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We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Some sit on high, some on low.

Power never lasts forever anymore than does life.

Some quest for gold, some for power, and some just for life.

Always laugh at life’s madness.

Do not fear Death, he is your best friend in life.

Talk on phone, eat, drink coffee, write, a day in the life of modern man.

Some day soon, I will get a handicapped parking spot.

Some shoot for Venus, some for Mars.

Some place hand on thigh when talking.

Each week set aside a day to be a slob.

Anger is the last resort of anger.

I have never feared fear.

Man sits sipping coffee and wiggling his foot.

All too many divorce self from self.

American Conservatism That Once Was And Can Be

I currently am in the process of writing the history of America in the year, 1953 so my mind each day returns to olden days when life was somewhat different in this blessed land. The year begins with the election of the first Republican president in twenty years –Dwight Eisenhower. Ike, as he was affectionally known, had been a great general during World War II, and decided that he was a Republican. Believe it or not in those days the Republican Party had a conservative, a moderate, and a liberal wing. Conservative Henry Luce, owner of Time, Life and Fortune magazines wrote an editorial boasting that the Republican party was the champion of workers and the middle class. He believed that capitalism was based on the principle of redistribution of wealth in order to ensure the middle class and workers had good jobs and incomes so they could purchase goods and keep the economy vibrant. For modern Republicans, a somewhat novel concept of “conservatism.” The essence of moderate, liberal, and many conservative Republicans was the importance of free enterprise as personified with rising income for both the wealthy and middle class.

President Eisenhower also had the weird conservative notion that national debts were best handled by imposing high taxes on the wealthy. He continued the Franklin Roosevelt World War II top tax level of 90%. When challenged by head of U.S. Steel corporation who insisted on lower taxes for the wealthy, he informed the rich man that as an American he was responsible for paying a higher tax. Most Republicans in Congress, supported the president. Would you believe that CONSERVATIVES regarded paying off the national debt as important and the responsibility of the wealthy?? Henry Luce urged in a Life editorial the goal of conservatives in America was to ensure that the top 5% of wealthy controlled only 17% of our national income, not the 42% currently supported by Republicans! Such was the state of CONSERVATIVES.

Oh, Eisenhower ended segregation in Washington D.C., he ended it in Navy shipyards, he continued the desegregation of the armed forces, and his Attorney General strongly backed the Brown vs Board of Education law suit to end segregation in our nation’s schools. That was CONSERVATIVE thinking in 1953. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Republican conservatives returned to the old true conservatism of their predecessors?

Supreme Court Violates The Constitution!!

The United States Supreme Court which has five Catholic judges has rendered a decision which threatens to undo the First Amendment to the Constitution which provides for separation of religion from government. By a 5-4 vote the Court allowed Hobby Lobby corporation to be exempt from obeying a law because its religious principles did not allow them to grant health care for female employees seeking access to contraceptives. This is the greatest attack on the principle of separation of state and church in the history of the United States of America. According to Catholic Justice Samuel Alioto, a corporation which is headed by a few people does not have to follow federal laws if its religious principles are “violated.” He argues the decision only applies to oral contraceptives in the Affordable Care Act, and only applies to a privately owned firm which lacks a difference between their business responsibilities and their personal religious views!

Jewish Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is shocked. She terms this decision “potentially sweeping” with the potential to alter fundamental American Constitutional law. What next, my religious views do not allow me to pay income tax? If corporations can use “religious views” to determine their behavior, we can expect to witness the rise of hundreds of such corporations demanding not to pay or adhere to any government law. In which law school did the four CATHOLIC judges attend? Sorry, this is the most blatant example of Supreme Court judges allowing their religious views to intrude into constitutional issues.

If you believe in the US Constitution, vote this November, and vote for each and every Democratic candidate in order to prevent the Senate from getting under the control of Republicans.

Once More Oscar Pistorious

We Americans had the O.J. Simpson murder trial in the 1990s which provided the entire nation months in which to argue whether or not the black athlete was guilty or whether he was in the court room due to the color of his skin. Inhabitants of South Africa have their own version, the trial of famous legless runner, Oscar Pistorious who is accused of murdering his girl friend. Oscar claims he became frightened of noises in the bathroom fearing it was an intruder, and began to blast away. Alas, it was the girl friend who then died of wounds. Prosecutor Gerrie Nel has argued that Pistorious has a bad temper, and this was the cause of the shooting. Oscar simply got into an argument and killed the girl. About a month ago during the trial, a surgeon who had cut off the legs of young Oscar argued that anyone in this condition a “generalized anxiety disorder” due to feeling vulnerable and weak in the face of danger. A month break was taken in the trial and Oscar was studied by psychiatrists.

The report is in. According to psychiatrists who spent hours with Oscar, “Pistorious did not suffer from a mental illness or defect that would have rendered him criminally not responsible for the offence charged.” In other words, he understood “the wrongfulness of his act.” I assume this means, unlike O.J., the verdict will be guilty. Of course, one never knows how a jury confronts a nation’s sport hero?

Tourists To Nowhere

Like most normal humans, there are places that I would love to visit. Spain, the beautiful Paris, the streets of Berlin or great museums such as the Hermitage in Russia. Who would not enjoy sunny Italy or wandering the streets of mysterious Prague? I have always longed to investigate the history of Shanghai or be crushed in some Tokyo subway. But, alas, there are those whose tastes in tourism leaves me wondering whether they seek to explore the unknown or do they seek to enjoy the hospitality of some North Korean prison whose culinary items are certainly not those my stomach could or wound endure? Matthew Todd Miller decided this spring to join a tour of North Korea. I assume his desire was to witness people in the process of hunger and fear, or perhaps, he prefers to be in the exciting city of Pyongyang with its glittering dim lights at night when everything closes for sleep.

It turns out that Mr. Miller is not interested in a brief tour of North Korea, but wants the complete tour–for lifetime. He arrived at the airport, tore up his Bible and shouted for political asylum. A few days later one Jeffrey Edward Fowle entered the dark kingdom of North Korea, left a Bible on his table in the hotel, and joined an exciting tour of Pyongyang. Both men are now under arrest. I assume the charge is “madness” for Mr. Miller, and most probably, being a Christian is the crime for Mr. Fowle. The mystery of my life is what does one do or see on a trip to North Korea?

Deport The Children!

Among the ongoing Republican mantras is that President Barack Obama has failed to control our border with Mexico resulting in a flood of illegal immigrants. Actually, statistically, under the Obama administration three times the number of illegal immigrants have been returned to Mexico than occurred during the administration of former President George Bush. REALITY –the Obama administration now holds the record for return of most immigrants to Mexico more than any other prior administration! Naturally, Republicans and Fox News refuse to accept reality. The latest migrant event is arrival of over 50,000 unaccompanied children who seek refuge from violence, rape and death in Guatamala, Honduras and El Salvador. These countries are witnessing mass violence caused by drug gangs who, literally, are engaged in a civil war with their governments. Children are caught in the middle. Most teen girls simply fear they will be raped unless they escape to another place.

President Obama is requesting new fast-track legislation which would allow speedy return of the children. So, why does the evil Obama need new legislation? Former REPUBLICAN President George Bush established strict protocol for the handling of children illegal immigrants. Border Patrol agents must hold them for 72 hours, and then turn them over to the Department of Health and Human Services. In other words, under REPUBLICAN presidents, it was the law that illegal children could NOT readily be returned to their former countries! So, now the president who is accused of not protecting our border seeks new laws to undo REPUBLICAN legal procedures!

We oppose deportation of these children to certain violence and possible rape or death. America turned its back on saving Jewish children during the 1930s, let us not turn our backs on these children.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “NO Remorse For Me”

Unfortunately, what Americans say who voted for the current collection in Congress.

China, China Daily: “World’s Oldest Cat”

What else if you have nine lives?

Sweden, Local: “How I Got Swedes And Immigrants Eating Together”

Free food?

Russia, Moscow Times: “No Illusions Left”

Putin Will NOT change!

France, Connexion: “Cultural Committee Bans Foreign Words”

You mean no more “oy vets” for me when discussing Republicans?

USA, NY Times: “Truth Be Known”

Not to anyone working for Fox News!

Sweden, Local: “Teen Girls Steal Stolen Car”

They might be better off stealing hearts.

Bad Guys Now Good Guys

I do not know whether to report the following as “good news” or “bad news” but it certainly is interesting news. General Massoud Jazayeri, deputy chief of staff of the Iranian armed forces, you know, one of the bad guys according to the United States of America, came out with a battle plan to halt the Islamic State of Syria forces who currently are in Iraq. Latest reports reveal the ISIS is murdering Iraqi soldiers who surrender, and their compatriots in Syria just crucified a few men. Oh, it was not Jesus, not was it any person of the Jewish religion. Well, back to the story about Iranian generals, the men who head Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, top on our list of bad groups. General Jazayeri informed the Iraq government that he was prepared to develop a plan, based on the Syrian model, that will end the reign of ISIS terror. I trust the reader is clear–the guy we consider to be a “bad guy” is ready to assist the USA in defeating the bad guys currently in northern Iraq.

According to the Iranian general, he is ready to employ “our successful experiments in popular all-armed defense, the same strategy used against terror on the defensive–mobilizing masses in all ethnic groups.” Of course, the “terror groups” he was fighting were the terror groups we were supporting in Syria. It is now clear. The terror groups we oppose are now the terror groups we support and the end result will be triumph of the groups that we oppose. Please do not get confused. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. This is now AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY. Clear?

Barack Obama Just Can’t Communicate

I voted for Barack Obama twice, it was my assumption this was a man who would be able to uphold the rights of individual citizens, this was a man who would be able to curb the growing power of government, and this was a man who would be able to communicate issues to the American people. Boy, was I wrong. As of today, most probably, 80% of the American people still do not understand the Affordable Care Act and its provisions! On no occasion has our president clearly spoken to the American people about this law. For example:

The Affordable Care Act guarantees every American: (1) the right to affordable health insurance, (2) the right to select one’s doctor,(3) the right not to be denied health insurance due to pre-existing conditions, (4) the right of young people to remain covered by parent health plans,(5) financial aid from the government for health insurance. Every American should have been sent a one sheet statement from the government with this information. Then, let Republicans blast away.

The same failure to communicate is obvious today. President Obama should be on national television with this statement: “The United States protected the people of Iraq at the cost of thousands of our young men and women. We provided billions of dollars in aid to develop their economy and create a modern armed force. Prime Minister Nouri Maliki ignored our advice to work with all Iraqi groups in order to create a modern society. Instead, he persecuted Sunni minorities and rid the armed forces of effective officers. The Iraq government created this current problem. We are ready to assist Iraq, but only after its government is committed to equal rights for all, and its armed forces are led by the best available leaders. No American will be placed at risk until Iraq has a unified government. Period.”

All Americans would then understand the situation. That is the role of a President of the United States of America.

Democrats Hide Benghazi Suspect-WHY?

A bearded man who the Obama administration claims is among those who participated in the most brutal and heinous criminal action in American history, the infamous Benghazi Attack is now present on American soil. I realize there are naive people who regard the attack on Pearl Harbor as a greater blow at the United States, but any right thinking, God-fearing American knows THE most significant event in American history is the death of FOUR AMERICANS! Just think about this: FOUR AMERICAN LIVES were lost. And,who is responsible for these horrific death totals? None other than HILLARY CLINTON! Ahmed Abu Khattala was seized by Special Forces in Benghazi and sent to America vis a ship. Question: Why was he not flown to America? The answer is simple: this provided the Obama administration an opportunity to brain wash this man into telling a story that he murdered Ambassador Stevens because of some anti-Muslim video.

All those who really love America want the truth to be told. And, what is the truth? This Khattala attacked because of a carefully planned al-Qaeda assault which had nothing to do with a video. Hillary Clinton LIED about the reason for the attack. Why? We now can reveal the truth. Hillary Clinton planned this murder in order to— a secret informant revealed to me that Stevens was the secret homosexual lover of Bill Clinton, which she did not want revealed!! Stevens was the lover of Monica Lewinsky and knew all about sexual pervasion between Monica and Hillary and Bill. Hillary Clinton wanted to cover up this sex scandal!!