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We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


I am now at a one coffee cup level for the day.

People baffle me, they behave so human.

The only important judgement is that held by your children on your behavior.

Some nod in agreement with eyes, some with words.

There is a moment in life when we decide our life.

To keep one’s word is important. It tells who you are.

A waitress approaches table slowly with tray. A waiter moves quicker.

All too often a one cell phone lunch by two men.

My only certainty in 2013 is the lack of jobs.

Toe gets the entire body shut down.

A parking lot holding two cars creates questions or wonder.

When sun is out, we walk with greater certitude.

Sounds from my youth are no longer heard.

Red Lines In The Sand

A problem when a war rages on for year after year is that it becomes unclear how this war began or who is doing what, when. President Obama made clear there is a “red line in the sand” if evidence emerges the Syrian government has employed chemical weapons of destruction. At this point, President Obama is somewhat unclear if the evidence is conclusive. On the other hand, Iran, which supports the government of President Bashar al-Assad, made clear the use of chemical weapons is a “red line” which can not be crossed. Naturally, from their perspective rebel forces are using chemical weapons of destruction. As Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi commented: “we have always emphasized tha the use of chemical weapons on the part of anyone is our red line.”

I am unclear, what exactly will Iran do if rebels do use chemical weapons. Then again, I am unclear as to what President Obama will do if Assad uses chemical weapons. Perhaps, we can get both sides together and allow each to use one chemical weapon in  order to get this out of their system.

Flash: There Are Gay Basketball Players!

There is war, there is famine, there are people dying due to fighting between people, but a more explosive issue just exploded in the world-a gay basketball player! Jason Collins, who plays center for the Washington Wizard basketball team informed the world that he is of the  gay persuasion. Some sport newscasters are furious at the thought of a gay man on the court whose body actually touches that of a “normal person”of the basketball persuasion. We can only assume that since aircraft controllers are back at work, the media needs something to become concerned about in our lives. Yes, Virginia, not only is there Santa Claus, but there are gay basketball players in existence.

Flash, just in, reports of a lesbian basketball player! Wow, I never realized that lesbian women played basketball player, I just thought men and women were straight. OH well, Fox News now has something to discuss and warn the American people about -gay and lesbian folk who play ball. Now, that I know this, I can go to sleep tonight.

Life In Republican Land

The Republican Party increasingly reveals evidence that it has lost connection with the world of reality. Congressman Roger blasted officials working for the Transportation Department because they never informed Mr. Rogers of possible problems if  funds for the FAA were  cut. The entire nation knew there would be flight delays but Congressman Roger was  never individually informed about this reality. He is upset.

Congressman Duncan Hunter was holding a hearing to denounce Army plans when Army Secretary John McHugh and General Raymond Odierno became upset because they were not allowed to respond to the congressman’s question. McHugh asked: “May we respond, I think I heard a question? Well, I don’t think I want to respond if the gentleman’s going to leave? Would you please hear a brief response?

Hunter:  “If you don’t let me say anything we can’t  have a discussion.”

Odierno: “Well, you weren’t gonna let us say anything>”

Hunter: “Well, you’re right, but I have the prerogative when I’m sitting here.”

Odierno:  “Well, I have a  prerogative too and that’s to answer a question accurately.”

Hunter:  Happy Friday

Such is life in Republican Land.

Flying Saucers Sighted!

I am old enough to recall the good old days when people gazed with anxiety at the sky as flying saucers zoomed above. For some reason, our extraterrestrial folk only wanted to go to the state of Arizona, I gather they came from warm planets and they were rather short and looked like illegal immigrants from Mexico. Six former members of Congress who were unable to arrive at a budget plan decided to hold hearings in order to discuss our alien neighbors. Stanton Friedman informed the meeting that a “flying saucer crashed and was retrieved by the government.” Life forms in this saucer have been kept in a secret room for over half a century while wars and famine rage on the planet.

I now understand why Congress is unable to reach a compromise on the budget. They have to get clearance from the alien government which is still debating whether or not to remain  on this planet. I suggest if they really are “intelligent life forms”they should be racing to the nearest saucer and heading to where there truly are “intelligent life forms.” It is beyond belief that Republican life exists on other planets in this universe. Alien, go Home. Now!

CIA And Afghanistan

President Hamid Karzai admitted that his government received millions of dollars from the CIA during the past decade. The money was delivered in suitcases, in backpacks, and even in shopping bags. Karzai insists the money was only used to bring peace and prosperity to his land. Under no condition did his government used this money for other than programs to aid the poor or build roads and hospitals. Rumors of payments to war lords, to drug dealers, to fellow officials or to himself are absolutely not true. Hamid is a man of God, he is a man with only one concern-the welfare of his own people.

There might be some rumors about money going to drug lords, heck, there might even be some rumors that his brother was into the drug trade. But, since the CIA is only concerned with peace and charity, we can rest assured no money ever went to other than beneficial work for the people of Afghanistan.

Oh, Karzai did say something about money from Iran.

Death For The Poor In Bangladesh

I frequently play a game with people. I ask each to check where their clothes and shoes were manufactured. Rarely, does anyone use the word, “America” in offering a response. Our shirts, pants, dresses, shoes, sneakers, coats are being produced in  nations of Asia and the workers are those from impoverished groups who simply will accept low wages in order to survive. Unfortunately, thes people work in unsafe conditons, they work long hours, and receive minimal pay since owners have but one goal-make money. A clothes factory in Bangladesh collapsed this week with early estimates of  300 dead, but the final total might exceed 1,000.  No, the factory did not suffer from a fire, it just sighed and collapsed — of age?

Rescue efforts are hampered by lack of modern equipment and people are even using their bare hands to get rid of debris as they seek to find bodies. For some reason, when hundreds were initially evacuated, they were allowed to return for personal effects resulting in even more deaths.

Initial reports indicate the owner built the factory on marshy land and paid bribes to endanger the lives of workers. In reality, since they are poor people, there will be no punishment for wealthy people who murdered them.


We offer samples of headlines that appeard in the world press along with our comments.

UK,Guardian:  NY Next Stop On Bombers List”

I guess they wanted to make a big bomb on Broadway.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:  “Bigger Pig Profits”

Let’s not get piggish about this.

Norway, Norway Post:  “When Is Enough Not Enough”

When it comes to lower and lower taxes for the wealthy accoding to Mitt.

Sweden, Local:  “Historic Prayer Call”

From God Himself?

France, Connexion:  “Haunted Family Rehoused”

T0 the spook house in the circus?

UK, Independent:  “One Giant Leap For Mankind?”

We found a Wall Street manager who reduced his salary??

USA, NY Daily News:  “Collision With Hens”

This is one story not to cackle about!


I AM Right!

It is rather unfortunate that the Republican party lacks a charismatic figure like Vladimir Putn to lead them into the valley of rich harvests and happy folk. He just completed a four hour talk-in show during which he assured the people of Russia that all was going well and he knew exactly how to create a modern economically healthy society. Step One is to ensure anyone who doubts his policies spends some time in Siberia making goods in a prison factory. OK, so figures indicate the Russian economy is sluggish, OK, so Russia continues depending on natural resources rather than modern technology centers, OK, so bribery is common, OK, so those with divergent ideas wind up in prison. Examine what was just written and all you have are a lot of OKs.

The Great Leader made clear that he DOES understand economics. When asked about corruption in his government he insisted that HE was against it, BUT, “people fighting against corruption must be crystal clear.” I assume he means they must identify people who hate Putin as the corrupt folk. If they charge men and women around the Wise Leader as corrupt, then it is Siberia time.

As the Wise Leader emphasizes, “a thief should be in jail.” We agree!

Wall Street Criminals

In olden days the United States had presidents who blasted the wealthy of this nation and made clear what they thought of Wall Street greedy leaders. Republican Theodore Roosevelt made clear his dislike of those with wealth who thought nothing of exploiting poor people. Franklin Roosevelt welcomed attacks by the wealthy because he regarded them as only interested in one thing-themselves and making money. Harry Truman gave them hell and welcomed their dislike. Professor Jeffrey Sachs, recently cited by Time as among the most 100 important people in the world spoke bluntly  at the Federal Reserve concerning his views of Wall Street. He regards this as a street of infamy and prostitution where people sell their souls for money.

“What has been revealed, in my view, is prima farcie criminal behavior. It’s financial fraud on a very large effect. They have no responsibility to pay taxes, they have no responsibility to their clients, they have no responsibility to people…They are tough, greedy and fell absolutely out of control.” The problem is compounded by “a docile president, a docile White House, and a docile regulatory system that absolutely can’t find its voice.”

We also have a Congress bought by Wall Street and fearing any horrible event such as wealthy people paying a few extra thousand dollars in taxes. The sky would fall down if such a  calamity occurred.