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We Apologize

We were kidding around with failure of the American government to do something about Boko Haram and most probably our joke about Barack Haram went too far. We apologize to the President for our lousy sense elf humor.

Send In The Machine Guns Of Peace

The Police Department of New York City, just like police in every city in America are armed to the teeth with deadly weapons. They possess equipment provided by the military forces of this nation. So, what does the police commissioner of New York City desire for his men–machine guns! Bill Bratton announced formation of a new Strategic Response Group(SRG) which is “designed for dealing with events like our recent protests or incidents like Mumbai or just what happened in Paris.”

1. The Mumbai attack was planned by terrorists who came from Pakistan.

2. The recent event in Paris included both three murderers and thousands of peaceful protesters who marched in support of peace.

3. Protests in New York City at no point threatened the lives of police, but it sure threatened the lives of those who marched for peace.

There is absolutely NO reason for arming the police with machine guns to handle a peaceful protest. What is going on Mr. Mayor??

Oh, to be fair to Bratton he will arm the police with body-cameras and tasers.

Oh Dem Muslim Women!

Muslim clerics who seek to become part of the modern world of social media increasingly confront the dilemma that if they can tweet and titter so can every Muslim woman on the planet. An Indonesian cleric, Felix Siauw, devotes hours of his time engaged in tweeting and today has over a million fellow tweeters. He now has around the scorn of thousands of Indonesians who regard his social media comments as rather hypocritical, particularly those that refer to women. Felix tweeted to his tweeters, “these days Muslim women false selfies without shame. There are usually nine frames in one photo with faces and poses that are just– where is the purity of women?”

So, let me get this straight. Here is a MAN who tweets, who sends photos of God knows what, but is concerned that women do exactly what he does. At least they are not tweeting photos of bodies without heads or men and women preparing for death. Indonesian youth are deluging the cleric with their own satirical comments. Good luck.

Mitt Says NO!

A millionaire has decided not to seek the presidency of our fair land. A millionaire who is concerned about the plight of our middle class has decided that such concern did not play right in the land of the Koch Brothers. So, we must say farewell to the only Republican who stood for the middle class. Oh, I know some will recite his comment about no concern for the 47% of Americans who are mooching off the federal government with handouts unlike the wealthy whose only thought and concern is for the right of empowering every citizen with a million dollars, provided that person has drive, intelligence, and was born int he right family. Just consider the record of this man:

1. He pushed through an Obamacare like health program in Massachusetts.

2. He has gobs of kids which proves that he cares about children.

3. He has an elevator for his car which proves he is concerned about roads and highways.

4. He employs maids which proves he cares about those illegals from Mexico.

5. He worked himself up from a few million to lots of millions. If he could do this, it proves that every child of a millionaire can do it!

Unfortunately, Mitt just could not compete with the billions of the Koch Brothers!

Hairgate In Saudi Arabia!

Prior to leaving India where President Obama made a powerful speech concerning the importance of respecting the rights of women, our leader flew off to Saudi Arabia, that bastion of respect for the female body. As we all know, when it comes to the right of women to be accorded the right to be allowed freedom of development of the human mind and body, there is no other country like Saudi Arabia. After all, where else can women not be allowed to drive a car or not be able to leave the house without permission of a man? Where else can women be lashed for displaying the wrong behavior?

The President rushed to the land of oil along with about twenty other American leaders. But, for some strange reason, Michelle Obama refused to cover her hair and just stood there tall and defiant. Naturally, no speeches were made about women rights in the land of oil. Barack decided to keep things oiled down with no comments about women and their right to anything. The only comment was made by his wife who stood out with uncovered hair.

I wonder what Saudi women thought about the picture of the uncovered hair woman?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


Some rub eyes with palm of hand.

I experience guilt being alone in a booth.

In the end we do not know where we are going.

There is a time and place for a time and place.

I record what others do not.

Mama at supper always said, “so enjoy.”

Some are so happy with a full mouth of food.

Our lives are complicated by self inflicted goals.

At age 84 I am not in a hurry about anything.

Some walk with hands stiffly by side.

I Do Understand Murder

There is one certainty in the human experience- today, somewhere and some place in the world someone was killed by someone else on the ground they were not part of the right religion. Those who live in Western nations are the descendants of people who waged religious wars for over two hundred years and in the twentieth century witnessed the murder of six million people who were Jews. Oh, they were murdered by people who regarded themselves as Christians. Oh, the Pope never took any action against such murders. No Catholic who murdered was ever thrown out of the Catholic Church. So, who can be surprised that today it is the turn of Muslims to murder those whose religion does not fit into their religion?

In a town in the south of Pakistan, some men were gathered in a mosque when bombs exploded. Their crime was to be Shia Muslims rather than to be Sunni Muslims. At least forty are dead and dozens are wounded. This is simply another story in the madness that is religion. I assume if there is a God up there, HE has left for another planet.

Putin Bans Americans!

I have the sad duty to report that many Americans will no longer be able to travel to Russia and enjoy the sights and sounds of Moscow. The Russian government is very upset at the Obama administration for its vicious attacks on Russians who have been carrying out the orders of their great and wise Leader. Several years ago Sergei Magnitsky was murdered in Moscow while engaged in uncovering fraud in the Russian government. He allegedly has a heart attack while in prison for the crime of exposing graft and corruption in the government of Vladimir Putin. The American Congress passed the Magnitsky law which prevents those Russians who were part of the murder to enter the United States of America. In Putin Land, one does not challenge any action of the Great Leader without suffering some consequences.

The Russian Foreign Ministry is upset. “The latest extension of the US list of sanctioned people, put together on the basis of he anti-Russian Magnitsky law will not go unchallenged. And on the reciprocal basis the same number of US citizens have been prohibited from entering the territory of Russia.” Sorry, if you on the list, remain home and avoid Moscow. Such are the consequences of voting for Barack Obama!

Tides Of Hate Sweep Over France

The people of France and the world have yet to recover from the horror of Islamic terrorists who murdered some cartoonists who committed the horrible crime of drawing the “wrong” pictures, but events in France now make clear that Muslims have the capacity to control the politics of Christians and Jews in France. Latest polls reveal that the right wing Marine Le Pen’s party has risen to the point where she now threatens to become the largest political force in France. Who is Miss Le Pen? Her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen years ago was a fanatical anti-Semite who denied there ever was a Holocaust, and blamed any and all problems in his nation on immigrant from North Africa. He was generally regarded as a nuisance extremist who obtained about 5% of the vote of those who hate. His daughter has revised the party and now agrees there was a Holocaust. She even has reached out to French Jews arguing that Muslims ARE the enemy of their nation.

Marine Le Pen’s rise in polls simply reflects the power of hate in the modern world. Her supporters would go by the name of Tea Party in America. They argue that getting rid of immigrants IS the problem of modern times. Of course, those immigrants are the ones who do the dirty jobs of society. Hopefully, her surge in votes is temporary and sanity will return to the French people. Then again, we Americans continue to be insane by voting for Tea Party haters.

Kissinger Remains Republican Hero

There are moments when I am amazed how some people remain in the news even though a few decades have passed since they once were icons of fame. Henry Kissinger has been part of the American scene since as a twenty one year old soldier he wound up during World War II running an entire German city since as a refugee from Nazi Germany, the interrogator possessed the right language skills. One might mention that Kissinger the interrogator did NOT resort to torture in order to obtain needed information. The boy got a Ph.D. and eventually became an “expert” on foreign policy. He served under Richard Nixon as Secretary of State and gained fame for establishing diplomatic relations with Communist China. There is something ironic in the fact that REPUBLICANS reached out to Communist China, a nation that was number one in the world in torture and abuse of its people. Naturally, modern Republicans go crazy when Obama establishes diplomatic relations with Cuba.

Henry, once again was testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee when some people stood up with signs denouncing the Republican hero: “Arrest Henry Kissinger For War Crimes.” They referred to his role aiding the dictatorship of Chile which tortured and murdered thousands of their own people. This was just too much for Senator John McCain. He referred to the protestors as “low life scum.” And went on to describe their behavior as “disgraceful, and outrageous and despicable.”

The fact remans that Kissinger DID support a vicious dictator. I believe his actions were despicable.