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We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along withour comments.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald:  “Dead Woman Wakes Up”

Just as it was in 2011 when Tea Party got power. Rich still rich.

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Man With Machete Terror Victim”

Not much  good against a machine gun.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:   “Porn Ambitions”

Story of Anthony Weiner.

India, Times of India:  “Trump Launches India Project”

President for life?

UK,  Independent:  “Fan Throws Urine”


USA, NY Post:  “Dogs Provide Psychiatric Service”

They charge five  bow wows.

USA, NY Daily News:  “Rising Flood-Car Gets Ticket”

Why didn’t you move it under the water?

Delusions Of Grandeur

Anthony Weiner went on another tirade against an intern who made some remarks. What she said or did not say is of no importance. Weiner is a member of the world of politics, a sanctuary in which men and women portray themselves as heroic figures whose presence is required if society is to pursue its daily life. They are convinced each comment made carries import that goes beyond the normal expressions of ordinary humans. Of course, what they say today is forgotten by 99.9% of humans and the only people who remember a single aspect of their tirade is a member of their personal family. Their words disappear into the winds of time without a trace. Mr.Weiner is convinced that he IS needed in the city of New York. He actually believes that his
program for New York City makes sense and would change lives.

Mr.Weiner reminds me of the little boy who was last chosen when teams were being created on the elementary school fields of play. He was the one who hopped around desperately waving arms in hope the captain would call out his name. He is a little boy who became a congressman and did not pass a single law during his term of office. However, he did make a lot of noise.

Brutality Remains In Egypt

The massacre of over 80 people the past weekend in Egypt simply makes even clearer that establishing the basis of a democratic society is a long process. Two years ago as thousands flocked to Tahrir Square in Cairo demanding the end of the Mubark era of dictatorial rule, there were great expectations of freedom being born. Unfortunately, it was a still birth and no baby democracy emerged from the womb of protest. Unfortunately for Egypt, it did not get a Nelson Mandela, instead arrived an incompetent small minded man named Mohamed Morsi who lacked any grasp as to the process of creating a democratic society. He was a religious fundamentalist leading a nation which contained a high percent of people who lacked his religious fervor and were more interested in jobs and a normal life.

The Egyptian government announced the revival of Mabadhith Amn ad Dawla, the secret police who now will be able to return to torture and brutality–of the bad guys! The players in the drama of government have changed, but the play’s theme of violence and death remains in place. We need a new writer of the script.

The Rodriguez Factor

Bud Selig is expected within the next few days to announce suspensions from baseball of a host of players including Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees. For some strange reason they gave this then thirty year old player a ten year pact worth over two hundred million dollars. In other words, they expected him to be a top player worth $20 million a year when the age of 40. Within a few years other such player pacts were given to Alex Puljos, Carl Crawford and other men who soon displayed the reality of how age makes the body get ill. The Yankees are waiting expectantly for Alex to be banned–hopefully for life so they do not have to pay him the remaining $87 million.

The list of ordinary players earning astronomical sums goes on and on. Of course, to pay for these ridiculous salaries, the price of seats has to be raised. In other words, businessmen foul up and the consumer pays for there mistakes. I await action from Congress and the president to rescue the Yankees and Los Angeles Angels for their mistaken contracts. After all, baseball is too big to go under!

Shut Up–T0 Death Van!!

Yelena Mizulina is a concerned member of the State Duma who intends to protect the rights of fellow members against those who would trample on their right to be a bigot. It definitely states in the Russian Constitution that members of the Duma have the right to send to jail any who challenge their intelligence or patriotism. She is upset at Nikolai Alexeyev, a gay activist who claims the right to make critical remarks about those in the Duma. For some reason, he believes “free speech” entitles one to degrade the moral stance of a member of Parliament. Alexei blames her for the law which bans the right of gays to send “propaganda” to minors about the virtues of being gay or lesbian. He sent a petition to the White House noting this woman was responsible for this law which endangers the rights of gays and lesbians.

Yelena wants to place Alexei on the list of community service and she wants him to work in the coroner’s van where he can speak his dangerous words to the dead. Fair enough. Now if only the corpse was Yelena!

A Dozen Years Of Death

We are fast approaching the twelfth year of the war in Afghanistan. A dozen years have passed, a dozen years during which “bad guys” were killed and an awful lot of “good guys” also died. In theory, the US and its allies in the Afghanistan government should now be discussing the certain end to this adventure in failure. Past history in China and Vietnam should have made any American leader aware that unless land reform and attention was paid to establishment of an honest government the end result would be triumph of the “bad guys.” Instead, the CIA handed over bags of money to President Karzai and his merry band of crooks and incompetents. So, what is the end result after 12 years?

Death of civilians is rising again. Nearly 1,500 have died so far this year.

Over 2,500 have been wounded.

Children continue to die.

There is no end to the war.

We have simply replicated Vietnam on a smaller scale.

Shoot On Sight!

Clarksville High School has decided to protect its children against violence by arming 20 teachers and administrators with concealed guns. Each day about fifty million children enter schools and this is done about 180 times a year. Statistically, among the most safe places for a child is being in a school. At most in the entire history of America about 30 children die each year due to acts of violence and in most years the percent is even lower. Yes, children died in Connecticut, but that was a very unusual act. So, this school in Arkansas has decided to confront a non-existent problem by creating a problem. They have just informed every disturbed young boy or girl that teachers have guns. Guess what? Students now have an incentive to carry a gun because they know teachers have them.m

Has anyone considered the possibility that some teachers are also emotionally disturbed? This action creates a new scenario– an emotionally upset teacher burdened by the stress of teaching high school simply loses his cool. There is as much possibility of a teacher becoming the shooter as there arriving a shooter.

Who knows– is the shooter now in the school?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


Never underestimate the incompetence of managers of athletic teams.

Some purse lips before ordering.

I doubt if Jesus wore a cross.

Some chomp and talk.

There is always a fifth chance in life. Just wait.

We are flawed because we are human.

Some place hands across body and clutch sides.

Unusual for young daughter to give dad directions.

Mental fatigue more overwhelming than physical.

To see the dawn is to see the future.

We all too often fear what we know.

To believe in love is to believe in life.

So much to learn,so little time.

Conflict is the human condition.

I once walked in fields of flowers,I will end in them.

Some wave as they enter.

Most females hold purse in right hand.

There is one thing money can not buy–Life.

Some love dogs, me,I love people.

Obama Extremism!!

The Obama Administration once again has demonstrated that the man from Harvard belongs in the halls of Texas along with other extremist demagogues in America. Private Bradley Manning was found guilty, although the judge did not agree with the charge of “aiding the enemy.” Manning offered evidence the US military murdered innocent foreign correspondents. One must assume that in the view of President Obama, anyone who offers proof that American soldiers violated the Geneva Convention must be sent to jail. The guilty verdict is simply another example of the Obama administration cracking down on whistle blowers. It is frightening how Obama and his henchman, Eric Holder, regard those who challenge authority.

Perhaps, Barack Obama might consider becoming a member of the Republican party and its members who regard the powerless as deserving of being without power. Obama began his administration as a defender of the wealthy and powerful and he is concluding his reign with the same attitude!

Step One In Middle East

Upon assuming office as Secretary of State, John Kerry pledged to pursue peace in the Middle East between Israel and Palestinians. Unlike his predecessor, Hillary Clinton, who backed away from taking a tough line on Israel leaders, Kerry is demanding they enter into negotiations with Palestinian leaders. Step one is now taking place in Washington D.C. where leaders from both nations are actually sitting in the same room and discussing how to proceed on the road to peace. Kerry has simply refused to take, “no” as an answer from either side, and his nonstop motion of going back and forth has finally produced a starting point.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu finally agreed to free a hundred prisoners who had been in jail for decades. President Abbas may have to also swallow a bitter pill and sit down to negotiate without assurances that settlement building will not be proceeding. Neither side will be happy, and neither side will have the assurances they believe are necessary. John Kerry understands that successful negotiations requires taking gambles. Neither side will emerge with the “victory” they desire. But, it might just begin a process that can eventually result in peace and the end of violence. Such is the difficult road to peace.