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We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Russia, Moscow Times:  “Russian Cities Get Tolerance Centers”

No speeches allowed from Vladimir Putin in them.

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Tipsy Youth Booze Restrictions”

I will drink to that one.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:  “Ban Spin Doctors”

I guess that means we have to close down Fox News.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post:  “Probe Spanish King’s Daughter”

Not too deeply, I hope.

USA, NY Post:  “Anti-Doping Agency Gets Grant”

Bad news for Republicans in Congress.

China, China Daily:  “New Life On Mars?”

Hopefully, not human!

New Zealand,  New Zealand Herald:  “Xi Pledges To Safeguard Environment”

That is like asking the  fox to guard the chicken place.

Algeria Waits In Wings

A consistent characteristic of leaders in the Middle East is that  once in power, always in power. Once they get the job of head honcho it is virtually impossible to get them to leave and become an  ordinary citizen. Abdelaziz Bouteflicka has been president of Algeria since the time my hair was dark, rather than its current whiteness. Latest reports from the country indicate their main man is currently residing in a hospital in Paris where military doctors are doctoring to his medical needs. Algerian publisher, HIcham ABoudinjad made the mistake of printing a story about the president being ill so he wound up in jail for  even suggesting the head man might not be able to continue in that position.

Bouteflicka and his National Independence Front have been up front leading Algeria since the 1960as and their goal is to celebrate a hundredth year in power. The tragedy  of the Middle East is that not a single country has a man like Nelson Mandela who can walk away from power.

Be Famous, Get Letters

There is something rather strange when certain leaders in the world receive letters touched with ricin while other famous folk never get such unsolicited missives from strangers. New York City Mayor Bloomberg got a letter that had touches of ricin and so did President Obama. I found it curious that both letters did not reveal from whom they came, they just appeared  at the working address of Barack Obama and Mr.Bloomberg. It raises the issue as to what do these two men possess that apparently members of the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives do not  possess?

This is a blatant attack on Republican party leadership since they are not even capable of getting the kook brigade to send them nasty letters. Perhaps, since Michele Bachmann is not running for reelection she has the time to write  ricin laden letters to Republican leaders and attract the kook vote?

Legal Procedures In Afghanistan

From day one in the famous “war against terror” that was proclaimed by draft dodgers Dick Cheney and George Bush, the issue as to who is a “legitimate”enemy combat and who is not a legitimate one has been at the center of American law dealing with war. During World War II, the governments of England and the US urged Nazi leaders not to murder those who were opposing their conquest by Germany. It was common for the German army to execute a 100 civilians if a single German soldier was killed by the Resistance. Even children were thrown into  jail for opposing enemy troops in their land. Of course, during the American invasion of Afghanistan in 2001,hundreds of people were thrown into jail on grounds that someone had denounced them as an enemy soldier.

Twelve years later most of those denounced as Islamic militants have not only NOT been charged, but have not even been tried as to whether or not they were guilty of crimes during the invasion. Afghan President Karzai wants the British to turn over captured militants, but they hesitate since there are fears any prisoner turned over will be tortured, if not killed.

I get lost. British authorities have jailed these men for over twelve years and have yet to place them on trial. So, the British worry about them being tortured. What exactly do the British term keeping men in jail without a charge of trial for twelve years?

Sheriff Joe Got His Gun Ready

Sheriff Joe is one mean dude and he is not the kind of man who gives a damn about laws and courts since God appointed him guardian of the borders of the United States of America. Sheriff Joe Arpaio has spent the past two decades guarding-almost single handedly–America’s border with Mexico and intends to make certain that no dark skinned folk can walk the streets of an American town without encountering a policeman who will make clear that OUR streets belong to white skinned God loving folk. There are some groups of people seeking to gather petitions to recall our God loving sheriff, but they will not put a halt to his efforts to clean streets of dark skinned folk whose ancestors come or came from Mexico.

OK, so there are over400 cases of sex crimes that Joe just didn’t get around to investigating. But,which comes first-protecting America against a Mexican invasion or paying attention to some gal who claims a guy assaulted her? OK,so Joe has cost the government about $25 million in charges against the police. The bottom line is that Joe is for US and will protect US against THEM and you know who THEM are, don’t you?

Know When To Walk Softly

I was raised on the streets of New York City in the borough of the Bronx which means that from birth I was taught how to behave when the police were upset. Lesson one is when the cops are angry, one should walk and talk mighty softly because it makes no sense to get guys who carry guns made at you. Ibragim Todashev is angry because the FBI and Boston police stopped his son in order to check into the boy’s relationship with the Boston Marathon Massacre. There is no doubt that his son knew the boys, hung around with the boys and had a reputation for informing the world that he supported Muslim terrorists.

It is not a crime to know people who are criminals. However, according to dad, “they shoot somebody and then a shot in the head to make sure. These just aren’t FBI agents, they’re bandits.” The man might have a point since the boy was unarmed and wound up with several bullets in his head. To repeat Lesson One, talk softly when cops ask you questions about a buddy who wound up killing people and causing others to lose limbs.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


If you are in search of a headache, just read any statement from the NRA.

Most place laptop under left arm.

If God takes a vacation,where does he go? I assume to another universe.

Each month my coffee intake drops.

I wonder at which part of the day humans  are most profound.

There is a  time when an athlete should realize it is time to take a time out.

One should know when to leave the stage of life.

Some females throw back the back and others throw forward their breasts.

We all too often do not know our strengths.

Some have eyes that light up with excitement.

Some thrust open door with determination.

Some play with lip while talking.

Some synchronize bites with spouse.

There is always a  moment when one does not know if winter has really departed.

Some give food order leaning on counter, others take a step back.

Some lean down to right while laughing.

Middle age daughter clears debris for mom.

It must be right if three heads nod in agreement.

If two are on one side of table and one on the other, guess who controls the conversation?

Kill The Chief And End War

President Barack Obama has based his drone killing policy on the assumption that if leaders are killed then their followers will pack up their bags and head home which ensures that peace is just around the corner. A drone killed Waliur Rehman some place in Pakistan and American leader jumped for joy. US officials insist this killing of the No. 2 commander of the Pakistan Taliban would be a strong blow to insurgent activity in this tribal area. Initial reports indicate the Taliban leader was killed along with other people. There is no comment as to who these other people were or whether they, in fact, were members of the Pakistan Taliban.

It is an ASSUMPTION that killing the top guy leads to collapse of the movement. Osama bin Laden has been dead for over a year and during that time period, al-Qaeda has GROWN in strength. There is not a single example in the 20th century of an important rebellion ceasing because top leaders were killed. This assumption merely indicates that western leaders simply can not fathom that large numbers of people AGREE with their leaders. Killing the top man simply makes followers even MORE determined to fight on.

Hungary Does Not Hunger For Democracy

The European Parliament has expressed concern about laws being passed in Hungary which, in effect, would empower conservatives to push through whatever laws they desire including denying free speech to opponents. Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban has trampled on basic values of the European Union. Early this month the EU Parliament’s Rapporteur for the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs blasted a new Hungarian law which prevents its Supreme Court from declaring unconstitutional laws passer by Parliament. This Committee is raising an issue-should the European Union take action against the Hungarian government or should it allow a member to ignore the basis of what is meant by being in the European Union?

It is time to eject Hungary from the EU and allow its dictatorial leaders life without being part of a continental alliance. Even Angela Merkel, a leading conservative is ready to take action. There is evidence that many conservative groups in the EU will support action against a leading conservative party.

Good Or Bad News??

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has finally ended the dilemma as to whether or not she will run for Congress. She announced on her website that she will not run for re-election to Congress and  if nominated she will still refuse to run. Michele wants to make clear to the entire nation that if she did run, victory was assured and she has thousands of cartons of tea that would be guarantee her victory. I realize that liberals and Socialists and Muslim terrorists have been dealt a blow since this means Michele has time and energy to plot their demise.

My secret sources inform me that Congresswoman Bachmann realized that she had to widen the scope of  her knowledge and this would require time to read at least five books. Once she has read the five books not only does she get a gold star from her local library, but she will get a ticket to a movie of her choice. So, which is more important, the gold star or being in Congress? Given the ability of Congress to pass laws, I opt for the gold star.