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We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I wonder if Christie can take Donald’s place on the stage and rip poor Marco to pieces?

I guess the eyes of Texas are upon Ted Cruz, and am confident the other blind Americans can not look in his direction.

There are moments when I want to put Marco Rubio in a  play pen with the other kids.

I guess we can cease referring to modern Republicans as the party of Lincoln.

I wonder if Donald Trump was in Nazi Germany exactly which job he would have under Hitler?

I sometimes think modern America is covered by a huge cloud of hate.

I wonder these days what Republicans mean when they recite the Pledge Of Allegiance.

Oops, sorry Republicans, the Pledge was the creation of an American Socialist!

Donald Gets Endorsements

Say what they may, but opponents of Donald Trump would so love to get the endorsements the red haired guy gets every day–and night. He got the OK from his fellow bully, one Chris Christie, you know the sort of chubby guy who is now the favorite of about 30% of the people of New Jersey. But, Donald has now hit the jackpot. First, he was given the OK by Jean Marie Le Pen. OK, so you don’t know this man. Jean Marie founded the National Front in France years ago. He informed the French people that being occupied by the Nazis was really not that bad. He also has insisted for over a half century there was NO HOLOCAUST. The kind Nazis simply wanted to give Jews an opportunity to get clean in the shower room.

After the French OK, Donald even hit a bigger jackpot. David Duke joined in the chorus of those wanting to “bring back America” with the leadership of Donald Trump. The Duke man used to be a big shot in the KKK in Louisiana. Mr. Trump welcomes the support of all Americans and sees no reason to deny the help of those who believe in white supremacy. If they are living breathing Americans and can vote in November, welcome to the Trump circus. After all, David opposes Hispanic rapists and murders along with Donald.

It’s just too bad Adolf is no longer alive. After all, he hated all inferior races and certainly those rapists and killers from down South fit into the lower race category of the Nazis. Anyway, Donald has now got the entire Nazis vote–both here and everywhere!

P.S. I have been informed by sources that ISIS soon will announce its support for Donald Trump. You want chaos in the Middle East, what better than a President Trump??

Another Shooting In America

All we have to report is some old boring news–another shooting, this time in Kansas. An employee at Excel Industries, became upset at something or other, or whatever, and took out his assault rifle–perfectly legal in America– and blasted away. After all, in America  any and all guns are legal. Just read the 2nd Amendment which refers to MILITIA, not people. The shooter–we will not mention his name because he is simply a symptom of all shooters–wandered around the place shooting and shooting. He killed at least three and wounded over a dozen.

This story is absolutely boring, absolutely meaningless because the crazy American people somehow believe anyone –or everyone– should have a gun. I assume there will be a new law that mandates placing a small gun in the crib so little tikes can get used to blasting away. I have reached the breaking point about gun deaths, They will occur tomorrow and the day after and the week after and the month after and no one has the guts to stop this madness.

Hell, Justice Scalia was on  a hunting trip when he died!

Republican Horror Show

There is actually a thing or group or organization of gathering known as the Republican Establishment. It is composed of wealthy folk, politicians, pundits and assorted other character who seek to make the Republican Party the guardian of American government. At this moment in time, most of these folks are scared shitless at the prospect that Donald Trump will get the nomination and send their beloved party into exile for several years.

Based upon the fact that on Super Tuesday, there are no ‘winner-take-all states so Trump will probably gain about 350 delegates while Rubio, Cruz, Kasich and the quiet guy will obtain about 170 delegates. The Establishment believes that Trump will not arrive at the convention with sufficient delegates to get the nomination. So, here are some scenarios:

1. Somehow Trump gets other candidates to switch their delegate votes.

2. No one has sufficient delegates to get the nomination.

3. In backrooms, Marco Rubio is selected as the candidate and Donald  leaves to run as an independent.



OK, I have now written among the most insensitive and anti-black statements in the history of America–ALL LIVES MATTER. This evening I attended a gathering of over 700  people in Chicago who had come together to pledge working for peace and safety for all those who are Muslim. I was shocked that among the seven hundred fewer than 30 were black Americans. One can only assume that displaying solidarity with another persecuted group somehow, in some way, diminishes the bigotry and hatred toward African Americans.

The BLACK LIVES MATTER group insists that any attempt to deal with persecution of other people might be the first step on the path toward saying, “ALLL LIVES MATTER.” Frankly, the ABL group completely confuses me. Other than insisting everyone say, BLACK LIVES MATTER, there are no  specific goals, no plans to achieve whatever they seek other than demanding the politicians say, BLACK LIVES MATTER.

The day Martin Luther King was murdered  he was working with unions-which had both white and black members– to help them achieve decent wages. King always made clear his goals were for ALL PEOPLE, and if alive today, he would be standing shoulder to shoulder with Muslims.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Ah, for the glorious days of another Donald, Rumsfeld, that is.

One must admit that Dick Cheney looks better and better these days.

The problem is not Donald Trump, it is that millions of Americans actually believe he has a single intelligent idea.

Sorry, the current mess is PARTLY the result of a president who never talks with the American people about issues.

Then again, who does Barack Obama talk with?

Sorry, Black Lives Matter folks, Martin Luther King was concerned about ALL LIVES.

I have no idea how people in Syria survive this madness.

We have become a nation of slogans rather than solutions.

What passes for religion these days is a bunch of old guys with old ideas that make no sense.

The most abused word in the English language is –racism.

I wonder what the Bush family talks about these days.

The Myth Of Evolution

For over a hundred years most intelligent humans on this planet have accepted the concept of evolution. Of course, there are always members of the Republican party who insist this planet began about 12,000 years ago when God, Himself, took out a week from his busy schedule around the universe to populate the planet. As I recall, there were Adam and Eve and then their sons, Cain and Abel. To prove what a wondrous God we have, two males were able to impregnate one of them and out came babies.

After watching the clowns cavort and shout and insult one another, it is damn clear this so called idea about, “evolution” makes absolutely no sense. Who in their right mind actually believes that Donald Trump is smarter than any gorilla in the jungle?? The modern Republican party is committed to the proposition that stupidity and ignorance are the goals  of the intelligent person. Let’s come to grip with reality– the Zik mosquito is really stinging each and every American with a stupidity bug.

And, the clowns danced and insulted on and on…


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


So, Mitt Romney is still alive! Wow! And, he has an idea, Wow!

I so enjoy the vaudeville act featuring Republican actors.

Bernie waves hands wildly and Donald waves one hand with a dismissive motion.

Ted  Cruz is the most evil politician since Senator Joseph McCarthy.

John Kasich believes the only way to get a word in is to SHOUT.

I wait for Ben Carson to pick up  his marbles and quietly go home.

Sorry Marco, you  just don’t come across as a tough guy.


Donald Is Going To Washington

It is now quite clear that Donald Trump is convinced the American people want him to take over Washington D.C., clean out the debris that exists and teach all the dumb people  how to solve  problems. He has PLANS, but these PLANS can not be revealed because when one has PLANS to sell, the best thing is to keep your PLANSA secret.

I so enjoy watching Donald wave his hands and dismiss any and all dumb people who happen to be on the stage with him. One must admire a man who has PLANS that are guaranteed to work wonders–end wars, provide health care to all, reduce taxes and bring in more revenue, shout at Vladimir Putin and watch him beg for mercy, and build that GREAT WALL under which drug lords will never build a tunnel.

I have a hunch the first day in Washington, Donald will sit quietly and say to himself–HOW THE HELL CAN I REALY SOLVE ANY PROBLEM??

Ted Cruzes To Nowhere

There is no doubt in the Ted Cruz world one person alone is the smartest, the most brilliant, the most insightful and take one guess as to who that wondrous person is? Ted decided to go one-on-one with the Donald man. Every time that he thought his penetrating words had damaged the Donald man, all he got was a dismissive  wave of  the hand. If there is one very slight, yes, very slight problem with Ted Cruz is his inability to enter into the mind of another and find a weakness.

Ted is a one note critic of the world. Everyone is dumb, no, everyone is stupid, and he alone understands what has to be done. And, one can sum up his platform of changing the world very quickly:

1. Pray to God, or  in reality, God prays to him.

2. Hate is the driving force of his life. Shout hate and people will flock to your banner.

God Bless Ted and Ted will Bless God Almighty up in Heaven