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We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

USA, Army Times: “Plead Guilty To Taking Bribes”

Anyone care to take my money to get me off?

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Firm Makes Offer To Robots”

Was the offer from the firm’s robots?

Sweden, Local: “City Relies On Private Garbage Trucks”

Whew, is this one smelly story!

Russia, Moscow Times: “Attack Pussy Riot Members”

The good news is they were attacked by Cossacks not Putin’s lions!

Netherlands, Dutch News: “Jail Kids For Throwing Snowballs”

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Jobs For Girls Only”

Let’s keep this one clean!

USA, Denver Post: “Cookie Sales Go Pot”

High times in the high state!

I assume their punishment is to make snow men for ten days.

Affordable Care Act Now Cares For People

I so enjoy the pontification of Republican leaders about the Affordable Care Act which they regard as the first step along the road to totalitarianism. Members of Congress have been provided –for decades– free medical care and no Republican has turned down this offer from THE GOVERNMENT. Latest figures indicate that about 4,000,000 have signed up for health care. I do realize in so doing these lazy bums have surrendered their right to die as well as their right to get sick and never see a doctor. These rights are in the Constitution, just read the second Amendment. Over 700,000 have signed up since January and the final total five weeks from now which is the deadlines may well witness nearly 6,000,000 registered. The original hope was for 7,000,000. Of course, in addition to these millions, millions of other people are now covered by an expanded Medicaid.

So, what will be the Republican response if they capture control of the Senate this fall:

1. Vote to end the Affordable Care Act?

2. If they do so, it would be vetoed.

3. Then what, defund the Affordable Care Act?

4. If so, then how do they respond to millions of people who signed up for health care and now do not have health care?

5. Or, how do they respond to college age students are currently covered by parent health care plans and would lose this coverage?

Just asking.

Cry For Israel

This blog is firmly convinced that the state of Israel has an important role to play in the Middle East. It currently has an opportunity to support creation of an independent Arab nation in Palestine which could work with Israel in demonstrating that Arabs and Jews can cooperate. However, there are elements in Israel whose idea of “cooperation” entails that Palestinians accept what they are given and cease complaining to the world. A new report by Amnesty International blasts the Israel government for allowing violence in the West Bank, not by Jewish civilians, but by the Israel armed forces. Philip Luther of AI makes clear ‘the report presents a body of evidence that shows a harrowing pattern of unlawful killings” that have led to the death of innocent civilians. It specifically cites the performance of Israel armed force as an instigator of such murders of the innocent.

Naturally, the Israel government cries, “anti-Semitism.” Each time any respected organization provides evidence of lack of respect for law, the instant response is “anti-Semitism.” Let me make clear that anti-Semitism IS an important factor among Arab nations. They have repeatedly allowed their anti-Jewish views to interfere with possibilities of compromise and resolution of problems. But, the death of 67 Palestinian children is a FACT. It is the responsibility of the Israel government when provided such evidence to convey a fact finding committee and either present evidence that proves no such killings occurred or to accept responsibility and make certain such activities no longer will occur.

For a Jews, that is the ONLY course of action!

Oops, What Did I Just Do??

It is always fascinating to me when Christians decry Muslim clerics who seek to impose Sharia law upon a country. According to many American Christians, the Muslims are religious fanatics seeking to take away the rights of people in the name of Mohammed or the Muslim religion. These same “Christians”think nothing about imposing THEIR interpretation of CHRISTIANITY upon those who do not agree with their interpretation.
A majority of members of the Arizona legislature voted -on party lines– to make it illegal to force a good Christian to sell merchandise to anyone who is a homosexual. I am a bit confused. Does this mean when I go for a cup of coffee the proprietor will inquire if I am a homosexual? What if I lie? Does this mean I broke a law and will go to jail.

Arizona State Senator Steve Pierce who voted for the law now has second thoughts. He finally realized this law could seriously damage the economic health of his state. “I screwed up. I’m trying to make it right. I didn’t like the negative picture of Arizona and, I’m going to ask the governor to veto the bill.”

In the end in America, even conservative bigots follow the straight economic benefit law even if the customer is a Muslim terrorist!

Down In Size, But Up In Ability?

It has been many years since an American president had the courage to confront our military leaders and demand they create a modern armed force that meets the needs of modern life. President Eisenhower was the last president who seriously reduced the military budget, he could get away with it having been a famous general. There is absolutely no need for more jet planes, huge tank forces and all those aircraft carriers. Those are weapons for a war against another modern military force, and no such animal exists in the Middle East. We now require mobile fast moving armed force in which soldiers are trained to fight a guerrilla style war in which jet planes will be of scant use. The proposed budget for out armed forces will 490,000 to about 440,000 the lowest level since 1940. Some proposed planes like the A-10 are being cancelled.

I am certain Republican members of Congress who want to cut out “waste” in Food Stamps will be up in arms at the cancellation of new jet planes that are not needed. We need our military leaders to devote the coming year studying what would constitute the best form of modern military force and cease worrying about weapons that please members of Congress seeking goodies for their districts.

Freedom Of Hate?

We currently inhabit a world in which technology enables each and every nut case in the world to offer his hate, free of charge, to those who seek these ideas or those who wander into hate without awareness of how they became entangled with such behavior. Cindy Lee Garcia, an aspiring actress was approached to appear in a film whose name she thought was: Desert Warrior. Little did she realize that her appearance was part of an Islamophobe piece of crap which intended to sell the line that Muslims hate women and the Prophet Mohammed was nothing more than such a person along with preaching hatred. Her appearance in this trailer cast her as a supporter of such crazy ideas and she did not want any part of it. Ms. Garcia demanded that Google not show the Islamic hating film. At this moment, in place of the “film” is a statement from Google: “this video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by an actress over her five second appearance in the video.”

Her appearance might have been only for five seconds, but displaying this film along with her names placed her life at risk. A US Court of Appeals demanded that Google halt showing the “film.”Google now argues the First Amendment. Freedom of Speech does not allow harm to come to people, and in this case a woman’s life was placed at risk by the film. Therefore, it is NOT an example of freedom of speech.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Simplicity is beauty.

For ever victory in war there is a defeat.

Mystery of Life: why Americans have this fanatic desire for guns.

An organization has one goal in life–to survive.

Some travel the well worn roads of life.

Some know what they know and that is sufficient.

There are physical places we shall never visit and mental ones within our mind.

There are times in life to be unseen.

I am a child of the past.

Oh, to be a child of the future.

Better to read about war than to be in one.

No greater joy than reading.

Some hold pages of book as they read, I do not.

There are men who itch to fight. There are times not to scratch.

Some seek to go beyond the horizon.

These days I sit in the company of old men and women.

Some are on a perpetual joyride in life.

There are times to hold back.

There are times to go forth.

Some have natural look of anger on face.

I detest waste, particularly of talent.

Hillary In 2016?

A recent poll revealed that 82% of those who claim they are Democrats want Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016. That is a rather impressive number for a woman who has been around in the public eye for over twenty years. One can assume she represents for many under the age of forty a familiar figure who has sort of gained respect for a variety of reasons. First, she stood by her man even when he behaved like a man whose prick was running wild. Second, she took a job under Barack Obama and had to endure his mistakes and arrogance of power. She definitely comes across as someone who is loyal without losing her own integrity or ideas. Third, she has survived one attack after another by Republicans for things she did not do but they intend to prove that she did.

If she runs in 2016, the word, BENGHAZI will be shouted from the rooftops of every Republican home. FOUR PEOPLE DIED in Benghazi. OK, so FOUR THOUSAND DIED IN IRAQ AND TWO THOUSAND DIED IN AFGHANISTAN, but that was not the fault of Republicans, the blame for those deaths rest with the black dude president. Every American Secretary of State must know what happens each moment of the day in each of the hundreds of embassies scattered throughout the world. In the 1980s TWO HUNDRED FIFTY MARINES LOST THEIR LIVES IN BEIRUT WHEN RONALD REAGAN WAS PRESIDENT AND NOT A SINGLE REPUBLICAN BLAMED HIM!!

Oh, and by the way, neither did a single Democrat blame the president. These events occur and their success or failure lies with local military officers.

No Gay Time In Texas

A Federal Judge in the state of Texas with the Hispanic name of Garcia has decided to challenge the entire state of Texas by declaring that its law which bans same-sex marriage to be in contradiction to the Constitution of the United States of America. As he informed the government of Texas, this law “conflicts with the United States Constitutional guarantees of equal protection and due process.” Of course, in the state of Texas, the concept of due process is usually interpreted to mean that if you got convicted by a Texas jury then there is nothing to halt your execution since when a Texas jury votes guilty it must be guilty. Just check with your local minister if you doubt this statement. I checked with my Texas contact, one Jack C:

Me–So, Jack, do you think the Government has a right to tell Texas anything?
J –Me and the boys are getting together our guns and we intend to make a social call on this wetback judge.
M — Jack, do you think assaulting a federal judge is wise?
J —We old boys are the ones who run Texas, not some wetback or his black dude friend in Washington. It is about time to have a shoot out because if we wait, they will come down from their black helicopters and kill us all.
M — You mean kill white Texans who are for banning mongrelization of the sexes?
J — Damn right. First, they made us marry some guy, next they will make our daughters marry black bucks, and who knows what comes later, we got to kiss the ass of every black buck!

Well Jack, remember the last Jack who came to Texas and got you mad?

I remember that was in 1963. Who knows?

Spike Lee Explodes At Hipsters

Unlike most modern blacks who regard themselves as pioneers in the fight for equal rights, Spike Lee lived the battle and was engaged when things were dangerous for those seeking to end discrimination in the United States. It sometimes results in his disgust with those who use profanity, not to express a point of view, but to make money. He is particularly upset at what has happened to black neighborhoods in Harlem and Brooklyn. Homes have been purchased from black residents by new wealthy whites from the financial world along with black skinned folk who have made millions portraying the black hipster who can shout profanity for bucks. The result is that former all black communities in New York City are now filled with white and black upper middle class and wealthy folks.

Spike blurted out: “Have you seen Fort Greene Park in the morning? It’s like a m–f–g Westminster Dog Show.” He is furious how those who have never fought, more the less risked, for the fight to end discrimination now proudly proclaim they are a hipster who can yell and curse with anyone. They enjoy what others fought for. “Why did it take the great influence of white people to get the schools better?” Absolutely correct, only add, why did it take the influence of upper income blacks to get the schools better!!