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We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand,New Zealand Herald: “Serial Fraud”

Goes along with serial lobbyists.

Denmark,Copenhagen Post: “Police Target Cannabis”

I assume they also want a good time.

Sweden,Local: “My Mum Was A Cop”

And,my dad was a criminal.

Turkey,Hurriyet: “Withdraw Suicide”

Substitute self immolation?

Uk, Independent: “Jesus Sends Tweet”

Off to another planet?

Netherlands,Dutch News: “Anti Jewish Tee Shirts”


China,China Daily: “Flaws In Chinese Sex Laws”

You can do it?

Obama Care Termed Careless About Privacy

Barack Obama was elected to the presidency by a nation tired of war, tired of a pseudo police state that knew what was best for the ordinary citizen, and a country tired of government intruding into the civil rights of its citizens. Alas, the former teacher of constitutional law decided that he must SAVE Americans from the ever present danger of TERRORISM! In modern America simply shout the word, TERRORISM and forget about civil rights. Obamacare has nothing to do with health insurance, it related to “terrorism insurance” under which the government promises to care for your health by checking every aspect of your life. Heck, they will even read your mail for you. However, a bipartisan group of Democrats and Republicans are introducing the Intelligence Oversight and Surveillance Act which prohibits the bulk collection of phone records by the NSA. It also prevents other tactics to gain possession of communication records of Americans.

One feature of the new law allows citizens to challenge the government. It introduces an adverserial dimension to any court process of gaining access to citizen records. I am certain President Obama will claim the sky will fall, TERRORISTS will gain freedom to kill and this will mark the end of the American nation. After me comes the deluge.

Return Of Nazis

Humanity never ceases to amaze me in how it deals with the past in the present. During World War II the German army occupied Greece for four years during which time it murdered hundreds of thousands. So, fast forward to 2013 and who do thousands of Greeks hold up as their model–NAZIS! A new party, Golden Dawn– has emerged which believes problems in their country are the result of poor immigrants from Africa. Exactly, how poor immigrants could somehow be responsible for the collapse of the Greek economy must be among the great mysteries of the world. These modern Nazis have physically attacked poor people and they even have murdered those who stand up for peace and logical solutions to problems.

After the murder by Golden Dawn thugs of musician Pavlos Fyssas there finally has arisen demands to curb the children of Hitler. Greeks are finally recognizing that tolerating thugs only makes them more prone to violence and death.

We Humans Did It!

The world’s leading climate scientists are meeting this week ikn Stockholm where they are discussing the world’s climate. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(IPCC) issued a statement that states “unequivocal” the world is changing in its climate and that by the end of the century it may have crossed the criticalthreshold of 2C. This would lead to sea level rises, heatwaves, and changes to rainfall. US Secretary of State John Kerry said: “this is yet another wake up call: those who deny science or choose excuses over action are playing with fire.” The group will issue a final report, it will be discussed in the media and Senator Ted Cruz, Harvard graduate, will conduct another 20 hour monologue, only in this case, it will deny climate change.

Frankly, I, along with the Tea Party are a bit upset. How can so-called “scientists” claim to know more about climate than the dentist who runs our local Tea Party section? We have science experts in our Tea Party who took a class in science while in high school. Certainly, that qualifies them to discuss science.

Let’s Fly Together

A few days ago President Hassan Rouhani engaged in phone conversation with the president of the United States. As of this moment, the sky is still up there, no reports of hurricanes or riots or dead bodies. Rouhani has now asked a top aide, Akbar Torkan. to investigate the possibility of direct plane flights from Iran to the United States. After all, those who fly together may wind up flocking together. Iran has hundreds of thousands of its citizens who departed for other nations. If these people were guaranteed safety in Iran they might return as tourists and help Iran develop a thriving tourist industry.

It is small steps that begin the process of peace. Fly away together.

So, What Next?

The real issue confronting the American people is not the Affordable Care Act nor the shutdown of the government. The real issue is what does it mean to pass a law in this nation. Historically, it meant that an opposing party would go to the American people and urge a majority to vote their party into office so they could change certain laws.The Democratic Party won a majority of votes cast for the president and a majority of votes cast for Democrats running for the House of Representatives. Due to gerrymandering, a minority of Americans were able to gain a majority in the House of Representatives and thus block the operation of government. If this process continues in the future,the United States will not have a republic in which the majority rules nor will it have a Parliament in which the majority rules. It will have a new form of government.

In the name of the Tea Party we have completely altered our historic form of government.This is the meaning of Republican actions in Congress. The only thing remaining is to find a new name for this new form of government.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Sometimes, best to delay.

Sometimes I feel as though I am standing still.

Is it better to know tomorrow or not?

There is always a moment when one can hesitate.

I wonder if there is a rainbow at the end of the rainbow.

I wonder if all things return.

I debate between knowing yesterday and knowing tomorrow.

Humans possess an infinite capacity to fuck up.

Some create, some destroy.

These days all too often I stumble in life.

Sometimes we fear to have lived too long.

A lost opportunity is simply the prelude to a new opportunity.

Take a shot. It can miss or hit the target.

Time passes, and so does life.

Close It Down

Another year,or should I say, another month,and once again the American people confront a major governmental crisis arising from members of the Tea Party. It appears almost certain the country can not get through this week without a governmental shut down. In the past,our society confronted political problems caused by the ignorance of our leaders. Today, Senator Ted Cruz, graduate of Harvard,leads the army of ignorance. The Tea Party is an interesting group which argues that if your party loses the election then it has the right to halt laws passed by the party that won the election. In effect, we now face a new phenomenon,the Losers Bill of Rights.

1. If you lose the election it means your political ideas should prevail.

2. Losers are now regarded as winners.

3. Winners are now regarded as losers.

4. Mitt Romney should be the president because he lost the election.

5. Laws passed by Congress do not go into effect.

6. God wants Congress to declare bankruptcy.

Above all,if you have a child, do NOT send them to Harvard. The child might emerge with ideas similar to those of Ted Cruz!

Another Day, Another War

Oh well, another day on planet Earth, another day of violence and anger and death. Over fifty years ago when India was given its independence from England, the nation was divided into an India and the country of Pakistan. However, during the turbulent times of forming nations, a dispute arose between the two new entities over the province of Kashmir. Each claimed the area and, naturally, they went to war over the area. It is now almost seventy years later and the fight continues with India controlling a majority of the area. Muslim militants put on uniforms of the Indian army, crossed the border and began blasting away. They killed Indian soliders and then went on to another area in order to continue the fight.

Naurally, there was a scheduled meeting between Indian Prime Minister Singh with his Pakistan counterpart, Nawaz Sharif. No meeting will be held. But, one can be confident that fighting will continue along with death. Just another day on planet Earth

Rouhani Rumbles On

Somewhere in this promised land, the sun is shining bright,but somewhere in the land of Israel,religious folk lament the dawn of a new day. President Hassan Rouhani chatted on the phone with President Obama and they discussed the road to peace. Obama concluded the talk with “God be with you.” I am certain that those who spend their days claiming to be in contact with the old guy up in the sky are very upset because peace and reconciliation are words being spoken rather than threats of violence.Upon his arrival in Tehran, Rouhani discovered that Friday prayer leaders praised his performance at the United Nations. However,his car was greeted with eggs and stones by hard liners.There are reports the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei praised his actions.

We now have an opportunity to walk along the road of peace and avoid death of the innocent. It is clear there are people in Iran and people in Israel,who prefer acts of violence. After all, God told them to kill. IF, there is a God, let us hope “it” seeks peace and love–for ALL his people.