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We offer observations on the  human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


From now on someone should be selected at random to participate in political debates.

Ted Cruz is the modern Senator Joseph McCarthy only its not Communists but Hispanics and Muslims who are the enemy.

Donald Trump is making a big mistake to play up the sexual escapades of Bill Clinton. That was twenty years ago for those under 30.

How about discussing the three marriages of Donald Trump?

Gee George Pataki is gone, then again, who the hell knows who George Pataki is?

Is Carly Fiorina still alive?

Political Statistics

Up to this moment of the 2016 political scene, Republicans have dominated all discussion. Up to this moment, a group of  white skinned conservative religious folk who inhabit the state of Iowa are the focus for Republican politicians. Actually, believe it or not, the vast majority of Americans do not fit into this group. Here are some statistics:

1. A majority of young people favor the Democratic party.

2. 45.9% of registered voters are Democrats. 36.9% are Republicans.

3. The percent of Hispanics who favor the Republican party has dropped 5% while it has risen 6% for Democrats.

4. Cross party voting has virtually ceased in America.

5. Fox News is not watched by most Americans.

So Republicans, continue focusing on those in Iowa. There is no evidence as Iowa goes so goes the nation.

Rulles For Cops

After the ongoing shooting by Chicago police there is now discussion about the importance of some rules for cops when sent to a scene of possible crime. In the latest situation, a woman opened the front door for cops and she wound up getting killed. An “unfortunate accident.” Here are some suggestions:

1. Talk before shooting.

2. Practice hitting the legs or arms of people when firing a weapon.

3. Count to 60 before even considering firing a shot.

4. Double check with the 911 people about what was sent to them.

5. Make certain if the person has a black skin to take an extra five minutes before blasting away.

6. Make  certain the perp has a GUN!


Watch Them Tomatoes!

There are moments when one wonders how those claiming to be religious leaders discover arcane and unbelievable ideas concerning God, religion, and daily life.  A group of Salafi Muslim clerics in Egypt have raised a new theological issue that simply makes me alter my daily life.  These clerics note that if one “cuts in half a tomato the half part displays a shape that resembles a cross. Eating tomatoes is forbidden  because they are Christian. The tomato praises the cross instead of Allah.”

To be fair to the  Popular Egyptian Islamic Association, there is no doubt hat Mohammed never saw a tomato since this fruit came from the Western Hemisphere in the 1500s. OK, you guys are right on one point, the tomato definitely was a Christian product that came to America in order to ensure we had pizza.

I just can’t wait until Donald Trump gets into this issue!

Something To Do About Weather

There is no doubt at least thirty percent of the American people do NOT believe in global warming and the same percent most probably believes this planet is about 10,000 years old. There are constant floods all over the Midwest, there are people dying because of tornadoes and winds of enormous strength. Naturally, to the nonbelievers there have always been floods, there have always been tornadoes, so what to worry about?

Latest figures indicate the temperature in the North Pole at this moment are about the temperature in Chicago. Yes, there have always been states of emergency due to weather so what to worry about? Those who believe what has been in the past will always be in the  present and future inhabit a fairy land in which the Earth has not changed. Of course, these same people believe that God sent a flood and asked Noah to save all the animals on the planet. THAT story they believe!

I would so love to be alive in 2200 and listen to people wonder why we who live in 2015 were such idiots!

Sad Tale Of Bill Cosby

It is extremely difficult for anyone raised with the life of Bill Cosby to believe the real Bill Cosby. After all, he was the all American dad with a family in which his wise words of comfort and insight enabled his wife and children to laugh even in the midst of the daily discomforts of life. Yes, he was the first black dad who captured the imagination of the entire American population. In one way, he was the prelude to Barack Obama.  For most white Americans the very idea their children would regard a black man as a role model was enough to send members of the Ku Klux Klan to the cleaners for some black sheets.

Today, he is charged with God knows how many counts of sexual assault. It is a wonderful day that goes for twenty four hours without another woman claiming he drugged and had sex with her.  Two prosecutors in Pennsylvania have initiated criminal action against him. So, what is the final act of the Bill Cosby show- prison time, suicide, or disappearing into the darkness of life?

The only advice one can give Cosby is to join the Trump team and allow Donald to come up with one of his Great Ideas to find a solution to the Cosby problem.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Who doubted for a moment that Donald would at some point introduce Monica Lewinsky?

I guess when the Great Shoot-Out is over there will be two men still standing.

Ted Cruz so reminds me of Senator Joseph McCarthy. The only difference is that Joe was an alcoholic and Ted is drunk with his own ego.

Is Carly Fiorina still alive?

I wonder where Ted Cruz wants to carpet bomb in Iraq?

At some point in the spring the DEBATES will cease and we will be down to one person.

As New Hampshire goes — so goes New Hampshire.


Trump Check Mates With Lewinsky

Poor Donald Trump he has been blasted for his comments about women and it was simply a matter of time before he rose to his defense with an offense. And, guess who is the object of this assault–none other than Bill Clinton and the ever interesting story of Monica Lewinsky.  Attack the Great Man with the Great Ideas and he is ready for a come-back. “You look  at whether it’s Monica Lewinsky or Paula Jones, or many of them. That certainly will be fair game. If they play the woman’s card with respect to me, that will be fair game.”

Donald, Mr. Bill Clinton is not running for president. His Wife is your opponent. Go ahead and blast Bill. You will be surprised that most Americans are not interested about Monica and have fond memories of Bill.

The Holocaust Ploy

It has now become the first word out of the mouth of those who defend Israel’s refusal to abide by international law–when unable to defend this violation–just shout the magic word–HOLOCAUST. Christoph Schult writing in Der Spiegel notes how the Jewish Lobby seeks to defend any actions of the Israel government by shouting–HOLOCAUST.  “The Jewish settlements on the West Bank do not contribute  in any way to Israel security. The greater the number of Israel settlers living on the West Bank, the more unlikely  it becomes that a two-state solution can be achieved.”

So, Europeans refuse to accept products grown on the West Bank and this is akin to Nazi actions against Jews in Germany. Europeans defend the rights of Palestinians and this is –step one on the road to the HOLOCAUST. Defenders of West Bank settlers have a right to their opinion, but opponents of these settlers are NOT NAZIS AND THIS IS NOT A STEP TOWARD THE HOLOCAUST!

Oh Dem Chicago Guns

Rahm Emanuel is one tough guy. He was the guy who made certain that no one violated the private space of President Obama. Along the way to becoming a guy with power and a guy who so loved to use his power in order to put down anyone who challenged his power, Rahm wound up as mayor of Chicago.Within a few months he already established the point to one and all, that Rahm was one tough dude and he didn’t put up with anyone who dared to challenge his authority. Yes, he did get re-elected, but when one can out spend any and all opponents by a factor of 20 to 1, it is not that difficult to get elected.

Rah never quite grasped that Chicago is the violent capital of America. OH,  I am not referring to gangsters, I mean when it comes to cops shooting unarmed folks–usually those with dark skins– no city can compare to the windy city. The latest example is when police were called by a father who said his son was behaving weirdly. They arrived on the scene and within five minutes had killed the boy. At the same time, somehow, for some reason they killed a woman who opened the front door.

Only in Chicago!