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Bombs Away!

It was during World War II that modern ideas about mass bombing of cities became the norm of our military beliefs. Germans began the process with mass bombing of Amsterdam and London. However, by 1942, English and American planes were making Germans sorry they ever came up with this idea. At night, a thousand British bombers would blast a city, and the following day, a thousand American planes dropped their bombs. OK, so ISIS likes to cut off heads, but the United States air force, along with planes from several other countries is bombing these people. Yesterday, there were 31 bombing attacks on the city of Raqqa in Syria, the so called, capital, of the nut cases who so enjoy cutting off heads of the innocent. We are now killing the bad guys, along with a few of the good people, but war is war. In the end of any modern war, the innocent must die because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

OH, dictator Bashar al-Assad is joining in the fun. Heck, he has already murdered at least a hundred thousand Syrians, but now he gets an opportunity to bomb and bomb. Who knows, perhaps the war in Syria will conclude when everyone is dead.

Death In Mosques

I confess to liking the good old days when someone from Religion A spent his days murdering people from Religion B. This made sense, this allowed the world to progress along lines that have been true for thousands of years. Most folks on this planet are convinced the Big Guy up in the sky only likes people who belong to the right group of worshippers. If you murdered the people who happened to go to the wrong church then the world was preceding along the right path, as far as the Big Guy up in the sky was concerned. Then, along came Muslims in the 21st century who have come to believe that God just doesn’t like Muslims, he only likes the Right Type of Muslims. OK, so something like this did happen a few hundred years ago when Protestants beat up on Catholics and vice versa.

Boko Haram nut cases entered a mosque in northern Nigeria and began blasting away at the “infidels.” They murdered at least 80 Muslims who were the wrong kind of Muslims. Heck, they murdered folk just outside when important imams lived. Boko Haram means that one is a Muslim who will kill other Muslims. The new message is that God wants to get rid of bad Muslims and only allow the good ones to live. Such is life in the 21st century!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Putin Gets 8th ‘Degree Black Belt”

I assume tigers will be running for their lives!

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “I Do Not Wish To Run”

Words never spoken by those in the US Congress.

USA, aol: “Poverty Penalized”

You damn poor folks earn to much money, time to help job creators.

Sweden, Local: “So, How Was Everybody’s Thursday?

Full tummy and hands full of junk picked up in stores!

Australia, Canberra Times: “Bad Week Gets Worse”

Just wait to Congress meets, a bad spring will get worse!

We Need A Philandering Map!

The President of China is sick and tired of corrupt officials and has decided to do something about it. President Xi Jinping has released what he terms, a Philandering Map that reveals which officials are stealing money from the people of China. “if misconduct is not corrected but allowed to run rampant it will build an invisible wall between our party and the people of China.” This is rather a strange attitude for a leader of a nation. I thought the purpose of being a government official was so one could become wealthy?

Perhaps, it is time in the United States of America to release a Philandering Map which depicts the manner in which our officials fuck the people of this land by selling their minds to corporations. There is sex in which one sells the body, and there is prostitution in which one sells a vote in Congress. Anyway, the new Congress this spring will be fucking the people of this land, and boy, will they make none!

Oh Dem Immigrants!

There are many people in the great state of Texas who are furious for dem Mexican immigrants who cross the border and take their jobs picking fruit or hauling garbage. You have to understand that many men who work in the corporate world in Houston would prefer to work in a meat plant but dem illegal immigrants have taken those jobs away from them. One of the angry young Texans headed for the Mexican Consulate in Austin, Texas, and began to blast away after he set the place on fire. He wants to halt dem illegals from taking the job of nanny away from his wife. The man was finally shot to death after he made his statement clear that illegals have no place in the great state of Texas.

How about a history lesson? The Mexican government in the 1820s was not concerned about immigrants. They invited Americans to immigrate to the place they call, Texas. After a decade or so, these “immigrants” in Texas became upset because the nation of Mexico ended slavery, and they, naturally revolted to ensure their right to have slaves. Oh dem immigrants, always causing trouble and taking jobs away from slaves?

Mexico, The Broken Land

There is an old expression that is known to people in Mexico: ‘so far from God, so near to America.” It reflects the reality that Mexico has always confronted the problem of a powerful neighbor which has robbed the country time after time. Americans took half the nation of Mexico after the Mexican War and since that time has sought to exploit its natural resources. But, in recent decades the Americans fell in love with drugs which led to the emergence of drug lords who have unlimited power in Mexico. A few months ago 43 college students disappeared after they annoyed the mayor of a town who was simply the buddy of local drug lords. We now know the boys were murdered and their bodies burned and dumped in a garbage area. President Enrique Pena Nieto has finally recognized that something must be done about these drug lords. He rules a land in which police earn about $340 a month from the government and hundreds more from drug lords.

The President recognized “there are two Mexicos. One that is part of the global economy with growing levels of income, and there is another part of Mexico with historic problems that have been unresolved for generations.” He promised to do something to create an honest police force. However, the best solution is for the United States of America to legalize all forms of drugs and end the power of drug lords!

Another Dictator Goes Free

As you recall there once was a thing we term, the Arab Spring. As you recall the streets of Cairo were filled with hundreds of thousands protesting corruption in their government and a dictatorship run for the benefit of those who run the Egyptian army. Brave young men and women risked their lives in order to bring some semblance of democracy to their land. However, the Egyptian armed forces enjoy the comfort of robbing their nation in order to ensure they live a life of comfort and wealth. Former President Hosni Mubarak became a millionaire as did his sons. Just about every Egyptian general has a nice bank account. The initial need was to place Hosni in jail in order to pacify crowds in the street. Of course, Hosni never actually went to a “jail.” Neither did his sons. General Sisi, his former buddy is now President of Egypt and we can be certain that he is either, or shortly will becomes a millionaire.

The “trial” of Hosni and his sons was finally held. It lasted but a few hours and Judge Mahmoud Rashidi virtually apologized for even having a trial. Hosni is back in his mansion and so are his sons in their mansions. Life has returned to normal in Egypt. Spring has become the winter of discontent– for protesters, not for military rulers.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


Never allow a child to go to sleep with anger in their heart.

Always be the guardian of love.

If you cannot do something research a way to do it.

Holidays have lost historic meaning.

I distance myself in coffee shops from people.

Within each human exists a dungeon of hate and anger, never open that door.

For some their life companion is their iPad.

These days couples grow alike in body size.

I feel awkward if there are new staff in my coffee shop.

One must accept defeat for the moment to win, eventually.

The Ferguson Five

Like Millions of Americans I spent the past few evenings watching mobs loot and burn the city of Ferguson, Missouri. Actually, to be more accurate, they were destroying those areas of Ferguson in which those with black skins lived and worked. I was shocked at the images of looters entering a market and running away with liquor and food. No police were in sight, not National Guards were in sight, it was first come and first served. I wondered at the absence of any armed force to prevent this looting. Five men are responsible for what occurred during this destruction of Ferguson, Missouri.

1. St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch. He issued his report at 8:00 p.m. when people were wandering the streets of Ferguson. He should have issued the report in the early morning when people were asleep. For the moment I will ignore his failure as a prosecutor to present the case to the Grand Jury, which is the norm.

2. Ferguson Mayor James Knowles who allowed the existence of a police force that did not represent the people of his city.

3. Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson who created a white force lacking training.

4. St. Louis County Police Chief James Bellow who should have rounded up a few hundred more cops.

5. Governor Jay Nixon who failed to send in two thousand National Guardsmen immediately.

The looting and burning could have been avoided!

Russian Dreams Linger On

The capacity of the human mind to ignore reality has always amazed me. In Nazi Germany people did their best to ignore that their nation had embarked on a program that was leading to war and destruction because most people just love the histrionics of Adolf Hitler. Today in Russia, the public has decided to wipe from their minds the reality of what is occurring inside their nation. Reality: Prices on goods are rising, the economy is heading towards a recession, jobs are being lost, the ruble has declined to the lowest rate of exchange with US dollars in history, but most Russians are convinced there are no sanctions, and their beloved Great Leader, Vladimir Putin has everything under control. Poll after poll reveals that Russians overwhelmingly support this petty ruler and actually believe that Nazis now control the government in Ukraine.

Then again, I live in the United States of America, a nation in which most who recently voted supported those who have made life worse for the average American. Americans, like Russians, want the government to give them goodies, but they support those who seek to reduce their Social Security or damage the ability of people to obtain health care. Russians are no different than Americans in their capacity to ignore reality and dream on about a world that does not exist.