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We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Cultivate people to make yourself blossom.

We feed wealthy people money, and we feed poor people anger.

To know how others think is to know how to think.

My first allegiance is to the poor.

At age 83 I can nod to any older person.

Some prefer the company of fools.

Anger should never result in injustice.

I place hand on thigh to rise these days.

Some never chase a dream.

Sometimes the right turn is the wrong one.

Never forget from whom one comes.

In every end lurks an end.

Some Jews carry Judaism on their nose rather than in their heart.

Long time since I heard, “Jewboy.”

Some peer with curiosity at the page.

I will never fathom the mind of God.

I no longer have any childhood chums.

I so long to hold a child in my arms.

Farewell, Hello ObamaCare?

Yesterday was the deadline for those seeking to become members of the newly famous Obamacare network of concerned citizens who lacked any form of health insurance and were compelled to become members of the Emergency Room family of deadbeats. For a nation that could place a man on the moon or organize the most complex naval attack in human history, the D-Day invasion of June 6, 1944, we were simply unable to organize the process by which American citizens purchased a product. The real tragedy of the entire Obama approach to health care is how he transformed a simply process and transformed it into a study in complexity. For example:

1. A new law simply could have allowed any American from birth to 65 to enroll in Medicare.

2. Or, stage one could have placed all Americans from 40-65 under Medicare.

3. Stage two a few years later could have placed remaining Americans under Medicare.

Popular Medicare would have been supported by most Americans.

End of controversy!

Catholic Bishops Vs Obama

President Barack Obama is engaged in another conflict with bishops in the Catholic Church. However, in this situation, Catholic Bishops represent forces fighting for human rights while the president represents those who oppose human dignity. No, they are not fighting about abortion or use of contraceptives or the rights of Catholic institutions to obey provisions of the healthcare law. The fight has to do with the rights of Catholics who migrated to the United States of America in quest of a decent life for their families. Most are devout Catholics and their priests have joined in the fight to prevent them from being forced to leave families. A Catholic Bishop Conference sent a letter to President Obama. “As parties who witness the human consequences of our broken immigration system, we are deeply troubled by the division caused by current immigration enforcement policies.”

The Bishop urged the president to “take steps within your authority to limit these deportations.” In other words, Barack Obama now has an opportunity to present himself as fighting for the rights of Catholics. This is a no brainer, announce your willingness to be an ally of Catholic Bishops. However, if history offers a clue, he will undoubtedly argue since Republicans oppose reducing deportations and he wants to cooperate with them, let them go back to where they came from. As always, the timid decision is his decision!

The Nation That Once Was

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago there was a nation known as Pakistan. It was formed in the aftermath of England giving up control over its domain of India. A Muslim nation was created to go align with a Hindu country. Years have passed which witnessed the emergence in India of a modern dynamic economy that could lift untold millions from poverty. In Pakistan, time has resulted in a virtual non-existent education system that only serves the top elite while most people resort to out-of-date madrases that teach anything other than modern science or math, let alone history. Pakistan has witnessed one after another military rulers who form alliances with religious zealots in order to maintain power. Pervez Musharraf formed such an alliance and ruled with military support. After all,he was a general and what better person to run the country, but another general.

Musharraf was finally forced to leave after his government simply lacked any ability to conduct an intelligent program for the economy. He also angered judges by locking them up. For some strange reason, Musharraf returned last year, assuming the Army wanted him to return to power. There is no indication anyone wants him back in power. He is now indicted by the government on the charge of treason. His only response is to argue, “is this the way to reward someone for his loyalty to his country?” He does want one and all to know that he loves his country.

The only question is whether the generals will allow one of their group to go on trial.

Erdogan To The Rescue

Elections were held this past weekend in Turkey and the Justice and Development Party(AKP) wound up with about 46% of the vote. The vote will be interpreted as agreement with the ideas of Prime Minister Recep Erdogan who has been on a campaign to support his corrupt government and blame all troubles upon Generals or opposition political leaders. His main enemy is his former friend, supporters of Fethullah Gulen, a US based religious leader whose followers support extensive education programs in Turkey along with being active in government and police agencies. Erdogan regards his ex-buddy as now his most extensive foe who must be crushed in order to save Turkey from an honest government.

Erdogan yelled, “The old Turkey is no longer! The new Turkey is here.” The “new Turkey” has evidence that members of his Cabinet and his own family were engaged in activities that some might construe as criminal. A video on YouTube has Erdogan and his son discussing how to get rid of evidence. Obviously, the “new Turkey” is represented by the extensive charges of corruption. Turkey could become a model of modern Islam, but unless Erdogan is halted, it will become simply another of those corrupt regimes that exist in the Middle East and make peace an impossible dream for people of the region.

Hollande May Head For Holland

Local elections were held throughout France and the outcome was fairly well predicted. President Francois Hollande’s party went down to a crushing defeat. The explanation is quite simple: not enough change, not enough new jobs, not enough drop in the unemployment rate, too many taxes, too many wandering into foreign adventures in Africa and too much of the silly news that all too frequently is connected to the president. At a time of economic distress the last thing on the minds of people is who is the President dating or fucking. Hollande loves to wander around Paris on his motorcycle with police following in his wake as he hooks up with a girl friend.

The right wing National Front of the LePen family witnessed its share of local councillors jump from 40 to 1,400. It is doubtful if most voting for this collection of right wing haters agreed to their calls for restoring the glory of France. Voters were sick and tired of what is, and simply went for what is not.

The Democratic Party in the United States faces a similar problem. Most American voters are disgusted, part of the blame is the incredible failure on President Obama to engage in dialogue and to explain in clear terms the essence of his programs. This explains why Americans believe in his ideas, but oppose his programs. It is time for Obama to learn from France and fight in clear terms for his programs!

Options In Ukraine

Believe it or not there are several alternative approaches to handle the current situation in Ukraine.

1. Accept the reality that most in Crimea –not the 12% Tartars–will vote for annexation.

2. Allow Tartars to be resettled in parts of Ukraine. Russia could assist in paying part of the cost.

3. Hold a UN supervised election in the Ukraine.

4. America should announce a five year plan to replace Russia as the energy supplier to Europe. Fracking developments enable us to make this move.

5. Pay for a UN Police Contingent to work with Ukraine police for the coming two years. in other words, get a UN presence in Ukraine and station it in eastern regions.

6. Announce American willingness to have all missile bases presently in eastern European nations to be withdrawn from their eastern boundaries in exchange for Russian troops withdrawing twenty miles away from the eastern boundaries of Ukraine.

7. Impose economic sanctions upon Russia.

Once the Russian economy begins to be impacted by these events the people currently yelling for war will quiet down.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Schools Do Their Best”

Learning or baby sitting is the question?

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Murderer Caught Åfter 37 Years”

Justice pursued along a mighty long road.

Jakarta Post: “Laser Solves Back Problems”

By removing the back?

Russia, Moscow Times: “Russia On Dark Path To Isolation”

I am certain Vladimir Putin would love to light up the sky with bombs!

Canada, Toronto Star: “Rob Ford Ends Investigations”

Let’s drink a few round to this news.

Germany, Der Spiegel: “Impose Stiffer Penalties”

As far as Republicans are concerned, on the poor.

UK,Guardian: “Making Of A Miracle”

Fox News praised Barack Obama for Something!

Chairman Rumsfeld On Foreign Policy

Don Rumsfeld is certainly among the world’s great experts on conduct of foreign policy. His brilliant diplomacy in Iraq and Afghanistan remain as textbook examples of how to transform peace into war and how to handle complex issues once a war is over–at least for the moment. Rumsfeld blasted the policies of Barack Obama in Afghanistan and defended President Hamid Karzai. Don believes it was the ineptness of Obama that angered the Afghan president. “By golly, they have trashed Karzai publicly over and over.” In the view of Don Rumsfeld a “trained ape” could have negotiated much more effectively than the president.

Let’s examine the record:

1. After defeating the Taliban with the aid of Northern Afghans, the dynamic trio of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld decided not to pay anymore attention and shifted attention to Iraq.

2. As Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld could have insisted that American forces continue their encirclement of Osama bin Laden in a cave rather than leaving for other important business such as find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

3. No effort was made to develop a comprehensive program of creating an effective economy in Afghanistan. This failure set the stage for rise of the Taliban–again.

4. It was the dynamic trio which allowed corrupt leaders to take over Afghanistan including one, Hamid Karzai.

Heck, an untrained ape could have done better.

Oh, about Iraq…. and that diplomacy…

Angela, The Spy

Her name is Angela Merkel and she is head of Germany. She is in charge of domestic and foreign policy, she negotiates with foreign leaders and has been a close and good friend of the United States of America. German soldiers fight in Åfghanistan. She has supported American efforts to end the Syrian war, her policy has been very supportive of Israel even though Germany wishes the Israel government worked harder for peace with Palestinians. So, what exactly in her record has made the National Security Agency of the United States of America concerned about this potential threat to the security of our nation? I do not have a clue. Of course, she spent years in East Germany when it was controlled by Communists and perhaps this has resulted in questions concerning her loyalty to America. Of course, the NSA insists that all nations of the world are loyal to the USA.

According to the German newspaper, Der Spiegel, Angela Merkel had her phone tapped for ten years by the boys from the NSA, she has been the subject of 200 reports concerning her behavior, thinking and attitude toward life. Of course, she is only one among the 122 world leaders that American spies have spied on. Of course, this spying is ONLY done in the name of NATIONAL SECURITY.