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I would not be surprised if Texas allows anyone to walk around with a missile.

I would not be surprised if police in Texas are denied to wear weapons that might threaten innocent people.

My greatest confusion is why 90% of Americans who do NOT have guns insist that guns should be legal.

I think we need a shootout at the Republican convention among those seeking the nomination. Last one standing, is it.

Sad reading stories about former Congressman Hastert who paid for past homosexual activity.

When does Sarah Palin throw her gun into the ring?

Say, whatever happened to Herman Cain?

Mouth That Roars Nonsense

Ted Cruz is now the leading Republican expert on the Middle East and he wants to make certain that Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson understands there is no better friend of Israel than the dude from the state of Texas. In an interview with the liberal Israel newspaper, Haaretz, Ted blasted the dude from Africa who we know as one, Barack Obama. “I think it is the height of chutzpah for Obama to lecture Israel on Israel values. We should be standing proudly with Israel against the forces of evil that is represented by radical Islamic terrorism.” Ok, Sheldon, heard your words of defiance and hatred toward the evil Barack Obama who hates Israel. As to the West Bank, “I think that is a question for the nation of Israel. Israel is a sovereign nation.”

I realize that I did not go to Harvard, so it might be impertinent for me to lecture the Ivy League graduate about international law.

1. The West Bank was an area of the Mandate of Palestine that was given by the UN to Palestinians when they divided the Mandate in 1948.

2. The West Bank has NEVER been incorporated into the state of Israel, The UN today considers this area to belong to Palestinians.

4. Under the administration of President Barack Obama the state of Israel has been provided with financial assistance to construct a Dome that destroys missiles.

5. Under the administration of President Obama the state of Israel has been provided, each year, THREE BILLION DOLLARS IN MILITARY AID!

6. And, thanks to Secretary of State John Kerry the US in the Security Council refuses to allow statements to be issued to Israel condemning their actions on the West Bank

Take Your Gun To Town

The great country music singer, Johnny Cash used to sing a song in which mom warns her son not to take his guns to town in order to avoid getting killed. In the song, the boy dies in a gun battle, Little did Cash know that these days in the great state of Texas it is OK for anyone to take their guns to town. The Texas legislature passed a new law that allows anyone, anywhere in the state of Texas to have a handgun in his holster as he wanders the streets, the banks, the churches, and heck the halls of the State capitol. Oh, they did finally take out the provision that would allow police to question a person as to why they had a gun. I assume this means any terrorist can wander the streets of Texas with his guns.

Way, way back in old western days, if a cowboy came to town, he had to check his guns with the sheriff. But, this is Texas, and if you want to take your gun to a bank, what the hell. The issue is about FREEDOM and the right of Texans to be armed against the tyrannical American government which seeks to deprive them of the right to kill other folks.

How did the people of Texas reach this ridiculous stage in which any and all criminals can now walk into a bank with a loaded weapon!!

P.S I wonder if Jesus carried his sword to town?

Tragedy Of Myanmar

I recall taking courses in college in which professors when discussing various religions would sight the Buddhist religion as one in which there was extensive contemplation and a sense of peace among its leaders. They taught me that Buddhists, unlike murderous Christians like Nazis, were generous and caring people who cared for those who were poor. So much for this fairy tale about Buddhists. Recent events in Myanmar have taught me that ALL religions contain both good and bad folks. About one percent of people in Myanmar are Muslims. These Rohingyas entered the country a few hundred years ago and work mainly as farmers and fishermen. They have never attacked anyone, but simply wanted to live their days out in peace with all people.

They have now been attacked, brutalized and driven from their homes. Thousands are now refugees fleeing in crumbling boats headed to some land that will allow them to live out their lives in peace. The government of Myanmar is very upset that other nations condemn their behavior. “Every country has its own challenges and they fall within domestic jurisdiction. You cannot single out any country.” In other words, if we decide to beat the hell out of our people, we simply are behaving as good Buddhists.

Seems to me the only good Buddhists practicing peace and tranquility are the Rohingyas!


I confess to having been raised to play sports that are really sports rather than sports in which men and women run around kicking a damn ball. I admit to having absolutely no interest in the sport that is known in most parts of the world as, “football.” To me it has always been soccer. The media these days does not report which ball is being kicked by which guy as much as discussing how some guys-no gals– have ben kicking around money in order to decide where balls are going to be kicked. American Attorney General Loretta Lynch has initiated indictments of a few dozen guys who run FIFA because they took bribes in order to decide where the World Cup would be played.At the current figure at least 47 corruption charges have been filed by her office. According to Lynch, “They were expected to uphold the rules that keep soccer honest. Instead they corrupted the business of the world cup to serve the interests of themselves.”

These guys have now learned they cannot kick around this tough woman. She intends to send them to jail where they can kick the bars around. These men come across as a bunch of government officials who enjoy receiving goodies from lobbyists. Only, these lobbyists were government officials!

Pakistan Female Blues

Many years ago when Pakistan was a new nation in the world, its leaders had been educated at places like Oxford and Cambridge so they understood women were an important aspect of a modern society. Since then, it has been all down hill for women in the Muslim society of Pakistan. Local elections were held in Pakistan and in some areas of the country politicians and the ever present “elders” go together in order to make certain that women understood their place was at home, not at some ballot box. Baton swinging police patrolled the streets in order to make clear to the gals the idea they could actually participate in an election was one of those dangerous ideas that came from across the seas. Mosques blasted away with warnings to women that going to the polls was one bad idea.

In Peshawar, the High Court received petitions from women demanding the right to vote. “the honorable judge asked a lawyer whether it was a fundamental right of women to vote.” I assume the judge did go to law school, the question is exactly what kind of law school?

Netanyahu’s Buddy–Barack Obama?

For the past few years a common complaint of many American Jews is that President Obama does not “love Israel,” in fact, he “hates Israel.” Conservative Jews, particularly, Orthodox Jews are convinced their president has a hatred of the people of Israel and their government. So, what does the record show:

1. Under the Obama administration the DOME which destroys incoming missiles was heavily funded with American money.

2. Each year at least THREE BILLION DOLLARS was sen to Israel for its armed forces.

3. US intelligence has worked closely with the Mossad. They share information.


5. The US would help fund a $500,000,00o fund for joint military research.

With enemies such as these how can Israel even survive?

Equal Voting Rights In America?

The concept of gerrymandering election districts actually began in the early years of the new American republic. That meant a congressional district was designed in order to ensure that members of one political party gained victory in the district. Historically, congressional districts were supposed to all be of one size rather than dramatic differences in numbers. But, any politician can design the shape of a district to make certain those of his party are the majority. In fairness, a few states do make certain an independent group such as a Bar Association, is responsible for designing congressional districts. There has always been cries for equal rights in the design of a congressional district.

A new group in England, the Electoral Reform Society has decided to raise an interesting issue. They want the numbers of people in a district to be based on the number who actually vote rather than the number that reside in a district. If this goes through then conservative representatives would obtain more seats since wealthier people more often vote than poor people. Newly elected Prime Minister David Cameron will be pushing to have this “reform” the new law. Simply, another way to gerrymander a district!

So, Why The Girls Of War?

Among the most fascinating events of recent times has been the decision of hundreds, if not thousands of young Muslim females who have decided they wish to become Jihad Brides and help their brothers in the Middle East. For the most part these girls are from middle class families and, in many cases, have been excellent students in school. But, they, suddenly abandon school, their families, and their communities in order to take a plane ride to the Middle East. These Jihadi Brides share some common attitudes:

1. They are, for the most part, teenagers.

2. They make contact with Islamic terrorist groups on social media.

3. They seek sexual contact with terrorists. They want to marry and have children with these warriors.

4. They seek to adhere to Sharia law and its demands for obedience to their men.

5. They want to abandon their female freedom in order to become an obedient wife.

6. They apparently seek a man who is strong, who is virile and who will dominate them.

7. They want to become a devout Muslim who adheres to old traditions rather than modern ones.

They are girls seeking meaning in their lives and that meaning entails death and destruction!

So Who Is For Who In Yemen?

The Foreign Ministry of Iran has issued a statement that states it has “never shipped arms to Yemen because Iran does not see the need to do so. It seems as though the countries that accuse Iran are trying to cover up their own mistakes and failures while shifting responsibility on other countries in the region.” I ordinarily do not trust what any Iranian ministry says, but this time, I must admit they are speaking the truth. Examine the record:

!. The United States supported then President Saleh and sent him weapons and even sent US troops to assist in the training of his army.

2. The United States then decided that it did not like Saleh and supported Mr. Hadi who also received weapons of destruction.

3. The United States has been sending hundreds of drones into Yemen to kill the “bad guys.”

The US has sent the CIA, the Marines, the drones so how can we complain that Iran is “interfering” in Yemen. Oh, I forgot, when the US sends weapons they are simply supporting, not interfering!