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We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Always seek to go beyond the horizon.

Rare these days seeing woman with belly of life.

US Senator said: “Pay some debts and delay on others!

I feel lost in madness.

Flowers on McDonald’s tables, how sweet. Now,how about sweetening paychecks?

We lead lives of hope and defeat.

At age 83, I hunger for life.

Some day I will actually win something that involves money.

Respect those who serve.

To ignore the US Constitution if to ignore America.

Some shake head with passion.

Some love America with hatred.

Some stand up straight while talking, I no longer do.

Our bodies reveal our age.

Some see the horizon, some see past it.

Some spend their lives seeking someone to hate.

I wonder if there are conferences for Gods.

Some desire war, some peace.

Few surrender life so others might live.

Hunger is the food for poor folk.

Ultimate challenge of life is life.

Republican For Poor Folk!

There are unconfirmed reports that someone with a human heart somehow has crept into a Republcian headquarters and is raising the issue that, perhaps, just perhaps, it might be somewhat difficult to exist on food stamps in modern America. Arthur Brooks, president of the American Enteprise Institute came out in support of aiding people who are at the bottom of our economic ladder since it makes sense to assist people to escape the devastation of poverty. He spent time talking with “prostitutes, drug addicts, ex-felons and homeless people” and came away with a seven word solution: “transformation, relief and opportunity, in that order.” He charges that it is a mistake to wage war on the social safety net since by aiding people to escape poverty, the entire economic system benefits.

Brooks expressed shock that the current Republican budget REDUCES food stamps!”The government’s social safety net for the truly indigent is one of the greatest achievements of our society.” I assume Tea Party leaders will enter his primary.

New Terrorist Weapon-Heart Boobies

Every so often I encounter another issue that has slipped entering my mind which devotes 24 hours a day worrying about world conditions. No, this issue has nothing to do with terrorists or deficits or nutty politicians shouting and screaming about the end of civilization. Two students, aged 12 and 13 filed suit in court because they were suspended from school for wearing “Boobies” bracelets. The Easton area school district school board voted 7 to 1 to appeal its claim that these bracelets are lewd and should be banned from schools. The girls were wearing the bracelets as part of a campaign to raise money for cancer awareness.

The school district charged the bracelets had sexual double entendres. So, this school district does not think it important to discuss what children learn in school. No, high on their agenda is the topic of bracelets. Has anyone on the School Board contacted Senator Ted Cruz. I can just see him arguing for 48 hours how bracelets are the cause of America’s problems!

Murdoch Hacking

I was raised under the mistaken belief that if you own a corporation and it is found guilty of breaking the law, then the boss man is placed on trial. Alas, that is not the case when your name is Rupert Murdoch. The top executives of his News of the World staff are currently on trial for encouraging-or ordering–news correspondents to hack into the accounts of ordinary citizens in their quest for A STORY! Murdoch’s favorite protegee, Rebekah Brooks to gether with Any Coulson are on trial for hacking people’s accounts. The charges range from illegally hacking the phones of celebrities to concealing evidence and sort of bribing government officials.

The defendants plead-IGNORANCE. After all, is it the responsibility of top editors to go out with reporters and check their tactics? That sounds like what BIG GOVERNMENT does and if one believes in the right of business to be free from control of THE GOVERNMENT, then it is clear the Murdoch twins are innocent of all charges.

Oh, there is something about paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to government officials. If England is a free country then its reporters are free to print whatever they desire. If you support the government, just check how Fox News reports this case!!

US Drones On About Justice

After years of Drone attacks upon the bad guys and supposedly some good guys there is scarcely anything that can be written in order to condemn or support use of these weapons of minor destruction. President Obama wraps himself in the clothes of justice in order to explain why drones are necessary in the battle against terrorists. Of course, for some strange reason, despite these ongoing Drone strikes the ball game is not over and the bad guys continue to increase in numbers, NOT decrease! The Pakistan government charged that 3% of 2,2227 people killed in Drone strikes since 2008 were civilians. The Ministry claimed that 317 drone attacks killed 2,160 Islamic militants and 67 civilians since 2008. This figure simply does not agree with reports gathered by other agencies and prior claims by the Pakistan government.

Ben Emerson, a United Nations expert who studied drone strikes, earlier this month estimated that 400 civilians were killed by the drone attacks since 2004. There are two issues: how many civilians have died and is there proof that drone strikes reduce the power of Islamic militants.

Sad Day For Nut Cases

The people of the state of Minnesota can not be held responsible for what some of its inhabitants do or believe. For some strange reason people in one congressional district continue voting into office the most ignorant person on this planet. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is very upset today because the government shutdown is over. According to Michele, “to me it’s a very sad day because his(Obama) agenda is going to go forward and he gets an immediate victory lap.” Yes, Michele, he gets a “victory” because you are still loose to destroy the Republican party.

For months I have been attempting to get through to God, but she has been on the line explaining to God how to rule the universe. She wants God Almighty to quit pampering poor folk and just let them die and get to Heaven that much sooner. Frankly, it is difficult saying anything about this woman that has not already been said. She has done more for the Obama agenda than any other Democrat. Just keep her in office to help save America from Republicans.

Republicans F–k Again

Members of the Republican party have spent the past year working as hard as they can to ensure Americans lack access to health care, lack access to food, lack access to jobs, but now they have gone too far. Republican Rep. Michael Grimm was in a wine bar-whatever that is– when he decided to go into a unisex restroom to comfort a woman. He reportedly spent 17 minutes engaged with her in some sort of act of sex. After all, he has spent months engaged in acts of fucking the American people so what is wrong with doing it to a female. When it comes to fucking people, just contact your nearest Republican legislator. They definitely are Number One in the world.

Oh, Grimm denies it lasted seventeen minutes.

College Fraternities In Action

I never had any interest during my college career to become a member of any social group such as a Fraternity. I was busy with school work and working to pay expenses. I admit to never attending a beer fest, never being present with drunk females so I could grope and deny the womanhood of those who happen to be females. A Georgia fraternity is under investigation for emails sent to its members. Frat members were to “grab them on the hips with 2 hands and then let them grind against your dick.” They were urged to grope women and to get them drunk in order to play around with their bodies.

I assume these young men are individuals who are gentlemen and Christians. “You can make out with them, you can stick your hand up her shirt, you can go for a butt grab or use your imagination.” Georgia Tech officals claim its Office of Student Integrity is looking into the situation. If I was a female member of this group–protect your butt!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Risky Business”

Allowing Ted Cruz in the Senate building.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Disappointment On Wall Street”

Down to only $5,000,000 for the quarter.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Sex Claus Appears”

Bringing condoms to all the good men.

Finland, Sanomat: “Russian Dictatorship Lite”

Putin is shirtless in his land.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Welcome Lions”


Netherlands, Dutch News: “When It’s Not Late In School”

Actually, do the homework!

USA, aol: “Mom Gives Birth”

These days few moms have time off from work for anything.

End The Dream!

Many Americans had a dream when they voted for Barack Obama over Mitt Romney. The dream was creating a new society in which immigrants, both legal and illegal were finally allowed to gain citizenship in this nation. In particular, there was hope that children brought from Mexico by their parents who had spent their formative years in the United States of America would be granted the road to citizenship. That was then, today is now and now we know that Barack Obama is able to spout wonderful words of liberalism, but in his heart remains a lite version of Mitt Romney. Rocio Hernandez Perez surrendered to border authorities and was then sent to Mexico even though he had spent most of his life in the United States of America. He is one of 25 who belonged to the Dreamer activists, those who wanted to become American citizens, the land they had lived in since childhood.

Who is Barack Obama? For years he has been charged by right wing nut cases with being an illegal person who is not really an American citizen. And, what does he do-deports people who suffer from similar charges of not really being an American. For two hundred years people crossed our northern and southern borders without being stopped. Why not today?