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Chaos In Pakistan

Pakistan is a failed state and the sooner leaders of the world grasp that key point, the easier is might be to do something about a nation which has possession of atomic bombs and leaders with no idea how to create a modern democratic society. A group of 200 members of the Taliban approached a prison disguised as police officers and initiated a fight which resulted in freeing over 200 hardened terrorists who then fled to freedom in the wild lands of the nation. Nawaz Sharif is head of this nation, but there is no indication he has the faintest idea what to do or how to do anything that would lead to an economy that produced jobs and hope for the future. Most Pakistanis work hard, attempt to secure enough for their daily lives, and still regard religion as the most important aspect of their lives. They are receptive to words of hate from the Taliban and worry whether or not a girl goes to school or whether someone does something to a Koran.

Yes, religion IS important. Yes, the Muslim religion IS a foundation of daily life. Yes, the family MUST be protected. But, this is 2013 and the world proceeds along the path of economic development and a more secure life. This requires application of modern economic ideas. It requires focusing on how to ensure the lives of people so they might live a life not bound in poverty and ignorance.

Death Takes No Holiday In Egypt

The famous “Arab Spring”burst on the scene over two years ago. Thousands crowded the streets of Cairo, secular mixed with members of the Muslim Brotherhood, and Coptic Christians were seen demanding freedom along with their Islamic brothers and sisters. Great Expectations were felt in the hearts of the people of Egypt. Last weekend dozens of people were killed by security forces, this time the killers were allies of secular Egyptians in the fight against Islamic fundamentalists. What went wrong with this long needed revolution of expectations?

1. Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood missed the point of what people wanted. The Expectation was for a modern economy that provided work for all. Instead, Morsi and the MB were concerned about religious law.

2. The expectation was for uniting all people in Egypt and creating a modern democratic society. Instead, Morsi was only interested in power for one group–the Muslim Brotherhood.

3. The expectation was for finally ending control by the Armed forces over Egyptian society. Instead, Morsi was interested in ending their control and installing a new control–by the Muslim Brotherhood.

So, dozens, if not hundreds, are dead or wounded. And, there is a new war in Egypt.

Miss America Misses Her Opponent

The Republican Party has a rendevous with defeat if it continues policies of division and hatred within this nation. Erika Harold, former Miss America, entered the primary race against Congressman Rodney Davis in order to secure the nomination for Congress in Urbana, Illinois. Congressman Davis realized he had better speak up after county GOP leader in central Illinos blasted Ms. Harold. He denounced Miss Harold by noting she was biracial and acted like a “street walker” but she could “fill a law firm’s minority quota.” Mr. Allen’s comments did not register happily for Congressman Davis who realized these forms of  comments only reinforced beliefs that Republicans are bigots at heart.

Apparently, it is beginning to come to the attention of normal Republicans the old days of insults and derision toward minorities will not win elections. He told the media “there are no excuses for his behavior. I am not making any. I sure hope it doesn’t affect my campaign.” Why not check with Mitt Romney.

Guns Over Butter

The Republican Party in the House of Representatives is committed to reducing government spending and that is why it passed a bill for our armed forces that is at the level of $638 billion. In other words, although the US has exited Iraq, and is in the process of departing from Afghanistan the end result is we must spend MORE money on our armed forces and simply lack funds for child care or education. After all, the US needs more tanks and  fast jet planes in case we have to confront the famous Albanian air force or confront the tank corps of Syria. Billions for defense but not one cent for health care or Head Start. Along with the process of reducing government spending for rebuilding our infrastructure or needs of the poor, the House of Representatives refuses to close down Guantanamo Bay prison in order to prevent criminals from coming to America.

Latest polls indicate that less than 10% of Americans have any trust that Congress displays any interest in their needs for a more  just society. These people simply inhabit their own little world and Superman will not be available this summer to restore peace and prosperity to the nation.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Canada, Toronto Star:  “Major Arrested, Gets Severance Pay”

Keep it in the chain of command for sake of officers.

Germany, Der Spiegel:  “Number One Charity”

In the Republican party that means the top 1%.

China, China Daily:  “China Loves Shoe Orders
That sure allows kicking butts.

UK, Guardian:  “Richard III Reburied”
You sure took your time!

USA, aol:  “Twinkies Demand Hit New High”

As good as marijuana for a high!

USA, NY Daily News:  “Manhunt Launched”

I assume  for the ever elusive Carlos Danger!

USA, NY Post: “Minnesota Town Has 4 Year Old Mayor”

Finally, hitting the intelligence level of the Republican party!

Anthony, Leave The Stage!

The first law that any actor learns is knowing when to leave the stage and depart from the theater. Anthony Weiner must understand that his time for being a political actor has ceased. His campaign manager, Danny Keeden has left in disgust. Fortunately for Weiner, his wonderful wife remains by his side. Perhaps, Tony is able for once in his life to cease being a selfish, spoiled brat and finally get the hell off the political stage and find something to do.

In one sense, Anthony Weiner simply reflects what happens to those who serve in the US government. They become convinced their presence is essential for the functioning of government and thus it is imperative they remain on the stage of politics.


Don’t Stop Gal!

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand simply wll not stop fighting for the rights of those enduring prejudice and hatred. She was a leader in obtaining equal rights for gays and lesbians in the military and now she is fighting for the rights of women who have been sexually assaulted. The current system empowers those commanding units to decide whether or not a charge of sexual assault will proceed to the next stage of a trial. This means an officer who might be the friend of someone charged to decide whether there is a trial. Gillibrand wants a trained lawyer or a prosecutor to make that decision.

Friends of those who run the Armed Forces are gathering around these people and refusing to strip them of this decision. Senator Gillibrand now has 44 senators–from both parties– who believe there is need for a system that is objective for all concerned and empowers those with legal knowledge to decide what goes to trial.

Some Progress In Middle East

John Kerry has only been Secretary of State for about four months and during this brief time has done more to further the process of obtaining some resolution of the Israel – Palestinian conflict than Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama did in four years. Kerry simply will not remain silent. he is pushing both sides to take action and his nonstop efforts have finally enabled a bit of progress to occure. It may not be an overwhelming success, but it displays that SOMETHING can occur if there is a push by American leaders for action. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu annonced that he would release 104 long term Palestinian prisoners as a gesture of good will. Fortunately, 13 of his Cabinet colleagues voted to suppor the act while seven were against.

Naftali Bennett and Danny Danon naturally insisted the prisoners should be killed rather than released. This act does not guarantee peace, but it compels Palestinians to respond with an act of good will. Perhaps, it is time to proceed with discussions that focus on solutions even though they are not ensuring a positive outcome.

The process has to begin

Fissure Fisa

The Foreign Intelligence Act created a secret court known as Fisa wich, theoretically, was designed to allow the executive branch to obtain secret information from citizens in the name of ‘National Security.” The executive branch brings to the court information which supports their claim to check into mail of citizens. Of course, no evidence is presented by anyone else to challenge what is argued by the executive branch. This has resulted in 99.9% of executive requests being granted. As Senator Dick Durbin argues: “there should be a real court proceeding. In this case, it’s fixed in a way, it’s loaded.” This is truly a unique court proceeding-one side presents its case and guess what– it WINS!

The United States of America is a democracy. How about practicing democratic ideas?? How about recognizing that if America opposes authoritarian

Bombs In Baghdad

As I recall, former President George Bush promised the American people that US troops would be welcomed with open arms when they drove evil dictator, Saddam Hussein from power. I expected flowers to be on the streets of Baghdad and joyous crowds hugging and kissing our troops. As I recall,former President Bush promised that, while he had been somewhat optimistic, a Surge under General Petraeus would rid the city of Baghdad of terrorists and bring peace and security to the people of Iraq. Ah, that was then and now is now. A wave of car bombings his central and southern Iraq yesterday leaving 51 people dead and hundreds wounded. Since April, over 3,000 have died in peaceful Iraq and thousands have been wounded.

There is no peace in Iraq. Over 400,000 Iraqi Christians have fled the land in which they lived for nearly two thousand years. Al-Qaeda is strong and the famous Petraeus Surge is as successful as the general was in his love life.