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We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

USA, NY Post: “Teacher Arrested In Pot Bust”

Happy children are learning children was her motto.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Baby Birth Brings Apology”

From baby or mother?

Canada, Toronto Star: “Commuters Use Most Viagra”

I assume the Club Car was for sex orgies.

Sweden, Local: “Movement For Rape Law Reform”

From rapists, not the raped!

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “What Do Danes Think About Swedes?

We are better drunkards??

USA, Denver Post: “Gun Club Gets New Members”

On my second thought, is that good news?

Russia, Moscow Times: “Reward For Not Getting Pregnant?”

Oh well, not another gay baby born in Putin Russia.

Plight Of Job Creators

Once again, due to the heroic actions of the Republican party, forces of SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM have been prevented from endangering the lives of Americans. Once again, those who create wealth, those who create jobs, can sleep comfortably tonight knowing that SOCIALISM was headed off by Republicans in the United States Senate. They prevented loss of thousands of jobs by voting to head off an increase in the minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to the outrageous sum of $10.10 an hour. It is clear to any person who seeks to ensure wealth for this nation that FORCING JOB CREATORS to pay an extra $120 a week would lead to the end of American capitalism and the prosperity which currently is enjoyed in our society.

The vote was 54 to 42 with A Republican senator actually voting for the increase. About 16,000,000 would have witnessed a raise in income, about 600,000 would have moved from a poverty existence. BUT, this would have meant our JOB CREATORS came away with less money!

I guess the only solution to dealing with this travesty is to compel members of Congress for one week to live on the minimum wage!

Does Money Talk Or Does Talk Make Money?

It is generally agreed there is a war raging in America concerning the use of money to alter outcomes of elections. For over a hundred years, both Republican and Democratic political leaders agreed there should be some form of restrictions imposed on contributions to those running for public office. Republican Senator John McCain and Democratic Senator Russ Feingold, even pushed through a bill to restrict donations to political campaigns. But, along came the Roberts Supreme Court which has a conservative majority. It concluded that money is a form of speech, and since there is freedom of speech in America, no restrictions can be imposed on money. According to the strict interpretationist view of the Constitution, our Founding Fathers believed anyone could give a few million dollars for campaigns to seek public office.

Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, told a Senate committee “while money is used to finance speech, money is not speech.” Spoken like the hater of job creators. Republican Senator Pat Roberts rushed to the defense of the Koch brothers who spend millions to get across their views. “Let’s stop demonizing citizens who exercise their First Amendment rights. The First Amendment does not allow us to silence those who oppose us.” Actually, it Does! Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes and a majority made clear one does NOT have the right to say what he desires so shouting, “Fire” in a theater is a Crime!

There have always been restrictions on “freedom of speech.” As Democratic Senator Tom Udall said: “Money and speech are the same thing? This is twisted logic.”

Anatomy Of Disaster In Sudan

It is nearly two decades since the world gazed in silence as hundreds of thousands of civilians, men, women and children, were hacked to death in the frenzy known as the Rwanda Genocide. Bill Clinton now acknowledges that he failed to act when there was an opportunity to prevent the slaughter of the innocent. Scholars have written books, there are dozens of articles which prove the massacre could have been avoided. Fast forward to 2014. Fast forward to South Sudan, which was formed when the nation of Sudan was divided in order to accommodate the reality of a Muslim north and a Christian south. Thousands of innocent people had already died in the Darfur massacres, and the hope was by creating two separate nations it would end the Muslim-Christian conflict.

So, what happened? South Sudan is now torn between two rivalries. South Sudan President Salva Kiir is engaged in a conflict with his former ally and now rebel leader, Riek Machar, in a struggle as to which one would gain power. Thousands have died, at least 1.2 million people have fled to the security of UN refugee camps. South Sudan does possess oil, but war is making it difficult to get the oil to market. Navi Pillay, UN Commissioner for Human Rights, was clear about the reality, she is “appalled by the apparent lack of concern displayed by both leaders.” People are dying of famine, women are getting raped and at least 9,000 children are fighting as soldiers rather than fighting for higher grades in school. Another Rwanda??

Image Of Christ Appears

Catalan archeologists were digging in Egypt when they encountered in a cave some paintings. The images appeared to derive from the early days of Coptic Christians who once were an important segment of the Egyptian religion. Few Muslims realize that many Egyptians became followers of Jesus Christ and today those who term themselves to be Coptic Christians predate the Muslims by several hundred years. Dr.Josep Prado of the University of Barcelona, believes the image discovered might be among the earliest visual presentations of Jesus Christ. He notes the image if that of a “young man with curly hair dressed in a short tunic with his hand raised as if giving a blessing.” We decided to check with some important Americans as to their reaction to this image.

1. Sarah Palin notes the hand raised most probably provides proof that Jesus was carrying his gun aloft in case he met an enemy.

2. John Boehner, House Majority leader, made clear before he issued any statement to the media, he would have to discuss this issue with fellow Republicans and the Koch Brothers.

3. Senator Ted Cruz wants to know if this figure wanted to seek to enter America as an illegal immigrant.

4. President Obama said the CIA, at this time, lacks information regarding the alleged visual image.

5. Pope Francis intends to call the image as soon as possible.

6. President Vladimir Putin is concerned the image has on a short tunic, does this suggest the image is a gay man?

Death Be Not Proud

Death is the final act in the life of an individual. The process of death is unusual in that one never knows when it arrives, one never knows if it is the end or the beginning of another aspect of existence. It is the ultimate mystery, the journey from which there is no return. For some, Death arrives in silence, they sigh, greet the traveler who will take them on a trip into the future, and, in quietly proceed. Clayton Lockett is not a nice man by normal standards of our society. He did engage in horrible crimes, and for some the only manner of treating his acts was to execute him. Drugs were administered, but the process did not proceed as planned. For three minutes he groaned and writhed in violent ways. Actually, forty three minutes passed before he was pronounced to be dead.

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin refused to delay execution, and so it proceeded. President Obama apparently believes there are some crimes which should result in death, but was upset at the process of this death. Jay Carney, his spokesman, said executions should be carried out, “humanely.” But, when on to say, “I think everyone would recognize that this case fell short of that standard.”

Of course, the vast majority of nations in the world who live in the modern world, have ended executions.

Pot Always Grows Larger In Reality

These days the American government is quite clear that failures in Afghanistan are related to failures of the Afghan government to function effectively and efficiently. However, there is one topic related to the war in Afghanistan which continually is ignored by the American government. Ah,opium. Afghanistan is the major producer of opium and it is a main support for the Taliban. The Taliban simply taxes opium growers even as American forces insist that opium fields be destroyed. Let me figure this one out:

1. I am an Afghan farmer who depends on selling my opium crop.

2. Americans arrive and destroy my opium crop.

3. The Taliban just taxes me.

Guess who I will like? There is currently about 516,000 acres under cultivation, which is an increase of about 36%. The US has spent about $7.5 billion to get rid of opium. Gee, just check with your supplier here in the USA, he will definitely get you the pot you desire.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Some take the low, some take the high road in life.

For some, always fourth down in life.

Some stumble through life.

Some men stand while reading newspapers, women do not.

Never fear the unknown, one day it will become known.

Nothing more phony than TV newscast enthusiasm.

America needs more meeting places for seniors.

My life is spent seeking bargains.

Long time since I heard: “Shalom.”

Some seek warmth of oblivion.

Some place hand to side when eating.

Each morning brings a new twist to life.

Some chew rapidly.

Some seek physical death, some mental.

Parting of ways can be temporary or final.

Sterling Banned: Right Or Wrong?

NBA commissioner Adam Silver took over the job a few months ago, and now must render a decision regarding how to handle Donald Sterling, a wealthy old man who harbors old fashioned ideas concerning those with dark skins. Mr. Sterling’s comments about black people are now known to most Americans. He apparently sees no problem with his girl getting fucked by a black man, just don’t be seen with one, and, certainly, don’t bring one to a Los Angeles Clipper game. Mr. Silver issued his decision: Donald Sterling is now banned from the NBA and Silver will work with other NBA owners to ensure the franchise is sold to someone with slightly different views on the position of black Americans. “I fully expect to get the support I need from the other NBA owners.” Oh, and Donald, has to pay a fine of $2.5 million.

Donald Sterling is an idiot, a schmuck and does not belong owning anything. BUT, we do have a Constitution which guarantees the right to be a schmuck and idiot. I suspect the US Supreme Court would have to rule this decision is unconstitutional. Just remember, today’s idiot may be tomorrow’s brilliant person. In 1896, the Supreme Court ruled that segregation was legal-separate but equal decision.


1. Have him transfer control of the Los Angeles Clippers to his children.

2. Urge him to take the leadership in selling the team.

We also need schmucks in this world.

Voter ID Issues

A Federal judge in Wisconsin has declared the state ID law unconstitutional on grounds it makes voting more difficult for poor people and minorities. The law requires a voter to present a State issued ID such as in driver license. Governor Walker insists that his goal is to prevent illegal voting. The last presidential election had over 100,000,000 voting, and the number of illegal votes is estimated to be fewer than 100. Problems with voter ID.

1. Those of us who retire frequently end driving. Therefore, we do not have a State Issued ID.

2. People who live in urban areas increasingly are giving up driving a car.


It is very simple. Have state offices, libraries, and the local Post Office be available to secure a State issued ID. This prevents the famous 100 illegal voters from altering American history.