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We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


I wonder how my life would have been different with blond hair and blue eyes.

I wonder who invented the Happy Hour and why?

Pain always leads to new pain.

There are times in life to take the short cut.

Some small girls walk with hands behind backs.

I was never in class with a blond haired person until high school. I am East European Jewish.

I am reaching a point when bagels are boring.

Some drop penny and walk on, I do not.

Few Children peer intently as mom talks.

As a child I felt powerless unless playing ball.

God gave us a sixth sense since he gave us a human mind.

Child loves it when dad holds her up high.

Some drink coffee as though it was a  precious item to be preserved.

Some stride from coffee shop  prepared for fight at OK Corral.

Youth prefers appearance to substance in political leader.

I pick up pennies, I am Depression born.

Can of soup is a dollar, in restaurant it is $3.00. Do the math which to purchase.

Decline And Fall Of GOP?

The Republican party of the United States of America is fast approaching an historic moment regarding its future. The Senate passed by a vote of 68-32 a bill that provides a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million illegal immigrants. More than a dozen Republican Senators voted for the bill. But, House Speaker John Boehner has made clear the Senate bill would not be accepted as is, and Republicans in the House of Representatives will put together their own version. Reality– there is no probability any bill coming out of the House stands any chance of being accepted by the Senate nor does it contain any likelihood that even a majority of Republicans will agree on anything that makes sense. Since Boehner will not allow a vote on an immigration bill that does not contain a majority vote of Republicans, no bill will be forthcoming.

Yes, states like Texas can still secure a majority white vote, but within twenty years even that bastion of stupidity will no longer contain a majority of bigots. Destiny lies in NUMBERS and those numbers indicate the end of  white European rule in America. By 2040 about 20% of people will be a mixture of white and dark. The numbers decide the future, not John Boehner.

Tip Toe Politely In Ankara

It increasingly is clear that Turkish society is split with about 35% of its people seeking to RETAIN the current society and most of the remainder seeks to impose changes that increase the power of those supporting more religious tones to life. The battle in Istanbul over a park really has nothing to do with the part, it is a response to the increasingly authoritarian rule of Prime Minister Recep Erdogan. His attempt to destroy a park and replace it with a mall is simply Recep in action as the man who does what he desires and you had better shut up or spend time in prison.

Demonstrations in Ankara reveal the same split.Youth is confronting government leadership and their conflict centers around the rights of people to protest. Hundreds were blasted by water, beaten with batons and dragged to jail. A few dozen are either in jail or must appear in court. Erdogan can readily beat up people, but the end result will be a divided nation.

So,Where Is Edward??

The United States of America devotes several hundred billion dollars in order to defeat our enemies.We have dozens of spy agencies that spend their days and nights tracking down bad people. Ah, and out of the nowhere appeared a young man named, Edward Snowden who divulged to the world “secrets”that if revealed would result in the collapse of the American nation. This man of evil is someplace in the world and despite the thousands who daily work to track down bad people none, as of yet has been able to spot the ever elusive man from Hawaii. He is either at an airport in Moscow, some place in Hong Kong, in Venezuela or perhaps in Ecuador. I have heard from authoritative sources that he is spending his evenings in Central Park.

President Rafael Correa of Ecuador on Monday says his nation is ready to grant asylum but on Wednesday he is worried about a trade pact with the US. Finally, President Obama made sense by noting he will  not spend his time tracking down a 29 year old hacker.

CIA In New York City?

The CIA was created after the end of World War II in order to provide the nation with an agency that focused on events throughout the world. The domestic aspect of America was protected by local and state police as well as the national agency known as the FBI. It was very specific in creating a spy agency that it spied throughout the world, not at home. A formerly classified report from the inspector general indicates that CIA agents worked with the New York City police. As an unofficial part of the NYPD these CIA agents were engaged in surveillance activities within New York City. These agents had access to NYPD facilities, reports and could engage in investigations within the United States of America.

Oh well, so what is new? Someone shouted, “National Security” and everyone in sight agreed to ignore the Constitution and “cooperate.” We inhabit an America in which there is an ambiguous line between domestic and foreign. In a sense, everything is open to spy agencies. After all, they protect us from “terrorists!!”


Brazil ended its dictatorial regimes years ago and has lived under what is termed a “democracy”for decades. Those who were brutalized gained power and promised to use national resources in order to enrich the lives of all citizens. But, once in power, the glamor of the good life and nice clothes and apartments assumed a new force in the lives of those who once were poor. For the past month, thousands of people have protested in the streets of Rio de Janeiro and other cities because the government is allocating resources for stadiums and the Olympics in order to raise the “prestige” of Brazil.

How does one measure, “prestige?” Is it measured by hosting an Olympics of World Cup or does it arise from new hospitals and schools and low cost bus fares. Obviously, it is difficiult boasting that people can ge to work inexpensively, or that health care is readily available. After all, which comes first, hosting the Olympics or ensuring that no baby dies at birth??


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our  comments.

UK,New Statesman:  “Worse Yet To Come”

After two years of Republican control of House of Representatives, I doubt it.

USA, NY Observer:  “Engineers To Clean Up Shit”

Could you ask them to do the same for our government?

Canada, Toronto Star:  “School Board To Rescue Music Staff”

What a pleasant tune?

France, Connexion:  “Mum, Sit My Exam”

Once again cleaning up your shit.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:  “Every Guy Grab A Gal”

I said, gal, not gun!

They really can’t be worse than drunken people!

UK, Guardian:  “What We Love About France”


Rick Perry, Upholder Of Democracy

Governor Rick Perry of the state of Texas is among the most significant political leaders and a well known expert on constitutional law. OK, so occasionally he forgets the names of those in the Cabinet, OK, so he is rather vague as to what is happening in the world, but he does understand that after 20 weeks of pregnancy a woman has conceived a living human being. The governor is furious at Wendy Davis who filibustered against his proposed new law that bans an abortion after twenty weeks of pregnancy. According to Perry, “we have witnessed the hijacking of the democratic process by a woman who has “failed to learn from her mistakes asa single mother.”

Perry insists those fighting against abortion conduct themselves with “civility, and dignity.” I do not recall a single example of those supporting abortion rights who ever killed anyone. Sorry, the same can not be said for those who oppose abortion.

Oh, Texas this week will execute its 500th prisoner for the act of murder. A record unmatched in the entire world. So much for civility.

2nd Egyptian Revolution?

Egypt is fast approaching the first anniversary of Mohamed Morsi’s election to the presidency. Of course, this “election” was not based on the entire population but resulted from low turnouts and dubious counting of votes. He has become a national disaster of incompetence and a  lightening rod of anger and hate. About 15 million people have signed a petition asking him to depart and in the coming weeks there will be hundreds of thousands demanding his ouster and hundreds of thousands from the Muslim Brotherhood insisting that he must remain as their leader. The key word is that he is the “leader” of a minority of Egyptians.

Army tanks are in the streets of Cairo and in other cities. Everyone is prepared for demonstrations, angry crowds and violence. Opponents argue “it’s a second revolution,”certainly the view of the National Salvation Front which wants Morsi to depart. Morsi gave a rambling speech in which he claims “enemies of Egypt” are behind these protests. I shortly expect him to blame protests on Mossad and Israel.

There is a strong likelihood that Army may have to intervene. In other words, a revolution to oust the Army from power will shortly ask the Army to return in order to avoid death and destruction. Mohamed Morsi-ye have tarried too  long, DEPART if you love Egypt!!

Punish The Victims!

The people of Bangladesh are among the poorest on this planet and millions of women work under slave conditions in order to secure enough money to feed their families. They toil in unsafe factories and hundreds have died due to lack of proper and safe working conditions. During the past few months there were several horrible accidents due to lack of protection for workers. So, what does the American government do to protect the poor people of Bangladesh? It removed free trade privileges including duty  free trade rights in order to punish Bangladesh manufactuers for their failure to protect workers. In other words, people who  lack safe working conditions no longer will have to worry about this problem because they just lost their jobs!

The solution is simple. American manufacturers should insist that Bangladesh bosses ensure their plants are safe for workers. What exactly is hard to compehend? Protect the workers, and they do not get protected if they no longer have jobs!