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We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


I am the father who sends children to their mom for holidays.

Two very hefty people filled the coffee shop with their presence.

I wonder at the origin of the smile.

People in the Middle East enjoy the companionship of Death.

I struggle to hate anyone.

Some talk with assurance.

There ARE times to fire the coach.

There ARE times to fire the team.

Some put on their gloves while inside and some when outside.

Some shake head in delight.

One must know when to punt the ball in life.

The most difficult decision in life is to accept Death.

I wonder if an animal thinks it is dying.

Humans, all too frequently, prefer the worst to the best.

It is always uncertain exactly when to conclude a conversation.

Enjoy the day, it soon will be night.

As a boy, I enjoyed the day in which to play, now, I prefer the night.

A headache always frightens me.

These days a holiday is not important to me.

Practice patience.

NRA New Year Gifts

I suspect, at some point, like most Americans there will come a point in my life when writing about this gun massacre or that gun massacre will come across as redundant. Read a story on the Internet, pick up your daily newspaper and tales appear concerning this angry man or that upset woman who is furious at someone or something and grabs a weapon of minor destruction in order to blast away anger and hate. There simply is no end to the presence of people within our society who believe that God is on their side when killing this person or that person about this infringement upon their life or that disregard for their personhood. In America, if in doubt, just blast away. The specific story differs, but the basic plot is always the same. YOU did THIS to me, and I have the right to rectify matters by killing you or your brother or simply throwing a baby out the window in retaliation!

Why? Because the SECOND AMENDMENT gives me that right!! Ben Freeman down in Louisiana got mad at his wife, killed her, which then led to the logical conclusion that he should kill his former brother-in- law along with his wife and some other people who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and death goes on and on. I confess to mental fatigue writing about these events. There is always a slightly different twist to the account of anger, but the end result is always the same-DEATH.

End Of Crime In Baltimore!

Throughout human history there are certain events that will always appear regardless of the society, regardless of their beliefs in this or that form of religion– crime, prostitution and war. There is a way going on in the city of Baltimore just as there is a war going on in every major city on this planet. A new report indicates that 13 prison staff at the Baltimore City Detention Center work, not only for the city of Baltimore, but are on the staff of the Black Guerrilla Family which is run by one, Tavon White. In fact, four of these women are pregnant by this man of action and assist in his control of the Center. They smuggle in drugs or cell phones or women whatever is the desire of inmates and whatever they have the cash to spend. Sir Tavon White has children by city employees and regards the Center as key to his operations.

According to FBI tapes, Mr. White is rather clear as to who runs the criminal court system in Baltimore. “This is my jail. You understand that? I’m dead serious. I make every final call in this jail..and nothing gets past me, everything comes to me.” Fair enough. His gang has murdered over a dozen people in the city of Baltimore, including some girls who burned to death a few.

This year there have been 218 murders in the city of Baltimore. There have been 450 in the city of New York which is somewhat larger in population. I am glad to report that Governor Martin O’Malley is prepared to run for the presidency of this nation based on his record of ending crime in Baltimore.

Obama, Stand For Freedom!

It was simply a matter of time before people in the world finally realized who the real Barack Obama was, rather than the image presented by LIBERALS concerning this feeble weak alleged leader of the United States of America. Prince Turki al-Faisal, the former Intelligence head of Saudi Arabia came out swinging against the American president and charged that he was a coward and refused to stand with his allies. He charged Obama with indecision,and loss of credibility for refusing to allow American soldiers to enter the Syrian civil war and die for the safety of Saudi Arabia and its precious oil. According to Faisal, a leader should be able to give his allies the assurance “that what you say is going to be.”

It is wonderful to hear a Saudi leader stand for freedom and human rights in a nation. If he really wants America to fight for these goals, would he invite the American armed forces into Saudi Arabia which makes President Assad come across as another Jefferson. After all, women in Syria have the right to drive a car as well as work in any occupation. It would be wonderful to see American planes bombing the capital of Saudi Arabia in order to strike for female human rights. I have a hunch that is not what the Prince wants.

Lock Up Comics!

It is one thing to lock up someone with whom you disagree, but when you place in prison someone with a bad sense of humor, then the entire edifice of society is open to question. Any study of what President Obama has done over the past several months would only conclude the president is a failed vaudeville performer who simply does not know when to either get off the stage or just shut his mouth. Of course, one could argue, he is following the previous bad act performed by someone with the name of George. Over in the United Arab Emirate, they undoubtedly are, either stupid, or not familiar with the entire process of humor. Several young men decided to make a video about “gangsta youth” in the UAE, and we are pleased to report that under no condition, other than torture, would we ever seek to view this parody.

However, the serious seniors who govern this domain are upset and regard any comment that mocks their beloved nation should be punished by- a year in jail? Shezanne Cassim, a US citizen was sentenced to a year in prison, along with a fine for making the video. Six others also received jail sentences.

Imagine if we sent to jail the jackasses who daily perform in the US Congress with their jokes about economics or their disdain for anyone worth less than a million? You think our jails are presently crowded? Just wait to the army of politicians arrives!

A Turkish Crisis!

Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party(AKP) have run Turkey for the past eleven years. Erdogan was successful in forcing the Turkish military establishment to cease interfering in the government of Turkey and finally deciding their role was not to step in when it thought the government was not conducting itself in accordance with the constitution. But, there is always a price to pay if one party remains in power for over a decade- the cost is invariably CORRUPTION. At least three government ministers have been charged with corruption and the list most probably is much longer. Instead of welcoming the work of Turkish prosecutors, Erdogan has decided to oppose any attempt upon those who work in his government. He claims there is a vast “conspiracy” which leads back to the United States or Israel or nations of the European Union. When in doubt these years, just shout, “CIA” or “NSA” and millions will believe anything that you utter.

According to Erdogan, “those who called this operation a corruption operation are themselves the very ones who are corrupt.” He has taken Public Prosecutors off the case, he has bullied the courts and is nonstop in complains about the “American conspiracy” rather than addressing issues of concern about corruption. Thousands are in the streets of Turkish cities yelling demands for change. The police are blocking efforts of the judiciary to carry out its work. The question remains: will Erdogan support or block this corruption investigation?


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Do It Backwards”

These days sounds sort of forwards.

USA, NY Post: “Six Year Old Boy Kisses Girl”

Another violation of female rights!

Sweden, Local: “Naked Protests”

They certainly have nothing to hide.

France, Connexion: “Prostitution Law Historic”

Fuck you!

Russia, Moscow Times: “Putin Calls Mandela Humanist”

In other words, the opposite of me?

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Cancel Santa”

Does that mean we have to return those presents?

Norway, Norway Post: “Five Things To Like About Snow”

Its cold, its cold, its cold, its cold, its not here?

Benghazi For Last Time?

The attack by Islamic militants upon the American Embassy in Benghazi last year led to the ongoing saga of how President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had lied to the American people. John McCain, Ted Cruz, Fox News, Sarah Palin and just about the entire leadership of the Republican Party have refused to end their crusade to get at “the truth.” Of course, “the truth” meant that Hillary Clinton (a) refused to provide sufficient military personnel to protect the Embassy, (b) blamed the riot on a video that was shown on American television which mocked the Prophet Muhammad,”the Innocence of Islam,” and, (c) refused to blame al-Qaeda for the tragedy that cost the life of Ambassador Stevens. The American people have heard endless stories about the incompetence of Hillary and her lies about the origin of the attack.

A new report in The New York Times now proves the attack WAS caused by local groups that WERE impacted by the video and it had nothing to do with al-Qaeda. It turns out a local militia leader named Ahmed Abu Khattala organized the attack and it was joined by local people who had heard about the video. In other words, THE ORIGINAL STATEMENT FROM THE STATE DEPARTMENT ABOUT LOCAL GROUPS CAUSING THE ATTACK IS CORRECT!!

Enough with this silly argument!!

Kim Jong-Un Is Upset

The nation of North Korea is a mystery wrapped in an enigma which is unknown, even to its leader, Kim Jong-un. There are moments of rational thinking by Kim such as when former NBA star Dennis Rodman enters HIS country in order to shoot some rounds of basketball. On most occasions, the wisest policy is to avoid the presence of this nation’s pudgy little leader since one never knows what or who or how he got upset today. Last week, the Great Leader decided that his uncle, Jang Song Thaek did something about selling coal that he was not supposed to do and had him arrested and then shot to death. But, when one is THE Supreme Ruler, the fact an individual spoke with someone he considers to be a traitor means, by definition, that individual is also a traitor. Since Jang has children and relatives that translates into a whole lot of suspicious traitors wandering around North Korea. Latest reports are that hundreds of people are now in jail who last week were enjoying the fine life reserved to those who are friends of Kim Jong-un.

If you are charged with any of these offenses, head for the hills:

Counter revolutionary actions.

Anti-party shenanigans

Deviant thinking

Stealing coal-without permission

Shooting baskets without permission

Anti-party thinking

Reading anything written by Leon Trotsky

Iraq Redeux

The war in Iraq is now part of our mysterious past, it happened so long, long ago, that memories of what was being told the American people have vanished into thin air. Ah, the famous “surge”led by the great General David Petraeus once filled our media with tales of defeating al-Qaeda and bringing peace and prosperity to the people of Iraq after their long nightmare under the tyrannical rule of Saddam Hussein. Remember how George and Dick and Don promised the people of America that once our forces had ended this cruel dictatorship then, somehow, democracy would emerge in the sad land of Iraq? There was certainty in their words,an aura of assurance they understood how to restore stability to the people of Iraq.

Yesterday, the current Shiite government of Maliki sent troops to arrest still another Sunni Iraq leader, Ahmad al Alawi and in the ensuing shoot out he died along with his bodyguards. This came after the former Sunni Finance minister and his bodyguards died at the hands of the government. And this came after the former Sunni Vice President, Tariq al-Hashemi was forced to flee the country for his life. The dictatorship of Saddam Hussein was replaced by the dictatorship of Maliki and his Shiite followers. Such was what we Americans brought to Iraq in the guise of “democracy.”