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We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Australia, Canberra Times:  “Cash Appointed Minister”

I assume this means there will always be money at hand.

France, Connexion: “Police Appeal For Bomber Identity”

The least the bomber can do is tell them, they DID say, Please!

Russia, Moscow Times: “Surge In Interest In Army”

Not from those running for office in America!

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Very Popular Discussion”

Among Republicans it is always the faults of President Obama.

USA, Newsday:  “Pleads Guilty Goes To Jail”

Not if he works on Wall Street!

Israel Blames EU For Peace Failure

The Israel government is upset at actions by the European Union which has established new labelling guidelines for products made on the West Bank– and area  the Israel government claims was awarded to them by God himself which sort of makes illegal any action by the United Nations to award land to Palestinians back in 1948. After all, who comes first–GOD or some political body in Europe?

Israel has decided to punish the EU for these actions.  “The involvement of  EU bodies in everything that is connected with Palestinians” is now over. From now on the EU will have  no voice in achieving peace between Israel and Palestinians. Gee, what a blow to peace! Perhaps, the Israel government can offer some insight how they ever have listened to EU diplomats regarding peace with Palestinians??

A Solution For Republicans

The group that is running for the Republican nomination is determined not to let  into America a single immigrant. For some strange reason each and everyone of these folks has no problem with immigrants from Cuba. US law allows any Cuban immigrant who reaches America to quickly become a citizen. Last year over 175,000 reached the golden shores of America and became citizens.

Let me get this clear:

Cuban immigrants come from Latin America.

Cuban immigrants were raised in the Communist dictatorship of Cuba.

None of these LATIN AMERICAN IMMIGRANTS endures the rigorous investigation those from Syria undergo.

So, how come Donald is not going to build a dike to head off Latin American immigrants??

General Chris Christie Speaks Tough

As a former member of the US Armed Forces it makes me feel pride when real men such as Chris Christie urge going forth into battle against the bad guys. Chris is not afraid of ISIS of Russia or China. Let any one of these groups do something that he regards as evil and General Christie swings into action.

He will handle China’s building islands in the South China Sea: “The first thing  I’ll do with the Chinese  is I’ll fly Air Force One over the islands.” He also is going to bomb the hell out of ISIS.

Very interesting ideas. Air Force One is not armed so the Chinese can shoot the plane out of the air and save America for any more comments from “President” Christie.

Huckabee Knows Who Is To Blame For Shooting

Mike Huckabee is a former governor, a TV money maker and he has even traded jokes with Jon Stewart. He also knows the real plan of Planned Parenthood to make gobs of money.  Right now he is very upset at the plan of Planned Parenthood to blame Republicans for inciting violence. “It is very disingenuous on the part of Planned Parenthood  to blame people who have strong  philosophical disagreements with the dismembering of human babies and with the selling of  body parts.”

Strong words. O f course the murderer did mention his hatred of selling body parts. Of course, Planned Parenthood never sold body parts, but wha the heck,  blame any violence on Planned Parenthood. Now as to the gang warfare in Chicago–the Chicago branch of Planned Parenthood???


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I eagerly await Dick Cheney’s comments on the Middle East,who else but him is an expert?

Fear reigns in America and Europe, thank God it is less scary than Adolf Hitler.

When it comes to inane comments about the world nobody can trump Trump.

Hats off to Colorado Spring cops who thought before firing.

A leaf blew in the window and Ben Carson signed it.

Ben was told he was going to see Jordan, he got out his pen to get the autograph of Michael Jordan.

Between the immigrant stories about the parents of Cruz and Rubio and their attitudes toward immigrants, now we know the reason for their anger toward immigrants–once we got here –fuck you all!


No Sixteen Shots!

A middle aged man walked into a Planned Parenthood building in Colorado Springs, and proceeded to shoot several people which resulted in three deaths including members of the police force. In other words, this man had a weapon, he fired his weapon, and police finally talked him down to surrender.

Fast backward to an incident in Chicago in which a 17 year old boy was wandering down the street armed with a FOUR INCH KNIFE. A  police officer arrived at the scene, stepped out of his patrol car, did not converse with other policemen, he simply took out his gun and blasted away with SIXTEEN SHOTS until the boy was dead. No talking him down, no discussions about how best to persuade this boy to surrender. Just SIXTEEN SHOTS!


Oh, for the record the knife person was black and the  gun toting person in Colorado was white.

Volunteers For Stupidity

These days the competition for who is the dumbest Republican on this planet gets new contestants by the day. The Arizona Border Recon is watching closely the border with Mexico in order to halt the flood of terrorists who are crossing the border.  Tim Foleg  wants America to know that  “we have pictures from digital  cameras that show Somalis  and Middle Eastern  guys with beards  and everything else , but nobody is listening. We’re going to have something like Paris. Its not a matter of  if, but when.”

I wonder how Tim knows the difference between a terrorist from Somalia and one from Nigeria or, one from Somalia and one from Egypt. Examine the evidence:

1. There are men with beards.

2. There are men who speak a  foreign language.

3. There are men who are sort of swarthy in color.

Who else–but Somalis terrorists!

P.S. Tim, do you even know where the hell Somalia is??

Death In Venezuela

In theory the nation of  Venezuela is a democratic society in which there are supposedly the semblance of free elections. Since this nation came under the control of Hugo Chavez the government  has existed for the right of his followers to continue in office. After his death, former bus driver  Nicolas Maduro became the president. An election is coming up next week and during the campaign, opposition leaders have wound up in  jail or beaten up.

Yesterday,  Luis Diaz, head of the Democratic Action Party was gunned down. Ten bullets hit his body. Just another casualty in the quest for power of Maduro. Oh, there will be an investigation.

Rahm Emanuel Blues

The people of Chicago as well as America and as well as the world are shocked and dismayed at the video which FINALLY has been released that shows clearly how police officer Jason Van Dyke pumped SIXTEEN bullets into the body of Laquan McDonald as he lie on the ground gasping for life. However, in Chicago there is increasing anger why this video was not released for a year and during that time the family of the dead youth was paid five million dollars as compensation for his death.

It is now clear that Mayor Rahm Emanuel did not want the video to be released until AFTER his bid for re-election as mayor. There is no doubt had it been, tough guy Rahm would have lost the election. Not only the black community, but anyone concerned about human justice wants to know why the mayor refused to release the video until AFTER THE ELECTION!

Rahm is a natural born bully, but we now know that he is also a natural born politician who will do whatever it takes to win.