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We offer advice from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


I want the long road to heaven.

There is a sense of pride when boss leaves you in charge.

In the scheme of life,there is no scheme.

One never gets “even” by being hateful.

For some, too much, too soon.

For others, never enough.

Some shout for joy, some for hate.

Eventually, robots will serve robots.

There comes a moment when it is a moment.

Some worry about fate, some about past.

Ah, the moment when we depend upon our children.

Love allows us to transcend ourself.

I can not recall eating lunch with mom in a restaurant.

I have never ordered a Big Gulp.

Years since I drank seltzer.

I miss standing by candy store with friends.

Some slide through life unknown to others.

God Speaks In Arabic?

Since the dawn of we humans there have been humans who have direct connections to the Big Guy up in the sky. For some reason, the man with a long white beard appears to favor some, over other humans. A new group in Syria made clear that, after consulting with God is ready to fix up Syria and create a government of the clerics, for the clerics and by the clerics. Of course, when they use the word, “cleric” it refers to someone of the Muslim faith. After extensive discussions around Heaven, only the dead are allowed to enter, a group of leaders from the Islamic Front are ready to establish a new Muslim style government. Since Parliaments and democracies allow anyone to run for public office or to serve in one, the new Islamic Front will derive its just powers from an Islamic council rather than from any sovereign or secualr authority such as “the people.”

Of course, the Islamic Front pledged to listen to the voices of those not Muslim. Beyond listen, it is unclear as to what is the purpose of non-Muslims speaking or making suggestions. After all, if one has God on his side, who else counts?

The Immigration Dilemma

President Barack Obama was in San Francisco for an event that dealt with the issue of immigration and how to find ways of persuading Republicans in the House of Representatives to actually confront this issue in an intelligent manner. As he spoke, hecklers blasted the president for failing to grant citizenship to illegal immigrants. A security officer approached a young man, but Obama ordered him to allow the college student to remain in the building. One heckler shouted: “you have a power to stop all deportations.” Of course, he does not.

“Actually, I don’t. If in fact I could solve all these problems without passing laws in Congress, I would do so. But, we are also a nation of laws.” He made certain all hecklers remained in the hall. Even as Obama spoke, John Boehner claimed,”I believe Congress needs to deal with this issue.” Absolutely, it will deal with the issue by doing nothing. After all, that is the Republican mantra.

Netanyahu, The Critic

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is determined to teach President Barack Obama how to engage in problem solving diplomacy. He called the president in order to rip him to pieces for not following the basic principles of Bibidiplomacy. He termed the recent agreement with Iran to slow down the process of nuclear development an “historic mistake.” It is truly unfortunate that Obama has yet to grasp that Netanyahu is among the most outstanding diplomats on this planet. Examine the record:

1. President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority has worked to curb terrorism and seeks an agreement with Israel. For sixty years Israeli leaders have complained they have no Palestinian leader willing to negotiate with their nation and no Palestinian leader committed to peace. So, what does Bibi do? Refuses to negotiate with Palestinians who seek to negotiate!
2. Israel leaders in 1967 wanted to negotiate about the West Bank. So, what does Bibi do? He sends thousands of settlers to the West Bank in order to complicate any possible compromise.

Please Mr. Obama, learn from the master of stupidity how NOT to negotiate. As you put it so aptly, “tough talk and bluster may be the easy thing to do politically, it’s not the right thing for our security.”

Long Fight Headed Nowhere

Wars have a way of beginning with great fervor and determination to destroy some nation of evil leader or idea that appears to propagate an idea which is either loved or hated. Time passes. People die, people grow fatigued about the idea which once sent them into streets shouting for an idea. As time passes, buildings are blown up, bodies accumulate, limbs are lost and people grow weary and hungry. In Syria there are numerous groups and organizations whose goal is not merely to drive out President Assad, but to ensure that your group takes over and can become the new dictator whose goal is to get rid of this faction or that faction regardless of cost to the average person. Month one was wonderful and offered great hope. Month ten offered the prospect of great victory. By month twenty or twenty four, it was clear that among your fellow supporters of victory were some who not only wanted victory over Assad but victory over fellow enemies of Assad.

Ahmnad Khaled told a reporter he had been tortured and fired from his job and now simply wanted a place where he could rest and work and lead some sort of normal life. Abu Firas told a reporter: “The ones who fight now are from the side of thieves.” He simply wants, not a piece of power, but peace.

Angola Muslim Blues

There are moments when one wonders if we do not have A God, but several Gods. Most probably more people have died due to whether or not they seek to pray for the right or wrong God. Angola is a Christian nation which hap.pens to have about 90,000 people who apparently believe the right God is the one who is father to a young man named Jesus, one residing in the country of Israel. The government of Angola believes that unless there are 100,000 people who all believe in a religion then there can not be such a religion. Angola happens to have about 90,000 Muslims which means there is no Muslim religion in this country. The government has closed down all 78 mosques and women are beaten for wearing the veil.

Terror once again stalks the streets of some country because it has been decided those of a particular faith apparently have the wrong faith so either shift to the right faith or head someplace else. Ah, just another example of the power of A faith to make life miserable due to the wrong prayer. God Bless you all.

Get Score Card For Revolution

It becomes very frustrating following events in Egypt as the world shifts from control by the Muslim Brotherhood to secular forces to Muslim forces to the military, back to crushing the Muslim Brotherhood, a joint assault by secular and miliitary, arrest the Muslim Brotherhood, get a “get in” card for jail which is soon replaced by a “get out” only to encounter police who are being assaulted by the MB as secular groups witness another attack, but are confused as to the assault is directed toward them or to someon else and so on and so on.

The governments of Egypt need a time out period during which those in charge can gather together all groups in order to establish some process of who goes to jail and who remains outside and for what period does this last? No one knows who actually should be in jail for which period of time. How about playing Monopoly to determine the process?


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Third Gender Option OK”

Is that the Martian one?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Joys Of Winter Wonderland”


Canada, Toronto Star: “Mayor Position Traded For Meatballs”

Sorry, in Toronto, for crack and liquor.

Sweden, Local: “Halal Meat OK In School Lunch”

Doesn’t sound kosher to me.

Norway, Norway Post: “Elks Attack Boy”

I assume they do not like illegal immigrants.

France, Connexion: “”Beaujolais Day Here”

Not in Toronto, would you believe crack and whiskey?

USA, NY Daily News: “Fight Over Chicken Nuggets”

Some fight over religion, some over important issues like chicken nuggets

Israel Lobby In US Congress

Historically, it is the responsibility of the United States Congress to focus on the national interests of their country, not that of the nation of Israel. After three decades of conflict with the nation of Iran, a group of five leading countries banded together to hammer out an agreement to cap Iran’s work on nuclear weapon development. It does place limits on this work, but to Senator Schumer and fellow Republicans and Democrats compelling Iran to halt work on nuclear weapons is selling out Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu terms the agreement an “historic mistake.” Israel President Shimon Peres disagrees, “the success or failure of the deal will be judged by results,not words.” Perhaps, Senator Schumer believes President Peres wants to sell out Israel?

Bibi Netanyahu has refused to work with Palestinians in order to reach an agreement. He has sabotaged the rights of Palestinians, he has insulted Palestinians, he has hampered a Palestinian government which seeks peace with Israel. THAT, is an “historic mistake!”

Putin Vs Pope Francis

Vladimir Putin decided to make a trip to Italy and along the way did pay a call to Pope Francis. The Great Leader-I do not refer to the Pope–gave a picture of the Madonna to the pontiff, and then quickly exited the Vatican. He had more important people to see like his dear friend and bully, Silvio Berlusconi. The Great Leader did not issue an invitation to Pope Francis to visit his fair land. One suspects he did not wish to confront the problem of having to arrest and place in prison the head of the Catholic religion who has made kind remarks about gays and lesbians. The warm words expressed by the Pope concerning gays and lesbians would most probably result in jail time in russia.

Putin most probably did not enjoy what Pope Francis said about wealthy folk. He defined unfettered capitalism as “a new tyranny” and urged those with wealth to share with those without. I have a strange idea his words echoed the thoughts of Jesus Christ, you know, the radical communist from the Middle East. Flash: Sarah Palin urges loyal Americans to boycott Catholic churches, they are simply centers of terrorism against our dear beloved wealthy people.