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We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


I assume there is a Universal Customer Desk to handle complaints.

Mystery: why do women pull down shorts?

There is nothing mysterious in the way God handles humans. Not very Godlike.

These days women opens door for men.

God made us daily defecate to get the shit out of us.

Each day, one needs a moment of silent reflection.

There is always a moment of surprise when female police officer enters coffee shop.

Daily get rid of the shit in your mind.

Some build castles in air with fingers.

A hug from mom is worth millions.

Modern life: fewer workers, more work.

“Greed” is the modern American idol.

Whatever happened to motorcycle gangs?

Modern American business belief: save a buck at hands of workers.

Character of person revealed when other driver wants to cut ahead.

Modern Americans have a love affair with machines.

I am the one who chronicles America.

Fewer males place thumbs in back pockets.

World has shifted from “we” to “I”

I do not see as many pony tails on women.

Some stand with left hand in front of right.

With age, life’s body plumbing gets stopped up.

The War This Time?

The dogs of war are howling for war. There is no doubt President Assad and his fellow criminals resorted to use of chemical warfare against his own people. There is no doubt his armed forces have murdered over 100,000 of the Syrian population. Unlike, reasons for the criminal invasion of Iraq, this time we have overwhelming evidence that Assad is a murderer and criminal. The question is clear: what should the United States of America do when a leader of a foreign nation resorts to violation of international ethical standards of behavior?

American destroyers are off the coast of Syria. Planes are ready to go into action and drop bombs. We can either resort to missiles from ships or bombs from planes. There is no likelihood of boots on the ground. Most probably if these attacks take place only a handful of Americans will be killed or wounded. There will not be a repetition of the Iraq folly. So, what should the President do?

The key aspect of this decision revolves around the question of –unintended consequences.The US drops bombs on Syria, what is the outcome that we do not anticipate, but will occur? Here are some possibilities:

1. Syria launches attacks on Israel which results in a massive response.

2. Hezbollah sends missiles into Israel which results in a massive response.

3. Syria resorts to use of chemicals in Israel which results in limited use of nuclear weapons.

4. Iran sends missiles some place which results in a massive response.

Perhaps, we can identify economic attacks?

Govenor Tom Corbett-Schmuck Of Week!

After living in a land in which members of the Tea Party have been around for a few years it does take something outrageous to capture my attention. Republican Governor Tom Corbett woke up yesterday with an upset stomach and decided to save American freedom. He has filed a lawsuit to block the issuance of marriage licenses to gay couples. He regards such licenses as lacking in “legitimacy” and compared issuing them as equivalent to allowing children to marry. “had the clerk issued marriage licenses to 12 year-olds in violation of stAte law, would anyone seeriously contend that each 12 year-old is entitled to a hearing on the validity of his license?”

Corbett does have a point. First, we allow these gays and lesbians to marry and then we have to allow a dog owner to get a license to marry his dog. I can just see two babies in a crib reaching out to hold one another’s hands and then scribbling something on a piece of paper that makes them man and woman.

Go for it Tom!

Fast Food Workers Want Work!

The history of modern America is the shift from providing those seeking work a job which actually pays enough to feed the family and get a home. The typical McDonaldd’s worker gets a shirt to wear and a pair of work pants along with $7.40 an hour which provides the modern worker with less money than any American worker in over seventy years. In other words, at $7.40 an hour the typical worker earns a top salary of $1600 a month. That is the cost to a Wall Street banker of about three expensive meals. Thousands of workers are protesting this week seeking an outrageous demand. They want to raise minimum wages from$7.25 an hour to about $12 an hour.

It are these type of outrageous demands from lazy people which most upset members of the Tea Party. Imagine paying someone $12 an hour! That means taking money away from job creators to pay people who actually work at jobs. First, they came for $12 an hour, next they want to rape your wife and daughter and finally they want to send you to a slave labor camp where you have to work for nothing! Arise Capitalists, save your MONEY!

Tea Party Party?

Yesterday, I was simply having a morning coffee when I encountered one of those people who call themselves members of the Tea Party. He was rambling on and on about the man from Kenya who should be in jail rather than in the White House and the unconstitutional Affordable Care Act–oops, Obamacare. We sort of did not hit it off after I asked him what he actually knew about the Tea Party. He insisted the oppressive British government had raised taxes on the American people causing them to revolt. I pointed out the British government lowered the price of tea which led him to question my place of birth. I asked him who paid for Emergency Room service which left him a bit confused. I pointed out the people of America paid the cost of this service which led to higher taxes. That got him mad. As far as he was concerned, if you got sick, then die.

I inquired of his religion and he told me that he was a CHRISTIAN. I inquired if Jesus Christ would be for health care for all and he declaimed that his Lord cared about people, but he really only cared about people with jobs who loved God. That set him off about immigrants. He is against them. I noted there were no humans until immigrants arrived from Asia and Europe so were we all illegal immigrants. By this time he wanted my name and address in order to contact the FBI or Homeland Security or someone.

I asked if he would like to join me in a new Tea Party event in which we would dump bankers into the Mississippi River but he declined, got out his cell phone and dialed the FBI.

Mitt Romney, We Miss You!

The American people spent months in the company of Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate for president in 2012. As I reflect on those months of listening to Mitt explain how he would end the recession and restore prosperity to the nation, it becomes increasingly clear the Mitt man was a lot smarter than the Boehner man. OK, so he fumbled a bit, OK, so he was for health care reform and then was against the plan he proposed for health care plan. At least, he had the semblance–at one time or another– of a plan. One must give him credit for never saying the prime goal of the Republican party was NOT doing anything. Imagine a political party whose program is not to have a program!

When all was said and done, Mitt actually HAD accomplished a few things as governor of Massachusetts. I miss those neat pictures of Mitt and the family. I miss those stories of dogs on top of cars. I miss Mitt with the grandkids. I miss that face which tried so hard to come across as concerned about people. And, I certainly miss those secret speeches dealing with his concern for poor people.

And, I am certain wealthy folk sure miss the man who defended them against the dirty hordes of poor folk!

Death By Injection

Major Nidal Hassan has been granted his dearest wish–he was sentenced to death by lethal injection for the murders he committed on an Army base. From day one of his trial, Hassan literally begged to be executed for shifting in life from an officer in the United States Armed forces to a committed Muslim fundamentalist who wanted to kill and kill Americans who he believed were enemies of Islam. From day one, this man wanted to become a martyr whose only desire in life was to die with the belief that his actions were in accord with that of the Prophet Mohammad. There is something ironic in giving a murderer what he desires in life.

Two hundred years ago, an officer in the US Navy was given a sentence because he was considered to be a traitor. The sentence was a life in which no one could use the expression, “the United States of America.” In essence, he was sentenced to a lifetime of silence. It would have been devastating for Hassan to spend the rest of his life in silence. No martyr, just a silent paralyzed man alone in a cell.

Bloomberg Follies

The most popular approach to law and order in the United States of America is to be for law and order. Naturally, when one is for law and order in this nation, the object is those who rob a store and get away with $50, not the Wall Street bankers who rob millions of people and get away with billions of dollars. Mayor Mike Bloomberg stands tall for “stop and frisk.” He credits this attack on African Americans and Hispanics for reducing crime in New York City. Of course, crime has been dropping in cities around the nation that do not have “stop and frisk.” Why? Whenever the age bracket 17-28 declines so does crime because it is from this age bracket that most crime arises.

Under pressure, the New York police department has significantly reduced “stop and frisk” the past month. So, what was the result? A decline in crime! Mayor Bloomberg has an interesting explanation. He now insists the “stop and frisk” policy of the past caused criminals to cease being criminals! Stop and Frisk NEVER had any connection with less crime.

Indian Tragedy

Thereis a growing tragedy in the world known as India. China is dictatorship in which human rights are daily abused. However, the Chinese Communist government has been able to develop the economy and end poverty for most people in the l and. On the other hand, India has not kept pace with this movement to end poverty. A corrupt, inefficient government is the hallmark of the most democratic society on this planet. So, why is this great democracy unable to handle the problem of poverty and illness. Of course, the Indian democracy is also a land in which women are abused, raped in broad daylight and the government appears unable to even guarantee the safety of ordinary citizens. An economic slowdown in the United States along with that in Europe raises possibilities of less money being invested in India. China can get along without outside investment for several years, but slowing money invested in India raises the spectre of widespread poverty and violence.

India needs a political party which will impose honesty in government, focus on dealing with poverty and impose taxes on the wealthy of India. Unless such action is taken, who knows what awaits the democracy of India?

Women Undergarments And President Putin

I assume that no one reading this story would ever guess there is a connection between female undergarments and the great President Vladimir Putin. We are now able to reveal to the world the most important news story to emerge during the past several months. It appears there is an artist in Putin Land, who for some strange reason does not like the tough leader of Russia. So, what does this Konstantin Atunin do? He spends hours painting a likeness of the great Russian leader onto women undergarments. For some unusal reason the artist did not grasp that he was violating numerous laws. The Russian parliament has already passed legislation making it a crime to paint the likeness of Putin, not only on female undergarments, but on socks or toilet seats and certainly on sanitaton trucks.

However, we are able to report:

1. It is allowed to paint a likeness of Putin on baseballs.

2. It is allowed to paint a likeness of Putin on toilet seats,but not the bowl.

Anyway, Mr. Atunin has decided to deaprt from Russia to the environs of Paris.

Oh, there is a report that Congressman John Boehner will order an investigation as to why Mr. Atunin is not painting a likeness of Barack Obama on female undergarments.