is one example of how the black dude fostered peace. I doubt if John McCain could have accomplished this task of peace.

Big Government OK Say Opponents

Among the mysteries of modern life is why libertarians and anti-government Republicans support allowing government representatives to halt people on the streets and check their IDs. For those who fear black helicopters descending from the skies to seize one’s weapons, it is rather strange why this  person insists Federal authorities and local police can halt anyone and demand identification. Judge Sarah Barker issued an injunction against  enforcement of an Indiana law which allows warrantless arrests of people and declares invalid their possession of a counselor ID. As she put it, this law, “effects warrantless arrests for matters that are not crimes.”

My question–how does a cop know which person on the street has a counselor ID? In reality, this law allows any policeman to half any citizen and demand an ID. Welcome to the land of Big Brother. I await another filibuster by Senator Rand Paul against this form of Big Government.

Pakistan-The No Man’s Land

As an American it is difficult for me to note  problems in other nations of the world in which ethnic or racial discord makes for problems for those who are a minority. As someone raised in the Western world it is difficult noting religious strife since our history is marked by over a hundred years of death and destruction between Protestants and Catholics. Pakistan contains  various Muslim sects who prefer anger and discord to coming together as those who believe in the faith of the Prophet. Members of the Hazara ethnic group are confronting what they term to be a genocide program to destroy them as those outside the main stream of the Muslim religion.

During the past several months, 216 Hazaras have been murdered and most than 300 injured as well as destruction of homes and businesses. Many are now contemplating  heading towards Australia even though this entails a dangerous seas voyage. As one person noted, “young Hazara men are trying to go by boat.”

Isn’t it wonderful that in the 21st century we still kill in the name of God those who believe in God.

Exploitation Of Basketball Players

It is March madness and thousands of college basketball players are risking their health, if not their life, giving all for the home team. A kid on the  Louisville team broke a let, will head for the hospital, and perhaps his dream of an NBA job is over. Of course, his beloved Louisville team will get millions of dollars, alumni will be happy and will contribute more millions of dollars. The players will get their pictures in the paper or on TV or on Internet, but no money will head in their direction. If their playing career ends, they will at least receive free tuition for their efforts, but not a dime in money.

The coach of the dream team from Florida, who earned $155,000 this year will probably receive an offer paying him about a million a year. Coaches make money, the school makes money, and athletes play for love of the game. There is something wrong with this equation.

Tax Rich End Society

French President Francois Hollande is accused of seeking to end the French way of life because he wants to tax income over $1,300,000. During World War II in the United States of America there was a top level of 90% tax on income over a million dollars a year. We had this quaint idea that in the midst of a crisis everyone had to pay their fair share. That 90% top rate did not end for twenty years. Despite “confiscating” the wealth of those with money, the US enjoyed a boom economy and the middle class did very well. Conservatives decry raising minimum wages to $9 an hour which they claim will lead to less profit and fewer jobs. Of course, the boss can take a lower wage which would free up money to avoid firing people.

These days the average income of a CEO in America exceeds a million a  year. I have a hunch most could get along on $900,000.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald:  “Perfect Story”

Republicans finally understand economics 101.

Turkey, Hurriyet:  “Online Shopping Booms”

Employment declines in stores.

Sweden, Local: “Child Poverty Debate”

Let them starve or let them live decent lives?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:  “Doomsday Drama”

Republicans playing roles of idiots.

Russia, Moscow Times:  “Putin Not Pictured With Crime Boss”

Unless it is a photograph of him?

Canada, Toronto Star:  “I Was A Bully”

Confessions of Newt Gingrich.

The Sky Ain’t Falling In US

Mitt Romney insists that his greatest sorrow in losing the presidential election is that if only he was president the American economy would be booming and there would be jobs for all. His wife claims she cries every night because the black dude is in the White House instead of her beloved husband whose presence would have ensured prosperity to the American people. Of course, if Mitt’s ideas were in place, the US would be following the austerity ideas of UK Prime Minister David Cameron. The British economy is NOT generating jobs. The American economy this year will generate at least 2,500,000 new jobs. Housing is booming. The stock market has reached new record highs. Yes, elect Barack Obama, yes, do not follow Romney ideas of austerity and things are doing much better.

Has the recession ended? No, it has not. Republicans block every effort to spend money on our infrastructure which would create thousands of jobs. Sorry, Mitt, the sky did not fall, and things are getting a bit better each month.

Oh Them Wetbacks

Let’s face it, Republicans are NOT against the presence of illegal immigrants, they just want to return to the good old days when them wetbacks tended to ranch products and then returned for a siesta in dear beloved Mexico. In the good old days, they never lingered long enough to have children who went to OUR schools and cost us money. Of course, during World War II about a million of those wetbacks were asked to come to America and tend to our crops while American soldiers were fighting overseas. Republican Congressman Don Young summed up his party’s stance on illegal immigrants. “My father had a ranch, we used to have 40-50 wetbacks  to pick tomatoes. It takes two people to pick the same tomatoes, we now have technology.” And, let’s make clear this technology does not have children.

Republican farmers much prefer a world in which they can have as many wetbacks as they want, just as long as once the crops are in, they fly back to Mexico and only return when the next crop has come in. Ah, the good old days when wetbacks knew their place in our capitalist scheme of things.

Maher In Real Time

The Catholic League is very upset about one of its flock who supposedly has fallen away from the Catholic religion. Bill Maher continues to make sarcastic comments about the new Pope as he did the old Pope and has he does for far too many Catholic priests. He is not a “bad” Catholic, he simply is a Catholic trapped in the words and deeds of Pope John XXIII who attempted to bring his church into the 20th century. Bill Donohoue of the Catholic League insists the other Bill has to quit making those remarks and behave himself. There are not “good” or “bad” Catholics, there are simply those who believe their church should adhere to certain Catholic principles.

Perhaps, the Catholic Church needs to engage in a serious debate and the more voices joining in this discussion the better it is for the Church. The debate might begin by engaging nuns in a serious discussion as to whether changes are necessary in their organization. Nuns love the Church, why not listen to their voices?