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We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


Woman with hand on hip conveys conviction.

The madness of life is our only sanity in life.

The absurdity of life is our only guarantee there is some sanity.

The best weapon to use in defending life is peace.

A lottery wish is continually repeated.

If you do not bet then you can not win, nor can you lose.

My life is spent in dreams, I am a Human.

A laptop enables anyone to appear busy.

Some bet on races, some on life.

I long for a quick fix on my body.

Bodies wear down much faster than minds–for most.

When disgusted, many children hang down their heads.

Remember, if you quit your job another takes it.

In the human scale of life, all are replaceable.

Cliche: “like father, like son.” Only if he decides.

To retain fervor for life is to retain fervor.

If one lives long enough the past is now the present.

To doubt is to attain something.

I was a successful gambler in sports.

The Right To Privacy

The United States of America was created by people who believed it was time to establish a nation which allowed each individual to be free from the domination of churches and royalty and government. The Bill of Rights emphasized that for the first time in human history rights were guaranteed each individual. This initial belief was predicated upon a society in which individuals knew there was a sphere of their life that belonged to them, and not to government or employers or a church. Obviously, this principle did not exist for large portions of the population such as slaves and women and Indians. But, inherent in this principle was a belief that eventually all would be guaranteed the right of privacy.

The Obama Administration in its endeavor to “protect” people is simply the latest   administration which fosters the belief that NO aspect of our lives belongs to ourself. There is no area of privacy in modern America because those who govern have decided the individual does not establish a personal arena for privacy, but that right belongs to government. We have come a long way from the early days of this nation and the principles that drove our Founding Fathers.

Women In Afghanistan

There is scant doubt  a majority of American and NATO forces will have left Afghanistan by December, 2014. There is scant doubt that Hamid Karzai or one of his crooked stooges will be president of the country. There is scant doubt that Taliban forces will  have gained control over large sectors of the nation. There is scant doubt that drug lords will have their own armies and function as indpendent entities. And, there is scant doubt the women of Afghanistan will have lost many of their human rights.

There is increasing evidence that some Afghan women gaze toward the future with doubt and fear. A recent series of female suicides in which women poisoned themselves reveals that for some the future means an end to freedom and being able to possess human rights. Dr.  Khaled Basharmai has encountered examples of young females who go the route of suicide because they fear tomorrow will bring them a return to life under the Taliban.

Such is the noble Bush experiment in democracy for Afghanistan.

Death In Egypt

Death did not take a holiday in Egypt yesterday as dozens died due  to clashes between the Muslim Brotherhood and units of the Armed forces. The tragedy of Mohamed Morsi’s failed attempt at being president continues to divide the people of Egypt. His refusal to become a leader who embraced all sectors of society has led to sectarian bitterness and hatred from Christians and secular members of the country. He attempted to impose a strict sharia legal system rather than focusing upon economic development and a moderate form of Islam.

The only winner in this new outburst of violence is the Egyptian Army. They welcome attacks on their soldiers, a few deaths, and the opportunity to respond with violence. Morsi killed this effort at a democratic Egyptian society.

Anthony, My Anthony

Anthony Weiner is simply one of among hundreds who serve or who have served in Congress that believes he is immune to any form of morality other than demanding that the public elect him to some form of public service. He is a scrawny little boy lacking athletic ability who stood on the sidelines while others played, and resented not being the center of attention. He is simply a New York City street hustler whose only goal in life is beating the odds by employing some form of hustle. He does have a standard for his morality-Anthony is Number One and Anthony gets whatever Anthony demands to receive.

Hate Palestinians, get Jewish votes, OK, so he is against Palestinians. Display one’s penis to capture attention, OK, here it is, gaze in wonder. He sees the world through the eyes of Anthony Weiner, but that is always the  operation procedure of a street corner hustler. I was raised with them, I, I, is always in their minds and hearts.

The only sadness of the Weiner situation is that wonderful wife who stands by his side with bewildered eyes filled with tears.

Drugs And Baseball

Alex Rodriguez is a very upset  baseball player. He admits to use of drugs while playing, he has spent the better part of two years on and off injured lists while in the process of earning about $25 million per year. The problem with drugs in baseball is there has always been drugs in baseball and there always will be drugs in baseball. The entire American society uses drugs. It is OK to pop a Prozac, but not OK to pop a  bit of marijuana. Have a headache, then  get an aspirin. A visitor from Mars would not fathom how we can use some drugs, but not other drugs. If it is alright to take a pill for my cold, then taking pills is OK.

Unless we wish to end use of caffeine, then why not admit that drugs ARE part of the American culture and get on with it. Every aspect of our culture includes the use of this or that drug. Alex is a spoiled, arrogant man, he abused his body, and now confronts his won mistakes.

It might help to avoid awarding these pampered brats such huge contracts.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand Herald:  “Meaningless Submission”

Caving in to t he know-nothing Tea Party stalwarts in Congress.

USA, aol:  “Woman Admits Underage Sex”

Are you interested in over age sex with an 82 year old?

China, China Daily:  “Biggest US Dog Show In Houston”

Frankly, I am dog tired of bitches in the Texas legislature in Austin.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:  “Fired For Faggot Comment”

Now, that is not a gay thing to say.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald:  “A Pope And A Saint”

If only all clergy were saints.

South Africa, Mail & Guardian:  “Promised Land To Poor”

A land of milk and honey is what they want.

Canada, Toronto Star:  “Conservative Enemy List”

Anyone who believes in the Sermon on the Mount

He Got Away With Murder!

George Zimmerman is a free man and Trayvon Martin is a dead man. Supporters of the NRA and Florida’s Stand Your Ground law frequentl confuse me. I visit a friend, go to get something at a store, am walking back when suddenly I realize that a man is following me. I become frightened, he makes clear that he has a gun, I  become terrified thinking my life is in danger and seek to protect myself. I assume the Stand Your Ground law applies to me. Absolutely NO! It is the guy who threatened MY LIFE who is the one in danger.

A woman juror in the Zimmerman jury claims that Zimmerman “got away with murder” because due to the nature of the trial, Zimmerman was the man standing his ground, not Trayvon Martin! She initially was for conviction of Zimmerman but gave in to other jurors.

Moral of Story:  If you are going to stand your ground, make certain you have a gun!

Morsi Muddles Along In Confusion

The ongoing saga of Mohamed Morsi, the man who deserves a Nobel Prize for being the most incompetent leader in the Middle East, continues to reveal new facets of his  incompetence. There is now evidence he worked with terrorist Hamas in order to break out of prison in an escapade that left 14 guards dead. Egyptian General Abdel Fattah el-Sissi wants Morsi brought to trial and and he is encouraging Egyptians to pour into the streets in order to make clear the nation does not want any further control over their lives from the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Morsi bungled an opportunity to create a coalition government that would focus on economic recovery and establishing democratic principles. Egypt continues being hampered by this debacle which simply  furthers sectarian conflict. It is time to release Morsi and compel him to function openly in the public arena of voting.

Is Enough, Enough??

At any moment in the week there are at least over 200,000,000 people who can be classified as “refugees” who left their homes in search of safety or work in some other country. The tiny island of Malta is complaining because thousands of refugees from Somalia and other parts of Africa are seeking refuge on this tiny piece of land. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat argues that his nation simply lacks room or an economic system capable of generating work for so many refugees from Somalia and wants them flown back to the continent of Africa. The European Court of Human Rights insists that Malta accept all refugees, but the EU will not provide economic assistance for this task.

It is one thing to offer lectures concerning human rights, it is another to provide work opportunities or economic assistance to confront the issues of  refugees. Reality-sending refugees from Somalia or Ethiopia back home is an invitation to death for many. Allowing them to reside on a small island is a huge economic burden for the people of Malta. Time for common sense or common decency such as financial assistance!